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Top 10 Best Facial Toner Machines – Trending Pick Reviews 2024

Taking care of your skin will help you get a youthful look. When many people reach their mid-life years, they experience conditions like lines on the face, wrinkles and more. All these affect the general look of your skin. However, if you have the best facial toner machine, you can have your skin looking younger again.

What exactly is a facial toner machine? This is a machine that works by sending moderate electrical stimulation on your face. The machine is non-surgical and its effects are similar to a facial massage.

The stimulation from the machine soothes dropping muscles and sagging skin to boost the production of collagen and enhance the health of your skin.

Since there is a wide range of facial toner machines, it can be tough to find a product that will suit your needs. We have provided you with reviews of recommended options out there. You can check the features, pros, and cons of these products so that you can choose what suits you best.

10 Best Facial Toner Machines - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Facial Toner Machines - Reviews

If you are in need of a quality at-home facial toner machines, the following reviews cover the best products this year.

These machines work well as compared to facial creams and other expensive facial toning machines that existed before. Check their individual reviews.

Many people especially women are endlessly looking for a product that will rejuvenate their skin and reduce aging signs. Technology today has made things easier with the introduction of products like eye massagers and facial toner machines.If you want a non-surgical way to boost your look, I would recommend you to get the NanoSteamer - Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer that generates nano ionic steam. This steamer will benefit you in the following ways:

Stainless Steel Kit

When you buy the product, you will get a 5-piece surgical grade steel blackhead as well as a blemish extractor kit. This kit will help you do your steaming sessions by unclogging pores and removing blemishes and blackheads to give you a good-looking skin.

Long Run Time

The included large water tank of 200ml offers you with a longer run time of up to 30 minutes. This is an advantage because other products offer a run time of about 5 to 8 minutes. Unlike other steamers, you will also enjoy a smooth operation because it doesn't produce noise.

Ionic Channeling

Ionic channeling is important because it improves the absorption of creams, masks, serums and much more. You can always get an optimum effect when you are using your beauty products.


Purchasing this device is like buying 3 products but in one package. You can use it as a humidifier, facial steamer and towel warmer because it has an additional chamber to warm towels.

True Results

We love this steamer because it provides guaranteed results. Using it will give you a wide range of benefits like improved blood circulation, beauty creamers absorption, promotes the drainage of sinuses and improves oxygen absorption to the skin among others.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile 3-in-1 unit that also works as a towel warmer and humidifier
  • 5-piece surgical stainless steel blemish and blackhead extractor kit
  • Ionic channeling to improve absorption of beauty products
  • Large water tank to provide up to 30 minutes run time
  • Comes with a power cord and a user manual

Watch The Video of NanoSteamer - Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

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You may not know it, but the Hangsun brand has been a leader in the personal care and beauty industry for many years. Their skin care products provide unmatched value for money because they are top quality.
The Hangsun Facial Cleansing Brush Sonic Vibrating Face Brush doesn't disappoint. It is one of the best skin care devices in the market today, and for good reasons, including: 

Innovative Sonic Cleaning System

This face brush uses Sonic technology, enabling it to make 300 oscillations per second. This makes its bristles use a buffering motion to clean the skin while creating micro-vibrations that loosen then sweeps away unwanted debris on the skin. This brush cleans seven-time better than your hands and can be used even on sensitive skin.

Improved Skin Cleaning Mechanism

The cleaning mechanism of this brush enables it to easily remove makeup and sweep away dead skin cells, excess sebum, dried sweat, and dirt from pores without damaging the protective lipid moisture barrier on your skin. This brush is suitable for daily use and can clean all types of skin.

Automatic Setting and Speeds

The Hangsun Facial Cleansing Brush has three-speed settings; high, medium, and low, so you can choose the speed you are most comfortable with depending on how sensitive your skin is.

The highest speed is suited for intense cleaning and for removing cosmetics and makeup. The speed is also recommended for cleaning oily dirty skin.


This airbrush skin care tool is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about using it in bathwater or a shower. What makes it more convenient to use in the shower or water bath is that it’s cordless.

 The brush is IPX7 waterproof, meaning you can use it underwater. It can stay underwater to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.

Highlighted Features

  • Three high-quality brush heads
  • Ergonomic design with a three-speed setting
  • IPX7 waterproof - can stay underwater for 30 minutes
  • Vibration and Ultrasonic Sonic Technology, making it gentler to the skin that spin brushes.
  • No splashing and no spinning - It tugs and twists on the skin with a gentle back and forth movement

Sometimes life gets so busy such that we miss dermabrasion appointments. The good thing is that you can take care of your skin from the comfort of your home if you have a good machine like the Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System. This system helps you achieve healthy skin with just 4 minutes of treatment either once or twice a week. Here are some of the features you will enjoy.

Ease of use

One of the most important things that you should check when buying a facial machine is ease of use. You want a machine with a user-friendly design so that it can be easy for you to use. This one features a simple design which makes it easy to use for anybody.

Revitalizes skin in 4 minutes

This system is designed to make your work easier by breaking the boundaries of the normal treatments you undergo through. This is important in transforming your skin where you make your own schedule at home.

Patented Diamond Safe3D Technology

You don't have to go to the salon to enjoy quality results. This system uses a quality technology that provides salon-like results. This product is recommended by dermatologist and it is safe for all types of skin. It is also clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and the size of the pores.

True results

Tired of using facial machines that do not provide you with the desired results? You need to try this one because it provides you with 100 percent results.

 It makes your skin smooth and soft when you use it regularly. It removes acne scars, wrinkles, blemishes, sun damage and dark spots among other benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • It boosts the production of collagens
  • Features a simple design and it is easy to use
  • It utilizes Diamond Safe3D technology gently
  • Offers a dual action therapy to increase the flow of blood
  • Recommended by dermatologists and it works well for all skin types

Having large facial pores let in dirt, oil and other toxins to get in your skin. This results in irritation and other infections on your face.

This is why it is recommended using facial toners so that your facial pores can be tight. To get the best results, we also recommend Rika LED facial massager.

Before you use this device, it is advisable if you apply your ideal toner and serum first on your face. This facial massager is equipped with amazing features like:

Vibration Function

This facial massager has a vibration function that works in 2 modes. You can either choose intense vibration in continual progress or in discontinuous progress depending on what you want.

LED Light

It features 3 types of LED lights which include red, blue and green. The red light works well in increasing blood circulation, tightens skin, boosts the production of new skin cells and reduces wrinkles.

 The blue light kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and prevents skin breakouts. The green light calms and balances your skin tone prevents uneven melanin and ensures that your skin is bright.


As compared to other facial toners, this device is not battery operated. You need to plug it in a power source all the time when you are using it. The good thing is that it doesn't get hot so you don't have to worry about it hurting you.

Ionic technology

This electric face toner is a powerful technology that removes dirt and other debris in your pores and leaves your skin clean. It features ION-NUTRI function pushes active ingredients present in serums and moisturizers in your skin to improve their functionality.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides LED light photon rejuvenation
  • Vibration function that works in two modes
  • Requires to be plugged in in a power source
  • Utilizes effective ionic technology to remove dirt
  • Treats acne, scar, antiaging among other skin conditions

Check This Video Review on Rika LED Facial Masssager

Video Transcript:

If you are concerned about how your skin looks, you should take immediate action to restore its natural looks and even make it look healthier and youthful.

Rather than investing in an expensive body lotion, eye cream, herb, or supplement, there’s a better way of improving your skin texture, and that is to use a microcurrent device such as the High-Frequency Facial Machine.

But why this machine?

Multiple cleaning modes

Face Machine, Facial Massager, High Frequency Facial Machine has several cleaning modes that help in improving the quality of the skin. This is what earns it a spot among the best skin care tools.

 Its massaging feature, EMS, will enhance the elasticity of your skin, while its heating and high-frequency vibration will help your skin absorb essential nutrients.

Red and blue light therapy

Frequency Facial Machine offers red and blue light therapy, which has anti-aging benefits and also helps with skin repair.

This means that by using this device correctly, your skin will remain forever young. This device is handheld and rechargeable, which means you can use it on the go.

Face lifting

This High-Frequency Facial Machine is a face lifting machine that can activate your skin, tightening it and enhancing its elasticity. It will make your skin look healthy and smooth within no time.

Removing the wrinkles and making your skin glow once again. It’s the best thing that can ever happen to your beauty salon.

Deep skin care

For your skin to have a natural glow, it needs depth skin care. You need to scrub off the dead skin, remove blackheads, dark spots, among others.

That’s what this High-Frequency Facial Machine does. Once you use it, then apply your favorite cream, your skin will look like that of a baby.

Highlighted Features

  • Handheld and rechargeable - you can use it on the go.
  • A facial deep cleaning device, makes the skin look healthy and smooth
  • Face lifting device that tightens the skin and promotes elastin production
  • Red and blue light - has anti-aging properties and antioxidants that help repair the skin
  • Constant temperature heating and high-frequency vibration helps nutrients to reach deep into the skin

You can’t talk about the best facial toning machines without mentioning LYFT devices. These devices come in different forms, but their common feature is their anti-aging capability. The LYFT 2.0 facial cleansing device by Nurysh will help make your skin look younger.

It reduces fine lines and lifts the skin. When you use it correctly it will also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making you look several years younger.

Apart from helping with dehydrated skin, there are many reasons why you’ll like this device, including:

Galvanic Technology

Galvanic technology is the key feature in the working mechanism of LYFT 2.0 by Nurysh. The device uses microcurrent technology to clean your face.

This way, it improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow in the areas where you apply it. The current helps its effects to reach deeper into the skin.

Color Light Therapy

LYFT 2.0 has three color options you can choose from. Each of these options focuses on specific skin concerns and problems.

The green light evens skin tone and calms the skin, blue light kills bacteria, thereby helping with the treatment of acne, while the red light improves blood circulation.

Control Panel

The LYFT 2.0 Facial Cleansing, Lifting & Firming Device has an LCD screen with a control button below it. The buttons make it easy for you to custom the device according to your unique needs. You can use the buttons to control various treatment options and also for turning the device on and off.


This Facial Cleansing, Lifting & Firming Device is portable and is charged via a USB cable. This means you can charge it anywhere with a USB slot.

This makes it a great companion even if you have to travel far away from home. It is also excellent at holding charges, so you can use it for a long time, making it the best tool for skin care at home.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses galvanic technology
  • Combines seven technologies into one device
  • The ION+ function pulls dirt out from deep within skin pores
  • The ION- function helps in pushing active ingredients deep into the skin
  • LYFT is an FDA-registered device and is recommended by skin care experts

People have different approaches when it comes to skin care. If you don't want to go through surgical processes to give your skin a better look, having a facial toner can be great. If you are buying for the first time, I know it can be pretty overwhelming and this is why I have reviewed the PMD Personal Microderm Classic because it is proved to work. It is equipped with wonderful features like:

3-minute treatment

This is a safe and convenient facial toner machine that only needs a 3-minute treatment. It leaves your skin brighter, smoother and you will look young. If you use it as recommended, you will notice a significant reduction in wrinkles and lines on your face.

Ease of use

Using this facial toner is pretty easy in just 4 steps. The first thing you need to do is to cleanse and dry your skin. Next, pull the skin tight so that the machine can glide smoothly on your skin.

Then move it across your skin in an upward motion. Lastly, apply your favorite toner and moisturizer and then wash the cap and the filter once you are done.

Select size

You are free to select the size that you want depending on your need. For instance, you can use a small disc and a small cup for face and other areas. You can also use a larger disc and larger cup for the body.

Patented Spinning Disc technology

This device uses patented spinning technology combined with calibrated vacuum suction to give your skin a fresh and radiant look. It is designed for people of all skin types and the recommended use is 6-7 days to get the best outcome.

Highlighted Features

  • Patented Spinning Disc technology
  • Smart, convenient and easy to use
  • 3-minute treatment to give you a youthful skin
  • Color selection density from ultra-sensitive to very intense
  • Select smaller disc and cap for small areas and large disc and cap for large areas

If you are having trouble choosing a quality facial toner, try the Facial Flex Facial Exercise and Neck Toning Kit.

This is a device that was initially used for facial rehabilitation to boost oral muscle strength.

Years later, it was found effective in delivering fitness and beauty results. Here are some aspects of this device.

Provides youthful appearance

The face muscles are not different from other muscles. You can easily strengthen and improve them through exercise and resistance training. This device provides resistance to the 30 muscle groups that support your chin, neck, and face. This trims, tones and tightens your look to give you the best appearance.

FDA Approved

This is an FDA approved class 1 medical device that has been clinically tested to provide the best results. You don't have to worry about any negative side effects because the device provides guaranteed results.

Eases discomfort

If you have dental condition and TMJ, you can get relief from the discomforts that are associated with such problems.

If you have also undergone surgical procedures or recovering from stroke, you will benefit a lot from this device. Moreover, this facial flex reviews help to pick the perfect one soon no doubt.

Clinically proven

There are many facial toner machines on the market today but not all of them are clinically proven. This device provides progressive resistant based exercises and it is proven to tone your face, reduce wrinkles as well as provide facial rejuvenation.

Highlighted Features

  • FDA registered class 1 medical device
  • The device comes with a carrying case
  • Eases dental conditions and TMJ discomfort
  • The device is clinically proven and works well
  • Provides resistant exercise to 30 muscle groups

Would you rather look old when you are young or look young when you are old? Personally, I would choose the latter.

I'm very serious when it comes to facial cleansing routine and I can't underestimate the effectiveness of facial toning. I use the Clarisonic Mia 1cleansing brush and I'm pleased with its effectiveness so far.

This is why I recommend it to anyone out there searching for a facial cleansing brush. Why is this brush my favorite?


This is a brush that you will hardly miss in my makeup case. As compared to other facial cleansing brushes that I have used before, this one is so gentle on your skin. It provides you with one-speed cleansing and gives you guaranteed results.

Oscillation technology

To provide you with a radiant and clean skin, this face contour machine or device uses oscillation technology. This means that there are up to 300 micro massage movements that work well with your neutral skin elasticity to remove dirt, makeup, and oil on your face.

Fluid forces

On top of the oscillation technology, this device also utilizes fluid forces that takes the water in the cleansing device and then uses it to keep the pores clean. The combination of the two technologies leave your skin looking 6 times better making it smooth and ready for makeup application.

Items included

This is a quality cleansing device that is recommended by dermatologist in the US. The package comes with various items that enhance your use. You will get the Mia 1 cleansing brush, radiance cleansing brush head and a charger.

Highlighted Features

  • Recommended by US dermatologists
  • Fluid forces mechanism to keep pore clean
  • 60-second use leaves your skin 6 times better
  • Uses oscillation technology to clean your skin
  • Keeps skin clean for a smooth application of makeup

There are so many conditions that affect the look of our skin. it could be wrinkles, line acne, dark circles and much more. If you would like to give your skin a younger look again, the Lift Wand 2.0 can be a great investment. This is a device that you can easily use at home to deal with aging, eliminate wrinkles and achieve a tight skin.

Customized glass electrodes

This is an incredible beauty device that is designed with customized glass electrodes that increase blood circulation, improve facial ailments and rejuvenate your skin complexion. It works well to remove wrinkles and blemishes.

Ease of use

You don't have to go through trouble when using this device. It comes with an instruction video so you can see exactly how you need to use the device to reap its benefits. You only need to wash your face before you use it, insert the electrode you want and then turn the device on.

Exclusive nose electrode

This device comes with a nose electrode that features a unique design that targets on the pores well and breakdowns around the nose bridge area. This glass electrode starts from the nose bridge down to the upper nostril.

Improved design

This facial toner machine or model is an improvement of the previous models. It is more powerful, efficient and comes at an affordable price. You will still enjoy the same benefits of the original product but this one now comes with a midnight blue coat paint.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an exclusive nose electrode
  • Increases blood circulation and oxidizes your skin
  • It comes with 4 different electrodes to choose from
  • Improved design as compared to the previous model
  • Improves general complexion that results from dry skin and aging

How To Choose The Best Facial Toner Machines

Everyone looks forward to a smooth, youthful and glowing skin, don't you? But how do you select the best facial toner machine? The following tips will help you pick a quality machine or facial exercise tool that will work well.

Battery life

When you are choosing a facial toner machine, it is important to consider the battery life. Some toners have a short battery life while others have a longer battery life. Compare different models so that you can get a quality facial toner with a long battery life.

Replacement parts

After using your facial toner machine, you will note that some parts will need replacement from time to time. The most common parts that you need to replace frequently are the gel pads that transmit electrical impulses. It is important to find out whether it will be easy for you to find replacement parts without any problems.

Who can use a facial toner machine?

Facial toner machines can be used by both men and women. However, you need to be keen because there are some models that are specifically designed for women because they have a narrower and small face as compared to men. On the other hand, there are also machines that are made for men because they have broader cheeks. Make sure you get the right machine that will suit your needs.

Where to use it

It is important to note that facial toner machines are specifically made for use on the face alone. It is exclusively designed to stimulate facial nerve branches and it will not tone your neck muscles. It works well on muscles around the lips, nose, eye, mouth, and lips.

Guaranteed results

The last thing you want is a facial toner machine that will not provide you with the desired results. Luckily, any of the machines that we have reviewed above will make your skin smooth and soft. They have been tested and they guarantee you with the best results.

Ease of use

Look for a machine that is easy to use. This will make your work easier and faster. You can also check whether the machine features a simple design that will make handling it easy.


Just like other products, the price is also an important consideration when it comes to facial toner machines. These machines come from different manufacturers and they vary in terms of features and other aspects. Make sure you set your budget and then look for a machine that comes with the features you want and matches your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do facial toning devices really work?
Yes. Best at-home anti-aging devices work by tightening skin appearance, stimulating collagen production, and working out facial muscles. Facial toning devices have been used for decades with positive results. They are safe, targeted, and effective. To get the best results, make sure you use them regularly and correctly. 

Q: Do facial toning devices help sagging skin?
Facial toning devices can help tighten your skin to make it look younger. They remove wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin looking smooth and healthy. If you are looking to prevent skin sagging or sagging skin rejuvenation, facial toning devices will offer the boost your skin needs, leading to firm skin.

Q: What Are the Side Effects of Microcurrent Facial Machines?
The side effects of micronutrient facial machines are very rare, but if they occur, they come in the form of drowsiness, fatigue, or nausea. These side effects normally start during or after about 90 minutes from the time the device was used. The side effects may last up to 24 hours in some people. Microcurrent Facial Machines do not have lasting adverse reactions; they are safe to use, providing efficient skin care.

Watch: 5 things you should never put on your face

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Final Thoughts

The human face has almost 42 muscles that move the mouth, eyelids, and nose. These muscles lose their tone and elasticity as we get older. People start to experience aging signs like wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines and much more. If you have a facial toner, you can rejuvenate your skin and get a younger look.

From the above reviews or nuface reviews, you can see that there are so many best facial skin toner machines available. This means that it can be challenging to find a quality machine that will work well for you. However, if you have the right information and go through reviews keenly before buying, it will be very easy for you to pick a machine that will suit your skin type.

Using skin toners will provide you with so many benefits. With any of the above toners, you will enjoy anti-aging benefits especially if you use for a longer period. After going through our detailed reviews and guide, we hope that it will be easier for you to pick a toner machine that will provide you with great results as well as boost the overall appearance of your skin. Moreover, for your vast idea you can collect these product also, Product name accordingly  nuface, microcurrent facial machine, best microcurrent machine for estheticians, face contour machine, best facial toning devices and beauty star microcurrent face lift machine.

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