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Top 10 Best Gait Belt – Guide & Reviews For 2021

Are you a medical professional or a caregiver with a patient or an elderly in need of physical therapy? Is the patient experiencing back injury, spinal injury or any health condition and is advised to use the best gait belt? That is why need to know how to use gait belt?

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the Veterans Health Administration and the American Nurses Association, gait belts are suitable to safely handle patients. This is the case especially those patients who can bear some of their weight including those in mobility programs.

You are likely to come across gait belts made of different materials and lengths. But as a caregiver, how would you identify the best & unique gait belt? What are the best ranked or most sought after gait belts? We disclose quality gait belts buys you can’t wait to use, thanks to our research in the medical field across the country.

Top 10 Best Gait Belt in 2021 - Reviews

 1.  Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt 

Could you be looking for a gait belt that provides the much-needed extra support to help you walk or stand? Then there is no cause to worry anymore. You can count on the prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt to assist you to overcome that pain, weakness or difficulty while moving around.

As a compassionate caregiver, the Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt helps mobilize or transfer your patient around with less effort. This is because it is made of durable 100 percent cotton.

In addition, this is assured safety. Besides, you can confidently handle you patient void of worries the belt growing weak and pose danger to the patient. 

Impressively, unlike most of its peers, this is a unique belt able to suit diverse waits sizes.Don’t be surprised to find this belt one of the most enjoyable than most nylon designs out there. You are assured of comfort and stability that you value when you need to handle carefully your body.

Additionally, the metal buckle is durable and safely secures individuals as they are being transferred. Designed to contend with a variety of waist sizes, you can trust this belt to deliver stability, security, and comfort.

We recommend you use this best gait belt if you are experiencing back pain or any other health condition. This could be useful probably if you want to move, for instance, from your bed to a chair. 


  • Machine washable
  • Body 100% cotton
  • Comes with a metal buckle
  • Strong for transferring patients
  • 58 inch long for convenient tightening


  • Doesn’t have lopes or handles attached though strong

 2.  Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt 

Nothing comes handy like a great gait belt when the need to lift a patient arises. If you have a patient with a high risk of falling, the secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt is all you need.

Remarkably, it comes with four vertical and two horizontal hand grips. This is essential in providing users with the leverage they need for that secure grip to handle safely patients..

Whether you have patients with unpredictable or combative deficits, this gait belts is your support to rely on. It is strong and durable enough to handle the user required weight without any weakness.

With length ranging from 28 inches to 52 inches, it is long enough to provide the leverage one needs while tightening. Besides, it comes with a quick release long-lasting plastic buckle.

You will find this convenient for attaching or detaching the belt to the user. Just in case your gait belt gets dirty, don’t worry about energy draining cleaning characterized with regular models. It is perfectly machine washable.

For that effective caregiving, help transfer or ambulate your patient with this transfer belt with handles or ultra-strong reinforced stitched belt without any worries.


  • Machine washable
  • 4-inch back wide for comfort
  • Ultra-strong reinforced stitching
  • Assumes greater contact area with patient body
  • Has quick release buckle for quick attachment and detachment


  • Could be uncomfortable too slim bodies though of suitable leverage

 3.  Gait Belt with Handles and Quick Release 

Could you be caring for a patient with a severe cardiac condition or an abdominal aneurysm? Is your patient already advised to use gait belts while walking or limping? Then this is your excellent choice of a gait belt.

It is designed to handle seniors and patients who need extra handles for transfer. Furthermore, it accommodates a variety of waist sizes from 28-inches to 50-inches for patients with diverse heights and weights.

Amazingly, you can’t wait to enjoy adjusting it fully to suit up to 99 percent of the patients. 

Additionally, you will find it a perfect companion when dealing with transfer boards.Besides, this gait belt comes made of top quality grade stitching. As a result, you can boldly rely on it to provide the much-needed support and comfort to the patient.

Moreover, the gait belt with handles are made of the strongest nylon, enabling caregivers to move around heavy patients with less effort. Wondering how you will wash it once it gets dirty. Worry no more. It is machine washable saving your precious time.

The Gait Belt with Handles and Quick Release Plastic Buckle is all you ever wanted for stable patient gripping. This is credited to its 2 horizontal and 4 vertical patient handle grips.


  • Boasts strong stitching
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Has safe quick release buckle 
  • Comes with 100 % satisfaction guarantee
  • Provides extra leverage for secure mobility


  • Could slip easily if not well tightened

 4.  Medical Gait Belt, Soft Nylon Transfer Belt

Take care of your patient with severe respiratory problems or chest pains in need of careful movements using this gait belt. It is not only powerful but also made of high-quality nylon materials for longevity. On the flip side, it feels so soft yet so strong.

As if that isn’t enough, you can’t wait to experience its comfort. This is because it is made of 4-inch high back construction for enhanced weight bearing.

Consequently, patients are effortlessly transferred from one point to another without undergoing any discomfort.

Are you impressed yet? Not until you have much fun using its 6 hand grips sewn vertically and horizontally to easy ambulation. This is the leverage you can’t wait to bank on.

This soft nylon gait belt or wide gait belt with handles to ensure its maintenance is top-notch, it is machine washable. This saves you time and energy in the long run.

Besides, the adjustable quick release buckle will help you fasten or unfasten rapidly. If you are looking for the best gait belt, this is all you ever can get in one model. Moreover, if feel leg disable problem you can use medical night splints for early recovery as well fit to smooth walk.


  • Provides superior comfort
  • Machine washable saving time
  • Made of high-quality nylon materials
  • Has 6 hand grips for easy ambulation
  • Comes with adjustable quick release buckle


  • Body not rough enough but boasts stable grip

 5.  Flash Sale! MABUA Physical Therapy Gait Belt 

Designed from 60% polyester material and 40% of cotton, this is one of the strongest gait belts in the market. The manufacturer is famous for introducing one of the safest and durable loops on a gait belt in the industry.

Besides, the Flash Sale! MABUA Physical Therapy Gait Belt comes with a single loop for enhanced safety. This is essential while transferring your patient to avoid exacerbating the pain or health condition.

Impressively, the craft is dedicated to ensuring you fasten the metal buckle with less effort. As a result, the whole experience of mobilizing the patient around is seamless, thanks to its reliable durability.

Find this physical therapy belt or mabua gait belt in different colors including pink, purple, beige and black options for your diverse tastes, styles, and preferences.

Furthermore, it is also available in 2-inch sizes, 60-inch sizes, and 72-inch sizes. Don’t you think you are catered for regardless of your body size? Step up to the leading gait belt around the globe by enjoying its memorable maintenance since its machine washable.

MABUA creativity in this gait belt is irresistible, courtesy of its outstanding stitching and functionality. You can never go wrong when it comes to usage. It is the simplest gait belt physical therapy also.


  • Machine washable
  • Long lasting material
  • Easy to dry with low tumble
  • Easy to fasten the metal buckle
  • Has one loop for enhanced safety


  • Doesn’t come with extra side loops

 6.  Prestige Medical Nylon Gait Transfer Belt 

For colostomy or ileostomy surgery patients advised to use gait belts, the last thing you want is to make them uncomfortable.

This is why you have all the right reasons to go for the Prestige Medical Nylon Gait Transfer Belt. It is 100% made from cotton emerging as not only one of the strongest gait belts but also durable.

When it comes to mobilizing and transferring patients, this belt comes with a plastic buckle that measures a convenient 58-inch length. This is leverage perfectly ideal for any quick fastening or unfastening.

Ultimately, you can boldly save your time and as a caregiver handle the patient comfortably. Use this gait belt when lifting, walking around your most valued family member or friend thanks to quick release capability. This implies you can effortlessly adjust the belt to suit whichever length you desire.

If you ever think of an indispensable ambulatory aid to transfer patients around, think of this heavy-duty craft. Remarkably, it is portable for easy storage at just 3.68 ounces.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Long lasting nylon design
  • Provides leverage of up to 58-inches
  • Made of 100 percent cotton material
  • The buckle can slip without careful fastening


  • The buckle can slip without careful fastening

 7.  Lift Aid Transfer and Walking Gait Belt           

Boasting as a high-grade construction, the Lift Aid Transfer and Walking Gait Belt is undoubtedly of superior quality. Made of an ultra-soft yet super strong nylon, it is one of the few designs that come with a one-year warranty.

Moreover, you get to enjoy handling your patient, thanks to its quick release buckle capability. Remember, this is essential while fasting or unfastening the gait belt. 

In addition, it is a guarantee of security during the ambulation or transfer from one point to another.  Besides, you also have 6 total hand grips for effortless ambulation.

2 of the grips are horizontal while 4 are vertical. As a result, you are assured of secure and frim fastening. Do you think you have had enough of this belt for investment? Not until you experience its leverage points able to minimize the risk of falling potentially causing injury to both the caregiver and patient

Unlike the conventional models, the Lift Aid Transfer or lift belt for elderly and Walking Gait Belt is extra wide for additional comfort. Consequently, this is also lift belts for elderly because it has enough comfort with high weight bearing capacity.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 6 horizontal and vertical straps
  • Durable and safe construction
  • Comfortable and Super-soft yet strong
  • Adjustable to fit any age or weight range


  • Not available in so many colors except two

 8.  Secure SGB-60B Transfer and Walking Gait Belt

Could your patient be suffering from abdominal pain or undergone back surgery? If the resident requires support while walking around, the Secure SGB-60B Transfer and Walking Gait Belt is all you need.

With a body construction of high quality, this machine washable gait belt is extra soft, thanks to its super-strong nylon material. Besides, this saves you time in maintenance and possible replacement costs in the long term.

Treat yourself to a one year warranty while using this gait belt handling your patient. Additionally, you have a secure belt with up to 6 hand grips for effortless ambulation.

Remarkably, the hand grips are separated into 2 horizontal and 4 vertical. This allows for excellent leverage for the caregiver minimizing prospects of injury during ambulation. You can’t have enough of the care and comfort the gait belt provides.

Besides, expect to have it stress-free while fastening or unfastening this belt. This is because it comes with a quick release buckle for heightened security during transfer.

Furthermore, there is a wider contact area and high weight bearing for extra comfort and less discomfort to the patient.


  • Has wide contact area
  • Comes with 6 hand grips
  • Fully adjustable for comfort
  • 60-inch long for extra leverage
  • Made of 100% durable and cheap gait belts


  • Edges a little bit sharp though strong

 9.  Gait Belt by Vive - Medical Nursing Safety Transfer

If you are dealing with patients with wide girths, this belt is able to ride up and securely fasten. This is guaranteed stability and comfort while moving around or walking.

The transfer gait belt makes it possible for seamless ambulation, thanks to its quick release latch. As a result, you are able to put on and remove the belt saving your time.

Could you be worried about its security? Well, this is a non-issue since it comes with metal locking teeth that secures tightly in place for strong gripping.

Patients under physical therapy will find it useful for walking or moving from a chair or wheelchair to the toilet. Ideal for both hospital and home use, use of this gait belt reduces significant the risk of falling and any possible injury to the patient while on transfer. Remember, your loved one deserves utmost care void of any further pain.

Furthermore, this gait belt or best transfer belt for elderly experience as like as nursing gait belts or gait belt nursing has six extra comfortable padded handles, 4 vertical and two horizontal. This vive transfer belt ensures the patient has all the assistance he or she needs on any part of the 360-degree angle.


  • Strong and wide enough
  • Handle high weight load
  • Extra padded for comfort
  • Quick to adjust and remove
  • Accommodate waists up to 51”


  • Not available in many colors however strong

 10.  Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt 

Change the way you handle your patient by enjoying the sturdy and power this gait belt provides.Made of heavy-duty 2-inch wide cotton webbing, it is absolutely secure especially when dealing with heavy users.

Remarkably, the outlook is attractive and appealing to the patients. As a caregiver or therapist, you would like to know the whereabouts of the patient.

This is why this gait belt has the capability to recognize when the patient has wandered away. Besides, for departments or floor areas in need of control of costs, they can’t wait to invest in this belt.

It is able to check on such expenses especially those associated with replacement of missing belts, thanks to the color coding. Impressively, the buckle is made of steel at the same time nickel plated for durability and required strength for care giving. 


  • Easy to fasten and unfasten
  • Color coded for cost-cutting needs
  • Has an attractive and appealing look
  • Buckle nickel chrome and  steel plate
  • Made of heavy duty 2-inch wide cotton


  • Not available in many color options

How To Choose The Best & unique Gait Belt

It is estimated that employers save up to $500,000 in employees averted injuries, thanks to the use of gait belts. We recommend you take into consideration this tips of gait belt definition to settle on the ideal gait belt in the market.

Body Construction

The material of your gait belt is essential for longevity and sturdiness. This implies you can count on its stability for the safety of handling or care giving.

Gait belts are usually made of cotton, leather or sometimes canvas materials. They come with a metal or plastic fastener necessary for secure fastening around the waist of the patient or user. Be extra careful with the material of your gait belt.

How Comfortable Is It?

Comfort is everything when it comes to gait belts. Ensure your padded gait belt is padded enough for unparalleled comfort. You will find this important in helping the patient heal quickly without causing further injury to the patient or worsening the condition as like best gait belts for elderly.

Size of the Belt

Check the patient or user weight and size that match your gait belt. The belt should provide convenient leverage for effortless tightening or unfastening. It should be of the precise fitting void of snugs. Besides, it shouldn’t fit the user too tightly or loosely. Hence, the size of the gait belt should leave comfortable at any given time as like gait belt for elderly. 

Is Your Belt Adjustable?

An adjustable belt is able to fit the user regardless of size. Go for those models that are customizable to fit the required dimension. This is the convenience you need for expected precision and suitability.

Other factors to consider

  • Cost and affordability
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • Availability of color preferred that is colorful gait belts.
  • Need for loops or handles to hold onto the belt for extra support.

Final Verdict

How to use a gait belt? We suggest you try this irresistible best gait belts or best gait belt for elderly no doubt for outstanding performance. They will help the patient or user realize anticipated results within a short time.

Choose an affordable model from any of these top-line gait belt designs in line with your budget. As a caregiver let your patients enjoy reliable suppor,t to walk, lift or stand using these incredible easy-to-use gait belts as like other health fitness chi machine. It's also enjoy to use different type of patient for release there varies type of pain as well use it for healthy fitness forever.. .

You can never go wrong with these picks for memorable caregiving, thanks to their innovativeness. You never have to be confused anymore on how to take care of your patient under physical therapy.

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