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Top 10 Best Glass Coffee Mugs in 2024 – Guide & Reviews

Nothing beats the feeling of having that first cup of hot coffee in the morning. That sudden jolt of energy, refreshing, exciting and invigorating. But what is a cup of good coffee without a good coffee mug? Needless to say for you to totally enjoy your morning boost, you will need to get the best glass coffee mugs that will make the difference between just having coffee and having a pleasurable coffee experience.

The market is full of mugs in different shapes and sizes. Many boast of having being high quality but only few meet the threshold. The best coffee mug should be able to not only be durable but also have the ability to keep your coffee hot or cold, however you prefer to take your coffee.

If you are wondering which mug to get, then you need not wonder any more. Pick a mug from our collection below to get the best. We have carefully selected the best coffee mugs in the market to make your choice an easy one.

10 Best Glass Coffee Mug 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Glass Coffee Mug 2024 - Reviews

Every person has a different preference when it comes to the right coffee mug to use. If you are looking for a quality glass coffee mug to take your favorite drink, here are some top recommendations.

JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Insulated glasses Espresso Mugs Set

Sometimes you are in the mood for just a small dose of your favourite coffee or you are just not a heavy coffee drinker. This JoyJolt Savour Espresso Mug is perfect for you. To start with, it comes in a set of two mugs to double your joy.

This is a great addition in your home, restaurant or pub. The mug can also be sued for other drinks like cappuccino, macchiato, lungo, espresso, smoothie, tea, juice and much more.

It is also double-walled, this means that its insulation capabilities are doubled keeping your coffee hotter for longer. Durability is assured as it is made of borosilicate glass that is condensation and heat resistant making it last longer.

And wow! It is a handsome crystal clear mug with a smooth finish. It is pleasing to the eyes. It can keep you staring at its design for hours. This coffee mug is safe for microwave use and it is also dishwasher safe.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Top quality borosilicate glassware material that is sure to last long
  • Dishwasher safe mug that makes cleaning it easy and convenient
  • The mug can be used in the microwave without getting damaged
  • The glass wall is Double wall insulated retaining heat for longer periods
  • Set of two mugs allows replacement if one suddenly breaks
  • Stylish design mug seemingly suspends coffee within creating a beautiful optical effect
  • Comes in elegant coloured box perfect for use as a gift box.
Eparé Insulated Coffee Cups Set

Imagine you have the Best Reusable Coffee Filter the market has. What you now need is the best coffee mug. This is the Eparé Insulated Coffee Cups Set. To begin with, this unique coffee mug is made using premium hand blown borosilicate glass material. This means that the mug is not prone to breaking easily.

Thermal shock is one of the most notorious glass breakers. But with this mug, you need not have to worry as the glass is resistant to thermal shock and is break resistant. This also means that it maintains temperatures of your beverages.

The mug is lightweight as the borosilicate glass used in making the mug is of chemistry grade which is lighter.  It is artistically designed with an optical appealing look that will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

You can use this mug for both hot and cold drinks. It is designed to keep the temperatures of hot or cold liquids longer while the out of the glass is comfortable to touch.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Double glass insulation that maintains the temperature of your drinks
  • Condensation repellant exterior keeps the glass dry despite the temperature within
  • The mug is versatile and can be used for hot or cold drinks
  • Artistic design is eye candy making it an attractive kitchen addition
  • The mug is lightweight despite it being double insulated
  • It is a durable mug because of the borosilicate used in construction
  • Scratch resistant mug keeps looking pretty all the time
JoyJoltCaleo Collection Glass Coffee Cups

When talking about style, and elegance, then talk about style then talk about the JoyJolt Caleo Collection Glass mugs. Yes, these mugs boast of a unique eye candy design that will be a sure head turner. You can buy them and enjoy drinking your coffee in style.

Not only is this mug big on style but also this mug will sure be able to last you a long time of use. This is because it is made of borosilicate glass that is way stronger than ordinary glass.

Your coffee will stay hotter for longer. This is an assurance because of the double insulation that this coffee mug has. The insulation keeps the heat or cold from escaping through so you will always enjoy your drink hot.

The mugs are safe for use in the dishwasher and even the freezer and oven. Surely what can beat that when it comes to longevity? They are also designed with a quality material for durability.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Double glass wall for added insulation keeps the temperatures stable for longer
  • Stylish and elegant design that is caressing to the eyes
  • Made of durable hand-blown glass that is durable and strong
  • The double wall creates a beautiful optical illusion of suspended coffee
  • This mug is lighter due to the borosilicate glass material used in construction
  • Temperature resistant can be used safely in the microwave, oven and freezer
  • The mug comes in a set of two mugs for convenience
Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz

Now here is a mug full of humour. Nothing beats having a coffee cup on a light note. I bet it will make your coffee taste sweeter. This Go Away Funny Glass Coffee is made of premium quality glass that is guaranteed to last you many happy coffee mornings. It is not easily prone to breaking as it is made of premium quality glass that withstands shock.

The mugs can make for a good present for family and friends. Its humorous message will surely be one to be always remembered. This mug features a classical design that takes up the traditional mug design. Despite this, the mug is also contemporary in its construction.

This high quality coffee mug is made in the USA so you are sure of quality and durability. Holding 13 ounce, the mug has a unique design on the two sides which makes it attractive and comfortable to use.

Additionally, it makes a perfect gift that you can give men, women, husband, daughter, bad, mom, kids and much more. It is an amazing coffee mug that every coffee lover will appreciate.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The mug features a fusion of traditional design with modern construction
  • Made of a premium glass material, this mug will last long
  • This funny mug features a humorous message on both sides
  • It is a big mug with for the heavy coffee drinkers
  • Coffee mug can make the ideal gift for family and friends
  • This mug has a wide handle making it comfortable to use
  • Features a wide mug design makes it stable easily avoiding spillage
Best Mom Ever Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz

Mummy dearest will love this Best mom ever glass coffee mug. Why? Simply because it’s a best-ever mom mug. This message is sure to warn her heart. The classic and modern fusion of this mug makes it a classical piece that is not only nostalgic but also extremely functional.

It is a very durable mug because it is made from a highly tough glass material that does not break easily. The material is shock resistant making it tough. This tough mug has a big capacity and is ideal for those coffee lovers who prefer more than just a shot of coffee.

If you are thinking of the most wonderful gift that you can give your mom, sister, daughter, wife, grandmother, sister-in-law or any female child who loves coffee, this mug would make a perfect gift.

You can send them as a gift on important events like mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, bridal shower and much more. It comes in a durable gift box so you don’t have to worry about delivery.

Reasons To Buy This

  • This high-quality glass that is assured to last you a long time
  • Coffee mug has a message that will warm the body and soul
  • High quantity coffee mug that is ideal for coffee lovers
  • Clear glass mug with a wonderful view of the contents
  • The unique mug is ideal as a gift to any mum
  • It is made with a wide handle making it comfortable to use
  • The wide mug design makes it stable easily avoiding spillage
Strong | Double-Wall Insulated Tumbler Set

It is important to invest in a coffee mug that is sturdy and reliable. If you are a coffee lover, I would recommend buying the best reusable coffee cup. Not only can you use it several times but also the cups are environment-friendly.

Sometimes you want your coffee with a non-traditional mug as is usual. This is where the Thermo Glass Tumbler comes in handy. It is a non- conventional way of taking your favoured cup of coffee.

The glass tumbler is made of course without a handle. It is perfect for not only for coffee, beer, soda, juice whisky, tea but also for your cold drinks. This glass can be a great addition in your barware. The high-quality borosilicate glass material made in its construction is long lasting and not easily breakable.

The tumblers are insulated so as to keep your drinks at the current temperatures, be it hot or cold. You need not worry that the tumbler will slip off your hands as you drink as the glass is condensation resistant.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Tumblers are ultra-clear and optically appealing to the eyes
  • Set of tumblers are made from premium quality glass that is strong
  • The walls create an insulating barrier that does not let heat through
  • Tumbler can be used for both hot or cold drinks depending on your prefernce
  • Unique tumbler comes in a set of two glasses for convenience
  • Heat resistant tumbler sets and can be used in the microwave
  • This wonderful tumbler set can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher
Stone & Mill Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Mugs

There is nothing like the jolt of hot coffee with every sip that you take. This is what this Stone & Mill coffee mug offers you. This mug comes with a double wall that offers twice the insulation keeping your coffee hot to the last drop.

It is comfortable even to hold as the double insulation prevents the hand from scalding your hands as you hold your coffee. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands burnt when drinking hot drinks.

Durability is paramount with this coffee mug. The borosilicate-glass make up of the mug is not only durable but is also condensation free. It is also shock resistant making it hard to break.

The mugs are safe for use in the microwave, the dishwasher and the fridge so whether you want hot or iced coffee, no problem. So if you don’t want manual cleaning, you can clean the mug effortless after use.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Made of premium Borosilicate Glass that is durable and is lead-free
  • The mug can be used in the microwave without breaking due to heat
  • Sturdy enough to be used in the dishwasher and will not break
  • Can be stored in the fridge without being affected by the temperature
  • Double walled mug with double insulation to retain temperatures
  • The stylish design of the mug offers optical appeal making it attractive
  • The mug can be used for coffee, tea, iced drinks and smoothies
Libbey Crystal Coffee Mug Warm Beverage Mugs Set

For most people tradition is paramount as it tells the history of where we are from. That is why Libbey made this artistically traditional coffee mug. After all, who are we without our past?

This unique mug though traditional in its look is also contemporary. It is made of modern glass blowing technology. This means that the glass is of superior quality and is durable. Yu can use this mug taking your coffee for many years.

Additionally, this unique coffee mug is made of clear glass making it easy to see the content. This gives you a good appreciation of your coffee as you slowly enjoy the savoury bean flavours.

The mug is comfortable to use as it comes with a comfy wide handle that fits perfectly in your hand. This makes it also easy to use. It also features a stylish design that makes it attractive.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The mug is made from premium glass that isn’t prone to breaking
  • Clear glass material makes appreciating the contents a pleasure
  • Mug can safely be cleaned in the dishwashing machine
  • The stylish classic shape makes the mug unique and beautiful
  • This coffee mug is easy to use as it has a comfortable rounded handle
  • Comes in a beautiful set of four identical pieces
  • Versatile for use with coffee and also other cold beverages
Large Coffee Mug, Double Wall Glass 16 oz

There is a lot that can be said about this one of a kind coffee mug. Its elegant and stylish looks make it a beautiful addition to your prized possessions. This clear coffee mug is microwave an dishwasher safe.

The mug is assured to last you a long time of use and is among the Best Reusable Coffee Cups there is. This is because it is made from the sturdy borosilicate glass material. This material is tested and proven to be extremely resilient.

The mug is highly insulated and will ensure that your coffee remains hot. This is due to the double glass insulation. This means hot stays hot while cold stays cold so you can always enjoy your drink as you like it.

The large cup is favored by the ardent coffee lovers. It is also comfortable to use as it has a thick stem handle. You can hold it in a comfortable manner and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Large mug with a maximum 16 oz capacity for the ardent coffee lovers
  • The mug is double walled and provides maximum insulation for your drinks
  • This mug has a comfortable large handle making it easy to handle
  • This is a heat resistant mug and does not shatter when used in the microwave
  • Its sturdy ability allows for the mug to be used safely in the dishwasher
  • The mug is resistant to condensation making it non-slippery
  • Can be comfortably used for both hot and cold drinks
Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mugs

You may be one of those persons who love a big mug of coffee as you read or as you relax. The Anchor Hocking Café Glass Coffee Mug is suitable to satisfy your need. This is because it has the capability of holding up to 16 ounces of coffee.

To ensure that your mug is stable it has an anchor base that will prevent any spillage of your beverage. This means that you can enjoy your coffee without any messes.

The mug also has a thick handle. This handle is strong enough to ensure that it does not break off due to the weight of the coffee. The handle also provides you with a comfortable grip.

The mug is made of clear glass that is stain proof and does not allow any smell or color to cling on to it. The clear material also gives you a wonderful view of your preferred beverage as you slowly sip on it.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Clear coffee mug comes in a convenient set of 6 glass mugs
  • The mug allows for a maximum of 16 oz of coffee
  • Features a thick handle to withstand the weight of the coffee
  • Mug has and a footed base to control spillage of beverages
  • The clear glass material is stain proof and does not hold odors
  • These mugs are dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • You can use it to warm beverages in a microwave without damaging it

How To Choose The Best Glass Coffee Mugs

When in the market looking for a glass coffee mug, all may just look the same to you. However, despite the looks, glass coffee mugs differ in various ways. Size, type of glass and heat resistance makes the difference when it comes to the quality of the glass mugs. When looking for the best Glass Coffee Mugs ensure that you take into consideration the below pointers.

Size Preference

When it comes to the amount of coffee that people drink, the preferences differ from person to person. When selecting a glass mug for coffee look for on that suits your preference. If you like to drink lots of coffee then you should consider a big mug. If you are one who prefers just a shot to give you a morning boost then a small mug will be perfect for you.

Double or single walled glass 

This is an important aspect to consider. Generally, a double-walled glass mug performs much better than any of the single-walled glass mugs. This because the doubled walled mugs will keep your coffee hotter for longer.

Covered mug or not

So, some people prefer to drink their coffee on the go. That means that to keep it intact and you safe you will need a mug with a lid. It will keep ensuring that the coffee stays hotter for longer and of course minimize the possibility of it pouring all over your stuff. It also keeps the unwanted dirt away from your precious morning booster. On the other hand, some people prefer to have their coffee a bit cooler when they drink it, so do not like to have it covered.


The preferred shape of the coffee mug will also depend on the type of coffee that you prefer to drink. For example, an espresso mug should not be too wide at the top otherwise the cream will spread out too thinly and will quickly disappear.


This may not seem like a very important factor when looked at casually. But the truth is that the handle will determine whether your drinking experience is pleasurable or not. The size and shape of the handle determine how comfortable the mug is to use. A handle that is too small will not allow you to comfortably slip your finger through making the cup uncomfortable to use. A flat handle is preferred because it makes balancing the cup comfortable.


Glass Coffee mugs and cups come with different designs of the rim. When selecting a coffee mug, it is important to consider whether you prefer a mug with a sharp, thick or thin rim. Most coffee enthusiast people prefer a rounded, thick rim. They say it comfortable rests on the lips allowing the coffee to comfortably slide into their mouth.


This differs from person to person. Some prefer clear mugs while others prefer to have clear mugs. There are also other color variations when it comes to these mugs. Whatever the color you prefer it is your choice.

Final Notes

It probably seems that everyone you know from the office, at home or even in your neighborhood is at one time or another drinking coffee. Heck it seems like there is a coffee shop every few blocks and somehow they all seem to be full. Well, you are probably right. The number of Americans drinking coffee has steadily increased over the years. Coffee drinking is becoming a popular trend as more indulge. Statistics from a study conducted by Reuters, indicate that number of Americans drinking coffee has steadily increased.

The report indicates that by 2017 64% of Americans were drinking coffee as compared to 62% in 2012. The survey commissioned by the National Coffee Association (NCA) indicates that of these, 79% make coffee at home. Americans on a whole consume tons of coffee with Americans consuming at least 400 million cups daily with imports being in excess of 4 billion dollars annually.


With the demand of coffee on the rise, the demand of coffee cups has also increased. The market is now full of alternatives to use when taking your much desired cup of coffee.

However, despite that different choices, the glass coffee mug still remains the best. Nothing beats the experience of having your coffee in a glass mug. That is why we have gone out of our way to bring you an exhaustive list of the best glass coffee mugs in the market just for you. Here you have it, the list of the best coffee mugs in the market today.

Our products have been tested and tried and have proven to be the best that there is. Pick one from out list for quality assurance. So drop us a line or two, tell us how much you love or products. For any queries and reservations do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to hear from you.

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