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Top 10 Best Propane Tankless Water Heater – Buying Reviews 2024

Do you have an idea that a tankless water heater can save a lot of energy as compared to a water heater that comes with a tank? Yes, a propane tankless water heater can save you 30-50 percent of the useful energy.

This guide will provide you relevant information about the best propane tankless water heater in 2024. These models are cost-efficient and are the best to keep the hot water flowing. Furthermore, these brands take a limited space because you only need to mount them on the wall.

Finding the most affordable tankless water heater today is a challenge. Besides, you may get the right choice for fewer bucks only to find out that it was a counterfeit.

 With all the variety of options available in the market also propane heater, you need to do thorough research to pick one with the best features. This review should give you a solid foundation for everything you need to know about the propane tankless water heater of this new era.

10 Best Propane Tankless Water Heater - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Propane Tankless Water Heater - Reviews

With the many models of tankless water heaters that are on the market today, it can be tough to pick the right convenient water heater. Our goal is to help you select a quality product that meets your needs. Go through our reviews and guide to find quality propane tankless water heaters.

 1.  Rinnai V65iP Propane Tankless Hot Water Heater

Rinnai V65iP Propane Tankless Hot Water Heater


Rinnai V65iP Propane Tankless Hot Water Heater offers an optimal level of efficiency. Its portable size makes it suitable for medium-sized homes without huge demand for hot water. This heater has an attractive design, making it a perfect addition to your home.

Its interface is professionally designed, which makes it easy to use. It has an error light that can alert you in case the unit has any problems. In terms of design, this unit ranks highly compared to other propane water heaters.


When it comes to heating water, you want a heater that gets the job done fast enough and economically. To that end, the Rinnai V65IP 6.6 GPM doesn’t disappoint. Furthermore, this unit produces an impressive 6.6 GMP, meaning it will supply you with hot water non-stop.

In addition to that, this unit is eco-friendly and consistent. It will provide you with hot water whenever you need it, provided your source of power is not disrupted. It is good-looking and its interface is friendly which makes it easy to use. It has error lights that will let you know when there is any problem.

Smooth Installation

The Rinnai V65iP Gas tankless water heater has several safety features, including pressure-relief valves, drains, shut-off valves, and isolation valves. All these protect both the heater and the user. It also has anti-frost protection and temperature locks, which ensure the heater doesn’t seize up and fail to work.

Another reason why you’ll like this heater over other hot water heaters is that it is easy to install, so you won’t even need to hire an expert to install it for you.

It comes with a manual with clear step-by-step instructions on how to install it. If you aren’t confident enough to install it, you can hire a qualified technician for the job.

Key Features

  • Maximum pressure of 150 PSI
  • Excellent scale detection
  • 6.5 GPM water flow rate
  • Pressure relief, shut-off, and isolation valves
  • The heater has an ultra-compact design
  • Anti-frost protection and temperature locks
  • 150,000 BTU heating capability giving 0.82 energy efficiency factor


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Best for retrofitting if your home is old
  • Meets high emission regulations and standards
  • Conserves energy
  • The unit is digital - its casing is buttonless


  • This unit is expensive

Recommended for : This model is an indoor propane tankless water heater hence can fair well with domestic applications. Moreover, it is a better choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The water heater is effortless to install, giving you an upper hand in your hiking activities. This brand is affordable and comes with a minimal running cost.

Besides, with its advanced technology, you will save time and energy, unlike many gas heaters. If you are looking for a sophisticated model to replace your old machines, this gas heater is the right choice.

 2.  VIVOHOME Outdoor Portable 1.6GMP 6L Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

VIVOHOME Outdoor Portable 1.6GMP 6L Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater


VIVOHOME Outdoor Portable 1.6GMP 6L water heater is excellent for your safe and efficient outdoor showering. This unit is both energy-saving and efficient. Being that it is CSA-approved, it will help you build a wonderland of showering for your family, pets, and cars.

It reaches a maximum temperature of 65°C/149℉, which is sufficient for most home applications and also prevents scalding. Its strongest selling point is probably its uncomplicated and simple design. This device is easy to install. You only need to connect the correct water pipe and gas pipe, and you’ll be good to go.


It has two season modes (summer and winter) to choose from, meaning it will come in handy in different weather conditions.

Due to its flexible design and lightweight, it’s easy to carry and can be a great companion for outdoor bathing, more so because it is battery powered; there’ll be no need for electricity or a generator.

VIVOHOME 1.6GMP 6L water heater is not only portable but is also made from a high-quality material which makes it reliable, strong, and durable. With proper maintenance, this unit can serve you for many years without needing a replacement.

Smooth Installation

This unit has over four protection methods, including anti-dry protection, flameout protection, anti-freeze protection, and overheating protection. All this ensures the product doesn’t harm the users while providing safe and comfortable bathing conditions.

The water heater is ideal for a wide range of applications. This makes it versatile because it offers convenient hot showers anytime at anywhere. Installing the water heater is also a simple task if you follow the given instructions.

You should also know that you can’t install it at an angle so you should do vertical installation.

Key Features

  • Battery-powered - You can use it even without electricity
  • The water heater is CSA-approved
  • Applicable pressure of water 3~145 PSI
  • Maximum water pressure of 1000 Kpa
  • A water flow rate of 6L per minute
  • Automatic flameout and ignition modes, making it very economical


  • Power and energy efficient
  • Strong, reliable, and safe
  • Superior surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Small tankless propane water heater for small spaces


  • The model is relatively expensive

Recommended for : VIVOHOME Propane tankless water heaters can be a good choice for outdoor trips. However, this model is exceptional since it performs perfectly in all the terrains, including in cold weather.

It has a higher gallon flow per minute hence a good pick for a large family. You can bath your dog in the park using the brand. Moreover, it comes with everything you need for the protentional of your family.

 3.  Camplux 16L Outdoor 4.22 GPM Digital Display Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64 GPM Digital Display Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater


Camplux 16L Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater will provide you with 4.22 gallons of hot water every minute. It comes with a digital display so you can easily monitor the temperature of the water.

The unit lights when the water pressure is around 4.0-110 PSI.  you can use the low water pressure for remote cabins and camping.

You can mount it indoors in a well-ventilated area. Especially relevant is the fact that this product is battery-powered, meaning you can use it off-grid.

 What makes this product very popular is its anti-freeze protection, which ensures it is safe. It also has a flame failure feature and an innovative combustion technology, all of which improve its safety.


This product has a maximum power output of 110,000 BTU per hour. This will ensure you get a constant supply of water whenever you need it. With this unit, you can comfortably wash your dogs, horses, boat, cars and also take a hot shower.

This indoor propane water heater has a simple design but has a high output capacity, which makes it have a thermal efficiency of as high as 88.5%.

This product is ideal for horse stables, mountain cabins, family vacations, and camping. It is equipped with anti-freezing drain plug that ensures no freezing takes places in cold weather.

Smooth Installation

It has a compact and lightweight structure and brags of 11.5% energy saving technology. The heater has a main burner and a heater exchanger that utilize advanced combustion technology to reduce burning noise and gas consumption. This provides reliable performance while minimizing energy consumption.

Camplux Water Heater is quite easy to install. It comes with a detailed and well-illustrated manual that will help you install it on your own. However, if you feel you can’t do it on your own or you are too busy to install it, you can hire a trained technician to install it for you.

Key Features

  • The water heater is 88.5% thermal efficiency
  • Discharges 74.22 gallons of hot water per minute
  • Applicable pressure of water ranges from 3.6~110.0 PSI
  • Operating pressure of propane 0.4PSI
  • The maximum power output is 110,000 BTU per hour
  • Uses 2 D cell batteries that last longer
  • Advanced combustion technology and innovative protection systems


  • Battery-powered - can be used in areas where there is no electricity
  • Is safe to use and easy to install
  • Produces a constant supply of water whenever you need it
  • The water heater has an attractive design
  • Its lightweight, strong, and durable water heater


  • Doesn’t come with the batteries; you have to buy them separately

Recommended for This brand is a gas tankless water heater that takes less time to heat the water hence a good choice for outdoor trips.

 Moreover, you can use the model for sunbathing your pets, especially the dogs and the horses. Besides, the brand is affordable with almost no maintenance cost at all; therefore, it can work well with your payslip. You can also pick the machine for indoor applications.

 4.  Rinnai RUC98iP Ultra Series Propane Tankless Water

Rinnai RUC98iP Ultra Series Propane Tankless Water Heater, Concentric/Twin Pipe Installation


Rinnai might be the most popular indoor propane tankless water heater in the world today. This model comes with amazing power to provide hot water anytime you need at whatever place.

 Besides, it is a propane-fueled model with a power output of 199,000 BTUs. This model is ideal for domestic application since it will work miracles than your current water heater that comes with a tank.


Rinnai RUC98iP tankless water heater is no joke when it comes to heating. It will heat up to 1990 pounds of water at a temperature of 100 degrees in only one hour.

That means the model heats 9.8 gallons of water in only 60 minutes, which is enough to satisfy the needs of any consumer. The heater has an elegant appearance and is has quiet operations.

However, it does not work well in cold areas since the external temperature will compromise the heating capacity.

Smooth Installation

Rinnai RUC98iP might be different from other models when it comes to installation. You will need a specialist personal with a valid plumbing license to install the heater.

 In most cases, this model is suitable for domestic applications hence not flexible. However, the gas heater comes with all the tools and accessories to ease the installation. The specialist will only take a few minutes to set up the system to your wall.

Key Features

  • It is a versatile model that is lightweight
  • Yes, It comes with an energy factor of up to .96
  • It has an adjustable presets temperature set f
  • Works perfectly with an electric supply of up to 120V
  • The water heater has a power output of 199,000 max BTU
  • It has ultra-minimum NOx emissions for domestic applications
  • Includes a space-saving design which eases the installation process


  • It is fast to heat water than most expensive models
  • You can adjust several settings of this water heater
  • Includes a wonderful design ideal for domestic usage
  • It does not take a lot of space hence will save your room
  • The model comes with ultra-condensing style protection against overload


  • The model is relatively expensive and costly to install

Recommended for : This machine is perfect for domestic use since it is lightweight and can save a lot of space. Moreover, it comes with a grand design that is ideal for welcoming visitors and making your house a palace.

 Although it might be costly, Rinnai RUC98iP is durable and efficient. Furthermore, this model can be a good choice for people living in a cold climate since it has bigger power output.

If you want the device to be more efficient, ensure you flush it with vinegar at least once a year to remove the scales.

 5.  EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology


We all know that gas tankless water heaters can be too expensive to maintain sometimes. But if you are looking for a model that you will only have to change the cartridges once after six months, then this is the perfect model.

Moreover, you can use the heater with a traditional tank on the backside. That is the reason why the model is a good choice for domestic purposes.


EcoSmart tankless water heaters are renowned for their power. It is a compact and wall-mounted model that can handle up to three gallons of water every single minute in cold places and six gallons in warmer areas.

 It comes with digital temperature control that gives you a chance to adjust the water temperature to your favorable degrees. This model performs well in warmer places and is a good choice for outdoor trips.

Smooth Installation

This model can be a perfect replacement for the water heaters that require professional installation. All the accessories that come with the model are easy to set up, including the optional remote control.

Besides, you should not be afraid of damaging any of the tools during installation because all the accessories are of great aura. The installation process is easy and quick, but you will need a professional to rectify any error during set up.

Key Features

  • It has an energy factor of .98 that is uniform
  • It is lightweight and portable for outdoor activities
  • The heater includes a digital temperature control system
  • It is an electric tankless water heater that saves 60% of the energy
  • Comes with a patented self-modulating tech and an advanced design
  • It includes a self-modulating technology to adjust energy usage automatically


  • It is easy to operate and install
  • It is a great substitute for money and valor
  • All the elements of the heater are of high quality
  • This tankless water heater saves both time and energy
  • Comes with advanced features and additional accessories


  • The heater requires regular maintenance by a professional

Recommended for : EcoSmart is a good choice for enthusiasts who love the luxury of hot water. The device can work efficiently for small families.

 Furthermore, this model is suitable for people with no prior insight about tankless water heaters. This model can work perfectly with your traditional water tank hence saving your budget of purchasing a backup tank. Moreover, it can work perfectly for people living in chilly places.

 6.  Rinnai RL94iP HE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater, 

Rinnai RL94iP HE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater, Propane/9.4 GPM, Indoor Installation


The reason why Rinnai tankless water heaters are popular is because of them with high-quality features without compromising the price.

Besides, the Rinnai series is specifically for indoor activities, and come with innovative technology. This model as recirculation capability to ensure an infinite supply of hot water.

 Also, Rinnai RL94iP is not as big as other members of its family, but it includes a compact design that can virtually fit anywhere.


The function of the recirculatory in the Rinnai series is to ensure you will not fall short of hot water supply. Moreover, cold climate or winters does not affect the functionality of the heater, and it performs equally efficiently in colder places like in warmer temperatures.

You can easily control the system with a remote since, in most cases, it is Wi-Fi compatible. The brand performs well in a domestic application.

Smooth Installation

All the Rinnai models are quite intricate and require a specialist to set up. That means that this model is also a little bit complicated, and you will need to call a Rinnai professional or a Plumber with a valid license to mount the system.

However, all the accessories that come with the model are easy to operate, and the heater itself is easy to use. Also, you will require a Rinnai professional to repair the system if it malfunctions.

Key Features

  • It comes with up to 9.4 GPM hot water flow rate
  • Includes a circ-Logic technology for recirculation
  • The heater is purposely for indoor applications only
  • Uses advanced technology such as Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Comes with a compact design for setting up crawl spaces
  • The compact style cuts CO2 emissions thus saving energy
  • All the parts of the model are replicable for easy swapping


  • It is reliable for domestic applications
  • It is a good choice for saving energy and money
  • All the elements that come with the model are durable
  • Cold temperatures do not affect the efficiency of the device
  • It includes a smart technology for ensuring endless hot water flow


  • It is costly to run since you will need a professional to repair

Recommended for : Rinnai RL94iP is a perfect choice for domestic applications. The model saves space and will replace your old shower system.

Moreover, you will have an assurance of endless hot water since it comes with recircuiting. Besides, this model is suitable for professionals and enthusiasts who value quality products.

The brand has almost no notable drawback and will work well for your family regardless of the capacity.

 7.  Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Tankless 

Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater, Liquid, White


Marey GA 10LP gas tankless water heater is capable of providing about a maximum of 2.7 Gal. each minute to give you a great shower at a temperature of 115 degrees F. It helps in saving energy as it only heats water when needed.

It has the capability of supplying hot water continuously to a maximum of 2 to 3 points of application. It works perfectly for several housing hot water purposes.


Marey GA 10LP offers exceptional performance. It heats water with a few seconds, and it does not matter the volume of water needed as it heats as much water as possible.

Per minute, it can heat 3.1 Gal of water. It performs both on low water pressure and when there is power outage. This makes it perfect to use where water pressure is inconsistent or in areas experiencing recurrent power outages.

Smooth Installation

This heater has a solid design that requires little space, thus making the installation process to be very easy. To install, you just require 2D battery cells to carry out ignition as well as venting.

 Mount Marey tankless on the wall and connect the 4-inch vent pipe and ½ inch gas line. Connect water lines and check any leaks then install the 2D batteries. Turn the faucet on and adjust accordingly.

Key Features

  • Works perfectly even on low-pressure levels
  • It resists from rusting and also it is leak-proof
  • Uses gas as water flows hence saves on power
  • Safe from gas pressure and anti-combustion risks
  • Functions with 2D battery cells for a power source
  • Saves electricity, about 60% less hence cost-efficient
  • Capable of heating limitless water volumes efficiently and continuously


  • It helps to save energy of about 80%
  • Its ease of use makes it perfect for everyone
  • Heats great volume of water just as required
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty making it reliable
  • Its solid design requires less space while installing


  • Water temperature fluctuates sometimes making it less effective

Recommended for Marey GA10LP 3.1GPM is recommended for indoor applications. It functions in 3V; therefore, it is suitable to use in off-grid use and in homes where electric power is limited.

 Also, it is recommended that anyone who owns an RV. It can serve up to two or three points in the house. In case you need an affordable tank-less water heater, Marey GA10LP is the best device for you.

 8.  Eccotemp FVI12-LP Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water 

Eccotemp FVI12-LP Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heaters, White


Eccotemp FV1-12-LP uses propane flame to heat water as it bypass heat exchanger. Just put cold water in and get hot water immediately.

The integrated Horizontal vent gear allows for very easy installation when using it for indoor purposes. It works perfectly for small homes and cabins.

 You can employ it using 20-100pounds propane tank. Use knob for gas pressure and water flow to regulate water temperatures.


Eccotemp FV1-12-LP works great for small homes, RVs apartments and cabins. It uses propane flame to heat water when the flame moves across the heat exchanger. Ventilation is safe, so no harm.

It only uses about 2 watts when not in use and about 10 watts when in use, saving a lot of energy. The 110V UL powers the inner exhaust fan plus the digital display. Just connect and wait for hot water; it delivers 3.6Gal each minute.

Smooth Installation

The vent kit included in the device allows for easy installation. The device should be installed by a professional. This will help you avoid dangerous situations that could arise in case of improper installation such as explosions or gas leakage.

To get warranty benefits, your Eccotemp tankless water heater must be mounted by a professional in a vented room. It comes with a manual that guides the installation process.

Key Features

  • After hot water activation, it uses gas only
  • Pulls 2 watts only plus 1.07 amps when operating
  • Performs at 30-80 psi offering 4GPM flow capability
  • Comprises of digital temperature and thermostat displays
  • Incorporated stainless steel vent kit horizontally positioned
  • Manual water temperature regulations hence easy to operate
  • Perfect for indoor installation with proficient and safe ventilation


  • It has a great value for the price
  • Can operate in regions of about 2000 ft height.
  • Very powerful making it efficient and dependable
  • Horizontal stainless-steel vent included in the device
  • Has a rigid and small-sized body for easier installation


  • Temperature adjustments may be difficult to some people

Recommended for Eccotemp FVI-12-LP is suggested for indoor installations requiring small and standard hot water use.

If you are in need several hot water functions, this is the best device to purchase. It works great for smaller homes, vacation cabins as well as for cottages.

It uses less power, making it very effective in places experiencing electric power outages. If you are looking forward to having a hot shower and save energy at the same time, I highly recommend Eccotemp FVI-12 LP.

 9.  Marey Power Gas 10L 2.7 GPM Propane Gas Digital

Marey Power Gas 10L 2.7  GPM Propane Gas Digital Panel Tankless Water Heater


Marey 10L 2.7 GPM heater is a compacted device that saves space and permits easy installation process at any place. It heats as much as water as possible.

The device allows you to regulate the flow of water as well as gas flow to your required water temperature. It does not operate on electricity but uses both propane and natural gasses to function. It provides about 3.1 Gal each minute.


Marey 10L 2.7 GPM offers superb performance every time you need it. The powerful device functions on 3 volts only so you can use it anywhere, whether it is for off-grid or electricity limited applications.

The heat exchanger is made of copper material that is corrosion free, so you will be able to use the unit whole life. It increases a temperature of 67 degrees F at 1.5 GPM medium faucet flow.

Smooth Installation

Marey 2.7 GPM has a compacted design, so need a very small space to install it. To install, you will use the 2D cell batteries to ignite and do the venting.

Fix Marey tank-less upright on the wall and away from any gas stove. Connect the vent pipe (4 Inch) and the gas line (1/2 inch). Fix water lines then counter check to make sure that there is no water leakage. Put in the 2D-cell batteries then turn faucet on.

Key Features

  • Available in natural gas and LP models
  • 3.1 gallons of hot water output per minute
  • Works perfectly with low water pressure, 3.6-145 psi
  • Uses 2D battery cells to power electric pulse ignition
  • Presence of water control and gas flow control knobs
  • CSA approved gas hose regulator assuring safety use
  • Compacted unit saves space and allows easy installation


  • Energy-efficient as it saves a lot of power
  • Ability to use either liquid or propane gases
  • Pulse ignition method so no need for electricity
  • Effective flow rate of 3.1 GPM that’s worth the price
  • Efficient digital temperature display incorporated in the device


  • Not very efficient for the whole house

Recommended forMarey 10L 2.7 GPM is to be used for indoors application only. Whether you require safe plus clean water for consumption or for showering, this is the perfect device to purchase.

It requires a great amount of fresh air, so you require some clearances for you to mount this device. In case your house is affected by power outage problems, this unit will be of great help as it requires no electricity to perform.

 10.  Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater,

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 18 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology,White


Ecosmart ECO 18 uses the best-advanced technology to heat water. It can save heating cost to about 50%. This unit is assembled using patented own-modulating technology to allow it use the exact energy to heat a certain amount of water.

 It is a cost-friendly unit that has a rigid design for easier installation. It comes with a lifetime warranty making it reliable. Its parts can be replaced easily in case of damage.


ECO 18 delivers a very great level of performance. It is capable of producing a maximum of 2.5 Gal of hot water every minute. It just works perfectly as a normal shower.

It can support two shower head for those persons living in hot areas and two sinks. Temperature control is digital, so you just set your temperature and it will increase the temperature by 1 degree. It is most favorable for weather reading 67 degrees F going up.

Smooth Installation

Installing Ecosmart ECO 18 is very easy. Get a 60 Amp dual pole breaker, electrical panel of 125 Amps and assorted cables. Use these items to set the water heater up. Use 4 screws together with brackets to mount the device.

 Make sure it is levelled before driving the screws. Install it in an upright position. Avoid mounting it in an area prone to excess dust, humidity or moisture.

Key Features

  • Saves as much energy as possible, about 60%
  • Sustainable life period as it is constructed using copper
  • Perfect for use in warm areas eliminating burning effects
  • Considerable heating capacity of above 2.5 Gal each minute
  • Capability to serve the whole house hence fewer installations
  • Effective temperature control settings with degree increments
  • Self-adjusting heater with temperature sensors, no manual controls


  • Saves space due to its rigid and small size
  • Ability to function on both hot and cold waters
  • Easy to install using the necessary accessories
  • Very affordable despite of several unique features
  • Provides steady flow of hot waters within few seconds


  • Need to warranty time increase for satisfaction lasting

Recommended forECO 18 is perfect for whole home hot water application. In case you are living in areas where water temperature is the taps is equal to or above 62 degrees F, this is the best tank-less heater to go for.

This unit is recommended if your home has electric breaker of 2X 40 Amps DP, household service of 150 Amps and 75 Amps at maximum amperage of 240V.

Watch - Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater Review


Credit for this video - matt edwards

Guide For Best Propane Tankless Water Heater

Having a propane tankless water heater is quite essential and effective since it saves energy and its more eco-friendly than other water heaters.

 Sometimes you might have a problem when selecting the best since there is a variety of them at the market. Therefore, I will discuss some of the important things to consider before making a preference.

The size of the system

This will mainly depend on the number of households. For you to be able to calculate this, ensure you determine the rise in temperature and the rate of the flow of water.

Mainly the systems that are fueled by gas a higher heating rate than that of gas. Therefore ensure you select the propane tankless water heater since it is efficient and easy to use.

Safety measures and security

Everybody ensures his or her safety before buying anything. When selecting the propane tankless heater, ensure that it contains self-protection systems that will keep you safe in case of an emergency.

 It, therefore, includes; freeze protection and self-diagnosed device that will either protect the machine or automatically switch off in case of danger. Don’t buy the machine blindly. Consider the buyer's guide provided before installing the machine.


Always, the budget depends on you; the buyer. Sometimes you would wish to buy something that is very expensive but your budget doesn’t allow you to.

Therefore don’t stress yourself so much to have a propane tankless heater like the one your friend owns. To be on the safe side, ensure the machine that you buy it long-lasting and satisfies the demands of your household and yours too.

The installation

This means, not anybody can install for you the propane tankless water heater.  It will, therefore, need a licensed contractor who is well versed with venting aspects of the heater, plumbing, and electrical appliances.

This will make you assured of what is being done. Although sometimes it might be expensive to hire a contractor, check the warranty of the machine in case you might make a mistake. If it will be within the time limit you can easily restore. 

Venting and location system

While selecting the propane water heater, you should think of whether it should be an indoor or outdoor propane heater. When it is an indoor one, you can install on any wall but preferably the outside wall since it saves on time.

Basing on the outdoor water heater, you can mount on the wall or any stable place for easy handling and setup. When it comes to venting, it should offer the best performance and safety measures when using.

The indoor models you an easy and ample time while installing since you are free to vent it horizontally or vertically through the roof.

Portability and efficiency

This entails the ability for you to carry the machine. This becomes a key factor, especially for outdoor models due to activities like camping, touring, climbing, among others.

 It will be needed for you to ensure that the machine is lightweight and compact to enable you to carry without any difficulty. When the machine is too heavy, it will be a burden for you; thus you will not enjoy using and having it around.

Selecting the fuel type

This is the key factor you should consider before rushing to purchase a tankless water heater of your own. The fuel type will determine the energy and size of the unit you will require, thus affecting your annual expenses.

 Mainly, people use natural gas electricity and propane, whereby each has its pros and cons. Therefore, you should compare the costs or prices of each before making a decision. Be careful to make the right choice.

Important Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How can I use my propane water heater?

A: It’s quite simple since no energy is used. As you know, it uses a hot flame that doesn’t keep you waiting for the water to warm. You just need to turn the faucet representing hat water on.

There is a flow sensor that will automatically activate the propane gas burner to heat the water. You can, therefore, use your warm or hot water without any trouble.

Q: Can one rent a water heater or not?

A: You can rent a water heater although the prices vary with the companies. Although it has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, while renting, you will only have to undergo monthly payments which are different from buying your own water heater.

The decision mainly depends on the buyer since here you will undergo the purchasing price one and later the maintenance expense.

Q: Which is the best water heater between a tank and tankless?

A: This will depend on the household’s lifestyle and budget. A tank water heater costs cheaper than the tankless one although it consumes more energy than the tankless water tank. Many people do prefer tankless due to its compatibility, energy-saving model and downsides the needs of the family.

Q: What amount of pressure is needed when installing the heater?

A: This will all depend on the type of water heater being used. For instance, when you are in a place where the water pressure is very high, there might be an uneven flow of hot water.

This will also affect the places with low pressure; thus the heater used must be accelerated. Therefore you need to confirm the minimum and maximum pressure that the heater you need can withstand before purchasing it.

Q: Why is a propane tankless water heater effective?

A: Many people prefer it not just because it's common but because of its uses. It is compatible, saves a lot of energy while in use compared to the gas and electric heater.

Also, it is eco-friendly by emitting very low carbon dioxide and offers endless water supply. It does heat the water when needed and does away with standby losses in hot water storage like the electrical systems that may lead to a lot of expenses.

Q: What capacity can be suitable for my household?

A: It depends on the number of your household but also the ability of the tank heating the water. You will, therefore, need to consider the storage capacity of the water heater and the size of the machine; thus ensure the temperatures are effective while heating the water. This will mainly depend on the pressure available.

How to Maintain Propane Tankless Water Heater

Any equipment, tool or machine you own needs to maintained and serviced after every time. Many people tend to think that a tankless water tank does not need a lot of care and maintenance; that’s a lie if you think the same.

If they are not well maintained, they will tend to stop working after some time. Besides, if they are not taken care of, the water might get overheated and damage the whole machine.

When it comes to a propane tankless water heater, it should be flushed regularly to strengthen its usage, life, and efficiency. To ensure the efficiency of your machine, you can check the unit annually, especially if you can get a professional. This will help in case any accessory to the tool is to be fixed or changed. 

Remember the flushing process does not necessarily need you to get an expert. You can handle it on your own. While installing, you can have a sediment filter since it prevents poor water quality as well as gives you peace of mind.

While doing your annual check-up, consider; vents, pressure relief valve, flame inspection, motor among others. With these cleanups, maintenance, and checkups, you will always enjoy using your propane tankless water heater.

Final Verdict

Tankless water heaters are a good choice for saving energy and money than the water heaters that come with tanks. Moreover, gas tankless water heaters are easy to use and operate, especially in cold areas.

All the above models are affordable and reliable for your applications, whether domestic or outdoor. These brands are the best propane tankless water heaters in 2024 in terms of performance and quality. They may vary in performance and price, but in the long run, they perform the same tasks.

You will notice that when you are planning to take your family on outdoor trips, you only pack items that are easy to install. Most of the models on this list are suitable for outdoor activities since they are easy to install. Moreover, they are lightweight and portable.

Tankless water heaters are also ideal for bathing your dog or horse. They assure the endless flow of hot water without any major drawback. Make your pick today and enjoy the luxury of hot water regardless of the climate. Thanks!!


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