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Top 10 Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Light – Check Reviews 2024

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Indoor gardening has been fast gaining popularity because of its versatility and high yield and convenience. More and more homeowners are turning to indoor gardening.

But as science reveals each and every living plant requires light to enable the photosynthesis process which aid in the production of sugar and in the long run, oxygen.

However, the amount of light that different species need varies. This is why it is important to have lighting for plants that are grown in-house. In the recent past, LED grow light has become increasingly popular because of the advantages they offer over other grow lights.

Firstly, LED lights are popular because of their low energy costs. The lights burn in lower wattage thus saving you a lot of electricity cost.

Secondly, the longevity that LED lights offer is yet to be rivaled. These lights have proven to have the longest life span compared to other types of lights. They are averaged to give you at least 10 years of service.

Finally, the LED lights are the only grow lights that give you the flexibility to select specific wavelengths. This ensures that you can set the wavelengths as per the plants' needs.

You are probably thinking of starting a nursery indoors. In that case you will need the best LED grow lights that will allow your plants to flourish.

Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Light - Comparison 

10 Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Light - Reviews

If you are looking for the best 1000 Watt Led Grow light for your indoor garden, make sure that it not only fits your pocket in terms of pricing. Also make sure that you get value for your money. Check out the best you can find in the market and make your choice.

When looking for the best LED light to keep your garden flourished, look no further than the Roleadro Galaxyhydro Series. Complete with an UltraViolet and IR light your vegetables are guaranteed to flourish.

Optimized full spectrum

Your plants have no reason to worry as this grow light has the full spectrum. This means that your plants will benefit from the whole energy range from ultraviolet to infrared. This means that your garden will benefit from all the wavelengths available in the spectrum overall creating a conducive environment for your plants to thrive.

Cooling system

This state of the art light is a favorite because of its dual function. Not only does it have the ability to provide lighting to keep your plants happy. It also has a temperature controller built in.

This work together to ensure that the light also provides a way to dissipate heat that may be produced by the lamp.


This is made possible by the modern construction of the light. The lights have been constructed using the led bead and zener design. This ensures that even if one led is out the other LEDs will continue to burn.


This unique light is fitted with 10w chips that provide powerful light yet at the same time minimize energy consumption. Additionally, the optical lens and Eplieds strategically placed at a 90degree angle ensure that the light is utilized up to 98 and minimize loss.

Highlighted Features

  • Inbuilt temperature control to keep your plants cool
  • Dual maximum speed cooling fans to reduce temperatures
  • Energy saving as the watts used to burn the light are minimal
  • Full spectrum provides a wide array of wavelengths beneficial for plants
  • Technology ensures that if one LED is out the rest will continue functioning

Just as the name suggests this LED light is constructed giving you service fit for a king. From the full spectrum light to the double chis power, look no further when selecting an LED grow light for your indoor garden.

Easy to use

Some LED light may have complicated mechanisms that make the lights a nightmare to use. Fortunately, this King Plus grow light is child play. All you have to do is plug it in a d use it. Luckily there is no need for an additional Digital Ballast to make your lights operational.


The grow light is fitted with a timer that will help you control the duration that you would like your plants to get light. This is important because different types of plants need different durations of light for optimal growth.

Full spectrum

The King Plug grow light provides the full array of lights including Ultraviolet, Infra-Red, yellow, white blue and red. This ensures that your plants have the feeling of natural sunlight, therefore, keeping them strong and healthy.

Temperature control

Several features have been put in place to ensure that the light provided a cooling mechanism. First of all, the led board has been perforated with holes.

Secondly, the construction allows the glass to form convection with fans and finally each led works separately as they have been fitted with resistance.

Highlighted Features

  • Just plug and use extra ballast not necessary
  • Inbuilt cooling mechanism for temperature regulation
  • Long lasting with an average of 100,000 hrs. of service
  • Timing control to set light durations for optimal growth
  • Full spectrum to provide optimal light for the different plants and stages of growth

Looking for the optimal performance LED grow light. Well, this is the perfect solution for you. With its double chip power and energy saving capabilities, it is a sure bet for growth spurring and the feel of natural sunshine.


This LED light boasts of a powerful light that is more effective and efficient than some of the lights in the market. This is due to its double chips with a 5W capability. The power is strong enough to support all the plant growing stages.

Energy Saver

Despite the fact that this light has a powerful 1000W capacity it is efficient in terms of its power consumption as it burns. Amazingly it utilizes only about 110W-120W of power. This is a great saving in terms of energy consumption as compared to some grow lights in the market.


Apart from providing the much sought after light for growth, this LED has a UV function that helps keep your plants healthy. The UV light acts as a sterilizer that works to kill any germs that may have found their way onto your garden. This ensures that your plants stay healthy.

Prime Spectrum

This Grow light has the ability to provide an optimal spectrum, this means that your plants will benefit from different wavelengths as per their needs. This ensures spurred and healthy growth of the plants. The wider spectrum also ensures that you get greener plants.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual cooling system to keep overheating at bay
  • Energy efficiency as it utilizes minimal wattage
  • UV sterilizing function that keeps your plants healthy
  • Optimal spectrum that produces different wavelengths
  • Extended life span to last you for long without having to be replaced

Getting a grow light that is able to project light evenly over a wide area may sometimes be a challenge. However, using this 120° angled led light it need not be a worry for you. It’s one of a kind spectrum technology gives this light an edge over others.

Wide angle coverage

The BESTVA grow light is one of a kind when it comes to the balance in light distribution. This is because the LEDs themselves have a coverage of an angle of upto 120°, this ensures that the light is not concentrated just under the light only but is evenly spread across for balanced lighting. Additionally, this light provides optimum balance with Lumen keeping your plants happy.

High temperature control

It goes without saying that temperatures that are too high adversely affect any living thing and plants in particular.

That is why this LED grow light has been fitted with a cooling system to efficiently dissipate heat keeping the light longer lasting and controlling the room temperature.

Cost efficiency

This powerful light has the ability to disseminate light capabilities that rival bulbs with higher wattage. However, the power consumed is quite low. This makes it cheaper in the long run because it cuts down the electricity costs so you pay less.

New Spectrum

Unlike most of the LED lights in the market that use the Full Spectrum, this light is constructed using the New Spectrum technology. This technology ensures that the red and blue light is most used by plants is prominent.

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature control to avoid overheating
  • Cost efficiency in terms of energy consumption
  • Efficient bright lighting to give optimal growth for the plants
  • New spectrum technology ensures prominence if Red and Blue light
  • 120° Led coverage to avoid sunburn and stunted growth in areas under light

Versatility and power are the names best used to describe this state of the art LED light. With its broad spectrum of color and ability to set it according to your need, this is among the best LED lights in the market.


The HIGROW light is so versatile the t you can easily customize it to your desired settings. It comes with a flip switch which allows you to select the kind of lighting you prefer according to the growth of your plants. The VEG/BLOOM switch is easy to use

Lens design

The lens design is built to give 90-degree optical lighting. This ensures that the light is easily concentrated on the area that you want. This also reduces light loss to up to 30%. Additionally, this ensures that the PAR/Lumen output is improved.

Full spectrum

This light with is 12 band capacity provides your plants with an array of wavelengths and the optimal UV and IR lighting.

This means that your plants' needs are catered for in every stage of their growth process. This, in turn, leads to healthier plants.

Energy efficient

Everyone wants to save money, right? Despite having a 1000W this light is energy efficient consuming only 400W of energy.

 It is the perfect energy saving light. You will not have to incur huge electricity costs when you are dealing with this led light.

Highlighted Features

  • Whisper fan with 3 speeds to disperse heat.
  • Durable and long lasting eliminating need to constantly replace
  • Lens design concentrates light on plants minimizing loss of light
  • Energy efficient as it consumes minimally on energy as it operates
  • VEG/BLOOM switch for customization according to your plants growth stage
  • 12 bands providing optimal spectrum of color including both IR and UV lighting

Indoor growing is gaining popularity and this has led to production of many led grow lights. High power, advanced full spectrum, energy efficiency, and reliability are the best-sought traits by any indoor grower when selecting an LED light. This HIGROW Double Chip provides all these and more.

Heat dispersal

This HIGROW light has the ability to keep conducive temperatures even when the lights have been on for long periods. It is constructed with an aluminum sink for cooling and a high speed fan. The light ensures that temperatures do not escalate


The light is ensured to last long because it is constructed with durable material. The fact that the light is able to control its heating levels through the cooling system ensures that despite long durations of usage the light dies no burnout.

Work efficiency

All the LEDs are fitted with a zener diode. This technology ensures that even if one of the LEDs is out, the rest of the LEDs will continue functioning. This ensures the reliability of the lights to support all the growing stages of your indoor plants.


This grow light not only has twin 10w chips but also ten 100w lights which make the light extremely powerful.

This ensures that you get a constant powerful burst of light. It provides a higher PAR/Lumen output per watt as compared to others.

Highlighted Features

  • Reliability of the light as the LEDs operate independently
  • Powerful Dual 10w chip technology ensures brighter lighting
  • Heat dispersal technology to ensure that the temperatures remain cool
  • LEDs with zener diode meaning other LEDs can work even if one of them is out
  • Advanced spectrum provides an array of light colors which provide for different stages of growth.

Every indoor grower strives to get the best Indoor grow light for his plants. This is why many have preferred using the Dimgogo light because of its wonderful features. The lights work well to support the growth of vegetables, flowers and other indoor plants. Here are some great aspects of these grow lights.

Cooling system

The light is fitted with twin cooling fans that help ease the temperature to ensure that low heat levels are maintained. Secondly ever led is built with a heat sink. These in combination make the Dimgogo Light cool at all times.

Extended lifespan

The cooling system of the LED light keeps it at optimum temperatures at all times. This ensures that the light does not burn out even with prolonged use.

This combined with the premium quality material used in its construction keep the light longer lasting than others.

Energy saving

The last thing that you want is led grow lights that consume more power. With the ability to use a minimal 185w for lighting, this light is considered as energy efficient as they come. You can get the best performance from the lights while keeping your bills low.


Plants require light to grow and this is why you need to check the brightness of the grow lights before you purchase. This grow light is fitted with 10w chips that make the light shine brighter and that give more intensity. Your plants will benefit hugely making them healthier. 

Highlighted Features

  • Energy saving light as it consumes a minimal 185w to power
  • 10w chips provide excellent lighting that is powerful and effective
  • Balanced PAR/Lumen Output for a balanced distribution of wavelengths
  • Dual fans and heat sinks keep the temperatures low despite extended duration of use
  • Spectrum of professional quality combines different wavelengths of light to spur and enhance growth

The AUTOGEN 1000w grow light is constructed to have the ability to make your plants feel like they are outdoors. This is because the light produced replicates the natural sunlight. It is loaded with features that make it a favorite.

Low energy consumption

A favorite among the features of this light, the low energy consumption stands at only 145w. It does not matter that the LEDs each have a 100w burning capacity, it matters that you will have to spend less to watch it burn in the long run making it easy on your pocket. 


This wonderful growth light is easily customizable. This means you can change the selections as you prefer depending on the growth stage of your plants. You can opt for the blue light alone, the red light alone or the blue and red light.

Range of Spectrum

The light range of the wavelengths available from this LED light is optimum. It has an array of wavelengths from the RL to the UV lights which help in the growth of plants through the different stages.


The double chips along with the latest LED technology by AUTOGEN, make this light highly efficient. Not only is the light able to produce unparalleled brightness it also seemingly offers the best PAR/Lumen output per single led.

Highlighted Features

  • Subtle, high velocity fans to regulate temperatures
  • Minimal consumption of energy to power the lights
  • Extremely bright light to provide optimum lighting for growth
  • Triple selection of light models for the different phases of growth
  • Standard voltage can be used anywhere without needing an adapter

The WYZM has been specially designed to meet the needs of the indoor gardener who want the best output of his plants. The bright LEDs, cooling system, optimum wavelengths and low cost of use make it ideal for you.

Protective diodes

These play an important part in ensuring that the light keeps on burning. This is because these diodes ensure that even if one of the LED burn out, the rest of the LEDs will still keep burning without affecting the output.


Using this kind of light makes a lot of economic sense. First of all, because you save money because one light can last you up to 100,000 hours of service before needing replacement. On the other hand, it uses a minimal wattage in power consumption thus saving you a lot of energy costs.

Long lasting

Longevity is one of the byproducts of having an efficient cooling system. This is because the system prevents the lights from burning out. To add on to that, the premium quality of the hardware used makes this light last for ages.

Temperature control

The lights have been fitted with an inbuilt cooling system dissipates heat. This not only keeps the lights longer lasting but also keeps the room at regulated conducive temperatures.  Your plants will not die as a result of too high temperature from the lights.

Highlighted Features

  • 4-way connector with shutoff valves
  • Features a solid construction for durability
  • Levers are easy to use and arthritis-friendly
  • 100 percent worry-free and money back guarantee
  • Swivel connector with brass thread for maximum durability

Some indoor gardeners prefer to have large spaces to work with, something that may pose a challenge when selecting the best LED growth light for their gardens. This Full Spectrum 1000 Watt growth light is however here to dissipate that challenge.Its ability to cover large areas along with its full spectrum of light comes as a relief for those searching.

Coverage Area

This is arguably among the wide coverage lights with its ability to cover 4x4 square inches. For garden owners with large gardens, this is a viable option for you. Because the lights have a high coverage, you don’t need to spend your money buying more especially if your garden is large.

Cost Efficiency

There are so many led lights on the market that consume more power so you need to pay huge electricity bills.

This LED light consumes a small amount of power despite the 1000w capacity. As compared to an HPS Bulb, this lights energy consumption is extremely low.


This is one of the longest lasting LED lights in the market. Its hardware includes high-quality metal acrylic which is break resistant. This will ensure that your lights give you many years of good service before you think of replacing the lights.


This light has a switch which makes it versatile enough to change the settings. This means that you are able to select the preferred settings by using a switch. This will help in giving you the optimum environment for your plants

Highlighted Features

  • Wide area coverage suitable for big gardens
  • Durable and long lasting as it is made from high quality material
  • Adaptable to different plants and growth phases using an easy switch
  • Cooling system that lowers temperature of upto 80% as compared to the discharge lights
  • Economically friendly, no need to replace constantly and consumes minimal power to run

How To Choose Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Light

So, now that you have made up your mind about getting the LED lights for your plants how do you go about getting the best LED light for your needs? Here are the considerations for you to keep in mind as you select.


The market is flooded with different shapes and sizes of lead lights it is important for you to consider. LED glow lights are available in a myriad of shapes from long light bars to circular and even oval shapes. Before you settle on a shape you need to consider the space and arrangement of your plants.

Internal chip

The basic component of every LED light is the chip that converts electricity into light. It is therefore important to ensure that you select a light with a high quality chip.

A quality chip ensures that the light produces enough power to produce enough light for your garden. Essentially the minimum recommended wattage for a guarded LED light is 3 watts.

ade of metal and they also work well if you are using them stationary without unscrewing it. The main problem with metal splitters is that once they are connected, water starts to leak and this causes the hose to corrode.

Burn Duration

Led lights burn at different rates. So before considering any light, you must check to find out the estimated duration that the light can burn before needing to be replaced. Expensive does not necessarily equate to long term value.

Check the manufacturers' notes or research the light online to get the approximate life expectancy of the LED light before purchasing it.

Heat generation

Despite the fact that the plants may need light to flourish, they are prone to wither under high temperatures. This being the case it is prudent that you select an LED with a low heat generation.

A high heat generating light may require you to get additional equipment for cooling the room thereby putting you into more expenses. Lights which generate low heat capacities are generally expected to last longer as they do not burn too hot for long periods of time.


Like any kind of equipment on the market, the more user-friendly it is, the better for you. As much as possible select a light that is easy to operate. You should be able to spend the least amount of time on its operation.

Garden size

The size of your garden will generally dictate the type of lights that will perform optimally. Panel lights are more appropriate for large spaces as they cover more area.

However smaller lights are generally preferred for small spaces and plants set up in scattered patterns. 

Final Thoughts

The increasing population and urbanization have led to an increasing demand for food. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs projects that by the year 2050, the world’s population is estimated to reach 9.7 billion.

This has led to the spur in popularity of indoor gardens and in the long run, LED grow lights also look like 300 watt LED grow light.

According to a report on the Statistics Portal, the market value of LED grow lights is forecasted to grow to approximately 1.8 billion dollars in 2024, up from 0.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2014 this shows the increasing popularity of the grow lights.

Grow lights are increasingly becoming popular because of their versatility, and convenience. They are favored because of their ability to increase output when it comes to indoor gardening.

A LED grow light can be tailored to mimic a light spectrum similar to the sun or a spectrum can be tailored to meet the specific needs of plants.

The lights ability to be tailored to provide specific colors, temperatures and lumen outputs make these lights your best bet when considering indoor gardening.

The movement is on, so please do not be left behind. Pick an item from our selection. Our products have not only been tested but also tried. Quality is, therefore, a guarantee. Buy now.

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