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Top 12 Best Hitch Carrier Reviews in 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide

If you enjoy traveling and carrying things, you will soon need more space than what your car offers. The best hitch carrier is the ultimate solution for additional cargo. The common types of carriers are the rooftop and the trailer carrier, which tend to have numerous disadvantages.

A hitch carrier offers you a safe as well as a convenient method for transporting those bags. You attach the carrier to the back part of your vehicle, usually at the top of the exhaust. They differ from conventional carriers because they are sturdy and can withstand adverse weather conditions.

There are plethora hitch carriers on the market which makes it cumbersome to shop and pick the best. We have been to the market and done our research and came up with the best hitch carriers. Read on for comprehensive reviews of these products and a buying guide. With any of these hitch carriers, you can create more space and get comfortable rides.

 12 Best Hitch Carrier in 2024 - Comparison

Top 12 Best Hitch Carrier in 2024 - Reviews

 1.  Keeper 07208 Black Waterproof Hitch Rack Bag 

At the top of our best hitch carriers is the Keeper 07208. It is a waterproof rack bag which is the best option for any traveling enthusiast. You don’t have to limit the luggage you come along with anymore.

First, it has a waterproof rack bag, which means you can use the carrier in rainy weather. The rack bag offers 11 cubic feet space which is enough protection for your cargo in the carrier.

It is very inconveniencing to force bags into the trunk and even gets worse when they don't fit, so you have to put them in the passenger seat. Avoid this by using the Keeper 07208 to increase the cargo space. 

Attach it to the rear of the vehicle, load your cargo and you are good to go. We have no control over the prevailing weather conditions. Thus, you should always choose a carrier that is suitable for the harsh weather.

 The keeper 07208 has a waterproof design. Consequently, your cargo remains protected from elements such as rain, wind, road grit and even sun.

For versatility, the sides of the Keeper Waterproof Hitch Bag flex. Thus, it flexes to suit the luggage you are carrying along. There is no limit to the shape or size of the baggage you want to carry along.

Whenever the carrier is not in use, you will need to store it. It folds for ease of storage, which makes it ideal for those who have small compact storage spaces.So this hitch rack reviews help to choose the best one as soon as possible.

Highlighted Features

  • Foldable for easy storage
  • It boosts the vehicle cargo space
  • It flexes to fit load with odd shapes
  • The carrier has a waterproof rack bag that is 11 cubic feet
  • Ideal for harsh weather conditions since it is waterproof and protects cargo from weather elements such as rain
Keeper 07208 Black Waterproof Hitch Rack Bag
Keeper 07208 Black Waterproof Hitch Rack Bag

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 2.  Reese Explore Pro Series 63153 Rambler

Is your gear essential but there is no space to carry it along? Reese Explore Pro Series will help you pack all the cargo you need. You don’t have to leave anything behind anymore.

Enjoy the 500lbs maximum cargo capacity that the carrier offers. Besides, it versatile since it suits carrying various gears for example sports gear.

Unlike most hitch carriers, Reese Rambler is versatile since it suits even bikes. There are bike clips and also utterly functional lighting systems. Take advantage of the double use this hitch carrier offers. Also, it provides the perfect fit with any 2-inch receivers that make it versatile.

The Reese Rambler has tall side rails. These rails are 5.5 inches tall to protect your luggage and prevent the cargo from slipping. Besides, it also has a mesh that makes it effortless to clean.

It is inclusive of a rise shank. The shank helps elevate the luggage that improves the ground clearance. Furthermore, the shank is very important to get the cargo away from the exhaust.

It prevents damage that would occur to the load due to heat and even prevents damage that would have been due to the carrier hitting the road for instance when jumping speed bumps.

You can use the carrier in adverse weather conditions for instance rain without worrying about durability. The carrier has a powder coat finish which is durable. This finish is resistant to corrosion and rust as well as scratches.

Highlighted Features

  • Tall side rails to protect the cargo
  • Has a perfect fit for 2 inches receivers
  • It comes with a two-piece construction
  • High capacity of 500lbs and versatile uses since it fits bikes too
  • There is a powder coat finish which is resistant to rust, corrosion, and scratches
Plastic Tub Transfer Bench - Adjustable Backrest
Plastic Tub Transfer Bench – Adjustable Backrest

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 3.  CURT 18151 Basket-Style Cargo Carrier

Curt has been among the leading manufacturers in the cargo carriers industry. The curt 18151 is a basket style carrier which makes the Company is famous. The installation process is quite simple.

Its construction features heavy-duty high-quality tubular steel. The steel can then undergo immense use while still maintaining its robustness. Thus, it is suitable for those traveling through uneven roads.

The whole idea of getting a carrier is to add more space for your luggage, right? Then enjoy the spaciousness that the CURT 18151 offers. You can then assort baggage that is within the maximum capacity.

Curt 18151 has rails which are six inches tall to ensure safety for your luggage. You can then be sure your cargo will not slip. Besides, the rails are also long to accommodate numerous items.  To keep your luggage safe, we recommend you have a waterproof cargo bag.

This Curt carrier has a 500 lbs maximum luggage capacity which is quite high. Therefore expect no trouble with heavy cargo. Further protection is through the black powder coat which is on the steel that ensures protection against UV rays, rust, and even scratches.

Talk of versatility. There may be times when you do not need the carrier and may use it on your way back. You can then fold it using the folding shank. The shank is angled and thus enables you create ground clearance that helps avoid damage to the carrier due to it hitting the ground.

Highlighted Features

  • Large luggage capacity
  • For easy cleanup, there is a mesh base
  • Durable since it is of high-quality tubular steel
  • It has rails which are 6 inches to ensure your luggage is safe
  • There is a folding shank which allows titling whenever the carrier is not in use
CURT 18151 Basket-Style Cargo Carrier
CURT 18151 Basket-Style Cargo Carrier

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 4.  Highland 1042000 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Are you looking for the best carrier for your large luggage? You might be interested in this. Highland Hitch mounted carrier is ideal for large heavy loads.

It is the best option for heavy luggage because it has no side rails which usually restrict large loads. The side rails are quite short, 2 inches to be precise. Thus the rails do not limit what you put in the carrier.

You get to enjoy versatility using this carrier since you can use it for even tailgating and sports. It has reflectors which are very important especially when traveling at night. Besides, the short rails are ideal since they are not going to block license plates;

So using this best hitch mounted cargo carrier puts you on the right side of the law. The construction of this Highland carrier has steel as the primary construction material. There is a powder finishing that makes the carrier durable since it is resistant to dust. After construction, it comes in two pieces. 

Therefore, for installation, you have to bolt the pieces together. It is a short process you can handle individually and takes minutes. Those whose vehicles have 2-inch receivers get an advantage attaching the carrier faster.

Being 20 inches wide and 60 inches makes the carrier quite spacious. Consequently, you will have sufficient space. It has a large capacity since it can handle up to 500lbs. Note that this carrier is not the best for small loads.

Highlighted Features

  • High capacity of 500 lbs
  • Convenient because it is full and long
  • Simple to attach the two-piece construction
  • Has versatile uses such as sports and camping supplies
  • Its construction features heavy duty steel that makes it durable and a powder coat finish that is rust resistant
Highland 1042000 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

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 5.  Tow Tuff TTF-2762KR Steel Cargo Carrier with Rack 

Are you a bike riding enthusiast who is looking for a hitch carrier or best hitch cargo carrier that doubles as a bike rack? You might want to check out this Tow Tuff product. 

It is carrier and bike rack which serves as 2 in 1. Thus, it is the best for a range of hauling needs. Tow Tuff TTF-2762 construction stands out since among other hitch carriers; it is very deep. 

You then have a lot of room to carry different luggage. Besides, the depth ascertains security of your cargo. Further, the construction design makes the TTF-2762 unique. 

Its uniqueness lies because the design makes it function as both a bike rack and cargo carrier. You can switch through the uses by simple removal of the pins. When you adjust the carrier to serve as a bike rack, there is an adjustable wheel holder as well as a tie down-hole. These help to hold the bike or bikes in place. It has sufficient room for four bikes.

The whole idea of getting the carrier is to get an additional room for your cargo. Well, the Tow Tuff can hold luggage is not exceeding 500lbs. Moreover, it is a heavy duty carrier that accurately fits any 2-inch receiver. It is easy to install and mount.

Steel is the primary construction material. Thus, the carrier is reliable for even heavy use and durable. Furthermore, it is inclusive of a strap to secure your luggage.

Highlighted Features

  • Top quality steel construction
  • Includes a strap to secure cargo
  • High capacity of 500lbs and can fit four bikes as a bike rack
  • Unique two functions design; as a bike rack and as a carrier
  • Properly fits any 2-inch receivers, simple to install and mount to your vehicle
Plastic Tub Transfer Bench - Adjustable Backrest
Tow Tuff TTF-2762KR Steel Cargo Carrier with Rack

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 6.  ROLA 59502 2” Steel Cargo Carrier-2 Piece

Rola is a carrier whose building features high-quality steel. Besides, it has a powder coated finish that makes it durable. Also, carriers which have steel construction tend to have large capacities.

Rola Steel Cargo has rails which are quite tall. The high rails ensure that the luggage remains secure in the carrier. Moreover, there are holes provided which enables you to tighten the straps for best cargo protection. 

There is a mesh platform which ensures support for your luggage. Also, at the base, there are bars which prevent sinking whenever you haul a heavy load.

Unlike most carriers, Rola has red reflectors. The reflectors are a road safety method that helps other drivers at night to avoid them bumping into the carrier. Thus, you will save yourself a traffic ticket since the law necessitates reflectors for trailers.

Still, on adherence to rules, there is a rule that necessitates license plate attachments. The Rola carrier has accessories on the carrier, which usually makes it simple to reposition the plate. It has a rise shank which gives you the power to elevate the carrier away from the exhaust. Whenever the carrier and the exhaust are too close, the luggage may be subjected to heat that may result in damage.

Furthermore, the shank also aids in ground clearance. Ground clearance is necessary, especially for low riding vehicles. It ensures that the car does not hit the ground for example when jumping speed bumps or entering lots.

Highlighted Features

  • Simple installation procedure
  • Its steel material is heavy duty and durable.
  • High capacity and has tall rails to protect the cargo
  • There is optional lighting which you can upgrade to
  • The steel also has a powder coating that protects the luggage from adverse weather conditions
Plastic Tub Transfer Bench - Adjustable Backrest
ROLA 59502 2” Steel Cargo Carrier-2 Piece

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 7.  60” X 22.5” Cargo Hitch Carrier by Vault-Haul 

How many times have you gone on an adventure or even camping trip and needed extra gear? Well, that's where this Vault carrier comes in. You can now pick all the equipment and also extra gear that you need and make every trip memorable.

It has quite a large capacity of 500lbs. The large size ensures you can carry additional luggage with no difficulty whatsoever. Besides, there will be no damage to your truck since the carrier is heavy duty.

The Cargo Hitch Carrier by Vault has steel as the primary construction material. Steel is heavy duty and high quality. It offers reliable service and can withstand substantial uses. Thus, you don't have to worry about a bent carrier.

Still on the construction of the carrier, its outer has powder coat finish. The coating adds to the durability of the carrier since it is resistant to corrosion and rust. Therefore, the carrier is suitable for different weather conditions.

To ensure your cargo is safe and is held in place, this carrier has a sturdy aluminum frame. The frame beside being durable holds your load in position to prevent it from slipping or falling off.

Make maximum use of the versatility that comes with this product. You can use it for different luggage. Also, it is suitable for any 2-inch receiver. Besides, it suits accessories such as lashing and ratchet straps as well as a waterproof carrier bag. On delivery, you will need to assembly. However, it is effortless to assemble.

Highlighted Features

  • Large 500lbs capacity
  • Sturdy, robust construction since steel is heavy duty
  • It is long and wide thus has the ideal size to carry luggage
  • Suitable for diverse weather conditions because the coating is resistant to rust
  • Inclusive of a shaft that allows elevation to get the luggage away from exhaust heat
60” X 22.5” Cargo Hitch Carrier by Vault-Haul

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 8.  MaxxHaul 70275 52- Aluminum Cargo Carrier 

Among other MaxxHaul products, the 70275 tops our list. It has a unique feature, the folding ramp. You can use it to transport lawn or garden equipment, to carry power wheelchairs or scooters just to mention a few.

Sturdy construction is what makes this hitch carrier durable. Its construction material is aluminum. Besides aluminum being durable, it is lightweight. 

There is also an exterior aluminum basket which is rust proof. You can use the carrier even in wet weather. While still on the construction, it has an impeccable design. 

The design is in a way that there is an open floor platform.  This platform makes the carrier effortless to maintain a very simple to clean. Also, the under support as well as the hitch shaft are of high-quality, robust material. Both feature high-grade steel material. The steel further has a coating which is of powder. This powder coating is resistant to corrosion and rust. You can use the carrier at any season without worrying about the weather.

At the sides of the maxxhaul 70275 carrier, there are high rails. High rails are a protective measure since they ensure they secure the cargo in place. Also, they offer unlimited locations from which you can tie down the load. Thus, your luggage is under maximum protection.

For safety, while driving, the carrier is inclusive of reflectors. Also, the best aluminum cargo carrier has a folding ramp whose spaces are close to accommodate equipment with small wheels.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers versatile uses
  • It is inclusive of reflectors for road safety
  • Extra full carrier bed which houses even mobile equipment
  • There are high rails and anchor points to secure your cargo
  • The carrier is light and rust proof which makes ideal for different weather conditions
Plastic Tub Transfer Bench - Adjustable Backrest
MaxxHaul 70275 52- Aluminum Cargo Carrier

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 9.  MaxxHaul 70108 49” x 22.5” Hitch Mount Carrier

MaxxHaul Company should be your first pick if you are looking to get a carrier. If the luggage is getting too much, worry not. The hitch Mount  carrier has a design that ensures you carry your luggage safely.

First of all, MaxxHaul products usually feature impeccable quality. The 70108 carrier has aluminum as the primary material making it. Aluminum is not only safe but is also durable. You will use it for a considerably extended period.

Second, other carriers are complicated to assemble. However, MaxxHaul 70108 takes the least time to join a couple of minutes. Furthermore, it is simple enough to construct on your own.

Thirdly, it has side rails which are quite tall. They are 6 inches tall to ensure that your luggage is safe and does not fall or slip. Besides, the rails also offer unlimited tie-down points which further help secure your load.

It is always important to consider the versatility of the carrier. Some carriers are suited for the specific type of vehicles. It brings about the fourth point, MaxxHaul 70108 suits numerous cars. You can attach it to vans, trucks, SUVs, RVs and even cars.

Fifth is that the construction material, aluminum, has numerous uses. Besides being durable, it is lightweight, simple to clean and furthermore resistant to rust. Moreover, there is support beneath that is of massive-duty high-quality steel. The steel features a powder coat finish that makes the carrier ideal for harsh weather.

Highlighted Features

  • The high carrying capacity of 500lbs
  • Inclusive of reflectors which boost safety
  • Aluminum is the primary construction material which is lightweight
  • The installation process is simple which makes it convenient and time-saving 
  • It has aluminum baskets which are of high quality and resistant to corrosion and rust
MaxxHaul 70108 49” x 22.5” Hitch Mount Carrier

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 10.  MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Mount Compact Carrier 

Are you among the people who prefer buying products from reputable Companies, here is one for you? Among its products is MaxxHaul 70107. Its engineering assures that you transport your luggage safely while protecting it from adverse weather condition.

It has raised rails which are in place to ensure the luggage is safe. Moreover, they assure that there is no limit to the tie down options, which is also a measure to secure your cargo in place.

The construction of this carrier primarily comprises of heavy duty and high-quality steel. Steel is a sturdy and robust material that ensures the carrier can withstand heavy uses. Thus, it is sturdy and durable.

Still, on durability, the carrier has a powder coat finish that is resistant to rust and even corrosion. Thus, the carrier is suitable for harsh climatic conditions. It can support up to 500lbs which is quite sufficient.

For the safety of the car and carrier, the carrier is inclusive of reflectors. The reflectors adhere to road safety standards and ensure the attachment is visible to the driver behind you. Installing it is effortless because it has a universal fit for all class three and even four cares whose receiver hitches are two inches.

Enjoy the versatility that comes with this 70107 MaxxHaul product. It is ideal for a range of commodities and gear. For example, you can use it to carry your gear for camping, traveling or even carry firewood in it.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Large 500lbs capacity
  • Steel is the construction material which is durable and sturdy
  • The carrier is inclusive of reflectors which enhance visibility that adds to safety
  • It has a black powder coating which makes the carrier resistant to rust and corrosion which makes it durable
MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Mount Compact Carrier

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 11.  MaxxHaul 70422 Hitch Moun Aluminum Carrier 

Do you have trouble transporting a variety of bulky items which take up space? You can put that to an end by using the MaxxHaul 70422. Its construction material is robust and sturdy aluminum. Thus, it is durable, and you will use it for long.

MaxxHaul Company has been in the industry for long. They have been among the leading producers of hitch carriers. The construction of their products is of high quality; also, they undergo rigorous testing.

Still, on the construction, it has an open platform design which makes it effortless to maintain and clean. There is support beneath and a hitch shaft. 

Both have a high-grade steel construction it keeps them durable.  Besides, they have a powder coat finish that enhances durability, and that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Its rails are 2 inches long. These rails are in place to safeguard your cargo by keeping them in place. 

You don’t have to worry about fallen luggage. Further enhances protection for your luggage through the stability of the carrier. You can attach straps and tie-downs to secure your cargo. To keep you on the safe side of the law, the carrier has inbuilt reflectors. These reflectors guide other drivers behind you, especially during night time.

Enjoy the compatibility that comes with owning this hitch carrier. It properly fits any two by 2-inch class three or four hitch receivers. Besides, the carrier is simple to assemble and even install.

Highlighted Features

  • A high holding capacity of 500 lbs
  • The inner and outer basket have high capacity
  • High-quality construction material, it is of aluminum
  • It features a powder coating steel support that makes it durable
  • The aluminum finish makes it ideal for adverse weather conditions since it is rust proof
Plastic Tub Transfer Bench - Adjustable Backrest
MaxxHaul 70422 Hitch Moun Aluminum Carrier

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 12.  500lb Hitch Mount Haul Aluminum Cargo Carrier 

Have you by any chance been in a situation where your vehicle's trunk is too small? Are you considering getting a full trailer to prevent this inconvenience? There is a better option than a complete trailer; you can get a hitch carrier and boost the luggage space.

This Cargo Carrier Basket is a TMS product. TMS products are slowly gaining popularity due to their convenience, durability, and robustness. You can never go wrong with this hitch carrier.

The Hitch Mount Haul has a large capacity and can handle a maximum of 500lbs. The size depends on the class receiver. 

For class three receivers, you enjoy carrying luggage no more than 500lbs, while using class two receivers, the maximum you can put is 350lbs. With this capacity, you don't have to worry about choosing which luggage to carry and which cargo to let go. Now, you can have it all. Besides, there are side rails which ensure your baggage remains protected.

It features aluminum construction. Aluminum is lightweight, robust, sturdy and durable, that ensures the carrier gives you long service. Also, it has an anodized finish which makes the carrier resistant to rust and corrosion. Thus, it is ideal for harsh weather conditions.

The Hitch Mount Haul carrier is wide and long enough thus it does not restrict the luggage you carry. On delivery, the carrier is simple to assemble. It is simple enough to do it by yourself and also easy to attach. Furthermore, it suits best two hitch receivers.

Highlighted Features

  • Properly fits 2-inch receivers
  • Features aluminum construction thus it is durable
  • Simple to assemble and attach that makes it convenient
  • High capacity 500lbs for class there receivers and 350lbs for class 2 receivers
  • Ideal for harsh weather conditions since it is rust proof and resistant to corrosion
Plastic Tub Transfer Bench - Adjustable Backrest
500lb Hitch Mount Haul Aluminum Cargo Carrier

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Things To Consider For The Best Hitch Carrier

Below are the top factors to consider to ensure you get the right product.

Type of Cargo

There are different types of carriers. Carriers can be for different vehicles and motors, and some feature a design that suits some use best. Thus if you are looking to use the carrier for specific cargo, then take into consideration the needs of your baggage.

Capacity and Weight

First, check whether your car can support a hitch carrier. Usually, the small vehicles do not allow hitch carrier attachment. Always check the manufacturer's guide for the maximum tongue weight limit. Most of the carriers can easily support a maximum of 200lbs. Also, note that most of the ATV Mounted cargo support less weight than what vehicle mounted carriers can.


It is best to take precaution while storing gear outside the vehicle. We thus recommend you pick a carrier that has lockable latches or even hitch locks. Also, ensure you have the right equipment to hold the cargo in place. After successfully affixing the carrier, you wouldn’t want it falling off, would you? To avoid damage that comes due to loose fixing, use strong cords and straps that are safe and reliable.

Rear Vehicle Access

Depending on the type of the vehicle, you attach the carrier to either the Swing-away frame or the fixed frame. If your truck connects the carrier to the fixed frame, it means that you can access the rear without removing the carrier. However, if your vehicle allows attaching the carrier to the swing-away frame, you will need to detach the carrier/ pivot it to get access to the rear of the rear.

Weather Protection

Unlike cargo boxes which are usually enclosed and tend to have water resistant properties, hitch carriers are open and prone to weather elements. The hitch carrier is the best at certain times of the year and the current weather condition.

Final Verdict

Having the best hitch carriers ensures that there is no limit to what you can carry with you. We have reviewed the best hitch carriers in the market. Feel free to order any of the products above that we recommend. To install a hitch carrier is very simple provided your hitch receiver is of the correct size. In case the hitch receiver doesn't match your vehicle, go for a hitch receiver adapter.

While installing, consider the weight of the carrier. For instance, steel carriers are more substantial than aluminum carriers, hence will be relatively difficult to install. We recommend you choose a hitch carrier that has a reflector for safety purposes. Also, ensure that your carrier allows attachment of straps to safeguard the cargo. Unlike roof carriers, hitch carriers are safe, comfortable to access and do not adversely affect the car mileage. Feel free to order any of our recommended hitch carriers!

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