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Top 10 Best Generator Under 500 – Supreme Reviews in 2024

Wherever you lack electricity, the best alternative source to invest in is a generator. Generators are a perfect choice for everything from outdoor activities to indoor usage.everyone's wish is to buy a generator that works appropriately without many complications. I mean, who wouldn't want to boast a magnificent generator?

However, with the many generators in the market, making the right decision becomes difficult. There are many generators under 500 USD, but not all of them are good. So before you buy the best generator under 500 USD, identify your needs.

This will act as a guide on purchasing the best generator. How the generator works is also an important feature to note. Worry no more. Scroll down and get ideas on the best generators as well as the best brands. I hope it helps you get the generator of your and also retain a happy wallet.

10 Best Generator Under 500 Dollars - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Generator Under 500 Dollars - Reviews

There are so many generators that you can find under 500 bucks. How do you determine the right one from the many products on the market? We have researched and provided you with reviews of quality generators under 500. Check our unbiased reviews and guide to choose the right one

 1.  DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator 

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator - 4400 Watt -Electric Start- Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved


This Generator is among the most powerful machines in the market today with a 7.0 HP Dur XP400E engine. Duromax has a running watt from 3500 and a starting power of 4400 Watts. The model can handle all the domestic operations, including heavy-duty machines such as the refrigerator and the home air conditioner. Besides, it comes with excellent material which makes the machine durable and able to work under extreme weather.


The model comes with an optimal power capacity of 120V, which is enough to supply energy to all the electronic devices in your home. Also, the Generator is known to use low fuel hence saving the maintenance and running costs.

Besides, it performs well even in the winter since it comes with an electric start which makes it more potent. Though the model is relatively heavy, it comes with tires which makes it extremely portable.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a handle for easy transportation
  • Comes with a potent engine with a 7.0 HP
  • Includes all the accessories such as the AC adapter
  • It has a starting rating of 4400 and running watts of 3,500
  • The interior has copper windings to increase the performance
  • Includes DuroMax MX2 technology which is unique from other models
  • Comes with surge arrest to protect the Generator in case of a power surge

What We Liked

  • Includes an electric start for smooth startup
  • It is a powerful generator with a mighty engine
  • Comes with a perfect spark arrestor on the muffler
  • Can support all the electronic appliances in your home
  • Impressive horsepower to run the system for up to 8 hours


  • It is an expensive model as compared to other light generators

Conclusion : This Generator has the reputation of the best in the market in terms of performance and reliability. It can power all your electronic devices without any big drawback. However, you should ensure that the Generator is away from children of up to 5 years. Overall, DuroMax is the perfect choice to aid your commercial use and other applications.

 2.  Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter 

Westinghouse iGen2200 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 1800 Rated & 2200 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant


Finding a generator that is portable and has less maintenance cost may be very tough. However Westinghouse iGen 2200 works with your budget to ensure quality and superiority. Westinghouse products have prestigiously stood on top due to their high quality.

Without doubt, the Generator is a supermodel, sturdy and covers your domestic power needs at a greater extent. It has a starting watt of 2200 and can run consistently at 1800 watts.


You will fall in love with the operations of the machine since it is heavy-duty with an enclosure and cast iron sleeve that guards the whole unit. The model has colour-coded buttons and a versatile fuel selector switch for better instructions on how to operate the system.

 Besides, the machine comes with an automatic low oil sensor switch to power off the Generator when the level of oil is deficient. It has a noise output of 52 Dba, which is very good.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with Westinghouse parallel cord.
  • It has a 1.2 gasoline fuel tank which can run up to 12 hours
  • It has an excellent output control to limit the magnitude of sound.
  • With the full panel, you get an assurance for safety and 100% protection.
  • Free electric start, which includes a key nob and recoil start switch for easy startup.
  • It has a lifting hook for easy transportation making the machine very portable.
  • It features a digital rotating display to show the remaining run time to avoid inconvenience.

What We Liked

  • The system is universal for multiple applications.
  • Very efficient in fuel-saving hence working on your budget
  • Since you have a guide, it is effortless to set and initiate operations.
  • Your security is the priority of the manufacturer. It is very safe to operate.
  • High-performance portable Generator strong enough to cover all your power needs.


  • It does not come with tires for maximum portability

ConclusionIf you are looking for a flexible and portable Generator, you should start thinking about Westinghouse iGen 2200. The machine is fuel-efficient and works with your budget to give you output assurance.

The duplex household outlet of this Generator is fantastic. Besides, you get lifetime operation hours and power back up plan for your several applications. Also, the exterior of the machine is quite mesmerising.

 3.  Champion Power Equipment 100554 RV Ready Wireless 

Champion Power Equipment 100554 RV Ready Wireless Remote Start Portable Generator, 3500-Watt, Updated Model


Without a doubt, the champion company produces beautiful and impressive machines with unique features to attract any customer of interest. The Champion 100554 Updated Model Generator is one of the best images for a super modern transition.

It is very portable and reliable for diverse uses for both commercial and industrial purposes. The device can reach a maximum of 3500 Watts, making it very essential for power output. Moreover, it is one of the best inverter generators for RV.


This Generator is essential for powering your TV, lights, Security system and perform other notable tasks. The engine of the machine is cast iron with additional protection from the sleeve. Also, be sure for an extension of power hour supply with greater zeal and effortless power strength.

The power products of the entire system have a professional craft for durability and excellence. He Champion's makes the power that makes your life easier and simple. The machine has a positive assertion from the users, so without doubt, the device will work well with you.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a surge protector to prevent overloads
  • It has an electric start to speed up the starting process
  • Oil sensors to cut switch down the system when the oil is low.
  • Parallel ready feature to extend the power output by connecting 3500 Watt.
  • Has a voltage track to prevent overload and more technological cooling system.
  • Consist of more advanced open frame inverter structure for extra quiet operations.
  • No GFCI Outlets which limit the power output, thereby saving fuel and maintenance cost.

What We Liked

  • Easy to start and can operate even in frigid temperatures
  • Potent engine to light and power all your electronic devices
  • It comes with diverse power outlets for safe charging of your devices.
  • Large fuel tank to serve you for a more extended period without having to refuel
  • Durability is the main call for the Generator and has a better structure than its counterparts,


  • Sometimes the connectors can corrode hence affecting the overall performance

Conclusion It is so authentic that the Champion’s 3400 Watt model makes power that makes your life easier. The machine is so economical, plus you have an assurance of power backup. Full efficiency is the key focal point of this Generator. It is so incredible how the Generator conserves your environment with quiet operations with the impressive hybrid technology.

 4.  WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter

WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant


Wen 56200i Watt Generator might be the loftiest gift you can surprise your family with this season. It is indubitable the best 2000 watt generator and one of the best inverter generators in the market today. The Generator is the right choice of a backup power plan since it has a bigger fuel tank that can serve your compound for an extended period. Also, the model is an excellent choice for the neighbourhood since it comes with quiet operations.


The startup of this beast of a machine is marvellous. It will start automatically, with more than 2000 watt and run consistently with 1600 watts. Besides, the device is very portable and can be a better choice for your outdoor trips plan.

 Speaking about the low oil shutdown, Wen is efficient and will automatically turn off the machine to avoid risky operations. Wen 56200i is perfect for construction sites, power outages and domestic use such as phone charging.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two pairs of three-prong 120V and one 5V USB Port
  • Quite operations perfect for home use and other universal applications.
  • A lightweight generator which includes fordable handles for easy transport.
  • Automatic low-oil shut down to prevent overload and maximise safety for the machine.
  • Electric starts switch, which gives you full control over the operations of the machine.
  • Consist of a Digital readout which helps you to have control over the maintenance and oil changes.

What We Liked

  • Very easy to transport hence the right choice for outdoor trips.
  • Features an electric start which can operate even in cold weather.
  • It is a gasoline fuel generator for sufficient power strength and supply.
  • Comes with a powerful engine to supply the entire compound with power.
  • The machine is very versatile to adapt to the needs of the family and other applications.


  • Does not come with wheels to more portability

Conclusion : WEN 56200i 2000 watt is sturdy and hard to replace. Unlike the older versions, the machine comes with a user guide on how to operate. So, there is no room for error while using the Generator.

Moreover, this model is one of the modern generators for emergency power back up plan. It will is a powerful model that comes with several features for improving its performance.

 5.  Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Quiet 

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator With USB Outlet & Parallel Capability Carb Compliant, 2300w Gray


You need a generator that goes beyond the technological edge to offer maximum services. Pulsar G2319N 2300W portable generator comes with USB port for more versatility. The device has a Volt guard in-built to protect it from overloads hence keeping the Generator safe.

 Also, it comes with an oil warning feature and an indicator in case of an overload. The material of the Generator is of satisfying quality, making the model durable and a great purchase.


The device is very versatile and colossal to fulfil your wants as an alternative source of power. It is effortless to operate on any occasion. With the enormous lofty 2300, the machine gives you a running time of up to 12 hours non-stop.

 It is a gasoline-powered with durability and functionality as the primary critical focal point. Also, the Generator is very portable, which makes it a perfect choice for outdoor trips. Besides, the maintenance cost of the machine is low.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an overload sensor and oil warning indicator
  • Digital hour meter to regulate fuel usage and for calculating the running period.
  • Has a startup key to start the machine even when you are at a longer distance.
  • It includes parallel sockets perfect for safe power for all your electric appliances.
  • It comes with extendable handle and never-flat wheels for easy transportation.
  • Consist of a volt guard to protect the Generator against overload and hence less prone to damages.

What We Liked

  • The technical support of the Generator is awe-inspiring
  • It is fuel-efficient, so you need not worry about the expenses.
  • It is easy to assemble and set up since it comes with a manual
  • Come with a mighty engine which produces up to 2300W for extra power backup
  • Highly manoeuvrable and portable since it has new landscape wheel to operate around


  • The machine might not be economical to all

Conclusion : Pulsar 2300W Portable Generator is an excellent choice for alternative power supply. The device has impressive features like the in-built fuel gauge, which protects your Generator by consistently checking out the level of the oil. In case the level is low, the machine will automatically shut down to prevent internal damages. The Generator is virtually quiet, making it the right choice for home and industrial use.

 6.  DuroStar DS4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000s Gas Powered Portable Generator - 4000 Watt -Electric Start- Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved


If you need a generator to provide you with a classic combination of versatility and convenience, this model is the best for you. Durostar DS400S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator is a powerful machine capable of supplying your entire compound with power since it is the best 4000W generator.

Besides, Durostar generators are popular due to their fantastic efficiency and a long period of performance. Also, the model is one of the best heavy-duty generators of this era.


Durostar DS400S Portable generator comes with extra power enough to run a BTU RV air conditioner of a high rating. Also, the machine can power other essential electronic devices in your entire compound. It comes with an automatic start which is decidedly electric.

Besides, the starter system has a cold start technology to ensure the machine starts even in a cold climate. This model is easy to maintain and one an excellent generator for safety.

Highlighted Features

  • It has copper windings for the interior
  • It has several slots where you can put your several electrical appliances.
  • Comes with a manual on how to operate and set up the machine with ease and comfort.
  • Include a potent engine powered by a Durostar 7.0 Hp to power your entire compound.
  • Since it operates on gasoline, Durostar gives you a full tank capacity without any demerit.
  • Consist of a power panel for compactibility and since you can make use of the outlet selection.

What We Liked

  • No cases of insecurity. You should not worry about your safety.
  • Very easy to start and can quickly operate even in a cold atmosphere.
  • Saves your budget because you’ll not incur any extra cost for maintenance.
  • It is environmental friendly for your compound since it has quiet operations.
  • It has an excellent power output and a potent engine to light both your compound and the entire neighbourhood.


  • It is heavy hence tiresome to move around

Conclusion : Durostar DS400S is absolutely a fantastic machine. The twist-lock outlet of the device gives it a new feature making it very indispensable in commercial and industrial use. It has cooler oil shutoff to prevent overheating of the Generator.

That way the Generator has a longer lifespan. Besides, all the power outlets are functional and can sustain whatever electronic device without any effects. The machine is cost-friendly and will work well with your home expenses.

 7.  Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, 240Wh Backup 

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency


If you are looking for a portable generator that does not use gasoline or fuel for, then this model is the perfect choice for you. This Generator is one of the newest gadgets in the market today, and it comes from a young manufacturer.

The Generator allows you to explore through the sun since it can charge using solar panels. In other words, it is a mobile power station that uses batteries for operations.


This model is lightweight and economical friendly since it does not emit fumes to the surrounding. Instead of the regular gasoline, the model comes with a lithium-ion battery pack which can stay for a long time without having to recharge.

Moreover, it is the best portable generator for home and the best solution for backpacking. It is very convenient for charging phones, laptops, drone and several other accessories.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a noise level of less than 61 Db(A)
  • Pairs with a jackery solar saga of 60W-100W
  • It is a 200-watt generator which can perform various tasks
  • Comes with lithium-ion batteries as the primary source of power
  • It comes with an AC Adapter, car charger cable and manual guide
  • Rechargeable using solar panels since it has a small voltage rating

What We Liked

  • Suitable for preserving the environment
  • Highly versatile since it can perform several tasks
  • This machine is well known for its quiet operations
  • It is lightweight hence you can take it with you for various trips
  • It uses a battery instead of gasoline thus saves the maintenance cost


  • It does not include tires for moving around

Conclusion Though the model can not perform well when it comes to more significant operations, it is still a suitable choice for typical applications. It is one of the super lightweight generators around.

 Also, it will cost you only a few bucks as compared to other more significant components. Moreover, the Generator is compatible with solar energy, and you can use it unlimitedly during sunny days.

 8.  Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator


Champion has been providing dependable and durable power products for many years for home, or play. This Portable generator has electric starts that operate off gas or propane with propane. Moreover, it features 2 convenient USB ports for charging electrical appliances and a fuel selector to switch between fuel sources.

Champion is a generator for emergencies, it comes with a battery for easy touch start and an internal battery charger. This will charge the battery as the generator runs which will be a convenient solution for backup power and emergencies situations. It may also make a great addition to your RV.

Champion is known to manufacture the Best portable generators which come travel-ready and easy to assemble parts. The generators have a standard 30RV outlet with enough power for a start-off. Furthermore, it features a durable steel frame folded handle and very strong wheels for easy transportation and movability.


The dual fuel generator features volts guard which protects your appliances from electrical voltage spikes.it also has a cold technology that optimizes to star even in cold weather. Easy monitor power output with intelligauge. This portable inverter generator is convenient for camping trips, during large storms, or other outdoor activities.

It is among the Best small generators which are small but mighty in power generating equipment. It comes in a full package a Portable power station this is especially relevant in case you are at a place with no electricity. The generator has a noise level of 74dBa from 23 feet.

Champion products have an excellent performance this is probably why it’s one of the Best budget generators. You don’t have to worry about fresh gasoline in case of an emergency. This generator runs up to 9 hours on gas and 10 hours of propane. It is cheaper compared to other portable generators.

Highlighted Features

  • The generator has a safety selection switch
  • Portable – folding handle with never-flat tires
  • Runs up to 10hours on gasoline or 5hours of propane
  • You get Champion support – 3-year warranty
  • Duel fuel- runs on either gasoline or propane straight out of the box
  • Intelligauge – keeps track of voltage hertz and runtime to monitor the output
  • Electric start – powers up the champion engine the handy rocker switch, battery included

What We Liked

  • Parts are very easy to assemble and easy to understand readers’ manual
  • The portable generator provides a good value for money
  • A motor with less noise suitable for camping purposes
  • It is mostly using solid metals for durability
  • 3 years limited warranty with free lifetime technical support


  • Reports of poor customer services especially when ordering online
  • Some models are heavy compared to the power output

Conclusion You don’t need to break your bank account to purchase a generator. Champion is an affordable generator that comes with less running cost. Moreover, it is one of the best performing machines in the world. The model is also a perfect choice for outdoor trips since it is portable and comes with a fashionable handle.

 9.  Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station 

Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station Outdoor Inverter Generator - 1800 Running & 2200 Peak - Gas Powered - CARB Compliant


Rainer portable generator is one of the game-changers in the market today. This model is powered by gas CARB-compliant, which means you can use it for 18 hours without having to refuel.

Moreover, it comes with a four stork engine which is perfect for all the domestic operations. It can perform several tasks such as charging the phone, laptop and is easy to carry at any place since it is lightweight.


This machine is perfect for the neighbourhood since it does not make noise. Besides, this Generator is among the quietest in the modern market. The model also has some three lights to show you the amount of fuel.

That means you do not have to worry about falling short of oil once you start operating the machine. Moreover, it supplies pure energy and power you need to keep your electrical gadgets alive.

Highlighted Features

  • The control panel consists of an oil indicator alarm
  • Includes an electric recoil start feature for easy startup
  • The Generator comes with several cables for domestic use
  • It is an 1800 rated watt generator with up to 2200 peak watts
  • Uses gasoline fuel as the primary source of power and energy
  • It has an output indicator to show the amount of energy output
  • It consists of an RV air conditioner to cool the machine during operations

What We Liked

  • It comes with an handle and a durable exterior
  • Powerful machine to perform all the domestic tasks
  • The model is very portable hence perfect for hiking trips
  • It is a flexible choice for homeowners and commercial purposes
  • The Generator is one of the best when it comes to quiet operations


  • It does not come with USB ports hence difficult to charge some devices

ConclusionIf you are looking for a perfect domestic generator to carry out multitask operations, then this machine is the best solution for you. It is easy to carry, effortless to operate, and one of the most durable tools in the market today. Besides, the model is an excellent choice to provide an extended power supply.

 10.  PRYMAX Portable Power Station, 300W Solar

PRYMAX Portable Power Station, 300W Solar Generator 2019 Updated 298Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack with LED Flashlight,110V/300W Pure Sine Wave,AC Outlet, QC3.0 USB,for Outdoors Camping Travel Emergency


This Generator might be unpopular in the market. Still, it is one of the best in terms of extended operations and reliability a medium-sized generator which can perform a series of activities. Moreover, it is entirely safe to use in the car, house and during backpacking trips.

PRYMAX is very similar to the Jackery Portable generator, but the two have some different features. PRYMAX portable power station generator comes with more range of power with up to 300W.


This lightweight generator does not require gasoline or fuel to operate. That means it is suitable for domestic use since it does not emit fumes and other toxic gases. It carries an AC Power Adapter and comes with a user guide to aid consistency in terms of performance.

 Besides, you will get Prymax service card which increases the performance of the Generator. It is a more substantial capacity generator with 298 Watt/hour.

Highlighted Features

  • It is suitable for 110 AC Plug or 12V DC plug
  • Consists of a cigarette lighter port and a switch
  • The capacity of the battery is up to 298watt/hour
  • It comes with up to two USB ports of 3.1A and 5V
  • Comes with a surge for short circuit protection for safe use
  • It includes an LCD screen and light for emergency purposes
  • The rating of the type-c output of the system is 5v3A and 9V2A

What We Liked

  • It is highly portable and since it is lightweight
  • It is a stylish generator for the lovers of fashion
  • Emergency power supply for your outdoor trips
  • This Generator is perfect for domestic and commercial use
  • Comes with emergency light making it operational during the night


  • It does not come with wheel for easy portability
  • The model is a little bit heavy as compared to its competitors

ConclusionThis Generator is the perfect power station for energy at your home and in for your business. Besides, it is very special since it comes with some unique features. Furthermore, you will get optimal operations for relatively lower prices. This Generator comes with a comprehensive solar technology which ensures fast charging.

Watch The Video of DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator

Credit for this video - BigBadGenerator

How to Choose the Best Generator Under 500 

Before you buy a generator under 500, it is wise if you know some of the most important factors to consider. Weight out your requirements and then choose a quality generator that meets your needs. the following are some essential tips that will help you pick a quality and affordable generator.

Source of energy

All generators have a particular energy source. Many generators use regular gasoline. However, this may not be the case for all .others use diesel. Only a few generators use propane. Although diesel fuel is expensive, it burns for more extended periods and offers more energy. Those who have been near diesel engines are familiar with the unique smell they emit.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that only diesel generators are the best. Some generators use too much fuel, yet they produce little power. These types of generators are not the best. Whatever generator you choose, make sure you will manage to supply it with the right source of energy. 


Size is also another vital factor to keep in mind before your purchase. If you want a generator for your homestead, a small-sized generator can be a great choice. On the contrary, if you want a generator to run your factory, or for a large institution, something big is just perfect.

After all, who would like to keep on filling their generators with the right source of energy each time? For garage use, a small portable generator is best as you can transport it easily.

Power production

The best generator is one that produces sufficient power and sustains the output current for a longer time. Such generators, when used for lighting, they provide enough and bright light. You may need a generator to run your electrical appliances or power large institutions.

The amount of power it produces is essential for such works that require more energy. Having a basic idea of the use of the generator can be of great help. 


When it comes to generators, prices vary in different ways, depending on their brands. The price affects the amount of power the generator offers. Sometimes it also affects the duration of a generator. However, this is not the case for all; it is just a guideline. You can purchase a generator for 200USD or 500 USD, depending on how much you wish to spend. Who would want to buy an inexpensive generator only to realize it does not match your expectations.

 Also, who would wish to buy a high power device only to find out it produces more power than what you need. Go in for the product you can afford to minimize on straining your income.


Noise is every human’s enemy. Some generators are very noisy. This creates disturbance even to the neighbors. If you are allergic to noise, look for a generator that produces little sound. But if you like noise, just get a noisy one. However, consider your neighbors.Keep in mind humans do not have the same behaviors.


A long-lasting generator is every generator owner's wish. A generator that will serve them for so long without breaking down. All products referred to the best products that they last long. It is better to spend much on a durable product rather than purchase a cheap generator that will require so many repairs.

 In my opinion, generators from top brands are durable. You can consult from several sellers or some of your friends who own generators before making a decision.


Most, if not all, trusted companies provide their customers with a warranty on their products. This helps customers use the products with no fear. Choose a product with a warranty.


Q: What is the best generator in the market?

Answer: Many generators exist, which are the best. We all have different preferences. However, you have to consider your favorites to get a generator of your choice. Identify the purpose of the machine to avoid buying the wrong one. What I advise most clients is that they should go through several reviews. After that, they can identify what is best for them. The buying guide above can be of great help as well.

Q: How much power is enough for my electronics?

Answer: This depends on how much power your electronics need. A 3000 watts generator can be of great help. For instance, if your refrigerators need 300 watts, microwave 1100 watts.

This sums up to around 2000 watts. If you are not sure of your device's wattage, go in for a generator with an extensive wattage range. If you use a smaller wattage generator, it can lead to a short circuit in case your generator lacks an overload sensor. 

Q: How do I know what size generator I need?

Answer: A generator that can handle all power needs is ideal. If your generator does not meet your needs, then that is of the right one for you. It can cause damages to both the generator and other appliances around ir.t.Knowing the right size for you is often is difficult.it involves a lot of considerations. First, note the use of the generator.do not purchase a big machine for home use or garage use. Instead, just get a small generator.

Q : What fuel is the best?

Answer: All fuels have the wrong and right sides. Gasoline is very flammable; hence it is dangerous to keep it in large amounts. Also, if it is not used for long, it becomes useless. Propane lasts long, although it takes up much storage since it is stored in large tanks. Diesel, on the other hand, is the least flammable. The good thing about diesel is that it lasts long. However, it becomes useless after two years if left unused.

Q: What is the generator's lifespan?

Answer: A generator can last decades if you use and maintain it properly. Standby generators need a lot of maintenance, mainly when used for a long time. Inspect your generator frequently. Clean filters and repair if necessary. Will boost its lifespan.

How to Maintain a Generator

Proper maintenance of a generator means expanding its lifespan. A well-maintained generator can serve for decades. Also, if you maintain it well, it offers precise services. Here are some of the ways on how to keep a good generator.

Frequently check the overall condition of your machine: 

Check for any loose wires stuck buttons or any loose connections. Fix the cables if you can, or you can call a technician to do so. Be careful before handling any naked wires. Do not use a generator in poor condition. Fix them as fast as possible to prevent further damage.

Clean the engine: 

The engine is the most crucial part of a generator. Without a proper engine, this device cannot work. After prolonged use, dirt gets into it, which must be removed for it to function correctly. Rinsing the engine with warm water is the best way to clean it. Immediately dry the outside part .do not use equipment such as pressure washers to clean it.

Always use clean fuel. Dirty fuel can, at times, cause damage to the engine and make it not to function correctly. Store fuel in clean areas to prevent it from unnecessary contaminations. Refuel your generator in decent conditions free from dust. Dusty conditions can cause harm to the engine.

Often check on the fuel strainer and filter: 

Clean the filter every two months to boost their life span. Make sure that the fuel line valve is off before cleaning the sediment. Besides, clean the sediment reservoir, the tank, filter screen, tank sides, and the filter element before you refill the generator.

Check out for any fuel leakage. It is easy to note if the generator is clean. Clean the filter daily to enable the device to work correctly. Change the air filter monthly. Use a spark plug cleaner or a wire brush to remove dirt from the spark plug. Plugs with porcelain cracks must be replaced immediately.

Inspect the battery: 

Check the battery voltage as well as the distilled water in the battery. Replace the battery every two or three years. Change the lubricant oil if necessary. Make sure that the oil level is ok. Start the generator regularly if it is not being used usually.

This is to ensure that the engine is in good condition and functions properly. When the engine remains idle for too long, it can stop functioning. Starting the motor regularly is of great help.

Store your generator in a proper place: 

Store the generator in a dry place away from moisture. Always keep it dry. If stored in moist areas, generators do not function properly. Humidity affects the engine. Also, keep your generator in regions with no dust. When too much dirt accumulates in the engine, it damages it.

Servicing your generator is essential regardless of how many times you use it. Service the generator twice a year. Generator service should be done at a good center.do not use unqualified technicians as they can cause more harm. In case of any problem, you can consult from technicians.

Final Verdict

Just like other sources of power, generators play an essential role in providing energy. There are so many generators under 500 USD .it all depends on you the user to make the right choice. There are so many generator brands that perform well. However, not all of them will match your perceptions. Everyone wants to own a generator that fulfills their desires. A generator that produces more power tends to be the best. Also, a generator that produces little noise is way better than one that produces too much sound. Too much noise causes discomfort.

In my opinion, the best generator under 500 dollar is one that consumes little fuel and produces enough power. For large institutions, large generators tend to be the best. If you need a generator to run your garage, I suggest you settle on the best portable generator.it will be easy to transport.

This article explains some things you must keep in mind before making any purchase. Choosing a generator among the many options is a difficult task to many.it also explains ways on how to maintain it. Proper maintenance is all you need to enjoy your generator. I hope the above article was of great help.

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