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Top 10 Best Luggage Straps – Reviews & Guide in 2024

We spent 60 hours and made a lot of effort talking to different travelers to determine quality luggage straps. The Luxbell strap easily fits with any suitcase while the BlueCosto is the easiest to use. However, after a lot of considerations, the Hibate luggage straps proved to be the best in the market.

If you love traveling, having the best luggage straps will ensure that your luggage is safe and intact throughout your journey and after. Luggage straps help reduce the stress of thinking about your belongings when you are supposed to relax.Its ensure you keep track of your belongings making sure nothing is lost on the way.

They are strong, durable convenient and easy to use. They have no cost of maintenance and can withstand most travel journeys to whichever destination you need to go. Do not let your luggage and thinking about its safety hold you back from making a trip or making plans to travel anywhere. These in-depth guide and review provide you with amazing best luggage straps.

10 Best Luggage Straps in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Luggage Straps in 2024 - Reviews

If you love traveling and care about the safety of your luggage, you definitely know the importance of having a luggage strap. Finding the best on the market can be challenging because there are many products to choose from. If you are looking for the best luggage straps, check our comprehensive reviews that cover only the best products in the market.

BlueCosto Luggage Strap Suitcase Belt Travel Accessories, 4-Pack, 4-Color

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The belts designed by BlueCosto are reliable, strong and convenient for use during travel. This belt can be easily adjusted to the tightness level you feel is good with you and safe for your luggage.

The strap is heavy duty and ensures that your luggage is tightly fastened and secure as expected. This secure buckle ensures maximum security for your luggage and you do not need to worry about safety anymore.

You have several options to choose from since this luggage strap comes in several type of colors. The best color that you like best is available and you will be glad to get it for your own personal use. This feature is also important as it helps you easily distinguish between your luggage and others. You cannot lose your luggage easily.

The buckle of a luggage strap should be firm and ensure that the luggage is tightly fastened. This bright luggage straps has a buckle made from a tough and durable plastic material. This makes the buckle tough that even when it bends inwards or outwards, it doesn't snap.


  • It is long
  • Well made
  • It is stylish
  • It is durable
  • Easy to use
  • Has bright colors
  • Has a strong buckle


  • The strap gets loose with time
ORB Travel Premium Designer Luggage Strap -LS303-Multi-Colour-Honeycomb

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This ORB luggage strap has a buckle that is long enough to strap your suitcase and ensure safety. It has a quick connect feature that ensures buckling your luggage does not take more than a minute and is easy to buckle. With an amazing array of colors, this luggage strap makes it easy for you to track your belongings anywhere. You get to choose the color that you like best.

The stylish travel luggage strap is tight enough and ensures that none of your belongings is lost. It also ensures that the luggage does not slip from your hands. If a strap was to get loose then your luggage would not be secure at all.

This travel luggage strap also makes sure it doesn't get loose as you use it to carry your luggage around. Adjust the strap easily to any position you want and feel comfortable carrying your luggage.

When you think of quality, think ORB Travel Luggage Strap Heavy Duty Quick Connect luggage strap. It is wide and strong with a unique design to ensure that you have the best quality product there is. This strap lets you have one thing less to worry about when you are concerned about luggage safety.


  • It is wide
  • Easily adjustable
  • Strong and durable
  • Has a slip-free ability
  • Comes in several colors
  • Has a considerable length


  • Bright colors are easy to get stained
Travelon Bag Bungee, Black, One Size

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Do you like traveling? Do you usually carry a lot of luggage with you? If do not stress how you will manage to carry several of your luggage without losing any of them and ensure they are all safe.

This travelon bag is designed to give you a traveling experience that you will definitely be glad about. You are able to carry more bags with very little effort. This is because this bungee strap allows two items to be joined together and move as one. This makes work easier and you use less effort while moving your luggage.

Save space when you are on a trip with this bungee travelon. Joining two bags to have one luggage saves space that two would have occupied. You get to strap them together and this ensures their safety. Luggage with wheels have a handle and this bungee attaches perfectly and makes it easy to move.

It is ideal to be used with suitcases that have hard sides as they move better and uniformly when joined together.


  • Ease of use
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes work easier
  • Joins two bags into one
  • Made from a durable material


  • The bungee becomes loose if not fastened well
Cartman Luggage Straps Suitcase Belts Travel Bag Accessories 2Pack, 200cm 78inch

More photo & price on Amazon.com

If you have at one time experienced any problems with your luggage, it is time you got yourself a luggage strap from Cartman to keep your luggage safe. The Cartman straps feature an amazing length of 200 cm 78 inches. This length is sufficient to cover an average suitcase all round making sure that your luggage is secure and safe.

These belts can be adjusted easily both horizontally and vertically making them more efficient at strapping and securing your luggage. The belt is brightly colored in orange which makes it easy and absolutely recognizable from afar. You cannot miss your luggage when this cartman belt is strapped on it.

The buckle that helps lock the belt is made from super hard plastic and poly material that is durable and hard to crack or break. Whether you bend it inwards or outwards, the belt doesn't snap or break. You will enjoy using this belt for a long time without ever having to worry about its long-lasting nature.

Travel safely and stress no more about your luggage using this strap. It is designed to ensure that safety is a priority. The belt features a lock on the buckle which is password protected. You decide the combination of the password so that only you have the ability to unlock the bag. When you purchase the luggage strap belt, it comes with instructions to set your own password which is easy, fast and convenient.


  • It is strong
  • It is durable
  • Ease of use
  • The belt is long
  • Brightly colored
  • Easily adjustable
  • Password protected


  • Gets dirty so careful use it
Lewis N. Clark Add-A-Bag Luggage Strap

More photo & price on Amazon.com

These heavy-duty travel luggage straps offered by Lewis are well designed to be handy, easy to use, well-made, and affordable. You will love the unique design that the length is adjustable and the buckle is easy to lock.

This Lewis N. Clark luggage strap is quite lengthy but not too long like other models. It is enough to strap your luggage and keep it from opening hence ensuring safety. An average width of two and a half inches makes the strap strong and resistant to getting easily worn out. You can attach other smaller luggage to the main luggage using this strap type.

This luggage strap has a non-slip feeling to keep your luggage in place all the time. It also features a quick-release buckle made from plastic. This ensures that attaching and detaching other extra luggage to the main one is fast, easy and convenient. Strap your built-in luggage identification tag to main luggage with this Lewis strap for safety. 

This luggage strap is suitable for any type of suitcase, and its availability is in black color. You get this strap as a dual pack. Generally, we have a high opinion of the Lewis luggage Straps and their design, use, and ability to last are factors that make the straps worth your consideration.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust
  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy material
  • It is strong and firm buckle
  • Can hang and strap several small luggage


  • Used for strapping small luggage
TRANVERS Luggage Strap For Suitcase Baggage Belt With Luggage Address Tag 1-Pack Blue

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Travel domestically or overseas at any time you feel like with this TRANVERS Heavy Duty Luggage Strap for Suitcase strap. Plan a trip and use this luggage strap and you will not be disappointed. It can be used to strap your suitcase, duffel bag, baggage and any other luggage you may have when you are traveling to ensure safety.

During rough transportations, this luggage strap will keep your luggage in place and safe. With this amazing Tranvers strap, you do not have to worry about any accidental opening of your luggage as you travel. This strap has a big shape that makes it easy to identify your luggage in places like the airport or train station and with it, there is no need for a luggage tag.

The strap can be well adjusted to suit the tightness position required to keep your luggage safe and tight. The strap has a webbing design that makes it sturdy and keeps your luggage firmly together.

Designed with a hard buckle made from plastic, it is made in a way to ensure non-slip feel as you handle the luggage. This makes the strap safer and easier to use. The buckle is made to easily lock and easily release which makes the trap more reliable and efficient. You are able to strap and unstrap your luggage in no time.


  • It is durable
  • Heavy duty
  • Ease of use
  • It is practical
  • Has a wide size
  • It is considerably long
  • Has a bright color easily noticed


  • The buckle gets a bit loose with time
Untethered 4-Pack Luggage Straps

More photo & price on Amazon.com

The untethered bag has a max force tension of over 400lbs. This bag makes sure that your stuff stays in the bag without moving, the travel straps for luggage help extend the life of your bags. The luggage does not disturb by moving around since it is tightly held by the straps

The untethered luggage straps allow you to travel without having to worry if your luggage is fastened enough. Even if the zipper fails you will not have to worry about the luggage since the special quick release buckle of our straps is designed even to handle the bulky bags you have in your luggage.

The 6-foot extra-long luggage belts easily wrap around any suitcase. Be it a huge or a small suitcase the straps will fit perfectly. One is therefore able to plan for the trips effectively without much worry of security.

This bag comes with four adjustable straps and can strap up to two pieces of luggage. You only need to wrap around the top of the bag and the other one around the side of the bag. Finally, you need to pull it tight.

The luggage straps connect using a special 2-stage buckle that hooks tightly and remains that way. When one is in a hurry they can save time since the straps come in bright colors black and green. This is the best way to identify luggage without much struggle.

The heavy duty luggage tags are made of durable extra-strong nylon and have maximum force tension. This means you can push your bags to the limit you want. You do not have to worry about your luggage getting opened up in the middle of a trip the untethered straps have you sorted.


  • Easy to spot your luggage
  • Sturdy straps to hold the luggage in place
  • Secure luggage
  • Strong and durable
  • Designed with unique buckles


  • They are expensive
Hibate Adjustable Long Luggage Strap Baggage Large Suitcase Belt - Blue

More photo & price on Amazon.com

If you have problems securing your luggage, you need to try these travel strap belts made by Hibate. Many of the users love that the straps are easy to use and very adjustable without much difficulty.

This amazing Hibate luggage strap features an easily adjustable length from 43 to 78 inches, a width of 5 cm, a long-lasting buckle made from plastic, and bright colors to choose from for easy identification. The travel straps are suitable for suitcases that are between 20-32 inches if you use them horizontally, and for 20-28 inches if used horizontally. They are also available in several colors, and the packaging is between a one-piece package and a two-piece package.

The color enhancement makes it easier than ever to spot your luggage bags from a distance among other bags thanks to the Hibate travel straps and that they are very tight and well-made. We highly recommend these luggage straps as the best luggage belts available. Using these straps is just like a walk in the park to adjust the straps and they are invaluable when waiting at bus and train terminals.

Another importance is that the belts hold up pretty well and that they are able to easily survive more than one trip whether locally or overseas with no problems. However, the belts are not tight enough and they tend to get loose during long flights but nothing that an easy tight grip cannot solve.


  • Ease of use
  • It is durable
  • Has a bright color
  • It is easily adjustable
  • Has a long lasting buckle


  • The straps tend to get loose and need to be tightened frequently
Luxebell Add A Bag Luggage Straps, 1.96 in W x1.64 ft L, 2-Pack

More photo & price on Amazon.com

If you need a convenient heavy-duty luggage strap to secure your luggage, you might need to consider taking a look at this strap offered by Luxebell. Many people love the length and the unique design which makes it great, safe and convenient for use.

This Luxebell strap features an adjustable length from 3.93 to 6.56 ft, a classic width of 1.96 inches and a quick-release mechanism. The strap also features a strong plastic buckle for security. To ensure you use the luggage strap for long, it features a thick ribbon weaving all round for durability.

The manufacturer has ensured that the buckle is durable, strong and that you shouldn't worry that your luggage would accidentally open during transport. More to this is that the belt is wide and thick and that it easily fits around a 31-inch suitcase. This travel strap works perfectly and its quality is very impressive.

The straps hold on and remain firm all through your trip and ensure the total safety of your luggage. The suitcase belts are well-stitched and despite the journey or number of times used during various travel destinations, they are always in an excellent State. You will enjoy safety and convenience with this luggage strap.


  • It is secure
  • It is durable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Considerably priced
  • Has a quick release buckle
  • Can easily be washed using soap


  • Tightening the strap may be a bit difficult
Luggage Straps, Adjustable N

More photo & price on Amazon.com

When you talk about long-lasting or superior quality, this luggage strap is the best there is in terms of quality. The strap is designed with a heavy duty buckle that is quick to connect and use always.

The strap has a firm grip that helps in ensuring the luggage doesn't fall out of your hands or slip as you move with it from place to place. A silicone pad on the belt makes it slip free. This also helps make sure that the strap keeps your luggage intact and safe.

Worry no more about fears that your luggage may spill open during transit and lose some important belongings. This is because this amazing luggage strap is designed to ensure the safety of your luggage is a non-issue for you while traveling.

As you carry your luggage, the belt may be tight and may not slip off your hands but you may be worried about the strap getting loose. With this strap, you don't have to worry about it anymore since the buckle makes the strap tight and secure that it is not easy for it to get loose.


  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean
  • It is easy to use
  • Has a non-slip feel
  • Can adjust as needed
  • Easily identified from far


  • It gets hard to loosen the buckle if it is locked too tight

How to Choose The Best Luggage Strap in 2024

Using a luggage strap is one of the best ways you can ensure that your belongings are well strapped and safe for you. Because luggage straps come in different sizes, shapes, price, and features, you need to know about important consideration to think about before you purchase. They include the following:


There are different types of luggage straps that will match your needs. The size of the belt you want to buy depends on the size of the suitcase or luggage that you want to strap. Are you looking for a luggage strap for a small or large luggage? Check out the diameter as well as the length of the luggage strap.


As you travel from place to place, your luggage will get dirty along the way and so will your luggage straps. You will need to wash them once in a while to maintain cleanliness. Choose a luggage strap that is easy to clean and hard to get stained. Stains can interfere with the original color of the strap, making it hard to recognize the luggage belt.


The price also matters when it comes to luggage straps. You do not want to end up with a cheap product that won't last long. In most cases, the cost of the product is directly proportional to the quality. If you buy a cheaper product, the durability and the quality are most likely to be limited. If you spend more on a luggage strap, you can be sure of a longer use.

Buckle Quality

If you want safe and convenient ease of use with a luggage strap, you need to consider the quality of the buckle. A good buckle lets you strap and release fast and with no difficulty in use. Additionally, a luggage strap with a high-quality buckle is also durable and it will serve you for a long time.


You can also consider the color of the luggage strap. You also want to look stylish while protecting your items. Luggage straps are available in different colors. You can choose the most stylish to match with your bag. Again, having bright neon colors will help you distinguish your bag from the rest in the claim section.


If the luggage strap did not come with your suitcase, then you need to look for a model that is adjustable. This means that you can place it on any bag without any problems. It doesn’t matter if you have a duffel bag or an oddly shaped bag, if the strap is adjustable, then you have no limitation to use it on any bag.

Other Considerations

  • Ability to stretch
  • Adjustment ability

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Use Regular Luggage Straps?

Begin by vertically positioning your luggage on its wheels. Wrap the heavy duty luggage strap across the width of your bag, let it pass by the side handle. If there is no side handle, roll the strap on the height of the bag passing it through the top handles.

Q: Are Luggage Straps Worth It?

Zippers, especially on hard-shell luggage, can frequently break or open if they are worn out if the layer of security is over-packed. Luggage locking straps will protect all of your stuff from spilling out, preventing you from losing items and making possibly embarrassing displays at the luggage checkpoint.

Q: How do I change the combination on my luggage?

If you need to change the combination lock on your luggage, then you should follow the procedure given on your suitcase. Variety comes with a default setting and you can then put it to the desired lock. Your luggage will be safe.

Q: How do you strap a piece of carry-on luggage?

Wrap one luggage belt around the top of the bag and the other around the side of the bag. Finally, you must tighten it.

Final Notes

Traveling is fun and enjoyable. For some people, it is a hobby while for others it is just their way of life. Once in a while, we get the chance to travel due to certain circumstances and choices that are either voluntary or involuntary. However brief or long our travels are, we carry luggage most times than not especially if the stay is for a while or if the journey is to a far destination.

Everyone is interested in the safety of their luggage wherever they travel. No one wants to have fear of how safe their belongings are and keep having constant checks to make sure that they are safe. What is the best way to keep your luggage safe apart from making glances on it every other minute? Well, my undoubted opinion is that luggage straps are the best option to keep your luggage closed and secure.

If you have any of the above travel luggage strap, then you do not have to worry about the safety of your items. These are high quality and affordable straps that will serve you for many years. We selected only the best products that are made from high quality materials to ensure that you get the best.

Additionally, these luggage straps provide you with convenience because they help you move your bag from one location to the other. You can get them in different colors to select the most suitable. Good luck as you find the best from the above compilation. Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products are personalized luggage straps, samsonite luggage strap, how to use luggage strap, luggage connector, are luggage straps allowed, velcro luggage straps, best luggage straps, do luggage straps work, multiple luggage strap, heavy duty luggage straps, luggage straps for suitcases, locking luggage strap, how to use luggage straps, where to buy luggage straps, extra large luggage straps, strong luggage straps, travel straps for luggage, what are luggage straps for, luggage safety straps, suitcase straps, small luggage straps, extra long luggage strap and short luggage straps indeed no doubt.

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