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Top 10 Best Brake Cleaner of 2024 – Tested & Reviewed

Imagine driving along the highway at night, and then suddenly you see the taillights of the car in front of you as the vehicle comes to a screeching halt.

 Your reflexes kick in and you immediately step on your brakes, but alas! The vehicle rams into the one ahead. You wonder why, maybe you recently changed your brake pads. But you forgot the road you drive on daily is quite dusty.

This dust is very dangerous as it may clog on your brake and reduce the efficiency of your braking system. This means that the dirt can reduce the responsiveness of your brake causing accidents.

That is why it is important to get the best brake cleaner you’re your vehicle to make your driving safer not only that, but also it always play a great role as like as best breaker bars because both are very important for any kind of vehicle no doubt.

Sprays on cleaners are increasingly becoming popular as the best way to clean the contaminants around your brakes. This is because these cleaners are easy to use.

You just need to spray the cleaner onto the brakes. This method is also cost-effective as the cleaners are relatively inexpensive. Additionally, the cleaners require minimum effort as usage requires minimum preparation and you do not have to remove any major parts of your vehicle for you to clean it.

 Cleaning the brakes also reduces the irritating sound that is sometimes caused by friction build up. Here below we have put together a comprehensive list of the top brake cleaner for you to choose from.

10 Best Brake Cleaner in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Brake Cleaner in 2024 - Reviews

After testing a wide range of brake cleaners on the market, the following are top models that we enlisted. These brake cleaners work well and provide the desired performance. Check out the full reviews as well as a buyer’s guide.

CRC 05089 BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner - Non-Flammable -19 Wt Oz

This is a non-flammable brake cleaner spray that is made to effectively clean your brakes.  The spray formulation works quickly to remove all sorts of debris including grease, oils, brake fluids, brake dust, and other contaminants.

The spray takes a short time to work. It instantly degreases and cleans your brake parts. You, therefore, do not have to wait for long periods of time just to get the cleaning done and over.

Spraying and leaving a residue is that same as working backwards. The main aim of cleaning with a spray is to remove all kinds of debris and dirt. It is therefore important to select a spray that does not leave any residue that may further endanger your life.

The spray has a minimum exposure time. This means that the spray does not take a long time to dry yet it effectively works to clean your brakes.

Reasons To Buy This

  • It is safe spray to use because it is non-flammable.
  • It uses a small exposure time as it is quick to dry and thus saves you time
  • The spray works effectively to reduce and grease and grime within a short time
  • Has the ability to not only remove dust and particles but also oil, grease, and other foreign fluids
  • The CRC 05089 has durable effects as it is resistant to splashes and dirt keeping your brakes cleaner for longer
  • This is a multipurpose spray that can be used to clean the brakes of small and large cars, trucks and for regular maintenance.
  • This non-flammable spray leaves no residue. This is important because the whole point of cleaning is to remove any particles
CRC 05016 Disc Brake Quiet - 4 Fl Oz.

This cleaner as the name suggests is specifically to make the brakes operate in a smoother quieter way. This is because the cleaner works by dampening the vibrations that bring about the noise in brakes.

This cleaner keeps your brake pad cleaner for longer as it forms a water-resistant film on the area.  A high-temperature film is formed when using this cleaner. The red film mainly reduces squeaks and squeals by absorbing the noise.

The brake cleaner comes in a convenient carry bottle that is easy to store. It is an asset especially when you have to travel long distances on dusty roads. You never know when you might need to use it.

Using this cleaner is easy and it offers versatile applications. You can use it on backing plates, non-slimmed disc pads, disc brake pads and brake pad contact point.

Reasons To Buy This

  • It is versatile and can be used to clean some other parts of the vehicle.
  • Dampens vibrations that cause brake noise making your vehicle operate more quietly
  • Water resistance caused by the cleaner ensure that splashes do not wash out the cleaner
  • The spray comes in a convenient aerosol can. This makes storage and carrying it easy.
  • Quieter braking experience as the cleaner forms a high-temperature film to absorb noise.
  • The cleaner is also easy to use. There are no complicated mixing instructions as the cleaner comes ready to use.
  • Can be used with an applicator that allows you to clean difficult to reach areas without having to disassemble some parts of the vehicle
3M 08180 High Power Brake Cleaner - Mid-Level VOC - 14 oz

When dealing with the duty of brake cleaning, it is pertinent that you have a reliable brake cleaner. That is why the 3M™ came up with this high power brake cleaner.

This cleaner is very efficient in that it cuts the time that is needed to clean your brakes in half. Yes, it cleans up to two times faster saving you time. You can complete your work in less time and engage in other important activities.

It uses a high-pressure system to remove all debris. The high pressure creates a flushing action that cleans your brakes with ease. The cleaner is very versatile. This means that it removes all kinds of deposits on the brakes. This includes dirt, grime, and oil.

I also love how the formula dries fast. As compared to other brake cleaners, this one doesn’t leave any residues after cleaning. You can try it and see its incredible performance when it comes to cleaning the brakes.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The can is extremely easy to use. Just aim and spray and your brakes are spick and span.
  • The cleaner works without leaving any residue this means that the brakes remain squeaky clean.
  • Effectively cleans all components as dirt is flushed out using a high-pressure flushing system
  • 3M™ 08180 is a quick action cleaner as it cleans up to two times faster than other cleaners
  • Works well to ensure that it absorbs sound and thus eliminating the squeaking of the brakes.
  • The effectiveness of the cleaner ensures that you save at least 50% of the cleaner making it economical
  • This is a multipurpose cleaner that not only cleans brakes but can be used on most of the braking components
Permatex 82450 Non-Chlorinated Brake and Parts Cleaner, 14.5 oz.

Sometimes even the best Tire Covers will not be able to keep dust and dirt from getting to the brakes of your car. And it is not in doubt that dirty brakes can cause serious ramifications. That is why Permatex came up with this Brake and Parts Cleaner to make cleaning your brakes easy.

The cleaner is easy to use; all you need to do is aim and spray. This means that there is less wastage as you can use a spray tube on the exact location that you want. The cleaner spray is not as destructive on other parts as some are. It is safe to use even for aluminum parts and surfaces.

The worst thing you need is a cleaner that leaves residues after cleaning. You can rely on this cleaner because it doesn’t leave residue. Spraying leaves the brake and its parts as clean as a new slate.

You can use the cleaner in different applications such as farm equipment, all brake systems, CV joints, tools and machinery and it will serve the purpose it was designed for.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Leaves no residue behind. The parts are left squeaky clean
  • The spray is not toxic as it is within the EPA halide limits
  • It is safe to use on most parts including aluminum as it will not damage them
  • Less wastage is observed when using this spray as the spray tube enhances precision
  • Spray penetrates all parts to remove oil and dirt from the braking system as a whole
  • It is easy to use you need not disassemble the unit as the spray tube enables you to spray exact locations
  • This cleaning spray is versatile in that it can be used not only on the brakes but also on the other systems e.g. C.V. joints, tools, machinery, and farm equipment
CRC 05084 BRAKLEEN Brake Parts Cleaner - Non-Chlorinated - 14 Wt Oz

This non-chlorinated spray cleaner is ideal for cleaning all brake parts without a worry. This is because the spray is formulated to instantly remove grease, oil, brake fluids and dirt from the brakes and its parts.

Working with this spray to clean your brakes is comfortable as the spray is not chlorinated. This means less toxic fumes to deal with.  Convenience is assured as you need not remove some vehicle parts just to clean the brakes. Just use the tube to reach in to get to the hidden places.

Another good thing about this cleaner is that it is versatile to use on other parts and joints including Calipers, Clutch Discs, ABS, Disc, Drum among others. You don’t have to buy different types of brake cleaners if you are cleaning different products.

Additionally, you can use this brake cleaner to service different types of vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles, off road motorcycles, street sport motorcycles, snowmobiles, street motor scooters among others.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Convenient as the tube can reach the hard to access parts
  • Cost efficient as you can use a spray tube to spray directly where you need to.
  • The spray is effective in removing all contaminants from the brake pads and linings
  • Versatile as it can be used to clean other parts in the car apart from the brakes and its parts.
  • Comes in a convenient aerosol can that can be easily stored or carried around just in case you need to use it
  • It is less toxic than the chlorinated sprays. This means that it is more user and environmentally friendly
  • The spray itself is a clear liquid so there is no worry that it will leave a color when you clean your brakes
Gunk M720-12PK Clear 19 Ounce, (Case of 12) Brake Parts Cleaner Pack

Winter can sometimes be so aggressive that even the Best Snow Brushes are outmatched. It’s no secret that snow sometimes comes with gunk that can easily stick to your brakes increasing the risk factor when driving during winter. But the Gunk M720-12PK is the master when it comes to cleaning.

This is a very aggressive cleaner that will leave you with no doubt. The spray removes any kind of debris instantly. It is consistent in its performance leaving you always satisfied with the final results.

The spray cleaner is efficient in working and it leaves no residue. This means that by the time the spray is done working the brakes have no single speck on them. It does the job that it was made for perfectly well.

Finally, the spray gives you a quiet driving experience. This is because the spray creates a film that prevents any noise that may be brought about by the disc pads. You can always get the best performance from the brakes after cleaning.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The spray does not leave any residue this leaves the parts clean
  • Saves you time in usage as it dries fast taking a little time when using
  • Works effectively to instantly remove any debris and gunk saving you time
  • It is a versatile spray that works on brakes and on many kinds of braking systems
  • Prevents your brake discs from making any squeals or squeaks making you ride quieter
  • It is chlorine free, it is less toxic and it is quite environmentally friendly.
  • The M720-12PK is very aggressive with the ability to remove all debris including dirt, oil, and fluids easily.
CRC 5089T Brakleen Brake Cleaner - 19 oz.

Cleaning the brakes of your car is very important. It may be the fine line that divides safety and fatality when driving. That is why it is important to have a reliable brake cleaner to ensure that you are safe.

Accumulation of dirt on the brakes is the major reason that leads to poor braking performance. The CRC 5089T Cleaner is an effective cleaner that keeps away harmful dirt and grime from accumulating on your brakes.

The spray is extremely aggressive as it works well to dissolve all the dirt that may have accumulated. It can also be used to clean other parts in the vehicles. The spray is safe for use as it does not corrode other parts. It is also stain free.

You can get a superior cleaning performance from this multi-purpose cleaner that works well on drums, brake lining, brake shoes, discs, springs, wedge brakes, calipers and much more.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Convenient to store and carry around in case of emergencies
  • Versatile and can be used to clean not only brakes but other parts
  • The spray is clear this means that it does not leave any stains or coloration
  • Protective as it forms a film that prevents any buildup of dirt on the brakes.
  • When it comes to residue, this spray is self-cleaning as it leaves no residue
  • The spray is very effective and is able to dissolve away any kind of particles present
  • It is a safe to use the spray as it has no effect on metals and rubber. It is non-corroding
  • This is a very versatile spray that can be used not only to clean brake parts but also other parts
Dr. Beasley's S31D32 Matte Wheel Seal - 32 oz.

Wheels are easily prone to dust and grime because of their constant exposure to the elements. That is why a good brake cleaner is required to make sure that they stay clean and in good working condition.

Dr. Beasley's Wheel Seal is efficient to ensure that your wheels are always spick and span. It effectively removes all diet that accumulates on the wheels and other parts of the vehicle.

The cleaner protect your wheels from pitting, etching and paint erosion. Additionally, it gives the wheels a protection layer from environmental hazards hence keeping the wheels in the best condition.

For the matte finish that is mostly found on the wheels, the spray works gently to ensure that the finish is not damaged.  Its effects are long-lasting due to the film coat that remains on after spraying. This coat works to repel dirt from clinging to your wheels.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The spray does not leave any residue leaving the parts clean.
  • It is eco-friendly as it is biodegradable this means it is non-toxic and not harmful
  • Non-corroding thus you can use it on different parts without worrying about damage
  • The spray is in the list of versatile cleaners as it not only works effectively on the wheels but also on the brakes and brake parts
  • Gentle because despite it being able to clean, it does not damage the matte finish on the wheels
  • Effective as it easily cleans out any kind of debris or contaminants on the parts including oil, fluids, and dirt
  • To make the effects last longer, the spray creates a film that repels any dirt from easily clinging on to your wheels and brakes
CRC Industries (CRC05089) Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner, 19 oz Can, 12 per Pack

Do you want to increase the lifespan of your car braking system? CRC brakleen brake parts cleaner will sort you. This high-quality brake cleaner cleans fast and dries fast. It is made in the USA and is one of the most reputable brands that provides excellent cleaning for brake parts.

This chlorinated solvent comes in a 19-ounce container which is enough for multiple cleanings. The brake parts cleaner are efficient and is formulated to quickly remove brake fluid, grease, brake dust, oils, and any contaminants from the brake parts.it is also efficient in removing oils from new disc rotors.

Since it dries up quickly, it does not leave any residue hence your brake components will last longer. Moreover, it leaves no traces in the linings and pads making it the best brake pad cleaner. If you encounter brake squeals, this cleaner gets rid of dirt lodged in the brake parts.

It is easy to use. The cleaner easily penetrates all parts making cleaning easy without the need of disassembling your brakes. Unlike flammable brake cleaners that require you to separate parts that are exposed to heat, this cleaner is safe to use with the brake parts being intact since it is Nonflammable.

The brake cleaner is chlorinated and is non-flammable and can be used for all brake systems including springs and wedges. In as much as it is the best brake cleaner in the market, it cannot be used in California, New Jersey, or Catalina island since it is chlorinated.

Reasons To Buy This

  • It penetrates to the brake parts better and lasts longer
  • It dries up quickly and does not leave stains or residue
  • The product is one of the most reputable brands and is fairly priced
  • Good cleaner to use if you are in vehicle projects. It meets quality standards
  • This chlorinated brake cleaner is non-flammable hence safe to use in all brake systems
  • It works best at degreasing and cleaning brakes and other automotive and mechanical jobs.
  • Removes grease, dust, brake fluids, oils, and other contaminants leaving the brake system working efficiently
APEL Brake Parts Cleaner (12 x 15.1 fl oz) Brake Pad Disc Springs Calipers (Pack of 12)

This brake parts cleaner from APEL is best for cleaning brake parts, dusty surfaces, and other motor parts with oil and dirt. The cleaner works perfectly in removing grease, oil, dust, and any other contaminants in your car brake system leaving your brakes functioning well.

The cleaner comes in a spray form and the can is designed in a way that the spray can be applied in many ways. You can apply it horizontally, vertically, and even upside down. The cleaner comes with a straw that allows you to apply the spray in hard to reach parts

It is a safe product to use as it does not contain harmful chemicals. The chemicals in the brake cleaner are free from acetone and halogenated solvents.

It is also non-chlorinated and non-corrosive, but always wear gloves for hand protection, glasses for eye protection, and a mask to protect you against spray fumes.

This brake cleaner is specially made to clean away grease, brake fluid, dirt, and other grime in the brake system instantly. With no residue left behind, your brakes and brake components will work better for better-safe drives.

 Additionally, the cleaner removes dust and oils on the metal parts of the brake system like pads, drum brakes, cylinders, and others.

The brake cleaner spray does not only clean brake system components like the springs, calipers, and discs but also works in other parts of the motors.

 It can also work in cleaning motorcycle brake rotors to remove dust, dirt, and oil. This high-pressure spray is easy to use and gives the best result.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Cleans instantly and dries up fast
  • Comes with straws for applying spray in hard to reach areas
  • Efficient in removing dust and oils in the metals parts of the brake system resulting in increased traction.
  • The can spray is designed to spray in multiple ways i.e. horizontal, vertical, or downward spraying
  • It cleans the brakes and their components without leaving any residues making your brakes work properly
  • It does not contain acetone or halogenated solvents which are known to be harmful to humans hence are safe to use.
  • It is a multipurpose brake cleaner since it does not only clean brake system components but also other metal parts of the car

Does Brake Cleaner Work? - How To Fix Squeaky Brakes and Clean 

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Watch the Video of Brake cleaner......good or bad?

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How to Choose The Best Brake Cleaner 2024

The market is filled with different products that may purport to be the best cleaners there are. However, for you to get the best brake cleaner, there are several things that you should keep in mind. Here below are the considerations you need to keep in mind before selecting the best cleaner as like best brake parts.


Brake cleaners are divided into two, the Chlorinated and Non-Chlorinated. Chlorinated cleaners contain chlorine atoms that include Tetrachloroethylene and Methylene Chloride.

The non-chlorinated cleaners do not contain any chlorinated solvents but rather use Heptane and n-Hexane. Both work equally well but are considered toxic. However, there are some no toxic cleaners available in the market today. Simply put the choice is yours as likebrake cleaner dispenser.


Brake cleaners have different durations of exposure. Some have a short exposure tike while others take more time for the spray to dry. It is more advantageous to get cleaner that will take a shorter time of exposure to the air for it to dry.

This means that cleaning your brakes and parts will take you a shorter time. However, the exposure time is not necessarily important as compared to the quality of the cleaner as like 3m brake cleaner or brake fluid cleaner.


It is important to know the level of resistance that the brake cleaner has. It is important to ensure that the cleaner is resistant to road debris and splashing water.  

This will make the sprays’ effects longer lasting. This means that the brakes will take a longer time to get clogged again keeping you driving safer for longer.


This is the ability of the cleaner to be able to clean other parts apart from the brake parts. This means that with one cleaner you are able to do other maintenances of your vehicles by cleaning other parts e.g. Calipers, Clutch Discs, ABS, Disc, Drum etc. 


The size of the bottle or can is important. The more the cleaning agent the longer it will last you. However, this will depend on the cost. It is more cost efficient to get a small bottle that has an effective cleaning agent rather than a big bottle that you will have to use a lot of agents to get the job done as like bulk brake cleaner.

Environmental effects

An eco-friendly cleaner is most preferred when it comes to selecting the perfect brake cleaner. A toxic cleaner can have adverse effects not only on the environment but on you. the liquids can cause a burning sensation on the skin. Also, a toxic cleaner will have adverse effects on the environment.


Some of the cleaners may not be gentle on the metals and finishes. It is important to use a cleaner that is non-corrosive and does not damage any gloss or finishing that are ion some of the sprays.

This is so because the sprays may land on un-intended parts and cause damage rather than remedy the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use brake cleaner to remove dust from my wheels?

No, most wheels have paint and a clear coating over the aluminum alloy, and using brake cleaner can adversely damage the wheels.

Chlorinated brake cleaners have methylene chloride that can melt paint. Non-chlorinated versions have acetone that damages the paint. 

2. Does brake cleaner harm brake pads and shoe linings?

No, in fact, it is safe and good for cleaning the brake pads and shoe lining. It effectively removes grease and dirt that can damage brake pads. It also cleans grease and oil residue during the installation of new shoes and brake pads.

3. Can I use brake cleaner on electrical parts and connectors?

Since some brake cleaners contain acetone, it is not safe to use on electrical parts and connectors since it may lead to damage to plastic connectors, insulations, and critical internal components. Use cleaners formulated for electrical parts and connectors.

4. Is brake cleaner and carburetor cleaner the same?

No, each of the cleaners has specific formulations to perform their specific functions. Brake cleaners are meant to clean the brake system while carburetor cleaner is for cleaning the carburetor. Using these cleaners interchangeably can cause damages to car parts.

6. How do I dispose of used brake cleaner?

Brake cleaners evaporate quickly but ensure you have a container to collect the liquid and allow it to evaporate. Do not pour any brake cleaner on the ground, septic system, or in any drainage systems.

Watch - Brake Cleaner: Non-Chlorinated vs Chlorinated

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Final Notes

The highway can be an extremely dusty and dirty place. This being said, having well-functioning brakes is an absolute essential when it comes to driving safely.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) 2015 Crash Stats report, indicate that brake related problems accounted for approximately 22% of accidents where vehicle failure was the cause of the accident. 

Between the grime and dust on the road the brake dust itself, grease and the brake fluid it does not take too long before you will need to clean your brakes but always care of disc brake cleaner.

Brakes are the most important feature of the vehicle if they do not function well, they can lead to serious and even fatal accidents. To avoid all this, it is pertinent to ensure that the braking system is functioning optimally.

Brake cleaning is one of the simplest yet most overlooked exercises. Just by simply spraying on a cleaner you can easily and conveniently remove any dust, grime or debris that has accumulated on the brakes.

 Look & Read

The modern spray brake cleaners are made of chemical compounds that evaporate as the spray dries and thus clean without leaving any residue.

 However, it is important to be extra careful when spraying around the seals, rubber gaskets and the exterior finish of the body of the vehicle as these can be damaged by the spray.

With your safety in mind, we have provided you with a list of the best brake cleaners that you will find in the market today also you find cheap brake cleaner.

Our products have endured the test of time and proven to be optimally effective. Pick one from our fabulous collection. For enquires please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help. Drop us a line, let us know how you feel about our brake cleaners.

Or better, tell a friend about our products. And as always we value your feedback like above video of chlorinated vs non chlorinated brake cleaner.

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