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Top 10 Best Engine Hoist Reviews – 2024 Models Compared

This is not easy to get a good engine hoist. After spending 60 hours of research, analyzing and testing multiple engine hoists, we think that the Torin Big Red Chain Block / Manual Hoist with 2 Hooks, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity (TR9020) is one of the best choices you can make to purchase in the market today.

Research has shown that 72 % of Americans take their cars for regular service and repair at least every once a month. Everyone wants a car that is convenient and does not spark problems every other day.

Having a car with minimal problems especially engine related problems can be hard and humiliating. This is because the engine needs special care all the time kind of Jeep Bumper. Because the bumper protect in front of car like strong protector. So, regular service and good driving are key to an amazing and problem-free engine.

However, since the engine is still vulnerable, it is best to have it fully serviced after a while to prolong its service. Doing this means getting the whole engine out of the car and working on it separately. This is also the case in warehouses where engines are manufactured and tested.

An engine hoist ensures that your engine is hoisted safely to and from the body of the car. It is a heavy piece of the car and cannot be hoisted manually. I have reviewed the top brands on the market to help you choose the best.

10 Best Engine Hoist in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Engine Hoist in 2024 - Reviews

An engine hoist makes lifting easy and you should have one. Below are the top ten brands I have compiled to provide you with more information to help you choose the best.

Torin Big Red Chain Block / Manual Hoist with 2 Hooks, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity (TR9020)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This Torin hoist is mostly used commercially due to its amazing weight lifting ability. It can easily lift an engine of weight up to 2 tonnes. This is quite some heavyweight and it makes it seem like having a walk through the park.

To make work easier and easy to handle the load, this unique hoist is designed with gears that are able to share the load. The gears work together to share the weight of the load that is being lifted. With this mechanism installed, no engine is too heavy for this engine hoister to lift and get it where needed.

The engine hoist chain has another mechanism to improve safety and convenience. Designed with swivel hooks that are perfectly forged and also has latches help ensure that the hoist locks on the engine firmly and safely. You are then able to move the engine without any worry.

Another great feature is that this engine hoist is rugged for better use. It also has a compact ability that keeps it from breaking or snapping especially when it is hoisting an engine as heavy as two tonnes can be. The engine hoist swivel hook is easy to handle and hence proves to be convenient for use.


  • Durable
  • Ease of use
  • Ensures safety
  • Has a strong frame
  • The hoist is very strong
  • Made from compact material
  • Locks on the engine perfectly


  • The lift height is a bit high than expected
  • Chain would have been made of a quality metal
Torin Big Red Engine Hoist / Shop Crane Accessory: Steel Engine Leveler, 3/4 Ton (1,500 lb) Capacity

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This amazing engine hoist has the ability to hoist engines of up to 1500 lbs. You will not have to worry anymore about hoisting your engine as long as it is not more than the stated weight. This hoist is pretty strong for its size.

Disconnecting an engine from a car is no easy task and takes quite some time to complete. Lifting the engine of the car is another yet tedious work that takes a lot of time. Some people used to tie the engine a chain and use a pulley system to hoist it which takes time and energy since you have to support it. With this Torin hoist, the tiring and time taking days of hoisting your engine are over.

This big red 2 ton engine hoist leveler is amazing and can be used with any crane or other hoists available at your garage. This means it is not limited to work on its own and if need be, can use the force of other equipment to work better.

Once you hook your engine and hoist it, you need to be careful to ensure that it maintains a central position for stability. This torin engine hoist or tripod engine hoist changes the center of gravity to suit the stability of the engine.


  • It is steady
  • It is durable
  • Has ease of use
  • Ensures balance
  • Considerably priced
  • Maintains center of gravity
  • Has a strong weight capacity


  • The chain is too short
  • Requires supervision always
Black Bull CHOI1 1 Ton Capacity 8' Chain Hoist

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This black bull hoist is unique in its own way with an amazing ability lift capacity of a whooping 8feet. This is quite high and enough for you to check on the status of your engine from under with ease. It is safe to use this hoist and it is quite strong with the ability to lift engines of up to 1 tone in weight. This is surely a great feature.

The ability of this engine hoist chain to lift that much weight and its height makes it ideal for it to be used not only to lift engines but also in a shop where it can be used to lift other heavy metals or car body parts.

To make sure that this hoist maintains its ability to hoist heavy objects for long without worry of the chains snapping, the whole hoist is made from heavy-duty material while the chains are made of hardened steel which is thick up to ¼ inches. This is quite thick for a chain all to ensure its stability.

Steel is one of the hardest metals there is and this chain that makes the hoist are made from hardened steel making it durable. The hoist is easy to operate always.


  • Ease of use
  • It is long lasting
  • It is multi-purpose
  • Lifts heavy machinery
  • Made from hard material
  • Features thick steel chains
  • Lifts engines to a high height


  • Great quality but careful to operate
  • The craftsmanship would have been better
  • Pulley wheels need to match with the chain for it to work well
Five Oceans 2200 LB. Overhead Electric Hoist Crane FO-3820-1

More photo & price on Amazon.com

When you think of the safest hoist you can ever get, nothing beats this five oceans electricity hoist. This is possible since the hoist has a remote control six foot long which keeps you at a safe distance as you operate the hoist. It is quite strong and can lift 1100 lbs. When you use two chains to lift, the hoist is able to lift double the initial weight making it able to lift 2200 lbs.

The dual lines make work easier and offer more stability when lifting something as heavy as 2200 lbs. The rate at which it lifts things off the ground is astounding. On a single line, this hoist has a 33 fpm while when it is using double line, it has a lift speed of 16-1/2 fpm. This makes its work easy, fast and safe.

The length of the cable used on this hoist has an amazing length of 38ft. This is quite long and to make it strong, the cable is made from carbon steel. You don't need to worry about it snapping.

The cables are durable and can serve their purpose for long. The hoist is fully automated and you do not require using your hands to crank it up. Brackets to mount are designed with a tough steel material that they cannot break or loosen up easily once attached.


  • Ease of use
  • Has a dual line
  • Fully automated
  • The hoist is fast
  • It is safe for use
  • Made from durable material
  • Includes a remote for easy control


  • The cords are short
  • The hoist doesn't work if there is no power
  • Needs strong fitting where it can be easily screwed to avoid collapsing
Torin Big Red Steel Engine Hoist / Shop Crane with Foldable Frame, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity

More photo & price on Amazon.com

For starters, this torin steel engine is quite heavy with a whopping 186 pounds. This is important since the crane is able to hoist weight of up to 2 tonnes which is quite heavy. Its large weight keeps it stable and enables it to stay firm when hoisting that much weight.

When you need to move something and it is not easily accessible, this large engine hoist is designed to help you reach anything you want. This is because it has six strong wheels and you can move it anywhere. You can even move the hoist when it has lifted an engine with ease since the wheels rotate in all directions.

The range of lifting that you can be able to use on this hoist is also amazing. It ranges from 1- 78.75 inches. This gives you room and space to choose the right height you need to lift your engine. The hoist is really convenient.

This 2 ton engine crane also has holes, four of them that allow you to adjust the length or distance of where you want to hoist an engine from the hoist itself. This depends on the weight of the engine you need to hoist. When you think about storage, this hoist has a design that can be folded to fit in small storage spaces.


  • It is firm
  • It is strong
  • Ease of use
  • Easily foldable
  • The hoist is mobile
  • Has a high stability
  • Can lift a high weight capacity


  • Support bars are a bit far from each other
  • Needs to be assembled for it to work well
  • Nice but not ideal if you need to lift over 500lbs
Goplus 2 TON Engine Hoist Stand Cherry Picker Ship Crane Folding Lift (Red)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This goplus engine hoist stand has been made from very strong material. It is designed from hard steel that is not only standard but also heavy gauge to ensure that it has great stability and its durability is unmatched. This gauge also keeps the hoist in shape and makes it safe for use with any lifting.

This heavy gauge steel design the hoist has is crucial to support the crane when it is lifting heavy machinery. The hoist has a closed room capacity of 4000 lbs which is quite much and efficient for the hoist. To make it more efficient in working, the hoist has an extra boom capacity of up to 1000 lbs.

The hoist features positions that are easily adjustable to suit the needs of the user. It can also be folded when you need to store the hoist and this allows you to use less space when storing it. The adjustable positions are four and are adjusted according to the weight of the machinery you need to lift. 

To ensure that this engine hoists and stands are firm and strong, it has a cylinder that is hydraulic and an 8-ton ram. It is painted with paint that is resistant to corrosion and the bright color makes it appealing to the eye.


  • It is mobile
  • Ease of use
  • It is beautiful
  • Easily adjustable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Can lift very heavy machinery
  • Made from heavy gauge steel for durability


  • Takes time to assemble
  • Requires a professional to assemble
  • The engine hoist is not as adverstised
Best Choice Products 2-Ton Folding Engine Hoist Crane for Automobile, Car Shop w/ 8in Chain, 5/8 Clevis Slip Hook - Red

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This folding engine hoist crane has been designed to ensure that it the best and easiest to operate. It has a handle to assist you to have a grip as you push it. The grips are made of rubber to ensure that it doesn't slip from your hands. It also has a boom with four positions installed for easier use.

The power unit fitted on this hoist has amazing power. It includes an 8-ton unit to supply power to the whole hoist which is quite a lot of power. This makes the hoist very efficient. A quick lift is installed to make sure that you waste no time when using this hoist to work. The wheels are made of heavy-duty material to support the weight of the hoist and the machinery being lifted.

For easier movement, the wheels are designed with a 360-degree rotation. The body of the hoist is made from high-quality steel to ensure durability and maximum strength. 

After you are done using the hoist, you simply collapse it and store it. This folding engine hoist has a hook that reaches up to 8 inches. It is efficient and ensures safety. The load cannot drop once it is hooked.


  • It is strong
  • Easy to fold
  • Lockable hook
  • The hoist is mobile
  • Has a rubber non-slip grip
  • Wheels rotate in 360 degrees
  • Made from tough steel material


  • The quality would have been better
  • The locks on the wheels weaken with time
  • Needs to be assembled every time from storage
Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Load Leveler - 2-Ton Capacity, 1in.-82 5/8in. Lift Range

More photo & price on Amazon.com

If you are looking for an engine hoist crane that is of great quality, then this strongway hydraulic engine hoist is just what you need. The steel used to make this hoist is high grade. It is designed to high standards and the quality is nothing short of perfect. These are features that ensure the durability of the hoist.

To make sure that this hoist is long-lasting, the paint on the hoist is specially applied with a thick layer. The paint applied is usually free of lead and so is the finish. The application is done after the hoist is thoroughly washed with a chemical to allow the pain to stick and reduce chances of corrosion.

It is easy to clean this hoist as the paint is resistant to dirt and dust. A simple wipe is enough to get rid of the dirt or dust attached to the hoist. The piston ram on the hoist has been polished and is treated to ensure that skiving doesn't occur.

The hydraulic cylinder is made from hard steel and has a large diameter with great quality. This is important as it allows the low pressure of oil needed when moving a load. It reduces the wear and tear of the hoist.


  • It is mobile
  • Ease of use
  • It is durable
  • Can lift heavy loads
  • Requires low oil pressure
  • Made from high-grade steel
  • Paint is resistant to corrosion


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Missing parts on delivery
  • The plastic handle is not non-slip
2 Ton Capacity Folding Cherry Picker Foldable Engine Hoist

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This amazing hoist can be easily folded when you want to store it. This ensures that it occupies very little space in storage. This foldable engine hoist feature is also important since when it is folded, the hoist cannot cause much damage if you trip on it unlike when it is complete.

The piston ram is specially designed in a Y-style. The sealing is polyurethane with a backup ring. This is important and ensures that the load doesn't fall slowly or bypass the drift filled with oil. This is for safety purposes and to improve the efficiency of the hoist. The chain is made from high-quality steel which makes it not only strong but also durable.

The boom on this hoist is adjusted easily and slides in and out without any difficulty. The manufacturer ensures that the way these hoists are made meets the standards of aerospace construction. They are made in facilities that are certified for quality and high working standards.

The paint used on this hoist is an efficient and high quality that it doesn't allow corrosion of the metal edges. The paint is also resistant to oil, dust, and grease. This makes the engine hoist easy to clean always whenever the need arises.


  • It is mobile
  • It is durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from hard steel
  • Has aerospace standards
  • Resistant to corrosion and dust


  • It is a bit short
  • The wheels are not so far apart as advertised
  • Some customers complain receiving the product with missing bolts
Dragway Tools 2 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Hoist Cherry Picker Shop Crane Hoist Lift

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This dragway engine hoist will lift any load like it featherweight. It has an 8-ton ram that is hydraulic to supply power to the whole hoist. The hoist has a closed room capacity of 4000 lbs while its boom capacity is extended to an extra 1000 lbs. This makes the hoist very powerful to use.

The hoist has a mast that is vertical which is thick at 5/16 inches. This helps in providing support as the hoist lifts loads from the ground. It is also made from premium steel to ensure it doesn't break when lifting very heavy weights.

The chain is forged hard steel that is of high quality. It is also designed with steel to ensure that it is strong and doesn't snap. The stands serving as legs are made from thing steel for support as the hoist lifts heavy loads. The distance between them is 3 by 3 inches which is a good distance to provide stability.

The wheels of this hoist allow you to manoeuvre this hoist in any direction. They are six and they rotate in three inches around the stand. This ability to rotate is important since it allows the hoist to adjust as it lifts heavy weight.


  • It is mobile
  • Strong wheels
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides support
  • Maintains balance
  • Can lift heavy weights
  • Made from sturdy material


  • The boom arm would have been longer
  • Sending the product back is very expensive

How to Choose The Best Engine Hoist in 2024

When you think of purchasing an engine hoist, there are several factors you should put into consideration to make sure you make the best choice. Check out these factors below.


You need to check the weight of an engine hoist before purchasing one. This is because the more the weight of the hoist the better its ability to withstand heavy load. This also helps the hoist maintain balance.


When you finally decide to purchase an engine hoist, the price is a major factor that you should consider. You should get a hoist that has been made from good quality and is designed from durable material. However you should not purchase an engine hoist that is above your capability, it would be good to choose one that best fits your budget.  Choosing one that is within your range is important since you will not strain when making the purchase. 

Load Capacity

The capacity that an engine hoist can accommodate is a very important factor to consider. This is because you probably will use it to lift different items and you do not want a hoist that is not up to the task. The more load capacity it can accommodate the better. A hoist with a higher weight load capacity gives you a chance to use it on other machinery.


You do not want to purchase an item that lasts a while and you are forced to go back to the market again. A good engine hoist should be made from durable material that ensures it serves you for long. One that lasts longer is also a better one which provides quality of the money spent.


When you want to store anything, the first thing you should consider is the space it occupies when being stored. Choose an engine hoist that occupies less space to ensure that you have extra space for storing other items. Check if the hoist can be folded to store it safely and use less space not only that but also it is use as like a portable engine hoist no doubt.

Quality of The Hoist

The whole purpose of a hoist is lifting the engine or any other load you may have. You will not enjoy this service if the hoist you have is made from low-quality material. Some material is prone to corrosion and breakage. You need to choose a hoist that is made from quality material that doesn't just guarantee safety but allows you to use it for a long time without worry.

Lockable Wheels

Most of the engine hoists are designed with wheels which allow easy movement from one place to another. When a hoist has a load, moving it can be dangerous. Choose a hoist that has wheels with a locking mechanism for stability and safety.

Final Notes

Research findings from aerospace show that many people in the US do not own a hoist. To make matters worse, 30% of people who own a hoist use it in the wrong way and wrong purpose.

Having your own hoist is important as it saves you money and time that you could have spent when taking your car to a commercial garage for service or repair. It also consumes gas which you can save if you use your hoist to lift your engine and other car parts at home for service. A hoist is very convenient and easy to use.

A personal hoist goes a long way to make work easy for you at home. This is because they are designed to lift other loads too. You may have a heavy load you need to move that needs a lot of energy from more than one person. With a hoist, you have the luxury of hooking the load on the hoist and lifting it with ease. Since most of them are mobile, you can then move the hoist to where you need to drop the load.

When using a hoist, you should make sure that you do not exceed the weight capacity meant for the hoist. Exceeding this capacity may result in straining the hydraulic ram and the chains may snap. Also, if you use the hoist on a surface that is slippery, you might end up causing a minor accident or worse hurting yourself.

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