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Top 10 Best Trailer Hitch Lock in 2024 – Check Reviews

Trailers are fast becoming popular in the US because of their convenience of moving bulky items from one place.  The fact that the trailers can easily be attached and removed make then very easy to use.

Also, you need not have a special vehicle to use the trailers, whichever your vehicle, your trailer can be attached. Ensuring that you have a trailer lock for your trailer is fundamentally essential. The hitch lock plays an integral part in ensuring that your trailer remains secure.

In fact, it is a wonder how someone will connect a trailer and yet fail to secure it. A good hitch lock will ensure the safety of your luggage and of other road users. You wouldn’t want your lock to snap just as your vehicle is moving uphill, do you?

Well, here we are going to list some of the most popular hitch locks and give you a few pointers on what to look out for when selecting the best Hitch lock for your trailer.

10 Best Trailer Hitch Lock in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Trailer Hitch Lock in 2024 - Reviews

The following are reviews of recommended trailer hitch locks you can find on the market today. I have provided a list of 10 best models on the market today so that it will be easy to make the right purchase decision.

Just as the name suggests this Coupler lock is a master at securing your trailer. Not only that but it has also mastered the art of durability and resilience. This lock features a tough weather seal and a water tight cap to offer more protection. Other features that I like include the following:


This one of a kind hitch lock integrates the use of a receiver lock instead of the usual pin and clip as a way to secure your trailer. This provides the extra security needed to ensure that your trailer cannot be stolen.


Some locks are susceptible to the weather effects making them not last as long as you would like. This lock is designed with a weatherproof cap that is snapped on keeping away moisture, water, and dirt. This ensures that your lock does not get clogged of rusted easily.


The lock comes with two different sized pins. This gives you the allowance to either work with a 1-1/4 and 2-inch hitch receiver. Depending on your preference, you can choose the desired pin size that you want to use.


Durability and long life are ensured with this trailer lock. This is because it is made of stainless steel. It, therefore, is made of a strong metal and is resistant to corrosion. You can be sure to enjoy a great value for your purchase.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits both 1/2 in. and 5/8 in sizes allowing greater flexibility
  • Rotating locking head makes accessing the lock convenient
  • Comes with two pins of different sizes making it multipurpose
  • Weather resistant as it has a Snap-On cap to keep the weather extremities at bay
  • Comes with an extra key to ensure that you are not stranded when you lose the key

If you are looking for a quality hitch lock for your trailer, vehicle or RV, the Master Lock Trailer can be worth your investment. This is a quality lock that gives you the optimum security and much more. It is equipped with great features which make it easy to use.

Tamper proof

This lock employs the latest advanced locking machinery which is tamper proof. This keeps your trailer safe from the itchy fingers that may just be looking for an opportunity to pinch your trailer. This will certainly give you peace of mind when out camping. It also comes with an extra key to ensure that you will be able to use it even when you lose your main key,


When buying a hitch lock, one of the most important things that you should check is the durability. The materials used in the making of this are long lasting and are guaranteed to give you many years of service. The lock is made of Nickel-plated die-cast zinc which is not prone to corrosion.

Superior locking

A lock would be useless if it doesn’t meet up the task it was designed for. This is why this one features a superior locking mechanism to provide security. The mechanism used to make this lock prevents prying. Additionally, the master trailer hitch lock or lock has a shackle which makes picking the lock an impossible task.

Easy use

Hitch locks are not designed the same. Some are easy to use while others are hard to operate. This master lock is easy to use so you will not have trouble using it. You will not have to spend ages securing or trying to remove the lock. That is as long as you have the key.

Different Application

This hitch lock or best trailer lock is as versatile as they come. It has the ability to fit several coupler specifications including 1-7/8 in, 2 in and most 2-5/16 in couplers. You will also receive 2 keys for one trailer coupler lock.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to secure and unlock
  • Twin keys for safety in case of key loss
  • Can be used in different applicator sizes
  • Durable rustproof construction to last long
  • Anti-theft Secure locking mechanism for safety

When it comes to big trucks, the more secure the hitch lock the better for you. The Connor trailer coupler or trailor hitch lock offers you a versatile lock along with the security that will ensure your trailer and other road users remain safe.


This connor trailer hitch lock ensures that you do not waste any time fumbling with the coupler just to secure it or removing it, it is very easy to use. You practically fix and lock. It is that easy. Additionally, it is easy to install and remove making it easy to carry when it is not in use.


This lock is very reliable in terms of its security. This is because when locking the mechanism necessitates you to push key and push in the headlock. The locking mechanism thus fits inside the lock making it tamper proof and therefore more secure.

Weatherproof cap

To increase the good functionality as the lock, it is fitted with a weatherproof rubber cap. This cap is easy to snap on and off. It protects the lock from moisture and dust. This, in essence, eliminates the likelihood of it rusting or being clogged by dirt.

Self-locking mechanism

You do not have to worry about the safety of your trailer or connection with this best trailer hitch lock. Its mechanism automatically locks itself after you remove your key from the lock. This best trailer locks also has a quick release mechanism that easily opens the lock. No hassle. Moreover, this trailer hitch lock reviews help to pick the perfect one soon.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber cap keeps dust and moisture at bay
  • Tamperproof locking mechanism increases security
  • Time-saving as using it is a straight forward process
  • Auto lock mechanism provides extra safety for your trailer
  • Made from premium high-quality materials making it long lasting

A versatile trailer hitch lock is the ideal lock for every caravan owner. The UMAX100 trailer offers this along with other desirable features that you will like. As compared to other locks, this one is not prone to burglaries, vandalism or outright robbery.


This one of a kind lock is assured to last you a long time as it is made of durable material. The ballistic grade nylon absorbs blows without breaking.

Its design with an inbuilt lock and which is surrounded by hardened steel make it durable as it cannot easily be broken


The steel lock and weatherproof nylon material protect it from rust and other weather extremities. This means you do not have to constantly worry when it rains or when you are in a very dusty area. All the moisture and grime will be kept away.

Tamper proof lock

This lock features the dual-ratcheting locking system. This works by taking the place of the coupler ball when inserted. This ensures maximum security for your trailer. You can be sure that whatever precious item you are carrying is safe and secure.

Universal sizing

This coupler fits most of the coupler types in the market. It accommodates sizes 1-7/8", 2", to 2-5/15". So the size of your coupler does not matter when buying this lock. It is a one size that fits all types of coupler locks. It features a key hole cover that slides to prevent dirt and grime.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable solid hardened steel lock for a longer life
  • Unbreakable ballistic grade nylon resist hammer blows
  • Universal fitting can be used to secure with most of the couples
  • Protective cover for keyhole keeps the weather extremities at bay
  • Extremely secure it has a high-security key and is spring loaded with 7 pins

Looking for a trailer hitch lock that is easy to install? Get the Trimax TCL65 wheel chock lock that works well. The overall features of this hitch lock work well to ensure that it is good performance lock. It is easy to use and secure, making it a good investment.


This lock model is said to be reliable for two main reasons. One, it is built in chock mechanism that secures trailer against rolling away.

Two, it is constructed using an anti- piking locking mechanisms basically wasting thieves’ time.  

Extra keys

Now here is one of the best attributes of this lock. It comes not only with one, buy two keys. Yes, you will have to worry less knowing that you have an extra key tucked away somewhere in case you lose your main key.

Easy to use

This lock is quick and easy to install. There are no complicated mechanisms that may make it cumbersome to use. Just put it in place and lock. It easily attaches to the wheel without any chances of towing or driving away.


The lock is assured of longevity because it has a long lasting powder coat that acts as a barrier against corrosion. This means that you lock is not easily susceptible to corrosion. It is also designed with rubber coated arms that protect the finish of the wheel


This lock can be easily adjusted to fit all coupler sizes so you don’t have to worry about the size of your coupler. This in essence makes the lock a Universal fitting loc. It is quite convenient especially if you own a couple of trailers that you use alternately.

Highlighted Features

  • Universal sizing ensures that the lock
  • Lock comes an extra key for convenience
  • Secure lock cannot be picked increasing its security
  • Rubber coating on arms gives protection on the wheel finishing
  • Time efficient as you use minimal time to attach and lock your trailer coupler.

Some vehicles may need locks that have longer than usual shafts to ensure that their trailers are properly secured. It is for this reason that Master lock came up with this lock. It is convenient for medium to heavy-duty trailers and easily fits on Jeep Bumpers which easily accommodate heavy duty tow trailers.

Extended Shaft

This unique lock comes with an extended shaft length unlike most of the locks in the market. This makes it suitable for the vehicles that may have this particular need to ensure their trailers are firmly secured.

Durable design

A good lock should provide you with a durable performance. The lock is made of stainless steel that prevents corrosion to offer a long life. The weather resistant cap ensures that moisture and dust do not reach the lock keeping away dust and grime from the lock.

Swivel head

This is a flexible lock that is easy to use. The head of the lock conveniently swivels at a 360-degree angle. This makes using it convenient as you can move the head in any direction that is convenient for you to lock the coupler.

Convenient usage

The use of this lock very convenient as it has a hassle-free mechanism. It is easy to use. all you need to do is separate the lock head from the shaft, pass it through the coupler, reattach the head and remove your key.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use push and lock mechanism
  • Durable stainless steel lock lasting you long
  • Rotating head for convenient access of lock
  • Moisture and dust proof cap makes it weather resistant
  • Extended shaft to fit vehicles with longer receiver needs

For a hitch lock with reliability, and ease of use and look no further than this Connor 1615320 lock. Made for you in mind you certainly will not go wrong with this all-weather versatile lock. The lock has amazing features that work well to enhance its use. Some of the best qualities that you will enjoy include:


Reliability is assured as this state of the art lock is made of heavy-duty steel making it reliable in terms of durability. Also, the fact that it is made from solid steel is a bonus when it comes to durability. And to top it up, the lock comes with an attractive black nickel finish which resists corrosion

All weather

This means that whatever the weather you can rest assured that all is well with your lock. The lock is fitted with a high-quality rubber cap that is easily snapped on. Corrosion and dirt will have no way of getting to the lock.


Versatility is the ability to adapt to different situations with ease. As the features will attest, this is a versatile lock. This is because of its compatibility with most of the trailer hitches. It doesn’t matter the type of hitch that you have, you can be sure that this lock will work well.

Ease of use

Despite its advanced reliability and security mechanism, this is a pretty simple lock to use. it has an auto release lock that requires you little effort to turn the lock a quarter way up until you hear a click and voila!

Highlighted Features

  • Made with few moving parts for reliability
  • Lock head moves in a circular motion for ease of use
  • Easily compatible with most hitches making it convenient
  • Hassle free release and lock mechanism making it easy to use
  • Weather resistant rubber cap keeps dirt and moisture from the lock

In one word, secure will be best to describe this modern trailer coupler lock. Its build in terms of design and material ensure you the maximum security you require to keep your trailer safe. Other features that make the lock stand out include:


For safety, the lock is made of solid material which makes it difficult to break. Its lock is also positioned to face downwards. This acts as a major deterrent for those who might think of pinching your trailer.

Dependency comes with the longevity as the lock is not easily prone to rust. Also, the reverse facing lock makes it somewhat difficult for any water of dirt to cling on to the lock. It is a sturdy long lasting lock.

Weather friendly

Weather friendly here refers to its capability to withstand all the extremities of the weather. Be it hot or cold, rain or shine it stands unaffected. You can use the lock or trailer receiver locks without worrying about the current weather condition because it will work well in all conditions.

Unique key

This gorilla hitch lock is constructed using the unique key system. This means that the probability that someone in your neighborhood has a key identical to yours is null. Even the petty thieves with their bunches of keys will not be able to find one to open your lock. Moreover, this best trailer coupler locks or trailer coupler lock reviews help to pick the best one no doubt.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two keys for convenience
  • Sturdy and durable lock for long term use
  • Easy to use just fix the key and turn to lock or unlock
  • Weather-resistant material that withstands moisture heat and cold
  • Secure with a solid build and under-positioned lock to deter picking

Cocoweb has gone a step further with this lock to ensure that no matter the class of your coupler, this lock will be sufficient. With its accommodating to a wide range of classes and water resistant capabilities, it truly is a convenient lock.


This lock comes with the 5/8 and the 1/2 inch pins making its ability to be used by different classes of hitch receivers. You need not worry, as long as your trailer receiver has standard measurements you will get the pin that fits your needs.

Snug fitting

The less the lock moves around the better secured your trailer. With this in mind, the New Cocoweb C-Lock has a barrel locking mechanism ensures that lock fits snugly thus minimizing movement when locked and leaving no allowance for tampering of the shaft.

Weather resistant

The stainless steel body of the lock makes sure that despite the rain or the sun it remains as good as new. No worry about it rusting. The waterproof cap, on the other hand, keeps moisture and dirt away equally protecting the keyhole from rust and dirt. 

Secure connection

You can ride along easy without worrying that the trailer will roll off as you ride. This is because the lock is used by sliding the shaft through the trailer and receiver connecting so nothing is left to chance.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use just slide it in and lock it
  • Snug fitting shaft prevents tampering or theft
  • Lock comes with an extra key for convenience
  • The weatherproof cap keeps grime, dust, and water from the keyhole
  • Secure connection that ensures safety for your trailer and for other road users

Having a trailer lock is good, having a coupler and receiver lock is better, but having a combination of both is best. With this combo, you, therefore, have the best when it comes to options.

Combo of convenience

This combination includes a coupler lock, receiver lock, and a latch lock. You probably think it can’t get better than that, well it can this combo comes with a set of keys that can open all the three locks.

Wow! No need to have a bunch of keys for this combo. As they say, one fits all. How’s that for convenience.

Twin keys

The lock comes with two keys to ensure that you have an extra key, just in case. This not only provides convenience but also keeps your mind at ease knowing that you have an emergency key stashed away at home.

Durable design

This lock is an eye catcher with its beautiful durable design. Made of stainless steel it is sure to resist the weather. The attached weatherproof caps role is to keep moisture and grime at bay. In combination, this best trailer tongue lock
makes for a long-lasting lock.

Works with different types of vehicles

This master lock combo can work well with different types of vehicles as the lock has a 2 ¾ inches long pin that is flexible enough to accommodate a Hitch Carrier with no worries at all. The package comes with the lock, one receiver lock, two keys and one trailer coupler latch lock.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with coupler, receiver and latch locks with a one fits all key
  • Stainless steel with wheter proof cap the lock is highly durable
  • Extra key for convenience and in case of loss of the other key
  • Hassle free use lock, just slide and lock, unlock and slide out
  • Easy to use this saving time when locking or unlocking

How To Choose Best Trailer Hitch Lock in 2020

Buying a good Trailer Hitch lock is not just a matter of popping into a store or placing your order online for the first item you find. You must first know what exactly it is that you want to get according to your needs. Here are a few pointers that will help you identify what exactly it is that you need.


This is among the most important traits that you need to consider when selecting a Hitch lock. Since this lock will be used you secure you trailer durability is important. You will want a lock or lock trailer hitch that will ensure to give you good service. You will need a lock that will not be easily damaged as you move the trailer. It has to be sturdy and ensure protection.


Before procuring a hitch lock or tow hitch lock for your trailer ensure that you get exact pin measurements of your trailer. Generally, hitch locks range from classes I-V. Also, the pins vary in size from 1/2- or 5/8-inch pins. You may find that the locks have been advertised as universal, however, they make not fit your application well.so it is important to get the right measurement before purchasing your lock.  Additionally, get a lock that will not get in the way of other fixtures around the coupler area.


A unique key design for your lock will ensure added safety for the trailer. When shopping for a lock be particular to ensure the lock cannot be easily opened by other keys. It is common knowledge that criminals have sets of keys that they may try to use anytime they come across a parked trailer. The best key is the one that has unique teeth such that only your key can open the lock.


This essentially means that the lock or locking trailer hitch should be easy to use, it should not only be easy to secure buy also as easy to unlock. Do not select a lock that is difficult to operate that may take you a long time fidgeting with it just securing or unlocking your trailer.


A good lock should be able to give you extra in terms of service. Extra, in this case, may refer to corrosion resistance, weatherproof qualities etc. this will ensure that you lock will last you longer considering that the lock will be sometimes used outdoors.


Different hitch locks or trailer hitch receiver lock come with different purposes of use. When selecting the perfect hitch lock, ensure that you select the one that is best suited for your use. Consider its functionality versus your needs.

Final Thoughts

The hitch lock, also referred to as a trailer or Coupler lock is your first insurance for your trailer. This is why it is important to invest in a good lock. It is also important to consider other measures to ensure that your trailer is additionally secured. Despite the fact that you have secured your trailer using the hitch lock doesn’t mean that it cannot be broken. The choice for the ideal hitch lock may seem daunting, especially with the myriad of products in the market.

Having a secure trailer hitch lock is therefore essential. You cannot peacefully camp or park your trailer in the trailer lot without knowing that it is secure. We have made the choice simpler for you. Our review has features that best that you can get in the market. Not only do we ensure that our products are of the best quality we have additionally tried and tested them and they have proven to be the best.

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