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Top 10 Best Soil Moisture Meters Reviews in 2024 – Ultimate Guide!

Have you ever wondered why some lawns or gardens you have come across are beautiful and nicely grown? In this point in time you should now that gardening has been made easy. Apart from all the gardening machines and tools you have heard of, there arose a soil moisture meter. 

Thanks to expert researches on planting, you can now prevent your plants from getting more or less water as like as Modern Garden Sprayer. You can also determine the perfect moment when your soil is ready to be planted on.

Basically, a soil moisture meter is device designed to make it possible for you to determine the precise moisture in your soil so that you can have a clear picture of how to change it to fit your needs of planting depending on the type of plant or planting style you have in mind.

Since these devices are a new technology, they have also flooded the market as we speak. Therefore, in line with the market analysis we did, we have come up with a number of soil moisture meters. We tested and verified how they are. So, in this post, we are presenting the best soil moisture meters, followed by an extremely basic buying guide that could be equally significant to an expert as well as to a beginner.

10 Best Soil Moisture Meters - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Soil Moisture Meters - Reviews

Compare and analyse the following reviews that cover the best moisture meters on the market today. I have selected top ten best products that will help you manage soil well and grow your favourite plants in the best way.

General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter, Pin Type, Digital LCD

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As a professional handyman or woman, who takes care of a variety of issues around homes, General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter was created just for you. This is more of a tool than a device because it handles a wide range of functions.

Apart from soil, you can use it on wood too. To be specific, it works on measuring water levels in intended areas. With it, you can tell how much damage water leaks can make or floods, moulds and any other water damages you can think of.

General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter features an easy to read LCD display screen. This is a digital screen that will provide you with quick results for viewing that are also easy to understand. Similarly, it is easy to use just stick the stainless steel pins into the soil or wood you want to test and get your data.

It is a small tool that fits in one hand, thanks to its ergonomic design. This one will be quite ideal for contractors because of its essential purpose of fixing or preventing water damages. Even a homeowner can have one


  • Quite portable
  • It is a digital tool
  • Comfortable size
  • Extremely durable
  • Highly accurate device
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Can detect floods damage, moisture in soil and wood


  • It is expensive
  • Only measures moisture
[Soil Moisture Meter] Dr.meter Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for Garden, Farm, Lawn Plants Indoor & Outdoor(No Battery needed), S10

More photo & price on Amazon.com

When winter comes around, so many of our plants are destroyed, especially the ones we plant outside. But thanks to Dr. Meter Hygrometer Moisture Sensor we can still fix that and bring them back to life. Be proud of your front or backyard even after Christmas.

Dr Meter will regulate the amount of water your plants need to get by allowing you to check on your plants condition. Therefore, you will be able to determine if your soil is running dry or is too wet. Then understand never to underwater or overwater it.

You will also have an easy time using it because in so many ways you will be saving water, time and money. Here is how; by using no batteries, you will be saving money. By avoiding replanting processes, you will be saving time and by knowing the amount of water your soil needs you will be saving water.

Unlike other soil meters, Dr Meter is designed for any plant. It works accurately and displays precise data that will help you recover from any soil condition.


  • Light in weight
  • It is user-friendly
  • Has a sleek frame
  • Needs no batteries
  • Can be used on any plant
  • Provides accurate readings
  • For use outdoors and indoors


  • Only measures moisture
  • Has a limited range of values
Indoor-Outdoor Moisture Sensor Meter Soil Water Monitor For Plant Garden and Lawn Care

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Taking care of plants around you should not seem mysterious or unattainable. Plats are very loyal friends, they grow and become great just the way you want them to be. By employing the best soil moisture meter, you can achieve more of that.

Indoor-outdoor moisture sensor meter will allow you to know the amount of water available in your soil. In fact, its main purpose to measure moisture in the soil. This device will allow you to know when your lawn or garden is getting more or less water and fix that accordingly.

Besides, you will be saving a large amount of water for other uses and you will be doing it with a simple easy to use gadget that requires no batteries to communicate to you.

With its compact and tough plastic moulding, be sure to work with it either indoors or outdoors. The 8-inch stem goes down to the root level of your plant which is super-convenient unlike those moisture meters that have short stems.


  • No battery use
  • Has color-coded readings
  • Interpreting results is easy
  • It’s convenient and durable
  • Excellent for testing moisture
  • It is light in weight hence portable
  • Serves both indoors and outdoors plants


  • Only measures moisture
  • Has a limited range of values
Alotpower Soil Moisture Sensor Meter,Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for Garden, Farm, Lawn Plants Indoor & Outdoor(No Battery needed)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

When you wish to make a small garden that is beautiful the way we imagine Eden, you can now make your wish come true. With the new Alotpower soil moisture sensor meter, a lot is possible.

First, this is best moisture meter that will help you grow a wide range of plants. It does not choose the type of plant to help grow. You will be able to know how much water you need to moisture your plants or how much you need to reduce.

Second, it is a simple device and that means it requires very little effort to use it. Besides, cleaning or maintaining Alotpower soil moisture sensor meter is easy because you just wipe off the soil remains on the probe after use and store it. The device does not need batteries to work. Just the moisture condition of the soil helps it run.

Third, this best soil moisture sensor device features admirable scientific accuracy that is just on its level. Just dip it into the soil and wait for it to tell you how you and your plant friend are faring on. When it comes to portability, you can count on Alotpower soil moisture sensor meter. It is a handy device that has a smooth frame which is light in weight. As you move around either outdoors or indoors, you will not encounter any issues carrying it.


  • No battery use
  • Has color-coded readings
  • It is scientifically accurate
  • Interpreting results is easy
  • Excellent for testing moisture
  • It is light in weight hence portable
  • Serves both indoors and outdoors plants


  • Comes with a single probe
  • Designed to measure moisture only
Jellas Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Moisture

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Jellas soil pH meter, 3 in 1 moisture sensor meter/light/pH soil test kits test plant moisture meter for garden, farm, lawn

Having guests over is a magical experience especially when everything is perfect. To begin with, your plants should look healthy and nice. When planning a party in the month and have some dull plants, you may pick Jellas 3 in 1 soil sensor so that you can bring your plants back to life drastically.

You can measure sunlight, moisture, and pH with just this one device. Funny thing is, you don't need batteries or any form of power for it to work, in fact just dip it into the soil and voila! There you have your results. Jellas 3 in 1 soil sensor can be used on outside soil and inside the soil. It features a very sleek design that makes it light in weight and super-portable for you. This is convenient.

This soil ph meters device features high-end accuracy when it comes to determining ranges. For pH it is 3.5 – 8 meaning 3.5 to 6.5 is acidic and 7-8 is alkaline. For moisture, it is 1-10 meaning 1-3 is dry, 4-7 is normal and 8-10 is wet. For light it is 0 -2000 lux, when you find 0-200 light is low, 500-1000 light is normal and 1000-2000 light is high. Moreover, this one also best moisture meter for plants.


  • Simple to use
  • Light in weight
  • Has a sleek silver frame
  • Provides accurate readings
  • Has a wide range of values
  • For use outdoors and indoors
  • One device doing three jobs; measuring moisture, sunlight and pH


  • It is rust-friendly
  • Can only be used in well-lit areas
THZY Moisture Meter, Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Sensor Meter,soil water monitor, Hydrometer for gardening, farming

More photo & price on Amazon.com

When it is that dry segment of the year and you have some plants you really care about growing, for you to maintain their wonderful growth rate, you need THZY moisture meter. Through our research, we found out that this is the best moisture detector found on the market that does not choose a plant type.

For that, you can use it to regularly check the most basic condition of your plants, in this case, water. THZY moisture meter will be able to notify you of your plants' growth process. When it is dry or needs less water, you will definitely know. Therefore, you will hardly be able to give more water or less water when you have this device.

For a simple device like this, you may misjudge it as being inaccurate. In fact, it will surprise you with how accurate it can be. It is an excellent combo of precision and expertise all that cooped up in a small piece of engineering. 

Just like any other incredible soil meter, no batteries are needed to power it up. Additionally, the single probe goes 10cm down for you to get some helpful data.


  • Handheld
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Prides in high accuracy
  • It is every plant's friend
  • Exceedingly effective device
  • For both indoors and outdoors


  • Measures moisture only
  • Comes with a single probe
COVERY 3 in 1 Soil Tester Moisture Meter, Light and PH acidity Tester, Plant Tester for Garden, Farm, Lawn, Indoor & Outdoor (No Battery needed) Easy Read Indicator

More photo & price on Amazon.com

So, you just moved to a new house and you have a big backyard. Part of decorating that backyard involves having some plants around or in different spots. Then you notice the weather of that area is not quite dependable with the type of plants you want to have. Therefore, you need a good soil moisture meter that will help you water you plants and have a beautiful scene.

You need COVERY 3 in 1 soil tester moisture meter. Do you know why? Because this soil moisture testers in a short span of time you will have a colourful backyard that just in one sight, one forgets about all of their problems. This is a high-quality device designed to measure sunlight, pH, and moisture in your soil. You will be able to monitor the growth of your plants closely.

Furthermore, unlike other soil meters which need to be plugged in somewhere, charged or with batteries, this one entertains none of the above. It is clearly friendly to both you and your environment. You can as well use it anywhere around your home.

Similarly, COVERY 3 in 1 soil tester moisture meter is so easy to use. Place it into the soil before you water it. Push it lightly 10cm below the soil surface, get your extremely accurate readings and just like that transform that new house into a beautiful home.


  • Has a tough frame
  • Clearly marked values
  • Provides accurate results
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • Has dependable durability
  • It is particularly light in weight
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials


  • Only found in color green
  • Requires an external light source when used in darkness
Marge Plus Soil Moisture Meter, 3 in 1 Soil Test Kit Gardening Tools for PH, Light & Moisture, Plant Tester for Home, Farm, Lawn, Indoor & Outdoor (No Battery Needed)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

If you are in garden care business and lately you have been disappointing your clients with low results, now is not the time to feel low about anything when we have Marge plus soil moisture meter. It is one of the best soil meters as the posts' name clearly indicates.

This device is designed to allow you to feel proud about your work or your plants. First off, Marge plus soil moisture meter takes care of three soil measures. These measures include; the amount of moisture available in your soil, acidity levels of your soil and the amount of sunlight hitting your soil. This way, you will be able to know when it's time to water your plants.

You seriously do not need to underwater or overwater anything again. Besides, with it, you can attend to either plants that are outside or inside the house. This means you can carry it around easily.

There are two probes that are crafted from copper and aluminium. Well, they serve different purposes though. They have a length of 7.1 inches and the distance between them is 1.2 centimeters. These shouldn't be hard to work with. Moreover, this best moisture meter or plant moisture meter reviews help to pick perfect one no doubt.


  • Clear display
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Works in three ways
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Compact and portable shape
  • Designed for both indoors and outdoors use


  • Has a short probe
  • Experiences accumulative bias sometimes
3-in-1 Moisture Meter with Light & PH Test Function

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Do you have a friend or a colleague who practices small-scale gardening and has no idea if soil moisture meters exist? This could be most eligible way to surprise them with something really nice like a 3 in 1 moisture, light and pH mater.

They will definitely love how easy it is to use this device. No pressure! You will just introduce the probe deeper into the intended soil. To illustrate, about four inches below the soil surface and get some interestingly accurate data. Reading and interpreting the figures you get is not algebra, it is quite easy.

Moreover, you will be saving the environment from hazardous batteries because this device does not require any of them to work. You will also not be attached to any power source. Just you and your soil.

Carrying it around is as well not a big deal; it fits in any hand size. You can work with it around the house in your plant vases or even outside, with your grasses or flowers. Just be sure to get the right soil pH, moisture amount and sunlight.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to move with
  • Easy to clean after use
  • It is extremely user friendly
  • Requires no batteries to work
  • Very sensitive and responsive
  • Serves three functions; moisture, pH and sunlight


  • Bendy probe
  • Prone to rust
Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit For Moisture, Light & pH, A Must Have For Home And Garden, Lawn, Farm, Plants, Herbs & Gardening Tools, Indoor/Outdoors Plant Care Soil Tester (No Battery Needed)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

If you have been thinking of gardening as a hobby, here is a small nice device that will help you kick-start your admirable journey. This is a simple device that will allow you to figure out what your garden needs before you put in your plants.

I presume that after buying you plant or after getting it from wherever you got it from, you have a basic background of your plants' needs when it comes to watering and minerals level. Don't worry about this tool you will be able to determine the appropriate conditions.

To add on that, you will save plenty of time and money because it is not pretty when you keep planting your grass and it dies. This way, you will know how to grow it nicely, early on set. Similarly, you will rarely encounter false readings with this device because the creators took their time to make sure it a unique combo of precision and accuracy.

Remember, the accuracy lasts. When it comes to using this device, you don't need a complicated manual or to look for an expert to come to help you out. Just draw it down into the intended soil and get your reading. The soil conditions control it. No need for batteries or cables. Moreover, this one also best moisture meter for garden.


  • Durable
  • It is easy to use
  • It's a high-quality device
  • Provides accurate readings
  • Requires no batteries or other equipment
  • Has a custom frame that is easy to carry around
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes


  • Very slight readings issues
  • Can only be used under light

How To Choose The Best Soil Moisture Meter

Getting to choose that one soil moisture meter that you are going to take home may be or may not be a challenge up to this point. For you who is spoilt of choice or you just need assurance, then you are going to find this guide extra-helpful especially after going through such reviews. Don't be surprised, soil moisture meters are just like any normal product and are many, we need the following key elements to show us the way.


Depending on the kind of growth you have in mind for your plants, we suggest that you choose a soil moisture meter basing on its functionality. Most soil meters measure pH, moisture, and light while others just measure moisture. One that caters for the three is highly likely to be more effective than the one that only handles one function. Well, it is better to choose a multi-functional meter when you aren't sure of what you are doing just to be safe.

Ease of Use

A good soil moisture meter or as like as best plant moisture meter is super easy to use or easy to do soil moisture meters work no doubt. Deducing from the list above, most soil sensors are simple and offer an easy user interaction time. They also don't require the use of batteries. This means, maintaining this device is easy and affordable which is convenient. Getting a more complicated-to-use sensor may mean more accuracy and durability though. We suggest you get a device that is easy to use for your own good.


When it comes to devices like soil moisture meters, then soil moisture meter accuracy is the most vital part of them. No one wants to take home a device that will waste their time. You can tell a device is accurate from reviews like this one, or just by looking at the range of values and how it works. An accurate device has more detailed values and a clear working process. We recommend you pick a soil moisture meter that combines precision and accuracy.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Soil moisture meters are designed differently. You could find one that is for use outside and another for indoor plants that is best moisture meter for plants because of some specific reasons. But when you get a soil moisture meter that can take care of outside and inside plants, then that is just a bonus for you. You will definitely save cash and time.


Lastly, the best soil moisture meter has the simplest design on the face of the earth. It includes the head where all the value settings are and a copper/ aluminum probe or two probes. The probes are obviously for dipping into the soil. They should be of high quality and tough for longevity. You should also be able to carry it around without any muscle strains. That is why it is good to see the device before buying it.

Final Notes

If you are a professional gardener, plant expert, hobbyist, or beginner buying the best soil moisture meter, make sure the device will work the way you want it to work. To be precise, unlike other items, this one you may just find all of them in one color but that shouldn't worry you. You are looking forward to bringing a difference to your creations.

Look for high quality, highly accurate, straightforward, portable and multi-functional soil moisture meter just like the ones listed above. Deep down, you know it is time to make a difference. So, what is holding you back, go ahead and get one!

With the above soil moisture meter reviews, you can co pare and analyse the top ten best soil moisturizers covered above to help you find the best. These are quality products that work well and deliver good results. So this above best soil moisture meter review help to choose the perfect one instantly no doubt.

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