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10 Best Fruit Picker – Top Reviews in 2021 For Start Picking!

Are you interested for fruit picking tool? Have you been searching for the best fruit picker? That equipment may help you out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have landed on just the right page.

Indeed a typical fruit tree has fruits of various sizes. These fruits also mature at varying times of the year. This makes the picking of such fruits quite difficult and time-consuming. It also increases the possibility of damaging the fruits.

You, therefore, require a special piece of equipment called fruit picker. It is basically a mechanical device that is designed to pluck fruits easily from the trees. We have decided to write this buying guide to help you in choosing the right picker.

Top 10 Best Fruit Picker in 2021 - Reviews

 1.  Ohuhu 13-foot Fruit Picker Tool 

Our top pick is this Ohuhu 13-foot Fruit Picker Tool. This tool is a world leader in the fruit picking equipment. Indeed, its manufacturer has high reputation world over. It is generally tough, strong, and very easy to engage. It is also pretty effective in picking fruits.

The picker is extremely light in weight because its telescopic pole is made almost entirely of Aluminum. You will hence not spend or use too much muscle power to lift and operate it.

Because of this, you are also not required to possess too much muscle power. Indeed, you will find it suitable and relevant for your use even with leaner muscles. 

This is also not to mention that you will also use it for a prolonged duration of time unhindered. Next to its elegant features is the extremely deep basket. It is into this basket that you dip the fruits which you pick. The basket has a fairly large capacity. For this reason, you will be able to fill as many fruits as you can.

The basket is fitted with a "bruise-free" pad. This fitting sees to it that your fruits do not at all sustain any bruises or damages. Your fruits will, therefore, meet the standards set out for commercial standards.

Its 13-foot total length allows you to reach out to all the fruits with ease. Consequently, you will not have to climb a ladder or strain too much to get what you want. This ohuhu fruit picker or fruit picking tool will subsequently save you a great deal of time and effort.


  • Hooks on fruits easily and gently
  • Much lighter than fiberglass or wood poles
  • Enables repetitive use with minimal fatigue
  • Used in three simple steps i.e. set, unlock, and extend
  • Keeps each piece of fruit safe from any damages or bruises


  • Quite weighty (weighs 4.41 pounds/2kg)

 2.  Abco Tech Fruit Picker Tool 

In some instances, time may never be on your side. You might, therefore, want to try out a picker that can accept several accessories at a time. This allows it to serve several purposes at a time. This indeed could be the picker you have been searching for.

Its most outstanding part is the Aluminum pole. This pole is both durable and long-lasting. It also does not bend unnecessarily. As a result, it is reliable for use against a strong wind.

Further to that, the picker has parts that are removable. Its length may also be adjusted to reach the various parts of the tree. By reason of this, you will also find it quite convenient to store while not in use.

Its yellow buckle further allows you to either lock or unlock the fruit picker. This fruit picking tool fruit tree picker subsequently allows you to extend or diminish the overall length. As a result of this fruit picking pole , you will be able to access even the hidden fruits with ease.

Extending or diminishing the length of the pole is pretty simple. You only have to apply three stages to accomplish this. This means you will not experience unnecessary inconveniences while engaging the pole.

All factors considered the fruit picker tool allows you to pick a wide range of fresh fruits at a time. It is also fruit picker pole or fruit pole picker and it is safer for use. Other than that, it also fruit picking basket pole and it demands minimal effort on your part as much as possible. You should hence look up to it for those prolonged picking tasks. Moreover, this is ideal fruit picker with basket or apple picker tool.


  • Eliminates the risk of falling from a ladder
  • Prevents the bruising of fruits while picking
  • Spares you from unnecessary fatigue or injuries
  • Reaches even the high-hanging fruits which are otherwise unreachable
  • Can pick just about any other fruit such as apples, lemons, peaches, and plums


  • Requires strong muscle power to engage

 3.  Flexrake LRB190 Fruit Picker 

Picking fruits on a large scale or for commercial purposes is never that easy. The exercise is ordinarily tiresome and time-consuming. It is also prone to all kinds of problems. Only a commercial-grade fruit picker of this flexrake fruit picker may be of help.

The picker’s cord measures 12 feet in length. This extended length allows you to reach just about every other part of the tree with ease. You also will not need a ladder at all, regardless of your height.

Also coming alongside this pole is the heavy-gauge vinyl coated wire basket. It is into this wire basket that you place your fruits once you have picked them from the trees. The wire makeup also gives the benefit of long-term reliability.. 

At the point of picking the fruit is attached a bruise-free fruit pad. By its sheer structural makeup, the pad is indeed very gentle on all fruits. It, therefore, follows that the fruits you pick shall fit commercial purposes and sales.

Generally speaking, the picker is extremely light in weight and durable. This is because the pole, which forms a large chunk of the picker, is made of fiberglass. You will consequently be able to utilize it for as long as you may wish.

What’s more? The picker can also handle several fruits at a time. In consequence of this, that you will also save a great deal of your time. You will further be able to accomplish greater success within a limited duration of time.


  • Operated by the simple drab and pull actions
  • Extends to 12 feet to allow you to pick and reach each fruit easily
  • Allows you to harvest your entire crop without the need to get the ladder
  • Has a "bruise-free" pad that keeps each piece of fruit safe from any damages
  • Contains a pull style fruit picker basket which makes the picking fruit easy and fun


  • A little bit flexible

 4.  EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruit Picker

Your comfort in times of picking the fruit also matters a lot. This is especially so, in case you handle extremely tall trees for longer. For you to achieve the needed comfort, a specially designed picker of this kind is all you need.

To grant you this comfort, the picker is equipped with EVA foam-padded hand grips. They minimize the likelihoods of blisters forming even under intense pressure and rubbing. This subsequently confers you the safety and comfort you require.

Apart from the hand grips, the eversprout fruit picker also has an extendable pole. You may vary its length from 5 feet to 13 feet. 

This further ensures that you enjoy your experience. It also allows you to store it conveniently not to mention reaching even the most hidden portions of the trees. Its attachments are securely fitted and will not hence come out loose. You should, therefore, count on the pole not to disappoint you at all. You may also be rest assured that you will not sustain any injuries.

Perhaps the most distinguishing trait of this pole is its versatility. It is indeed able to combine with other tools and perform other related tasks. These include changing light bulbs, attaching squeegees and dusters, among others fruits picker.

And lastly, your fruits will not also sustain any damages at all. This is courtesy of bruise-free foam padding which is fixed to protect your fruit. What more safeguards do you genuinely require for your fruit?


  • Weighs only a few pounds
  • Doesn't crack or break easily
  • Measures only 5 feet when shortened
  • You can take it with you anywhere you want to go with ease
  • Reaches fruits that are located above 20+ feet from the ground


  • Quite thorny to engage but easy to use

 5.  The Twister Fruit Picker

You may not necessarily be the only one who picks fruits. In some instances, your entire family may often be involved. Only a fun-filled and easy-to-use fruit picker of this kind may enable you to enjoy this wonderful benefit.

The picker’s major material composition is the durable and lightweight reinforced polymer. This material is also resistant to Ultraviolet radiation. You should, therefore, anticipate it not to let you down at all or inflict any damages to you.

The twister fruit picker is slim and lightweight design, on the other hand, allows you to target individual fruits. This is because it enables you to see what you are picking. 

This way, you will avoid the likelihood of picking even unripe and overripe fruits. Because your tree will also have to remain intact for the sake of future harvest, you just do not want to damage them. This twister fruit picker has the twisting motion feature which eliminates any likelihoods of tree and fruit damage.

To further allow your entire family and you to pick the fruits hassle-free, the picker is accompanied by a manufacturer manual. This contains the easy step-by-step instructions that will guide you in handling and adjusting it.

The manufacturer further understands that not all fruits may be located at the same height from the ground. That is why it has made the pole extendable and retractable. In consequence of this, you will be able to vary the length to target just about any other part of the tree.


  • Glides effortlessly into the tree
  • Does not damage the fruits or trees
  • Very slim and convenient to carry around
  • Extremely light in weight (weighs only 8.7 ounces)
  • Do not have the cumbersome baskets or bags that may get tangled in the tree


  • Time-consuming to set up and engage

 6.  Bond 9164 Wood Handle Fruit Harvester

Sometimes time may never be on your side. You, therefore, have to pick your fruits quickly. You require a cheap and multipurpose picker of this kind. This is because it does have a simple design that is easier to comprehend.

It does come along with a metallic basket that is extremely durable. It is in this basket that you will store your precious fruits after picking them. Being durable, you will encounter fewer problems in the course of handling it.

In all, the picker is 8 feet long and has a wooden handle. This length makes it very ideal for picking those fruits that are low-lying. 

The wooden handle reduces any burns that may often arise as a result of friction between the metallic parts. The head, on the other hand, has a colorful vinyl coating. Following this, the picker will also serve the dual benefit of enhancing the beauty of your home and farm area. You may, therefore, wish to place it at a strategic location for all to see.

Its heavy wire construction guarantees your family and you long-term reliability. You will, therefore, save lots of time and money you would otherwise spend in repairing and maintaining it.

Closing the list of its top features is the foam cushion. This absorbs frictions and strong impacts to prevent you from sustaining bruises and blisters. This way, your hand will be healthy and safe at all times.


  • Pretty strong
  • Extremely durable
  • Safe to use, store, and assemble
  • Can pick more than one fruit at a time
  • Confers the benefits of great aesthetics


  • A bit heavy

 7.  LavoHome Professional Metal Fruit Picker 

In case you are searching for a picker that you intend to use frequently and regularly, look to no other than this one. This is because it contains all the key features that enable you to enjoy the two benefits mentioned.

Its durable metallic pole is the most outstanding of such features. This is because it is strong enough to withstand years and years of abuse. For this reason, you will not have to spend too much of your time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Operating this picker will also not be too much of a hassle. You will simply grab and pull the pole as fast as you possibly can. You will, therefore, be able to do your work and achieve the desired outcomes without too much effort.

The pole measures 8 feet and may be extended. It can indeed stretch to reach just about every portion of the tree. You will, as a matter of fact, be able to reach up to 15 feet from the ground without climbing any ladder at all. You hence stand to enjoy unhindered access to whichever part of the tree you may desire.

The long fruit picker pole is further coated with the polyvinyl material. This coating extends the lifespan of the pole by reducing the pace of deterioration and tear. In light of this, you will further spend less to keep the pole in the right shape.

And of course, you do not want to bruise or damage your sensitive fruits. The manufacturer of this picker or tree fruit picker tool understands this so well. That is why it has fitted a 1-inch bruise-free fruit pad on the picker.


  • Allows you to pick fruits the easy way
  • Reaches every corner of the tree with ease
  • Reaches fruits up to 15 feet without a ladder
  • Comes with generous manufacturer’s warranty
  • Safeguards your fruits from bruises and damages


  • Moderately priced

 8.  The Twister Fruit Picker with Extension Pole

Not all farmers may normally have the required skills to operate a complex picker. This is why a viable substitute which is simpler to use is by all means called for. This is the role that this specific picker is intended to play.

Fully assembled on a pole and with simpler parts and components, the picker is indeed easier to master and engage. You will not have to go through a lesson or class to acquire the necessary skill set.

You will also open and close the packing rings of the pole with ease. This is made possible by the integrated slide handle. This again will go a long way in enhancing your overall experience and ease of use.

Setting this fruit picker extension pole farther apart from the rest is the fact that it comes completely assembled. As the result of this, you will not waste too much of your time in assembling the various components.

This is also pole fruit picker, it has a fiberglass extension pole that measures 7-12 feet. This extra length or attachment will allow you to reach those portions of trees that are way removed from the ground. You will not need to acquire a ladder to do so.

The safety of your trees is not left out either. This picker comes along with the Twister Fruit Picker's® feature. This fruit picker pole with cutter generates a twisting motion when engaged. It subsequently eliminates any tree or fruit damages.


  • Allows you to target individual fruits
  • Expends less effort to reach the tree
  • Comes along with a set of fruit sleeves
  • Can even change the hard-to-reach light bulbs!
  • Reaches the highest and the farthest parts of the tree


  • Quite bulky

 9.  Corona FP 2312 Extendable Fruit Picker, 12-Feet

In case you lack the necessary muscle power, you require a lighter fruit picker. This is to spare you from too much strain and agony. This particular fruit picker is one such kind.

The picker comprises an Aluminum pole which extends to 12 feet when stretched. This allows you to engage it without too much muscle power.

Its powder-coated basket has the ability to resist rust and corrosion. For this reason, it lasts longer and does not subject you to frequent maintenance and repairs. This is not to mention that it will also hold all your picks conveniently

Other than being resistant to dust and corrosion, the basket is also deep enough. It measures a whopping 5.5 inches in depth. This again means that you will hold more fruits at any given time before emptying it to another larger basket.

This extendable fruit picker twist pole has the ability to extend to reach out any length you may desire. This fruit puller being the case, you will be certain to reach or access those hidden fruits with ease.

Lastly, its foam cushion reduces the likelihood that your fruits will sustain bruises or that your hands will become bruised or injuries. You will consequently enjoy the dual benefits of sound health and nice fruits.


  • Simpler to operate
  • Conforms to the individual sizes of each hand
  • Corona, the manufacturer of this fruit picker, is a reputable brand
  • Has an extendable length to enable you to reach every part of the tree
  • Comfortable grip handles safeguard your hands from blisters and bruises


  • Contains some delicate parts

 10.  Houseables Fruit Picker

If you are that kind of a person who makes a living by picking fruits, you require a multipurpose picker. Such a picker can handle all kinds of fruit-related tasks at a time. It, therefore, simplifies your task of picking fruits.

This is the niche of this particular picker. It does have a three-in-one functionality. This comes in the forms of the extra-long net bag, 3-sided sharpened teeth, and steel pruning shears. 

These features enable it to perform all the relevant chores well. Unlike most other pickers, it has a curved saw blade with which you may cut some branches.

In light of this, you will also be able to use it to prune off some undesirable branches as well. It also has the ability to extend and retract accordingly. This is made possible by the telescoping functionality. This is in turn enabled by the lightweight but sturdy aluminum pole. You will be able to extend to a length of 8 feet.

Another distinguishing feature is the ease with which it maneuvers the tree branches and leaves. This maneuverability is brought about by its slim yet compact and lightweight design. No fruit shall be too hidden for you to access with ease.

Concluding its distinguishing features is the net bag which is attached to its extreme end. Unlike the baskets that are heavier and less flexible, the net bag is lighter and agile. It can contract or expand at will. This way, it will not put forth too much strain or drag on you.


  • Quite enjoyable to use
  • Handles several trees and fruits at a time
  • Works in any environment where fruit may grow
  • Does not interfere at all with the quality of the fruits
  • Backed by a generous 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Requires technical skills to fully master

Watch this Video on The Best Fruit Picker Comparison | Eversprout vs. Ohuhu/ABCO Tech

Video Transcript:

How to Choose the Top and Best Fruit Picker

Now here under we are discuss regarding some great idea for your easy picks best fruit pickers within a short times which is save your time as well as get satisfaction happy to purchase perfect one for efficient work. 


This is a measure of how long the picker is. The length of the picker determines how high up a tree the picker may reach. This again determines to a great extent the ability of the picker to reach just about any fruit in the tree. A good picker is that one which is as long as possible. You definitely want to reach every corner of your tree with ease, don’t you?

Type of fruit

Fruits are of different types. They differ in size, shape, and texture. With this knowledge in mind, not all fruit pickers can handle the different types of fruit. You need to get a fruit picker that will suit the type of fruit you are to pick.

 A picker should not, in any case, stress the fruit being picked or harm the skin of the fruit. The fruit should be as natural as it was on the tree. So as you consider all other factors on choosing the top and long reach fruit picker, you should consider this factor.


When choosing the best and top fruit picker, you obviously want a picker with strong poles. You don’t want to get to the shop just after a short while to buy the same poles, do you? Every aspiring fruit picker wants a durable fruit picker that will not bend easily, a strong picker, resilient to impacts like when it falls down or it knocks a tree as like citrus picking tool.

The stronger the fruit picker the longer it serves you and gives you more cash if you are a commercial fruit picker. It also helps avoid the losses that could be incurred having to replace poles that are damaged.


Just like the overall length, the weight of the picker also matters. The weight determines the ease with which you will light and transport the picker. A good picker has to be as light as possible. You do not want to be fatigued or overwhelmed while doing so. You may think of referring to your manufacturer’s manual for inspiration and appropriate information.


Trees are very complicated. They have irregular shapes and also leaves and branches of various sizes. For you to be able to reach every corner of the trees, your eversprout fruit picker has to be adjustable. This way, it will give you the freedom and ability to vary its size and shape. This way, you will be able to reach every corner of the tree with ease. Moreover, you can take help form telescoping fruit picker for better performance also.


For the best and top fruit picker, it should not be wobbly. The wobbliness will make it difficult for you to pick fruits from a tall tree. This could be dangerous because the fruits might fall on you and hurt you or anyone near you.

One of the tests to know if your fruit picker is stable you should stretch it open to ensure all joints are well locked to ensure it is suitable for use. The stability of the fruit picker ensures the safety of your fruits in the fruit basket and also avoid injuries that may arise from falling fruits.

The stability of the fruit picker pole is ensured by the material used in constructing the pole. If the material is weak it will result in unstable poles that won’t help you meet your desired outputs. Strong materials such as aluminum and iron will give you the best stability to give you the best experience during your fruit picking sessions.

Ease of Use

There are important issues that are to be done with the use of the fruit picker tool. Some come with different parts where you have to do the installation all by yourself, others come partially installed so the user has to do the remaining minimal installation.

One key consideration is to ensure that the basket is well attached to the pole. If not properly attached the basket may detach after the slightest weight of the fruits in it.

The basket could also detach and get entangled within the branches and it might make you climb to fetch the basket or even the basket could release its content on top of your head and would cause injuries depending on the type of fruits you are picking.

Also when selecting a telescopic fruit picker that you would like to use, considering the fact that the poles are very smooth and might slide off your hands. 

So you need a fruit picker with poles fitted with comfortable hand grips to ensure the picker will not slide off your hands while fruit picking. The fruit picker should not have complicated features that will make the task a bit complicated. 

Basket Size

These pickers ought to be accompanied by baskets that is apple picker basket. These baskets are the ones you preserve the fruits in after picking them from the trees. A good basket has to be as large as can be. This is to grant you the convenience you require while keeping the fruits you have picked. It will also absolve you from unnecessary hassles while you are going about your fruit picking exercise.

Material Construction

The kind of material that is used to make up the picker also matters. The materials have to be light, flexible, and durable. This is because it is these three traits that the ideal picker contains. Some of the materials to think of are Aluminum, carbon fiber, and Chromoly. Give the pickers that are made of these materials a topmost priority in your search for the right one. So you can also use it as like apple picking pole no doubt.

Final Verdict

It is our hope that the guidelines we have provided above have been eye-opening. Fruit pickers are great possessions and must have for any country dweller. Because of this, you clearly have no choice but to acquire one especially if you reside in the country. Following the guidelines we have published above will surely offer you the guidance you badly need. And you also cannot afford to delay making a purchasing decision. 

You definitely want to enjoy the benefits of this above as like as best apple picker and fruit picker equipment as soon as possible. Other than that, you will also pay more in future or obtain one that has a lower quality. It is for these two reasons that we further urge you to consider purchasing at least one picker soonest possible.Moreover, after picking the fruit - Are you looking for clean your garden? If yes, then you can use lawn sweepers for smooth sweeping as well look fresh within short time indeed.

Moreover, if you want to know more idea related products then you can check these products: fruit catcher, cherry picker tool, fruit picker lowes, best fruit picker tool, twister fruit picker, apple picker, orange picking tool, apple picker pole, apple picking tools, fig picker tool, fruit plucker, fruit harvester, citrus picker, the twister fruit picker, ohuhu fruit picker also. Best of luck!!

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