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Top 10 Best Can Crushers Reviews – Certified Product in 2024

Well, without the best can crushers, tossing the aluminum cans in mass into the trash could accumulate huge piles. This might eat into your space and hamper your eco-friendly efforts.
These crushers are convenient and effortless aluminum can compression alternatives for the extra space. They help prevent potential cuts from the sharp can edges, ease carrying plus the recycling processes. 

Usually, they are simple tools in long lasting plastic or steel material construction though this is hugely pegged on quality and design. Besides, they are ordinarily wall-mountable for storage expediency.

Are you aware it requires less effort and takes about two months for aluminum can to be recycled before reuse? In fact, to recycle a single aluminum can save enough energy to power a television for up to three hours.Credit goes to our extensive experiments on these market models of choice. They are decisive picks at the same time overwhelmingly effective and efficient for seamless functionality.

10 Best Can Crushers in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Can Crushers in 2024 - Reviews

If you use canned food, beer and soda frequently, having a can crusher can be useful. We created this reviews and guide to help you pick the right can crusher to suit your needs. Check out our top recommendations and I believe you will get a crusher that works well.

 1.  Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER Aluminum  

In most cases, can crushers are designed for simple action. From one of the seasoned in the industry, this can crusher is easy to operate and is tried and tested for heavy usage.

Thankfully, you can be able to dispose and compress cans of as low as 1-inch. In addition, the Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER Aluminum Can Compactor is capable of compressing aluminum cans for up to 16 oz. size. 

This includes 16, 12 and any aluminum cans of small size. If you want a heavy crusher, this is your idea reliable model. Expect to store almost 6 times. 

More cans in your trash bin and create significant space in your office workstation or commercial center. As a result, you are likely to increase your volume of output to the recycling point in every single process. 

How would you go about cans that require a strong crusher? This won’t be a problem once you bring this design to endure the large volumes in a very short time. Once you are done hosting that huge party, you don’t have to be concerned about can disposal. 

The sturdiness of this crusher will help you take care of the fruit cans including those of beers and sodas. This steel-made crusher is your ideal pick particularly if you want to eliminate possible additional repair or replacement costs.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use even for beginners  
  • Made of long-lasting and strong steel frame
  • Designed to withstand heavy usage over time
  • Wall-mountable to save on your limited space
  • Accompanied with mounting screws for effortless setup


  • Durable construction
  • Fast can crushing process
  • Fast can crushing process
  • Ideal for large volumes of cans
  • Boasts an attractive appearance


  • Doesn’t come with can collection bin but you can improvise
  • Not an automated can dispenser though of high performance

 2.  Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher

You have full confidence to use the patented pivoting mechanism, thanks to the engineering devoted to this can crusher.  This is what makes this model popular to fanatics since it is 75% easier to use than the conformist designs. 

What if you have kids around? The safety of the can crusher is a keen concern to every parent. This Can Crusher comes with safety stops, an attractive feature for general family safe use. 

In addition, unlike the imitations awash in the market, this is an excellent auto dispensing system. It implies you don’t have to physically or manually touch every can during dispensing. 

This is why it is provided with a collection bag. Otherwise, you might be exposed to the sharp and sticky crushed cans. What if you can crush yield is a critical consideration? With this model, you can rest easy! It arrives with a remarkable output of converting in minutes 4 bags of uncrushed cans into just one single crashed bag. 

Therefore, the next time you grab your cold canned fruit, beer, or soda, disposal shouldn’t worry you. Mr. Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher is ready round-the-clock to do it all.

Undoubtedly you won’t regret investing your savings as you bolster your environmental conservation efforts disposing cans to a recycling facility and this best aluminum can crusher is proudly made in the USA.

Highlighted Features

  • Able to dispense can after crushing
  • A long-lasting body construction for heavy jobs
  • Can be used with the standard  12 oz. aluminum can
  • Easy to use by 75% way better than traditional designs
  • A remarkable from the seasoned, trusted and reliable in the industry


  • Comes with hardware
  • Doesn’t use electricity 
  • Comes with collection bin
  • Quality body construction
  • Safe and exciting for kids use
  • Safe and exciting for kids use


  • Must be mounted for use but easy to operate
  • Ideal for 12-ounce cans though of perfect output

 3.  McKay 12 oz Auto Dispensing Can Crusher 

Step up your recycling efforts with the aluminum McKay 12 oz. can crusher able to handle quickly cans of about 1 inch thick.  If your house space is limited and you want a can crusher you can effortlessly mount on the wall. 

you don’t have the reason for any kind of apprehension. All you have to do is install it vertically using its 4 included screws and you are set. This ensures the heavy design provides you stable leverage for effortless crushing.

New into this can crusher? Don’t worry. All you need to do is hold the large cushion grip handle and pull it downwards to crush cans into required sizes.

 Into the bargain, the gauge steel handle grip is largely cushioned for hand comfort eliminating chances of experiencing hurts. You also get to utilize an included hand opener too.

The idea behind depressing the aluminum cans uses less of the effort, courtesy of the durable body construction.  If you are of the idea to pull something like 4 to 5 times of aluminum cans, you can’t be any wrong with this can crusher.

The more of these you can haul the more you can deliver to the recycling facility. Hence, fewer trip, more of the pay as you play an active role in conserving our environment. 

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use and last you for long
  • Provides an efficient recycling process
  • Comes in all-steel sturdy steel body construction
  • Crushes a lot of cans easily saving space in your work area
  • Has an included multifunctional built-in bottle opener for expediency


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use handle
  • Safe and dependable
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Cushioned handle for comfort
  • Ideal for standard 12 oz. aluminum can


  • A little during crushing but negligible
  • Not ideal for huge bulk crushing yet effective

 4.  Can Ram - Aluminum Can Crusher 

Probably this is one of the easy and stable to mount best can crushers in the market. As a result, it is the perfect idea when handling a lot of cans at ago given the significant energy that goes into it as well.  

However, this doesn’t imply you require a lot of energy to crush the cans. In fact, don’t be surprised to find kids struggling to step in with for help. It is strikingly welcoming.

Otherwise, the crusher might come off the wall grounding the crushing process if fitted weakly. You don’t want such inconveniences, do you? Besides, for those looking forward to crushing about 10 beverage cans, this can crusher might be all you ever wanted.

In fact, you can literary convert 5 of the uncrushed bags of cans into just one single bag in minutes. Remarkably, it is able to hold multiple can at a time and crush them all at once. This will save your time and increase your output.

Thankfully, you also don’t require any kind of batteries to run it. This saves you unnecessary bills on battery replacements and charges over time. However, it comes with all the indispensable hardware.

Impressively, it never handles any wet, messed up or sharp-edged can; otherwise, it automatically ejects it. This is fundamentally important to keep you safe, increase the functionality and longevity of the can crusher. You don’t have to worry about any kind of paint chipping or rusting as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Able to hold up to 10 cans in just a single crush
  • Doesn’t require electricity or batteries  to operate
  • Provides incredibly easy can crushing with less effort
  • Ridiculously affordable way less than what it provides
  • Can convert 5 uncrushed bags into just one crushed bag


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Effortless to install
  • Durable body design
  • Crushes up to 10 cans
  • Comes with all hardware


  • Purely plastic body design but strong
  • Storage bin a little bit small though ideal for minimal number of cans

 5.  Basic Industries 77703 Multi Crush Can Crusher

How would you like the aluminum can crusher able to instantaneously crush cans of about one inch? This is a first the Basic Industries International, thanks to the contemporary engineering behind the design.

For some relay good fun, hold the handle firmly and carefully pull it downwards as the can come crushing. The 77703 Multi Crush Aluminum Can Crusher is a bold way to step up your eco-friendly efforts this time.

To save on possible long-run replacement or repair costs, the manufacturer has made sure that the body construction is durable. This provides the sturdiness necessary for handling your cans without any worries of gear breakage.

To save on possible long-run replacement or repair costs, the manufacturer has made sure that the body construction is durable. This provides the sturdiness necessary for handling your cans without any worries of gear breakage.

This is a can crusher that handles seamlessly up to 5 times of can-output than most of the conventional designs out there.

At the same time, you stand to enjoy some invaluable extra space in your store once the cans get transported. Never has recycling cans been so interesting and quite appealing to try, courtesy of the design behind this can crusher.

Highlighted Features

  • Able to crush cans of up to 1 inch
  • Able to crush up to 12-ounce cans
  • Can handle up to 6 cans in a single crush
  • Comes in a sturdy all-steel construction design
  • Comes in a sturdy all-steel construction design


  • Stable
  • Easy to pull
  • Outlook attractive
  • Effortless to set up
  • Portable for easy storage
  • 5 times better can-crushing ability


  • Requires guidance for young ones though easy to comprehend the operation
  • Quite wide spacing of wire cage that holds cans but works well with careful positioning

 6.  Vanitek 16 oz Can Crusher & Bottle Opener 

Without the best can crusher, after the party is over, you might find yourself stuffing away those cans. This might eat into a lot of your space. It doesn’t have to be such an uphill task any longer. 

Also, unlike the conformist designs, this model provides you with a beer bottle opener as well. Bring in the favorite eco-friendly alternative Vanitek 16 oz. Aluminum Can Crusher to reduce the size of your cans instantly.  

The best part that is likely to interest you is the ability to mount on the wall with less of the effort. You will have 13” x 4” - 4 Phillip mounting screws included to for the whole process to take minutes. 

Have some good times while as you crush both large and small aluminum cans of your favored beverages, fruits and sodas. Pondering about this can crusher dimensions? It is able to fit all 16-ounce aluminum cans of up to 2 to ¾ inches in width and 7 inches tall. 

At just a suitable weight of 2.2 lbs. this is a perfect idea of a portable can crusher for seamless storage and transportation. Designed with an easy and safe soft grip pull down handle, this gear guarantees you maximized comfort on your hand. 

It is just your heavy 16 gauge durable all steel body and joints construction that will last you longer. Designed with an easy and safe soft grip pull down handle, this gear guarantees you maximized comfort on your hand because it is also a great table top can crusher no doubt.

Highlighted Features

  • Saves on space during storage
  • Crushes without breaking or deforming
  • Comes with an additional bottle opener easily accessible
  • Compresses metal to approximately 20% of original size
  • Easy to vertically install it on wall studs with provided screws


  • A perfect gift to give away
  • Saves a whole lot of space
  • Comes with 16 Oz. Can Masher
  • Package includes 4 Phillip Screws
  • Ideal for both small and large cans
  • Handle suitable for both the left and right handed


  • Not so comfortable hand grip however easy to use
  • Joints of a little bit sloppy though of good compression

 7.  Zone 30-Gal CanPactor 

When it comes to can crushing designs, nothing grabs your attention like this solid build that boasts an attractive look.  Mostly, it is available in white color. However, just in case you want to try something a little bit different, you can enjoy other varieties in blue, black, green among others.

Could you be a newbie into can crushers? Zone 30-Gal CanPactor is your perfect choice for effortless operation. Charmingly, it is one hand operated.

Perhaps what the fervent will find unique in this unit is the minimal force you have to apply when handling big-sized cans. This is a bolster for huge amounts of aluminum can crush.

Perhaps what the fervent will find unique in this unit is the minimal force you have to apply when handling big-sized cans. This is a bolster for huge amounts of aluminum can crush.

Afterward, just pull the handle all the way down and ‘knock off’ the shape of the can into an easy to pack shape. This crusher is probably all the motivation you have been looking for. It will help you recycle aluminum seltzer, your canned energy drinks, beer, soda, food and so many others.

In addition, the proudly USA made crusher arrives in plastic but strong construction, unrivaled in durability. Since you would love saving time on cleaning processes, it is designed for maximum weather resistance all the way. 

Highlighted Features

  • Approved for safe residential use
  • Can recycle both cans and bottles
  • Boasts a gallon capacity of 30 gallons
  • Eco-friendly can crusher for effective recycling
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor application


  • Hand operated
  • Easy to open the lid
  • Holds up to 400 aluminum cans
  • Both recycling bin ad can crusher
  • Anti-rusting, anti-dent and anti-chip
  • Top density polythene and durable craft


  • Only manually operated though of easy use
  • A little bit tight lid that catches cans. With careful insertion crushing is seamless

 8.  BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher 

If you are dealing with muddled rooms in your home, the idea of creating that extra space can only be helpful. This is why you need to get the Buffalo Tools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher to create more space.

With the Buffalo Tools Heavy Duty you can easily handle a bulk of aluminum cans to save room in your recycling bin. You can use it to crush cans in the recycling bin or garbage.

Might you be concerned about wall mounting efforts? Gratefully, for most Buffalo Tools CNCRSH Deluxe fanatics love for this design is credited to the ease of vertical mounting.

This is because some 4 wood screws are included that guarantees you stability and heightened leverage for effortless crushing. You don’t have to worry about the crusher wobbling during operation.

A solid and durable can crusher is a favorite to many. To provide you this dream, the manufacturer has dedicated heavy gauge steel into the body construction for maximum performance and durability.

You think you have had enough of this crusher? To make sure your hands are not exposed to any form of injury, there is a large well-cushioned grip handle included. There is also an added bottle opener for your beverages.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides heightened performance
  • Pulling the lever down requires less effort
  • A long-lasting heavy gauge steel plate design
  • Light in weight for effortless portability and storage
  • There are 4 included wood screws for easy vertical mounting


  • Durable
  • Geared for high output
  • Boasts a solid construction
  • Comes in an attractive look
  • Easy to use with minimal effort
  • 4 wood screws for stress-free installation


  • Doesn’t fit cans bigger than 12 oz. though of good performance
  • Crushing arm a little dashed but with careful handling, still effective.
  • Not perfect for tin or steel can crush. Works well with aluminum cans

 9.  Pit Bull Can Crusher, 16 oz

For those who experience a high consumption of canned foods and drinks, this is a perfect idea of a can crusher for maximized output.

This can crusher comes with strong body construction for heightened durability. Besides, the handle comes muffled to ensure you don’t hurt your hand, especially when handling a lot of workloads. Also, find the heavy gauge steel a remarkable piece of construction to hold.

Finally, you have a can crusher that will compress your aluminum cans a very short time including those of 16 oz. To bring you the extra, the model arrives with a bottle opener as well.

How about an impressive can crusher you can install quickly with less of the effort? Those sounds like Christmas come early. To make this less nerve-wracking, a complete set of screws for wall mounting comes with the package.

For diversity, the crusher is able to handle aluminum cans of up to 3-inches wide and 6 to ½-inches tall.

Don’t struggle with the traditional designs that come with low performances any longer. With Pit Bull Can Crusher, 16 oz. it’s the perfect time to create that additional space and help send to the recycle facility a lot of cans in single transit.

Highlighted Features

  • A simple and safe design to operate
  • A heavy gauge steel soft handle grip
  • Handles up to 16 oz. of beverage cans
  • Package includes a handy opener on its base
  • Comes with complete set of screws for easy wall mounting


  • Easy to use
  • Attractive outlook
  • Long lasting design
  • Stable while crushing cans
  • Ideal for fast recycling needs


  • Crushes up to 12 oz. cans but not any above though perfectly
  • Handle not padded enough however still comfortable for hand

 10.  Can Crusher Crushes Soda Cans and Beer Cans 

Are you wondering how you will get rid of the soda and beer cans to create more space? Having a can crusher can make your work pretty easy if you need more space in your recycling bin.

This can crusher is probably what might change your bad experience with any other rival for all the right reasons. The product works well in crashing cans and it is very easy to use.

Nothing can be mind-boggling like a can crusher that is strenuous to set up on your wall. The manufacturer makes this an easy experience for you by including mounting screws and other hardware in the package.

In addition, get this can crusher especially if you are handling crushes of 12 oz. and any can of 16 oz. It crushes cans just like it should do to create more space.

This best can crusher provides you the convenience you are looking for a variety of canned foods and drinks that might be left scattered all over after the party done.

If you have been struggling with eco-friendly efforts, crush the cans as you count on this perfectly engineered model to do it all. Besides, expect a high level of output for deliveries to the recycling facility.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for quick can crushing needs
  • Easy to operate even for beginners
  • Pro-eco-friendly efforts of can recycling
  • Effortless to install for stable performance
  • One of the best kind of can crushers in the market


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Firm grip handle
  • Boasts an attractive look
  • Handles can of 12 oz. and 16 oz.


  • Quite small and compact yet compresses impressively
  • Might be a learning curve for kids but easy to grasp the use

Tips of How to Choose Best Can Crushers 

It is advisable to go beyond reviews and check on the reliability of the can crusher from your manufacturer for an ideal choice. However, keep these features at your fingertips for a conclusive and effective model that will last you long. 

Volume of Cans

Could you be regularly serving large families or be operating in a commercial setup with high can disposal? In such case, it is better to engage a multi crusher or 10 can crusher since they handle large bulks of cans at a time. This will save your time and help you realize high output. Otherwise, you can choose a standard model matched with your size cans especially when your consumption is on and off.

Size of the can and the can crusher

The size of the cans and the crusher is very critical. When it comes to the can size, make sure it fits perfectly in the crusher. The maximum weight that most crushers can hold is 12 ounces.

Bearing in mind that most tea, energy drinks, and beer cans are around 16 ounces, you may need a more powerful crusher. In that case, go for the fewer can crusher options in the market for such can size.The size of the can crusher will determine how much space it will take.

When choosing a can crusher to determine the amount of space you have to store it. Determine whether the space is big enough or it is limited. Also, remember that there is a distance the can require around it for easy operation. Although long lever effective model crushers are the best, they will require some same around them for easy usage. Take a small level if the space is minimal.

Ease of Use

To use less of your energy, consider buying a can crusher with a long handle. In addition, this implies you can count on third-party assistance from a young one during emergencies. However, it is imperative to ensure anybody providing you a backup is conversant with the safety measures and understands its functionality. In addition, this could be ideal if you are experiencing a health problem and are unable to use your hand effectively. 

Operation type

Is the can crusher manual, semi-automatic, or automatic? This is a question you should ask yourself before purchasing any can crusher. For most can crusher they only allow you to operate them manually.

Manual can crushers allow crushing a single can at a time and the process is manual through pulling the lever. This can take a lot of time. Semi-automatic ones have a plate where you can place the cans while crushing.Semi-automatic can crusher can handle up to ten cans. This ensures that crushing is faster than in the manual can crushing. 

The automatic can crusher use engines to automatically crush the cans. Very few crushers are electric. Although they are fast, there are very few in the market. If you are using the crusher in a home-based environment, a semi-automatic can crusher is the best. You will have an option to crush a bunch of cans when the volume is big.


How much maintenance does the can crusher require? This tool should make your work easier. If it adds up a huge amount of work for you in return, then it's making work harder. Consider how much maintenance they can crusher requires.

This is in terms of cleaning, inspection, repairs, and lubrication. Regardless of whether you wash the cans or not, the crusher is prone to getting in contact with other fluids and dirt. Therefore look for the one that is easy to clean.

How do I know what a can crusher is easy to clean or not? Well, you are in the right place. Can crushers that contain very many moving parts are very hard to clean. Reaching out for dirt in those moving parts is not a joke. If you go for a can crusher with minimal moving parts, cleaning will be easy. They also require less lubrication thus making maintenance easier.


For those with limited storage space, we suggest a wall-machine since you can hang it on the wall easily.

Quality and Durability

High-quality material will serve you for the long term. The durability of a can crusher depends on the material used to make it. Metal is the material that most can crushers have. But remember that there are strong and weak metals.

Therefore don’t just go picking any metal material and consider it as a quality product. But some crushers are made of plastic. Steel is the most common metal in can crushers.If you intend to have a durable can crusher, we recommend you go for crushers made with steel metal. Plastic material may not be sturdy enough to serve you for a long time. 

However, you can consider taking a plastic can crusher due to the nylon component in it which may enhance durability. Both materials can be a good option. Metal if you don’t mind the cost and plastic if you need a cheap one. But always consider the quality of the material.

Value for Money

The market is flooded with low-cost can crushers that come with remarkable functionality. Nevertheless, avoid buying too much into looks at the expense of performance.


Q: Clean or not clean cans before crushing?

A: It is not a must for you to clean the cans before crushing them. Clean if you want to but if you don’t want, just don’t bother. However, there are fluid remains after you use the can. The fluid will make the crusher dirty so you'll need to clean the crusher. But whether you clean or not clean the can, the crusher still gets dirty. 

Q: What will be the size of a crushed can?

A: Can crushers can reduce cans into very small sizes. However, it all depends on the can crusher model and how strong the can is. The majority of the can crusher will reduce the size to up to one-inch thickness. Others crush two-thirds of the original size. Either way, a crushed can size will take less space in your to recycle bin than before.

Q: Should I mount my crash can on the wall?

A: If you want to get the best result, just mount the can crusher on the wall. Most can crusher has the mount on the wall design. When you mount it on the wall, it will allow you to apply all the pressure to the can. If you choose not to mount it, when you apply the pressure, it may slip. You know what will happen after that. Injuries after injuries!

Q: What should I do if my can crusher doesn’t crush perfectly?

A: If this happens just check whether the moving parts are well lubricated. If they are not, they make the moving the lever very hard. This makes it very hard for you to crush the cans perfectly. You need to lubricate frequently. You can also apply a technique of making tiny dents on both sides of a can so that the pressure you apply can crush the entire can.

Final Thoughts

Did you know aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in engineering, construction and manufacturing fields? Apart from that, it takes aluminum 80 to 100 years to decompose hence the need to recycle it. About 80 million Americans use aluminum cans annually making it the most recycled metal in the US. Nonetheless, it constitutes less than one percent of all waste produced in the USA.

When Your home arrange a contact grill party or commercial space doesn’t have to clutter or be untidy anymore with these reliable models. Thanks to contemporary innovations, these best can crushers can help you play a role in easing recycling efforts and keep the environment safe.

Moreover, can crushing is just cool. Hence, think of bringing in your kids for some help if you are facing a high volume of cans. But ensure they understand how to do it all for heightened safety. Remember, it is advisable not to focus on the attractiveness of a can crusher at the expense of output demands.

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