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Top 10 Best Lawn Sweepers 2024 – Reviews & Comparison Included

The first thing I notice when I walk into someone's compound is the lawn. Don't you just love it when you come across a beautiful lawn? You too should enjoy the serenity that a neat lawn brings to a home and this can be only so if you own and efficient best lawn sweepers.

Which are the Best Lawn Sweeper on the market in 2024? We have walked through a lot of stores, read a lot of reviews also spent a lot of time testing out products all so we could better help you answer this question within this best lawn sweeper reviews. Also, we provide you with a trusted guide that will lead you to pick the right &  best rated lawn sweeper.

10 Best Lawn Sweepers in 2024 - Comparisons

Top 10 Best Lawn Sweepers 2024 - Reviews

 1.  Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

Sweeping your lawn can be daunting especially if you don’t have a lawn sweeper. The Agri-Fab sweeper is one of the best on the market. The lawn sweeper is well made when it comes to the size of the sweep brush, chute size also mesh capacity.

It is a versatile lawn sweeper that bags a lot of features. We spotte a lot of functionalities that were not present in other sweepers. For example, you can fold it without any tools making it easy to store.

Contrary to consuming very little storage space, the Agri-Fab 45-0492 has a remarkable sweep rate since its tongue can be offset to can cut also sweep simultaneously. It has a large flow through hopper with a storage capacity equivalent to about two trash bags.

Furthermore, it fills up completely giving it unmatched storage capacity which consequently saves you time from emptying the debris. As a result, you can sweep a large area in record time. It is relatively heavy in stature but it is an advantage as its low base means it is more stable during sweeping.

The Agri-Fab 45-0492 can collect large debris like sticks that is lawn sweeper for sticks, pine cones, also acorns. It stand out from ordinary mowers that pick up only grass and leaves. This comes with a new flow-through hopper which saves time, effort and makes the lawn cut in good fashion. 

It is very simple to assemble also can be done without previous knowledge or training on using the machine. Easy to operate and only requires is adjust the height to their preference. The speed chosen should also be logical as to avoid damages. It works best in a smooth land that does not have bumps. So this agri fab lawn sweeper reviews to get the perfect knowledge regarding sweeper also.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Need small storage spaces
  • Has durable and tough brushes
  • Easy to adjust the brush adjustment
  • Its bag is very large also flows through.


  • It is relatively large and sturdy

Check the video review on Agri-Fab 44" Lawn Sweeper 

Video Transcript:

 2.  Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Lawn Sweeper

The Brinly is a high-performance sweeper also is a great tool to sweep leaves, grass clippings, and even pine needles. It has durable fabric with a great capacity that will hold a lot of lawn material. The Brinly Lawn Sweeper manufacture by Brinly Hardy Company which is an American company based in Indiana.

Due to its ability to dump the lawn material from the seat of the tractor, it is very efficient also saves a good amount of time.

The brinly lawn sweepers has a pull-rope from the tractor that has an ergonomic t-handle. These features help to ease the dumping process. This has six brushes that are high velocity rotate allowing it to collect material continuously.

The brush to wheel ratio is high equaling to maximum performance in the sweeper. Additionally, brush to ground contact is easily adjustable minimizing the chances of the sweeper skipping lawn material.

The brinly sts-427lxh sweeper has a simple collapsible system to get it into an upright position meaning easy also quick storage. This upright position makes the Brinly an accessory that store in a small space. It may come quite in handy also when being transported as it is more flexible than most sweepers and can easily be moved around.

This brinly lawn sweeper or brinly lawn vacuum assemble quickly in less than 2 hours for someone who is content with working at a slow but steady pace. The instruction guide comprises simple diagrams also easy step by step sentences giving you an easy time. Also, all the brinly lawn sweeper parts are labeled clearly ensuring no confusion with the brinly hardy sweeper. .


  • Large capacity Hamper
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Its 5:1 Brush to ground ratio offering a clean sweep
  • Its upright storage feature allows it to occupy the least space possible
  • Has a new twist lock feature for adjusting its height in the easiest way possible


  • Its assembly is rather hectic

 3.  Sun Joe Electric Scarifier Plus Lawn Dethatcher 

The Sun Joe Dethatcher AJ801E comes with an electric scarifier and lawn dethatcher. It is powered by a 12 amp motor also has a wide path that collects a most of the lawn material in one try as compared to the rest. 

It is perfect for working in small and even mid-sized lawns. The lawn dethatcher comes with Airboost technology which enhances raking ability which maximizes thatch collecting.

Its pickup is improved by spring steel tines which can remain sharp for long giving it good reliability during performance.The 5 position depth control feature allows you to tailor the raking depth you require. 

Scarifying encourages growth for thicker and healthier turf also cuts grassroots provided it is carried out regularly. Easy to Assembly. It comes with a screw which a user must fasten it with caution to avoid complications. It comes with a long cable allowing to work while plugged in from a distance away. 

The Sun Joe is very simple to use as you are only required to press a button and start pushing, it requires no user guide whatsoever. It has been described as a more ‘green' choice as it requires no oil or tune-ups to functions. This is also very light meaning it can easily be pushed also during storage or hang wall.

This device comes with two attachments in which you can switch from time to time during depth adjustment. The top two are for detaching while the bottom two are for scarifying. It should also be used carefully as if you use it too much on one spot it may remove all the thatch and this is harmful to your lawn.


  • Simple to operate
  • Contains a special Airboost technology
  • Can be started instantly by the push of a button.
  • Lightweight means it can be easily pushed also stored
  • Powerful 12 amp motor & It works as like as electric lawn sweeper
  • Has 5-position depth control allowing the user to adjust where tines should go


  • Its collector bag could do with an increase in size

 4.  Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag- Never Rake Again

It features a universal design which fits 2 or 3- bin grass catchers for both side also front chutes. The Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag can hold more than 40 bushels of material which is more than five times more the capacity of a regular 2-bag lawn tractor grass catcher. 

It is made in the United States. The Lawn Tractor has two mounting design features. The over also under mounting designs minimize the leaves that blow on the driver. 

Its bag is not only super-sized, it also has an easy to dump tampered shape saving maximum time. This machine converts the tractor grass catcher to a very large leaf vacuum. 

This saves a large amount of time it would have taken the person who is collecting a huge amount of time. It comes with dual drawstrings clasps which are helpful in holding tight to the collector. It comes with a quick release cord you can pull to open the bag easily. The bag is tapered to allow less stress during emptying and better air flow. 

This tractor lawn sweeper bag & never rake again can be attached to chippers which increase the size of your collector's bag. The lawn tractor sweeper bag can also be replaced by a leaf blower or a vacuum which have a higher storage capacity. Even though the bag drags along the lawn, Material is fabric that does not wear.

If in case a user may wish to attach their own larger bag to collect the lawn thatch, it is recommended to attach material like a tarp to the trailer hitch to take the weight away. The bag should be cleaned regularly to avoid the formation of dust patches look like leaf sweepers. So it is also best leaf sweeper or leaf collecting lawn sweeper no doubt.


  • It is cheap
  • Easy to dump
  • Made of strong material
  • Comes with a super-size bag
  • Has designs that prevent leaves blowing on the driver


  • Failure to regularly clean forms dust patches

 5.  Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper

The Agri-Fab 45-0320 Tow Lawn Sweeper is an efficient lawn sweeper that saves time on the collection of lawn material, while also saving energy due to minimal lifting of heavy items. 

This product is made in the United States, in the state of Illinois. The sweeper can be hitched to the back of a tractor, hence sweeping up grass leaves and fine straw. This Lawn Sweeper is very easy to use, requiring only minimal maintenance. 

The sweeper can also eliminate most of the debris with only one swipe. It picks up the lawn thatches by use of replaceable and adjustable brushes that burrow shallowly into the ground.

Therefore of its wide sweep, it is very efficient in collection remains. This has a windscreen which prevents blowing of leaves or the debris that was swept, to the user. It comes with a rope handle which lets the user dump contents conveniently from the comfort of the tractor's seat.

This agri fab 42 inch lawn sweeper activates the brushes when only moving in a forward direction, meaning if one is reversing no material will be collected. It is relatively small in sizes also light in weight meaning it can be stored in small spaces.

This is possible to attach it to any kind of riding mower meaning it is versatile. It is very easy to adjust brush height in the ma chine. It is lightweight durable poly construction material making it stronger. This Lawn Sweeper has an advantage over the rest especially due to its ability to pick pine needles which are small. It can be quickly set up for use.


  • It can be easily dumped
  • Made of durable material
  • Collapsible hopper saving space
  • Its brushes make work much easier
  • Versatile also can be quickly attached to tractors


  • It is heavy

 6.  Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

People who tend to use rakes to sweep away leaves, debris and grass clippings usually have quite a hard time. This is therefore using a rake is more tedious and time consuming compared to a lawn sweeper. 

The lawn sweeper has durable brushes that function smoothly ensuring your grass remains in good condition while keeping your lawn clean. The model 45-0592 Inch Push Lawn Sweeper is used in a tow style method. 

It is relatively heavier than the other models available. Its wheels are large also pneumatic ensuring it glides a good distance above the ground. This can be assembled quickly without needing any extra tools.

Its sweeper is wider than the other models and its hopper carries a greater capacity. This hopper is collapsible complimented with an added folding hitch that increases storage and makes it more compact. To unload the hopper one simply requires to uses the spring loaded quick release. It is then dumped using the steel lever to the tractor.

This best push lawn sweeper product is most useful during the mid-autumn season when leaves are falling down by the bucketful. It is ideal for the house owner who can no longer keep up with the hustle that is required in racking up their gardens. It is lightweight also adjustable to any required height.

During operation of this lawn sweeper, it is important to adjust the height of the sweeper correctly to prolong the sweeper's life also avoid damage. Also, it is advised that an individual wears eye protection to avoid eye damage. Dump the hopper immediately after use. Failure to adhere may lead to the damp leaves and grass to cause damage to the fabric of the bag.For your more info. people also call it  52 inch lawn sweeper. Moreover,this push lawn sweeper reviews explain vast idea for proper use.


  • Relatively wide in size.
  • Easy to a removable hopper
  • Built of a very durable polymers
  • Easy to handle compare to a rake
  • Easy to store due to its folding ability
  • Very light in weight hence easy to push
  • Efficient in collecting leaves especially if they are numerous


  • Maybe a little more costly than its counterparts

 7.  Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper, 50"/26 cu. ft.

The Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper 50SWP26 is a super capacity also heavy-duty collector bag with a well wide sweeping path which makes sweeping your lawn quicker than ever. As the name suggests it is made in the United States.

This extra width ensures the chute does not clog. A 4.5 to 1 brush to the wheel turning ratio makes sure the lawn collects the maximum amount of leaves or grass.

The sweeper has 5-position hitch adjustment system which allows a user to customize their own fit to all tractor brands and types. Additionally, its hitch comes with a hitch pin including.

This ohio steel 50 inch lawn sweeper is professional grade lawn sweeper comes with unique patented brush sweeps which are spiral also much more efficient than standard sweepers. This is therefore they apply a lot less pressure on the gears ensuring a longer life.

The ohio steel lawn sweeper 50 comes with a user guide and instruction set to enable the user to set the components themselves from scratch. Luckily it is very simple to set up provided one carefully reads also follows each and every detail to the letter. Furthermore, it comes with an extra set of safety rules and operating instructions.

Some of the safety guides are that children and untrained persons should never operate the tractor to avoid injury. It should be driven slowly also no one should exceed its speed limit of 6 miles an hour. Additionally, there is no allowance for passengers. Make sure to empty the hopper after use to avoid mixing of various contents from separate sweeps.


  • Easy to dump
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Versatile also can work in any terrain.
  • Its 5-position hitch adjustment system makes it very versatile
  • Very wide hence it can collect large amounts of leaves at a go


  • The bottom bag needs stronger fabric

You may check this video review on  Ohio Steel 50" Lawn Sweeper model 50SWP26

Video Transcript:

 8.  Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush 

This is a professional grade lawn sweeper which features a wide sweeping path to make lawn collecting faster also more efficient.

The sweeper also comes with a large and heavy duty collector bag ensuring minimal number of dumps. It is made in the United States in the state of Ohio. This is only shipped in the US. It is a very easy to use the sweeper also can be handled without any prior training. 

It comes with exclusively designed patented spiral brushes made of polypropylene which work better than normal sweepers. This is due to their ability to apply less pressure to the gears allowing them to last longer.

Furthermore, the hopper can be easily emptied by just pulling a rope which can be accessed from the seat. This makes it more convenient as you do not require leaving your seat during the process of dumping.

It has a great 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel turning ratio which ensures it spends the least time working on lawn care. It also has a very wide chute meaning there is little clogging also minimal time attention in unclogging the chute.

Additionally, it comes with a collapsible hopper which can be folded to hence making it possible to store in what would be thought as small storage space. It also has a unique feature called the sealed ball bearings on the brush axle. Its user guide is very simple to understand even for users who may have never used such a product. This can be assembled quite easily. That why this ohio steel lawn sweeper reviews properly help to choose the perfect one.


  • Has a hitch pin
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a wide sweeping scope
  • Good brush to wheel turning ratio
  • Duping can be done from the seat


  • Should have has straps at the bottom of the box to avoid it falling out

 9.  Agri-Fab Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper - 52"

The Agri-Fab Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper has a very wide sweeping width and comes with an extra-large hopper which is a flow-through bag. 

This hopper has been described as having more than twice the storage capacity of a regular bagger. It comes with a universal hitch that can be attached to any kind of tractor. 

Due to its adjustable brush feature, the user is able to set the brush height they may desire. It also comes with semi-pneumatic wheels which are great especially for smooth transportation of the collected goods.Its bag comes with a new technology steel lever allowing it to be emptied from the comfort of the tractor's seat.

This also comes with a universal hitch which can easily attach the hopper to any type of tractor. Furthermore, it comes with a mount tine de-thatcher which is helpful mainly during winter to help out with dead organic matter that tends to compact during this period. Its hopper is quite easy to remove and to store. This is mainly down to its collapsible feature that allows you to hang on the wall.

It can be assembled in less than two hours but may need a little concentration and reliance on one following every step in the user manual. Luckily, it has been designed using plastic gears and other low-cost manufacture procedures, which makes it a very good economic model.

However, the bolts that are used to hold on to the brushes have been known to be brittle so one should avoid applying too much pressure at a given moment. This look like as a 72 inch lawn sweeper that is this Product Dimensions is 72 x 38 x 61 inches. Moreover, this tow behind lawn sweeper reviews help to pick the best one.


  • Small spaces storage
  • Has a universal hitch pin
  • Has a wide sweeping range
  • Its bag flows through meaning it fills completely
  • The hopper can be emptied from the tractor seat


  • It could have been reinforced by stronger material

 10.  Ohio Steel 42LS Sweeper, 42"/18 cu. ft.

The Ohio Steel 42LS Sweeper is made in America sweeper that is very wide to accomplish the task of lawn care. It features a heavy-duty collector bag that is quite large. 

This hopper is not only collapsible for convenient also compact storage; it can be offloaded also emptied very easily with just the pull of a rope. 

This lawn sweeper ohio steel comes with straight polypropylene brushes to do the hard work you would have done if you decide to rake. Its chute is very wide hence there is no allocation for clogging if you are working on a large area or lawn.It comes with a 5-position hitch adjustment that lets an individual choose their preferred custom fit to all kinds of tractors.  

It has sealed ball bearings on the brushes' axles. This comes with a 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel turning ratio. Many users have claimed it comes with many contents that need to be fixed together, so one may need a large wrench also socket to assemble it. Since it comes with a number of parts, it is important that you follow the assembly instructions to the letter to avoid any technical failures.

However, the assembly instructions come with not only short simple sentenced instructions, but also small diagrams to show you how you are required to assemble. It requires minimal maintenance but every once in a while one is required to tighten the fasteners before use.

In addition, the most important safety rule that must be followed always is never allowing an untrained person or a child to operate the machine.It is also best rated lawn sweeper indeed.


  • Its chute rarely clogs
  • Need more stored space
  • Has a wide sweeping width
  • It has seal ball bearings on the brush axle
  • Versatile as it has 5-position hitch adjustment


  • Could have been made using a tougher material

How To Choose The Best Lawn Sweeper

The above-top rated lawn sweeper or best lawn sweepers are those that met our standard expectations in some aspects of its operation. These aspects are;


A commercial grade lawn sweeper is one that has a capacity enough to meet your demand as like as best pull behind lawn sweeper or best tow behind lawn sweeper. Large lawns will require a large capacity bag so as to save time that would have otherwise been spent emptying the contents. The sweepers with small bags are cheaper also so are popular choices for those with small lawns.

Hopers Bag Size

The variety of choice of the best lawn sweepers available in the market might overwhelm you. But whether you are looking to have one for grass clippings, for collecting pinecones, and for sweeping leaves, lawn sweepers can vary in performance. You need to choose a lawn sweeper with a large Hooper size to lessen the time you have to spend for collecting debris.

Hoppers help collect light leaves and other debris when you are sweeping up. Having a small hopper bag means you will have to empty the bag regularly when collecting trash. That means having a larger hopper size will provide you with consistency that you require most to perform your cleaning activities.

Sometimes it is so hectic to clean the compound, especially during windy summers. The last thing you need is staying out the entire day collecting light branches and leaves due to shedding of trees. The price of Lawn sweepers with larger hopper bags may be relatively higher, but you will be sure to get an assistant to help do your duties. Think about the beauty of your garden and how tidy it should be during those bright summers.


There are generally two types of sweepers, the push sweeper and the tow-behind sweeper. The push sweeper is a better choice for small property owners. The great thing about it, its silence during operation and you'll particularly enjoy using it as it is also easy to use. It is, however, bests suited to pick leaves and grass. The tow-behind sweeper is best suited for sweeping bigger debris like sticks, pinecones, pine needles, and best lawn sweeper for acorns. 

Size of the Lawn

Your decision to have the best lawn sweeper for acorns does not lie in the balance of probability. That is because once you decide to purchase a particular brand, you are the carrier and the person to enjoy the benefits and shortcomings of the sweeper. You will need a lawn sweeper that is reliable and compatible with your garden. 

The size of your patio determines mostly the size of the lawn you will need to have. I don't think if you need a tow behind your lawn sweeper for a small yard or garden. That will be pure wastage of resources and may not perform at its best. Always make sure you get the lawn sweeper compatible with the size of the lawn. In case your yard is huge, you will need a lawn sweeper with a higher capacity as well. That means the size of the garden is directly proportional to the ability of the lawn sweeper.

Another thing you need to contemplate is that the size of the lawn will have an impact on the type of sweeper you will decide to have. Some models, such as the push along with sweepers, are only useful when in use for lawns of around 2000 square feet. Exceeding this limit will compromise the performance of the sweeper. To stress, the tow behind the lawn will only work better for large lawn areas, and that is a factor you need to understand before ordering a lawn sweeper.


You should look for a heavy duty lawn sweepers that will serve you for a long time without frequent servicing like the john deere lawn sweeper. This consequently results in lower maintenance costs. The parts prone to wear are the brushes also the hopper. You will frequently need to replace or repair. You should also check to see that the body is made by a strong durable material.

Ease of Operation

In every universal device, whether automatic or manual, the ease of operation is a very crucial factor to consider. You have to understand how the machine works and whether you can effortlessly use the tool. Simple to use the tool is the prime criterion of selecting a lawn sweeper.

You are the one to operate this device to complete the work. Besides, even if you have to delegate duties, your assistant must be conversant with the functionality of the machine. Being a fabrication yard, you will have to learn about the maintenance of the equipment and how to pick up grass clippings with fewer efforts. If you find yourself performing the job more than the machine, then get it clear that the tool is not compatible with you.

Most lawn sweepers are lightweight, efficient alternatives to tiring hand garden jobs and easy to use tools. But that does not ascertain that all lawn sweepers are compatible with you. Some are very complex to understand and only for the professionals. With that in mind, make sure you choose something you are very comfortable working with and a device that has a natural storage quality.


Small properties have small sweeping areas also so small property owners are in a better position to save more as like as commercial grade lawn sweeper. You will end up spending less on a push sweeper with a small hopper than a tow-behind with large storage. Not only that you also find a cheap lawn sweepers or best yard sweeper or best electric sweeper for your convenient purpose work solve. Moreover, if you want to buy convenient sweeper then check lawn sweepers for sale or pull behind leaf sweeper or see pull behind grass sweeper indeed.


What is the size of your lawn? If it is a large property, then you'll need a wide sweeper or best sweepers. Really the top sweepers or large lawn sweeper simply therefore it will save you plenty of time as it sweeps at a higher rate. A narrow sweeper is better suited for a small property owner as it is more economical.


Whether you have the ohio steel lawn sweeper or any other model, Hitches come in different sizes. You should make your choice based on the vehicle you intend to attach your vehicle to. Tractors and riding mowers require different hitches of different heights. You can, however, opt to buy a multipurpose Hitch. You can simply adjust it to suit your required height also functionality.

Quality of the Brushes

Brushes of the sweeper are very vital elements. The sweeper uses the brushes to clean the lawn, and that means they should be of very high quality. The quality of brushes is directly proportional to the time taken to finish the job. If you choose to go for the cheaper models that come with low-quality brushes, you may end up cleaning the garden for a whole day or two. Another big problem with little quality brushes is the fact that you will have to replace them soon after the first purchase. Get yourself a quality model with quality brushes that will serve you faster and for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can my tow behind lawn sweeper work on a wet lawn?

A: Yes, and no. Yes, because the sweeper can do well on a wet lawn. It is evident that if you are working in a humid environment, the lawn might be soggy, and you don't have to stop the work until it dries. Wet debris holds on together, and it may be tough to get them up. Also, your sweeper can work well on a damp lawn, depending on the strength of the lawn. The efficiency will depend on how big the lawn is. No, because even after the tiresome cleaning, there may be some other pieces of leaves or debris that will stick to the wet turf. 

Q: What is the primary purpose of a lawn sweeper?

A: The primary purpose of a lawn sweeper, just as the name suggests, is to help you sweep through your paved lawn area. It will assist you when sweeping debris, grass clippings, and any type of litter that accumulates in your lawn. You don't need to manually clean your garden since this automatic system will remove the debris using a lawn sweeper that is more reliable and safer.

Q: Which is the best lawn sweeper brand?

A: The best yard sweeper brand is the one that satisfies all your needs within one clean up. When it comes to electric gadgets, everyone wants a durable product that is easy to use and guarantee exact maintenance costs. There are some brands out there better known for quality design, such as the Karcher, Ohio steel, and several others. However, choose a lawn sweeper that is compatible with your needs.

Q: How can I clean out the Hopers Bag after sweeping?

A: Make sure you always empty the bag when it is at least three-quarters full. Filling the container to the brim may weigh the hopper down, thus damaging the bag. Don’t add extra weight to the bag because it may sag and end up damaging the sweeper.

Final Thoughts

Times have changed also the era of relying on rakes as the number one tool for lawn care is long gone. Technology has changed a lot also allowed us to use new machines such as Lawn Sweepers or best lawn sweeper tow behind or best lawn sweeper for grass clippings to collect the thatch that readily accumulates in our lawns. Also, you can choose best lawn sweeper to buy form the market or use the best lawn sweeper for pine needles indeed!

That is why best lawn sweepers reviews or heavy duty lawn sweeper presenting each of the lawn sweepers detailed above has their own characteristics some of which are helpful to you while some may not apply in your case not only that but also we are presenting best price on lawn sweeper in current market. You can also check out best lawn sweeper for leaves and powered lawn sweeper also.

So it is now up to you to decide on what features or sweep it lawn sweeper suit you best also you can own your own lawn sweeper for lawn sweeper menards or menards lawn sweeper.

Moreover, if you want to know more details regarding this product then you can find on the market for your convenient time, So products are  john deere lawn sweeper, ohio steel lawn sweeper, top rated lawn sweepers, lawn sweeper ratings, lawn sweeper for sale, cub cadet lawn sweeper, commercial lawn sweeper, 72" lawn sweeper, 72 lawn sweeper, leaf sweeper reviews, top rated lawn sweepers, steiner lawn sweeper cost, kubota lawn sweeper, leaf and grass sweeper, lawn sweeper modifications, best lawn sweeper for sticks, biggest lawn sweeper, largest lawn sweeper, pull behind leaf picker upper, best push lawn sweeper and electric lawn sweeper which is may potential for you indeed!!

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