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Top 10 Best Kayak Drysuits 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Kayaking is among the best games loved by US Citizens. It is fun to participate regardless of your high or low skills. This activity is mind and body relaxing. For complete fun with your buddies, you need to make the best decision on the best kayak drysuits to use while kayaking. The review will help you make an informed decision.

The kayak drysuits are designed to ensure that you remain dry thought the Kayaking session. It should not be too tight or baggy, just fitting to your body size. The neck gasket should be tight enough to avoid water from entering the body through the neck region. It should be elastic to avoid breathing problems and to ensure effective blood flow.

Kayak suits come in various sizes to fit kayakers of different sizes and weights.. Leaks are one of the things that these top kayak drysuits have taken into consideration. This is to ensure that the kayaker does not get wet. The suits are also made to enhance the relaxation of the kayaker to enable easy paddling.

10 Best Kayak Drysuits in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Kayak Drysuits in 2024 - Reviews

As an angler, not only do you need to invest in the best inflatable kayaks for whitewater but also a quality kayak drysuit. We have researched the market to help you select the right drysuits that will enhance your kayaking experience. The following are some of our top 10 recommendations.

 1.  Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel Drysuit

Stohlquist Men's Amp Drysuit-Mango-XXL

The Stohlquist Amp Drysuit is a waterproof, 4- layered twin sensor suit. Built to enhance the relaxation of the Kayaker. The four layers of fabric have the best durable nylon shells, DWR treatments and breathable/waterproof treatments which are very important in protecting the kayaker. It also ensures maximum comfort while paddling the Kayak. The chest area has a master seal waterproof chest entry with zippers.

The Stohlquist Amp Drysuit has a soft latex neck which prevents entry of the water into the body. This latex material is comfortable on the kayaker's neck. The suit has a wrist gasket with a better UV resistance mechanism which is less prone to tear and wear. You are assured of a long-lasting Kayak drysuit that is not easily torn or affected by sunlight.

The Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel Drysuit has breathable dry fabric socks that are made to give your feet comfort. The socks are easy to wear which are made in universal sizes to suit all sizes of the Kayaker's legs. Has articulated sleek built knees. Thigh and arm pockets are well placed to reduce interference and easy access. A double tunnel to integrate the sprayskirt. 

Highlighted Features

  • Universally fit dry fabric socks fit for all leg sizes
  • Duraseal Latex neck and wrist gaskets with over- cuffs
  • A master seal cross-chest entry fitted with relief zippers
  • Waterproof/breathable with 4 layers of fabric which gives comfort
  • Reinforced knees and seats with articulated armored mesh drainers

Lucrative pros

  • The wrist gasket that is more UV protected
  • Durable nylon shells add protection to the kayaker
  • The neck latex gives you comfort and prevents water
  • Dry fabric socks that are universally sizeable for fitting
  • Arm and thigh pockets are well placed for easy access

Summary : As a kayaker, you need a drysuit that ensures you will remain dry all through the kayaking session. The Stohlquist Amp Drysuit with Tunnel Drysuit is built to ensure max comfort. The neck is made comfortable by using latex material. Universally made fabric socks can easily fit the different sizes of legs. You do not want to be limited to wearing the socks by them not fitting your legs.

 2.  Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit, Large, Orange/Grey

The Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit is a great drysuit that has added comfort. The materials that are used to build the suit are 100% breathable. It’s a highly purchased product due to its reliability. Its design is technically suited for its performance. Flexible, highly customizable warmth levels made so by the heat underwear system. Features a captive zipper design giving you the ability to choose the model.

The modes are the dry and standby mode. When fully made 100% it is dry and highly breathable. Has a well-ventilated, hooded and pants to avoid rain and wind from reaching your skin. Converting the modes from standby to dry and vice versa is easily accomplished still wearing the pdf. The modes are changed by the well-designed, captive zippers design. The refined design suits the sport.

Easy to answer the calls of nature which is ensured by the crotch relief mechanism that it is built with. The hood is easily removable and easily fastened. It protects the head-neck area ensuring that it stays dry as possible during the sport. The Ocean Rodeo Soul suits are designed in different sizes, considering the relevant dimensions of the varying sizes of Kayakers.

Highlighted Features

  • A two-way zipper jacket to allow a harness wear
  • Effective different sizes to fit any size of the Kayaker
  • The removable hood which protects the kayaker head-neck area
  • Crotch relief mechanism which enables easy opening when needed
  • Highly breathable materials with zippers which regulate the modes

Lucrative pros

  • When a call of nature arises it is easily answered
  • They come in different sizes to suit sizes of people
  • The removable hood protects the head while kayaking
  • Zippers designed to change the modes of the soul suit
  • Flexible and highly customizable warmth levels with heat underwear system

Conclusion : Are you an existing Kayaker or a beginner looking for a flexible and a warmth regulating Drysuit? We recommend the Ocean Rodeo Soul Breathable Drysuit. It connects your soul to kayaking. Has advanced capabilities like the crotch relief system. This will allow you to answer a call of nature easily. Hooded to ensure that your head-neck region is fully protected against water. A good choice for a good experience.

O'Neill Men's Boost 300g Drysuit, Black, X-Large

Wondering where to get a reliable and best kayak sail suit? Here comes a solution to your troubles. The O Neill Men's Boost 300g Drysuit is abrasion-resistant nylon made drysuit. It fits onto the body loosely to allow you to have maximum mobility while performing activities and sailing. This also gives room for an added layer of warmth when needed.

Highly waterproof suit. Has latex wrists, ankle seals which hold tightly on the skin to prevent the entry of water. Designed with built-in suspender which enables easy entry to the body. The nylon material used has PVC baking and a smooth- skin neck seal which comforts the neck. It avoids the entry of water through the neck. Suitable for use when sailing in cold weather waters.

Your questions on where to find budget-friendly Kayaking drysuits are answered. The O Neill Men's Boost 300g Drysuit is budget-friendly. For the best experience of kayaking, we recommend this drysuit where it will give you warmth even while on very cold waters. Its zipper closure design enables you to wear as well as remove it easily while attending to a call of nature. 

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in suspender to allow easy entry to the body
  • It is loosely fitting to allow easy and efficient mobility
  • Allows for an added layer of fabric for keeping warm
  • Made of nylon that is designed to be abrasion resistant
  • Latex made ankle- wrists seals prevent the entry of water

Lucrative pros

  • It is not easily eroded by water currents
  • Allows for addition of fabric to keep you warm
  • Keeps you warm at all weathers during the sport
  • Has a built-in suspender to enable easy wearing
  • The ankle-wrists made of latex avoid entry of water

Conclusion :For the best experiences while kayaking you need to have the best Kayak drysuit. O Neill Men's Boost 300g Drysuit is a well- designed suit made of abrasion-resistant nylon. It fits the body perfectly and loosely. This enables the addition of fabric for increased warmth. The latex made wrist-ankle seals are comfortable for the neck. They avoid entry of water into the body. The suspenders are made to ensure that it is easy to wear.

 4.  Stohlquist Ez Drysuit

Stohlquist Ez Drysuit

The Stohlquist EZ Drysuit is made of nylon material. The fabric is 4- layered, waterproof/breathable. This nylon shell fabric has a DWR finish. It is coated with a hydrophobic/microporous coat, a laminated membrane, and a tricot nylon lining. The neck gasket has stretchable Neoprene made seal for preventing entry of water through the neck. Master seal cross-chestt entry with zippers, easy to wear and remove.

Knee zones are armored with mesh drainers to protect you. The seats too are meshed armored. Universally made dry socks fabrics are sized to fit all sizes of legs. The Stohlquist Ez suit is easy to wash, hand washes using soap and water. This saves the stress of washing it. Arms and thigh pockets that are easily accessible and well placed to avoid any interference.

Durable Nylon shell that protects the sailor and assures them comfort. The Stohlquist offers after-sales fitting services to their customers on the neoprene neck seal for best fit. Wrist gaskets with a higher UV resistance ability. They are not prone to tear and wear. You need a Drysuit that will keep you as dry as possible as well as resistant to the UV rays.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of durable nylon that is easy to wash
  • Waterproof/breathable fabric with a pair of sensors
  • Has fabric socks that are universally designed for all sizes
  • Hydrophobic or Microporous material for coating the fabric
  • A stretchable Neoprene neck gasket that comforts the neck

Lucrative pros

  • The socks fabric are made to fit any leg size
  • It is easy to wash by only using soapy water
  • Cross-chest master seal that is easy to wear
  • UV resistant wrist gaskets less prone to tear
  • The neoprene made neck gasket is comfortable to the neck

Conclusion : The Stohlquist Ez Drysuit is a great deal for Kayakers. The 4 layers ensure that you are protected. It has a stretchable neck gasket which gives your neck required comfort. It is designed to ensure that it does not allow water to get into the body. The wrist gaskets are UV protected as well as being tear-proof. The suits are easy to wash by only using soap and water.

 5.  Ocean Rodeo Ignite 2.0 Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo Ignite Breathable Drysuit, Large, Red

Looking for a flexible, mobile Drysuit for kayaking? The Ocean Rodeo Ignite 2.0 Breathable Drysuit is a dual function designed drysuit/ bad weather gear. The ignite is made with many stylish features to suit being worn for a longer period more than just after work workouts. Has an advanced revolutionary captive zippers design. Dual- made dry suit keeps the kayaker safe from water.

The drysuit is comfortable to wear with a traditional foul weather jacket. The pants are comfortable and dry. It is 100% dry when worn in the full dry mode. Easily adjustable to standby mode while relaxing during sessions, opening the dry zippers and removing the neck seal. Zipped up over jacket allows ventilation to ensure there is a circulation of air. The conversion of the modes is easy.

When worn in standby mode the ignite suit can submerge in water leading to the entry of water in the suit. Added security brought about by a wader belt tied at the waist to prevent the entry of water into the lower part of the suit. Highly integrated knee pads to protect the knee-joint from injury. Has a comfortable neoprene neck gasket that comforts the neck.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable clinch cuffs for the ankles and wrists
  • Made in different sizes to ensure it fits the customer
  • Storm collar to completely keep you safe with buttons
  • Integrated knee pads to protect your knees from water
  • This medium-sized kayak deck bag features steel D-rings

Lucrative pros

  • Knees kept safe by the integrated knee pads
  • Keeps you completely dry when in dry mode
  • They come in different sizes to fit the kayakers
  • Adjustable clinch cuffs to fit your wrist and ankles
  • The Neoprene neck gasket keeps the neck water-free

Conclusion : When looking for one of the best Kayaking drysuits the Ocean Rodeo Ignite 2.0 will be a great tool to consider. It is made to suit 2 functions effectively. It keeps the kayaker dry thought the kayaking session. During the short breaks to breathe some air the suit can easily be converted to the standby mode. Made possible by the designed zippers on the suit.

 6.  Level Six Emperor 3.0 Ply Drysuit

Level Six Emperor 3.0 Ply Drysuit, Blaze Red/Charcoal, Large

It can be incorporated with clothes and still keep you dry. It is lightweight and made using breathable fabric. Designed using 3 layers of fabric making it waterproof. The neck gaskets are constructed using latex fabric to ensure it is just tight enough to prevent the entry of water into the body. Latex material is comfortable for the neck. It allows for convenient and easy mobility for kayakers.

Zippers designed on the rear of the suit to make it easy to wear the suit as well as removing it. The zippers allow ventilation of air inside the Emperor levels six suits when out of the lake or ocean. Adjustable wrist gaskets made of latex to prevent the entry of water through the wrist spaces. Reinforced shoulders, knees, and elbows to protect the joints from water.

Emperor level six has articulated spine stitches to ensure that the kayaker has an unrestricted range of motion. This helps the kayaker to perform maneuvers inside the water. The seat has a Cordura lining to protect your bum. Has an easy to access chest pocket which has no hindrances while accessing. It is suitable for all 4 seasons kayaking. Highly durable and comfortable drysuit created.

Highlighted Features

  • 3.0 ply built-in durable waterproof socks that are fitting
  • A waterproof relief plus rear zippers for ventilation and entry
  • Has articulated spine, elbows, and knees for safety purposes
  • British Latex neck and wrist gaskets with adjustable protectors
  • Cordura reinforced seats, elbows, and knees to prevent water entry

Lucrative pros

  • Neck and wrist gaskets made of latex are adjustable
  • They ensure that the kayakers remain dry all through
  • Zippers designed on the rear to ensure easy wearing
  • The seats are reinforced with Cordura for comfort
  • Waterproof 3.0 socks that are highly durable and fittingNeck and wrist gaskets made of latex are adjustable

Conclusion : For light-weighted kayakers drysuits, the Level Six Emperor 3.0 ply Drysuit is a suit to consider purchasing. It is a 3 layer designed fabric suit that is waterproof to ensure that the kayaker stays dry. The neck and wrist latex made gaskets are stretchable to fit different sizes. The Emperor seats are reinforced using Cordura material to ensure that they protect the user while paddling.

 7.  Seattle Sports Deluxe 15L Kayak and Paddle Board Deck Bag

GUL 2018 Dartmouth Eclip Zip Drysuit Black/RED GM0378-B5 with Free Undersuit

Built using 3 layers of waterproof fabric. It provides full wet weather protection retaining its breathing ability. This is one of the best Kayaks sail suit. The Gul Eclip Zip system gives a dynamic and flexible entry into the drysuit. Seals on the drysuit are made using skin glide neoprene. This makes the Gul Dartmouth drysuits to be waterproof as well as increased comfort levels.

It has a higher warmth level. Ideal for sailing, jet skiing as well as other water surface sports. Heat is taped inside the 3 layered fabric design to keep the kayakers warm at all times while paddling. Articulated knees, arms, and elbows with soft skin for comfort and protection. The neck seals and gaskets are made using Neoprene which is easily stretchable to fit your neck.

The wrist gaskets are tight to ensure there are no water leakages in the body. Aquaseal Zip socks made of latex to cover the legs suitably. Zipped arm pockets that are easy to use without causing any unnecessary interference. Have contoured body panels to reduce snagging as well as reducing windage. The seats are well fabricated for comfort. Has articulated arms and knees for safety purposes.

Highlighted Features

  • Has articulated arms and knees to increase safety
  • A mechanism to trap heat to keep the kayakers warm
  • The seats are enhanced with fabric to make them hard
  • Contoured body panels to reduce windage and snagging
  • Fully breathable, hard-wearing 3- layered fabric, is waterproof

Lucrative pros

  • Waterproof fabric that is breathable to keep dry
  • Heat tapping mechanism to keep users warm all time
  • Gul eclip zip system that offers flexibility while wearing
  • Increased protection at the seats using articulated fabric
  • Neoprene skin built neck gaskets which protects the entry of water

Conclusion : The Gul 2018 Dartmouth Drysuit is built using 3 layers of waterproof fabric. It is 100% dry. Has an incorporated heat tapping mechanism to keep the kayakers warm during sailing. The zipper system (Gul Eclip) ensures flexibility when worn and when being removed.

Zipped arm pockets that are easy to access with no interference. Contoured body panels reduce snagging and windage. The seat is fabricated to ensure max comfort of the users. We would highly recommend this Best Kayak Drysuits.



If you are an avid kayaker, one of the essential things that you consider buying are drysuits for kayaking. The best kayak drysuit like the NEOTEK SEMI-DRYSUIT provides good insulation when you are outdoors. This is a unisex drysuit that is adjustable to suit the air temperature and water needs.

This semi-dry kayak suit keeps you warm during cold weather so you can enjoy your kayaking experiences. This cold-water hooded suit is made of compression-resistant neoprene material and it has a thermaskin inner liner. This material is super-stretchable and features an inner liner.

This kayak fishing dry suit has quality zippers that make it easy to put on and off. The relief zippers also provide a tighter barrier to prevent water from entering. The kayak drysuit clearance suit also features legs and arms that seal well to prevent leaks.

All the seams of the kayak feature double glued construction and they are joined with blind stitch construction. It also features pockets on both right and left thigh that you can store your essential items. This whitewater drysuit is good for the price.

The drysuit is comfortable to wear throughout the day since it is made of breathable fabrics. It provides good freedom of movement and a high comfort level while keeping you warm. It will take you some time to get used to putting the hood and shoulder section, but after the third time, everything is easy.

It is also designed with a hood which makes it great for cold water. You can enjoy diving while keeping your head warm. The built-in hood is thick enough and it helps greatly to keep you warm. You will not be shivering like when using other kayak drysuits.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with Lavaskin inner liner
  • Horizontal front zipper featuring internal bib
  • Internal dams on ankle, wrist, and neck
  • Super-stretch neoprene material
  • Thick built-in hood to keep you warm

Lucrative pros

  • The suit is ideal for men and women
  • It keeps you warm without leaks
  • Features durable construction
  • It has pockets and quality zippers
  • Easy to put it on and off

Conclusion : Keep yourself warm with this kayak drysuit that offers a high level of protection. This drysuit has many great features and it is suitable for all kayakers regardless of gender. The semi-dry suit is made of durable materials so it will last longer. While the drysuit provides protection, it isn’t enough so you should also have more layers to keep you warm. So, if you are planning to dive in cold waters, this kayak drysuit will be a great addition.

Yak Vanguard Whitewater / Kayak Drysuit + Underfleece - BLUE 2734

It offers the best protection against all weather, good and foul. It gives you all the freedom you desire while moving or kayaking. Designed using 3 layers of TX20K fabric that is breathable. Has a back shoulder zipper for entry purposes. The 2-way performance cut legs with latex made socks for comfort and easy mobility. The socks prevent the entry of water through the ankle zone.

The Vanguard Drysuit has everything you need. Seamless underarms technology plus a 3 way cut performance sleeves. Adjustable neoprene made waist belts that prevent the entry of water through the pants as well as avoid suit ride up while kayaking. Knees and seat panels for safety purposes. Chest pocket that is easily accessible/ efficient. It is accessed using laser-cut zippers that are highly waterproof.

Neoprene made neck gaskets which are comfortable to fit the sizes of necks. They are stretchable to tightly hold off water from entering the body. Wrist- ankle gaskets fitted with neoprene skin coat to comfort plus to prevent the entry of water through the joints. Latex made gaskets fitted with neoprene offer a tight grip that does not harm the user but prevents entry of water.

Highlighted Features

  • TX20 3 layers of fabric to keep you warm
  • Latex made socks that are tight to keep off water
  • Neoprene waist belt to prevent the override of the suit
  • Neck gaskets made with neoprene linings for protection
  • Chest pocket with easily accessible waterproof laser-cut zippers

Lucrative pros

  • Neck, neoprene made gaskets to fit the neck
  • The latex made socks prevent the entry of water
  • Belt designed using neoprene to prevent suit override
  • 3 layers of fabric to maintain the warmth of the kayaker
  • Easily accessible chest pocket with laser-cut waterproof zippers

Conclusion : A suit that will offer the kayakers protection against all weathers. Made with 3 layers of fabric to keep you warm and 100% dry. The Vanguard suit gives all users a comfortable easy time when working. It comes with a neoprene made belt that prevents the suit from overriding. It is fitted with internal braces that keep the suit in position regardless of how active you get in the water.

 10.  Stohlquist Shift Drysuit

Stohlquist Waterware Shift Drysuit - X-Large, Red

The Stohlquist Waterware shift drysuit offers great flexibility. Made using 3 layers of Rampart waterproof fabric. The fabric is breathable and incorporates a non-porous membrane made of hydrophilic polyurethane. This makes the suit suitable for saline water. It has a shift that allows the user to wear the suit in standby mode. It is well ventilated. It protects against rain plus comfort at the shore.

The standby mode is very suitable while launching suits. It is less prone to submersion in water. The shift drysuit looks like a separate jacket and pants. 100% dry. Waterproof zippers that run at the backside of the neck for easy zipping up, max comfort. Internal elastic suspenders that enables doffing, it prevents shifting of the suit while sailing. Master seal on the zippers.

Neck and wrist gaskets made using latex with adjustable cuff covers to protect the latex. Integrated Gripp-Loc sprayskirt tunnel which keeps the kayak’s cockpit dry. The drysuit is hooded with multiple adjustable points for added protection when the weather changes. Its seats are finished with Cordura for protection. Zippered pockets on the chest with internal headset ports for the lovers of music. It is very visible.

Highlighted Features

  • Zippered chest pockets that are easy to access
  • Simple, easy to use zippers system for easy wearing
  • Latex neck made adjustable gaskets with cuff covers
  • 3 layers of Rampant waterproof fabric suited for salty water
  • A removable hoodie with multiple adjustments points for protection

Lucrative pros

  • A zippered chest pocket with headset ports for music
  • Made with porous- hydrophilic fabric suitable for salty water
  • Offers both standby mode and dry mode for 100% functionality
  • Neck, latex made gasket covered with cuff covers for protection
  • Simple, easy to use waterproof zippers running behind the neck

Conclusion : Stohlquist Waterware shift drysuit is a flexible suit that is made using 3 layers of rampant waterproof fabric. Made using a non-porous membrane that is made using hydrophilic polyurethane which makes the suit suitable for saline environments.

It is well ventilated. It can be worn in standby and fully dry mode. When worn on the dry mode it offers a 100% dry and warm inner environment. The zippered chest pockets are easy to access with a headset port to connect headphones to listen to music.

How to Choose The Best Kayak Drysuits

There are some essential tips that you should consider when buying the right kayak drysuit. Here are some of the things that you need to check so that you are sure of getting the right product that meet your needs.

Decide Between a Full or Semi-Dry Suit

The main issues are comfort and dryness. Of late, semi-dry suits have become more and more popular since they are a little more comfortable than the full dry suits. A semi-dry suit comes with a neoprene neck gasket while a full one comes with a latex neck gasket.

Latex gaskets make a good seal around the neck ensuring you are dry while on your kayak. However, having it around the neck all day can be uncomfortable.Though the neoprene neck gasket on your semi-dry suit does not seal well around the neck as the latex one, it is way much comfortable.

Best Material

Drysuits are mostly made out of two types of materials: neoprene drysuits or laminated material dry suits.Neoprene drysuits – these suits fit tighter, therefore not offering much space to fit thicker undergarments in.

They provide a good transition for someone going from wet to dry as they still have the feel of a wet suit. However, they take more hours to dry out as neoprene material is much thicker than the laminate ones.

Laminated material dry suits – they allow the drysuit to be thinner and less cumbersome thus becoming lighter and easier as you paddle your kayak. Since they provide no thermal protection, you have to buy the correct undergarments.

Suitable Zipper Setup

Zippers can be plastic or metal. Plastic zippers are becoming more popular as they are easier to open and close. However, metal zippers if well maintained open and close with ease too. Zipper setups:
Front zip – zip runs from the front usually from the left hip to right shoulder. This allows one to dress.Zipper at the back- the zipper is located on the back, at shoulder height, from the left elbow. In this case, you require a second person during opening and closing.

Attempts to do this by yourself involve a substantial risk of breaking the zipper.
Other entrances often experimental, can be created though they require special expertise.

Appropriate Footwear and Gloves

Gloves should be dry. Dry gloves provide true comfort and enjoyment when paddling your kayak. Since hands in our bodies lose heat the most, quality and thickness of the gloves should be close to body warmth or even hotter.

There are two footwear to choose from built-in boots or built-in socks
Boots- are essential when the need arises to walk over tough terrain with your suit on. These boots, however, make suits more cumbersome for packing and storing.

Socks – having socks at the end of your drysuit may make it a bit more comfortable for long term wearing and also allows easier packing. There is an option to buy ‘rock boots’ to wear over your drysuit socks, giving you the chance to wear boots when needed.

Right Seals

Seals that are too tight will pinch your skin while too loose seals will let water in thus completely undermining the purpose of having the suit. Depending on the brand of your drysuit, you can choose between the following seals:

Latex seals- they offer you a customized as you will trim the seals when you are fitted into the suit so the seals fit your neck and wrists perfectly. It is also much more flexible and easier to get into. It is however much more fragile and can rip easily

Neoprene seals – it is the most durable option as it does not tear easily. It, however, stretches over time. Also, due to their thicknesses, they tend to become cumbersome.
Silicone seals – the most flexible and well-fitting of the three materials. It, however, wears out the quickest.

Correct Size

The selection of the proper size of the suit is key. A well-chosen size will offer you comfort and freedom of movement. Reducing the size of suits or mismatching them is a common source of challenges while paddling your kayak. For you to find the right size, knee using one knee while your hands reach the back. By doing this, the suit should fit you freely when you hug yourself. Therefore, it should not be too tight too loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have a kayak drysuit?

A: A kayak drysuit is important if you want to keep yourself dry while you are on the water. It also works great when you are fishing during winter. But for those who don’t mind getting wet, you can choose a wetsuit that keeps you warm especially if you are going for whitewater kayaking.

Q: Are kayak drysuits waterproof?

A: The best kayak drysuits should be completely waterproof. However, these suits are not designed to keep you warm if you wear them alone. Kayak drysuits are designed to keep water away.

They also offer a loose fit so you will feel like you are wearing a ski jacket. On the other hand wetsuits feature rubber neoprene make so that they can keep you warm but they are not waterproof.

Q: What are the right clothes to wear under a kayak drysuit?

A: I would recommend you to wear several fleece combined with synthetic layers. One important thing that you should know is that the temperature of the water has an effect on the number of clothes that you will wear.

 You can star wearing a thin and short sleeved synthetic top and then add layers of fleece to keep you warm when on the water.

Q: How long can I use a kayak drysuit?

A: When buying a product, you want something that will serve you for many years so that you can get good value for your money. A quality kayak drysuit can last for up to 10 years or more if you take care of it well.

You need to handle the zipper and the seals with care to avoid damages which can end up compromising its lifespan.

How To Clean A Kayak Drysuit?

After sailing or kayaking it is highly advisable to always clean your suit. This is to keep off any salt or other particles on your suit. Use appropriate detergents that won’t harm the suit. We recommend the Nikwax Tech Wash. A detergent specifically designed to wash the technical materials. To wash it, use clean distilled water and the right amount of detergents. Use your handwashing it from inside to outside.

This helps prevent removing particles from the outer side to the inner side of the suit. You could also apply Durable Water Repellent (DWR). The DWR bonds the fibers of your suit to prevent water from entering the threads. This causes the water to form beads that cannot penetrate the fiber ensuring that your waterproof fabric works correctly. DWR is durable but it seizes to function after some time.


That's why you need to re-apply it after some time to ensure that the suit remains waterproof. The Nikwax spray is on DWR by simply spraying the drysuit. After drying over sometime test the activeness of the DWR by applying some water on the suit. If the water beads up then you are ready to go, else add more DWR for it to be effective.

The gaskets (neck, wrist, ankles) do a great job of keeping water out of the body. They require to be treated after some time using the 303 UV protection protectant. It keeps the Latex made gaskets in a good condition to avoid cracking or tearing. Simply spray and clean using a clean dry piece of cloth. It would be diminishing to have the gaskets failing you while kayaking.


The zippers need to be taken care of and cleaned. Ensure there are no sand or salt particles. The particles can affect the zipping up- off process. This could be done using the Gear Aid Zipper Care and Lubricant. Apply the lubricant. Brush the zippers to remove stuck particles. Open the zippers several times to get the lubricant at every place in between the teeth of the zippers.

After doing the above, hang your drysuit to dry it. Begin with the right side out, later the inside out. After drying it stores the suit using a hanger. This ensures it stays aerated as well as prevents the formation of creases.


As a kayaker, sailor or rafter you need to keep your body warm and dry al through. You need to wear that is a durable suit that will protect you against water. For the best experience, you need to choose the best Kayak drysuits. This review covers some of the best drysuits in the market. It will open your eyes to how to know the best suits to buy for a lovely kayaking experience.

Best Kayak Drysuits must ensure the comfort of the user. Comfort in the dry suits is assured by using quality fabrics. Some of the drysuits reviewed are made of 3 or more layers of fabric to ensure comfort. They also keep you warm. A good Drysuit is one that suits your kayaking environments. There are some Drysuits meant for specific environments while others could be used for more than one environment.

The fabric should be breathable. A non-porous membrane made of hydrophilic polyurethane makes the suit suitable for saline water. Not all drysuits can be used in salty water unless it is fitted with the hydrophilic polyurethane or any other material adapted for that saline water.


The Drysuit should have an easy to access zipper systems. This is to ensure that the pockets are easily accessible with ease to avoid any interferences that may arise. The zippers are very effective when it comes to changing the modes. The dry mode and standby mode. The dry mode is used when in the waters to keep you 100% dry. Standby mode is used while launching a new drysuit or while relaxing on the shores after an activity.

Water must be at all costs prevented from entering the body through the endings of the suit. To ensure this the drysuits are built with wrist, neck and ankle gaskets with neoprene skin layering. The neoprene gasket is covered using stretchable cuff covers. They fit the various parts perfectly and hold off water from entering the body. Following the above information, you will make an informed decision on the best Kayak drysuits.

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