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Top 10 Best Eye Pillow Reviews – Our Top Choices for 2024

After 60 hours of assessing of hundreds of makes of eye pillows, we came up with 10 eye pillows that were the best. Check out the reviews of each and at the end of it you will be able to make your pick.

We also found out that he nail and personal manicure kit is the best to be used for people with diabetes since their nails are sensitive to touch. You can also use it on natural nails. Everybody wants to look good and stand out in any occasion and hence the importance of beauty. 

Eye pillows are also best referred to as dream pillows. Did you know that eye pillows were once used in sickrooms to ‘chase away’ the scent of illness? They continue to be used all over the world with millions of people not being able to go without them.

Those who have been in need of eye pillows would know how hard it is to find the best eye pillow. You should have a lot of insight and knowledge of what you want to buy. Do not always rely on adverts because not all pillows are as smooth and comfortable as they appear on the screen. That is why you need to know more features that come with them so that you know what to choose from.

Your eye pillow should give you the value for your money. It should be affordable and available. It should also be able to serve you as long as you need. Finding such like pillow in a market full of a variety can be hectic. You need to choose with care.

10 Best Eye Pillow in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Eye Pillows in 2024 - Reviews

If you have used an eye pillow then you know the importance of having them. Getting the top eye pillow can be hard since we have a variety in the market. We know this that’s why we have prepared the best eye pillow reviews for you. Read through and have your best pick!

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow, Cold Therapy for Headache, Migraine, and Sinus Pain, Patented, Universal Size

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Are you looking for an eye pillow to relieve you of your migraines, sinus pain, and dry eyes and generally use it for cold therapy when you have headache? You have got it right here. This amazing eye pillow comes in three colors; black, pink and teal. Just perfect for you to choose what colour you want.

This eye pillow is made of cotton material which makes it very soft. It is big enough with little beads inside that allow it to curve around your face totally blocking out the light. You won’t see any shred of the disturbing light. You should first place it in a freezer for a couple of hours before using. If you don’t want so cold then just keep it in a zip bag. When that time of using comes it will provide that cooling relief that you can’t get enough of.

For what is more, this pillow rests comfortably on your eyes with the perfect amount of compression. This is just what you need for tired or puffy eyes. The gentle density soothes the eyes. The beads in the eye pillow move around when you press on them to provide a massaging effect to the eyes.

This pillow is absolutely affordable and durable. We recommend that you try it out and give us your feedback. The maintenance and care is quite simple too because the pillow is washable. You just need to hand wash it in warm water and little soap and rinse thoroughly then lay it flat on a paper towel to dry before you can use it.


  • Lightweight
  • The pillow is durable
  • Easy maintenance and care
  • It has an innate coolness of its own
  • Smooth fabric that doesn’t disturb the skin
  • The beads can be adjusted to fit the shape of the face
  • Has an elastic strap which is stretchy to fit any size of head.


  • Tends to give a short cooling effect.
  • Can pick up on scents when stored in a freezer
Hot Cold Lavender Eye Pillow and Eye Mask for Sleep, Yoga, Migraine Headaches, Stress Relief. By Happy Wraps - Amethyst

More photo & price on Amazon.com

For the lovers of yoga, this one is the best & top eye pillow we recommend for you. Not only will you use it for yoga but it will also serve as the best eye mask for sleeping, migraine headaches and relieving stress. You can’t miss this in any luxurious Spa. We have Lavender Eye Pillow, Yoga Eye Pillow, Lavender filled Eye pillows. It provides soothing aromatherapy fit for relaxation and relieving stress.

This eye pillow features beautiful silky soft fabric that is filled with organic flax seed and natural French lavender flowers. It is also a great sleeping eye mask. It completely blocks out light and has very comfortable straps. We commend this pillow for yoga because it will make you enjoy inner deep relaxation. The light acupressure that the organic flax seed provides refreshes and rejuvenates tired achy eyes.

You can choose to use this eye pillow when cold or warm. If you want it cold, chill it in a freezer. It will be able to reduce swelling, you can use it for relieving headache and migraines, calm tired puffy eyes, relieve stress and anxiety. To use it while warm, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. You can use this best eye pillow for sleep for relieving sinus pain or sprinkle little water on your eye pillow and place it in a microwave for moist therapy for dry eyes.

This is the best pillow ever. With each eye pillow comes a free sleep/travel mask. With this pillow, you will be 100% satisfied. Buy it as your holiday Christmas gift.


  • Ideal for yoga
  • Can be heated
  • Very comfortable
  • Soft and very pretty
  • Durable and affordable
  • Has a fresh lavender smell
  • The weight of the pillow is gentle


  • It does not have a strap
  • Does not have a removable cover
  • The cool effect lasts for a short time
ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow Filled With Organic Lavender & Flax Seeds (Plus Removable Pouch and Free Gel Eye Mask)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This eye pillow is just great. You will purchase a kit and in it there is a 100% hypo-allergenic silk eye pillow, muslin pouch filled with organic lavender and flax seed and free gel eye mask.

It is ideal for use as a sleep mask and for meditation. It can be used to relieve migraines and headaches as well. This is the best for Shavasana pose during yoga. This eye pillow can be fully customized. It has an elastic band that makes it fit perfectly around any size of head.

The zippered silk pillow and removable muslin pouch lets you add any amount of flax seed and lavender as you want it. You can choose to add much or less depending on your taste. It comes with free gel eye mask that it is otherwise very expensive when you buy it on its own. This silk eye pillows comes as a gift from the manufacturers. Isn’t it amazing?

You will use the gel eye mask for therapy for your eyes. The organic eye pillow has a nylon zipper that you could put hot nylon things in it, that is if you want it hot. We don’t recommend you to put in a microwave.


  • Best for shavasana
  • Good quality material
  • A gel mask is included
  • Has a well adjustable strap
  • It totally blocks out the light
  • Comes with extra herbs for refilling
  • Made with a zipper to help change filling
  • It is impossible to feel the clasp at the back of your head


  • It cannot be put in a microwave
  • The lavendar smell is quite powerful
EYE PILLOW LAVENDER + Flax Seed Filled + Carry Bag. Silk Fabric - Use for Yoga, Natural Sleep Aid, Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief, Meditation, Massage Great Relaxation Gift

More photo & price on Amazon.com

We know you love luxury, right. I mean who doesn’t? This comfortable silk eye pillow will give you the luxury that you need. It conforms perfectly to the contours of our face to block out the light. This has a luxurious design that makes it the best gift for Valentines.

It is designed with natural lavender & flax seed to provide soothing aromatherapeutic benefits. The lavender scent can last up to a year but if you put it in the microwave for long it will overheat thus reducing the scent. It can make a great sleep mask too. The straps are very comfortable that you won’t feel them pressing against your skin. It is also available unscented on another listing.

This eye pillow doubles as a hot therapy pad for reducing tightness in the neck, shoulders and other places. Place it in the freezer before you use it for relieving migraines, eye irritation, hot flashes, reducing puffy eyes and more.

The eye pillow has its own carry bag to keep clean when transporting. You can download an audio on how to use this pillow (10, 20 & 30 minute’s day use + special 27 minutes bedtime version). Follow registration instructions to download these audios.


  • It’s cheap and durable
  • It has very light weight
  • You can use it as a sleeping mask
  • Can be used either when hot or cold
  • Conforms to the contours of the face
  • Has its own carry bag to keep it clean
  • Has a removable cover that you can clean


  • Stays cool for a short time
  • Smaller for a wide range of face
DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow, Lavender Velvet, Soothing Stress and Headache Relief, Eye Mask Travel Pillow for Wellness and Relaxation

More photo & price on Amazon.com

This is a wellness and and relaxation mask. It also woks well to sooth stress and rrelieve headaches. This is made from a purple velvet fabric. It does not have a strap but it sits perfectly on your face. Just put it own

The eye pillow is designed with pure and natural aromatherapy lavender herbs. The herbs help relieve tension and stress. It is also filled with flax seeds which provide gentle acpressure for the the eyes.

You should use it when cold to reduce swelling and relieve headchaches and pain. Chill it a freezer to achieve the cold effect. The pillow has a side zipper which allows you to wash and refill it. Do not place your pillow in a microwave. It has small balls inside the pouch that will melt and ruin your pillow.

The material used to manufacture this pillow is soft and natural. The one advantage of soft and natural fabrics is that they are comfortable. They are also durable. To wash this pillow just remove the filling and place them somewhere before handwashing the cover. Return the filling after it has dried. You can also add some more lavender.


  • It can make a great gift
  • Heals very bad migraines
  • Soothing and relaxing smell
  • Can be used in massage therapy
  • Has a strong scent that doesn’t fade easily
  • Has a zipper, you can comfortably add fresh lavender


  • Does not have a strap
  • Only used for cold therapy
Lavender Eye Pillow- Silky Eye Pillow for Yoga, Meditation Relaxation. This Eye Mask Is Perfect for Sleeping. Made of Lavender Flowers Organic Flax Seed. Get One for Yourself or As a Gift.

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Have you tried out this one yet? It is the best choice for sleeping. Apart from using it for sleeping, you can also use it for yoga, meditation and relaxation. You can use them to relieve puffy eyes as well. It is made from silk material.

The best yoga eye pillow has natural scents of lavender aromatherapy. They help to relieve tension and stress. It is designed with organic flax seed which provides acupressure. The good thing is that it comes with a cover in which you can store it to keep it clean.

You can use it for hot or cold therapy. When you want it hot heat it in a microwave before using it or chill it in a freezer when you want to use it cold.

AyaZen Lavender Eye pillows block out the light completely because it conforms to your face and eyes. They are ideal for all ages, from women, to men, to children. It measures approximately 9.25 by 4.25. This makes it fit perfectly on the face.


  • Sleeping mask
  • The pillow is durable
  • Completely blocks out the light
  • Has adjustable and elastic strap
  • Can be used both for cold and hot therapy
  • Ideal for all ages; women, men to children
  • Made of smooth material that is comfortable on the face
  • Has a soothing calming sense; best for relieving migraines


  • It would have been softer
  • A bit heavier than other pillows
Namaste Yoga Lavender Eye Pillows - 4 Pieces - Purple Cotton By Happy Wraps

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Finding the right eye pillows can be hectic job. You want to end up with the most comfortable model on the market so that you can get relief and comfort. Get the Namaste Yoga Lavender Eye Pillows that come in four pieces and am sure you will love them.

These eye pillows are made from 100% cotton. They are manufactured in the USA. These contain French Lavender to provide perfect soothing and organic Flax seed which provides acupressure. It is the perfect eye pillow for yoga.

They come in a set of four Lavender yoga eye pillows of sizes 4 x 8.5. You can use it both when cold and hot. Chill it in a freezer for it to cold. Heat in microwave when you want it hot. Heating is done at intervals of 30 seconds. Do not overheat. It will heal the migraines and headaches, rejuvenate. This best lavender eye pillow or lavender eye pillow yoga is also good for relaxation. Not only that it is also eye pillow for yoga.

The luxurious 100% cotton fabric makes it extremely beautiful. It is purple colour. These pillows cannot be refilled. They are sewn shut. It contains no zipper.


  • It is durable
  • Can be heated
  • Perfect for sleeping
  • Made with high quality cotton
  • Has a pleasant lavender smell
  • Can be used for massage therapy
  • Good for both cold and hot therapy


  • It is a bit scratchy
  • Cannot be washed
  • Does not come with a spare pillow case
DreamTime Spa Comforts Eye Pillow, Aromatherapy Lavender, Wellness and Relaxation, Sooth Stress and Relieve Headaches, Two-Tone Lavender/Chocolate Brown

More photo & price on Amazon.com

DreamTime Spa Eye Pillow is one of the pillows we suggest that you go for. It is a good one that can calm stress and relieve headaches and reduce swelling. You can also use it just for relaxation. It comes in two-tone lavender or chocolate brown colour.

The pillow is made of pure and natural spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus aromatherapy. That is why it is able to relieve tension and stress. It contains flax seed filling which provides a gentle acupressure.

The silky fabric provides a comfortable and soothing effect. This pillow has different materials on both sides which is an advantage. You can flip to either side of your choice.

If you have swelling or frequent headaches, you can use the pillow cold to relieve headache and reduce the swelling. It has lavender which is known to calm and relax your body especially if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia.


  • The filling is great
  • Made of natural material
  • Made with quality material
  • Has a gentle soothing scent
  • Has removable cover to clean
  • Two sides makes you flip on which one you want


  • It cannot be washed
  • Refilling is not possible
  • Cannot be used for heat therapy
Blissful Being Silk Flax Seed Lavender scented Microwavable Eye Pillow, Aqua

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Are you fed up with puffy eyes? Get yourself tis luxurious pillow and treat your eyes with the respect it deserves. It will help you sooth your eyes after a long day at work. How does it do this? It will eliminate all the tension and relieve persistent irritation or itchiness in your eyes as fast as you can imagine.

Unlike sleeping masks, this eye pillow rests over your eyes without exerting any pressure. It conforms perfectly to your needs. Just place the silk eye pillow on and enjoy! Reap all the benefits just in the comfort of your living room. The mask comes in 8 glistening colors of jewel tone and they are readily available.

With the combination of Lavender and flax seeds this eye pillow will accommodate your most demanding needs. Lavender scented eye pillow will help you reduce anxiety and insomnia.

If you are looking for eye pillow for travel or scented eye pillows, this model is the best. It is easy to use and perfect for travel. You can use it during long car trips, meditation and after yoga. The pillow helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a tiring day.


  • Soothes puffy eyes
  • It is gentle on the eyes
  • Comes in range of colors
  • Its durable and affordable
  • Can be heated for hot therapy
  • Dense enough to massage the eyes
  • Has a sedative effect on the nervous system


  • The cover is not removable
  • Doesn’t have a zipper for refilling
  • It cannot be hand washed; just wiping with a piece of cloth
Lavender Eye Pillow - Migraine, Stress & Anxiety Relief - #1 Stress Relief Gifts For Women - Made In The USA,, Organic Flax Seed Filled! ON SALE! (Blue - Organic Cotton)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

You are probably wondering what to get your lovely ladies for holidays. This is the proper gift. It really makes a nice gift for women. It is made in the USA. Each eye pillow features super soft and natural fabrics. In fact you get one with 100% organic cotton in the market today. It is filled with organic flax seed and pure and natural aromatherapy herbs. These herbs relieve tension and stress.

The flax seeds provide a light amount of acupressure. This will give you a mini massage around your eyes. You will never complain of the stress again. You will fall into a deep state of complete relaxation.

Apart from relieving stress, this eye pillow reduces swelling and relieves headache as well. Just pop it in your freezer before use. We suggest that you purchase a few of them so that you can have a ready stock of ready to use eye pillows. It feels absolutely chilled.

With this, you will enjoy a cool relief. Why not let the muscles in your face take a short vacation?


  • Best for Christmas gift
  • It has a wonderful soothing scent
  • Can be used for hot or warm therapy
  • Light weight to perfectly massage the eyes
  • Made of great material that won’t irritate the eye
  • The pillow can be heated in a microwave for hot therapy


  • You can only clean by wiping it
  • Doesn’t stay warm long enough

How to Choose The Best Eye Pillow in 2024

It is not an easy choosing from a thousand varieties, to get the best eye pillow of your choice. You will easily get overwhelmed and confused. Do not worry though, my team and I prepared a guide for you on what to check out in a pillow before you can call it your best. Have a look at the things you should consider.

The Material of The Pillow

Eye pillows can be made from synthetic material. It can be cotton, silk or satin. Generally any material that will feel good on the skin can be used in making eye pillows. The material used to make an eye pillow will determine its durability. Some materials may not be strong enough to handle heat so you cannot put such pillows in a microwave. For instance, Gel masks eye pillow will be able to handle both heat and cold as like yoga eye mask. Aromatherapy pillows have herbal- scented pouches in them that you can easily remove and replace with another if you get tired of a certain scent as like dreamtime eye pillow.

Adjustable straps/ velcro/ buckles

As you may know, not all eye pillows are capable of providing the same comfort as their competition. Some pillows come with extra features to ensure maximum comfort. For example, some have adjustable straps, velcro or even buckles. These come depending on how the pillow is designed.

An eye pillow with adjustable straps will not only provide you with comfort but it won't fall off as you sleep. With it, you can easily adjust the eye pillow accordingly keeping it on your face at all times as like best pillow for puffy eyes. While the adjustable straps are comfortable, the velcro is a more comfortable fit. These will not pressurize your eyes very much as they will stay gentle over them.

The buckle bound eye pillows will offer you the best bounding compared to the other two as like headache pillow lavender. However, this will come at the expense of total comfort. When choosing an eye pillow, weigh your options and see which of the three will work best for you.


Eye pillows are meant to conform the eye contour. So the lightness or heaviness of the fabric used matters because it will determine whether the eye pillow completely covers the eyes to block out the light or not. Also, check whether the straps are adjustable and elastic enough to fit your desired comfort as like weighted eye pillow.

Inner lining and Efficiency

Although these two seem different they are quite similar when it comes to preventing irritations. The inner lining of any eye pillow is very important if you want the best comfort. While some eye pillows are designed with a Slim or absent inner lining, others are made of inner wool lining. Does maid of inner wool lining or some other similar material prove to be very discomforting or irritating.

You will need an eye pillow with a Slim or non-existent inner lining because this will settle lightly on your face. You can also choose one made of synthetic material. When it comes to efficiency you must choose an eye pillow that is capable of blocking out light completely.

Before you purchase the eye pillow so that it is of the right size to cover your eyes completely. An eye pillow that can't block out light is not worth an investment. As you try to find the perfect size make sure that it's not too heavy again because it will end up irritating you as you sleep.


Will the eye pillow stay in their position or will they keep moving on the sides? The eye pillows should be heavy enough to gently press on the eyes in order to give their therapeutic effects. Eye pillows vary in weight depending on the type of the material used. The weight choice should be based on personal preference. To some people, a heavy mask that presses on their faces makes them feel relaxed while for others a light touch is more soothing.

Washable and warranty

Other important features of the best eye pillow are a good warranty and washable features. Anything that will make contact with our skin must always be kept clean. The same applies to eye pillows. As you continue to use the eye pillow, it will eventually become dirty and will need to be cleaned.

 A dirty eye pillow will be home to some bacteria that can stick on its surface.Consider an eye pillow that can be washed after some time to prevent infections. You should be able to wash it and not get it damaged in any way. Also, choose an eye pillow which comes with a good warranty period to guarantee quality. 

A good warranty will ensure that the manufacturer is 100% certain of the quality as well as the durability of the eye pillow. Also, eye pillows with a period of refund without any problem are a great choice. This can be due to the fact that the pillow does not satisfy the user.


Different aye pillows are incorporated with different scent. We have those made with a herbal fragrance while other are of Lavender or eucalyptus scent. Herbal scents can help give relaxation, heal sinuses, migraines and headaches. Lavender is most popular scent that is used to make eye pillows. It provides a pleasing aroma with natural relaxation-inducing properties. Definitely go for the scent you like.

Hot or cold

Eye pillows are specially designed to provide you with enhanced relaxation in a therapeutic way that you will not get from sleeping masks. Eye pillows come with plenty of benefits and some come with the ability to be used hot or cold.

Depending on what you want to achieve from the eye pillow, this feature can make it possible.When choosing the best eye pillow consider one that can allow you to use it either hot or cold by placing in a microwave or a freezer.

 A warm eye pillow is soothing as it relieves pain, relaxed spasm of muscles, and increases circulation. A called eye pillow, on the other hand, will also help to relieve puffy eyes, dark circles and also headaches.


One good thing about eye pillows is that they are made from materials that make them flexible. Some, however, when put in a freezer become less flexible. Avoid purchasing such masks because if they become less flexible they won’t conform perfectly to your face contour. The good news is that some pillows are shaped to fit the face which makes them stay in place easily. Why not go for those ones?


For those who are concerned with appearance, some eye pillows are designed to look luxurious. They usually come in several colors so that you pick the one you like. How you want your eye pillow is your personal decision. If you want something that satisfies you and you can use outside your house then there are several colors you could choose from. It will be no problem finding something attractive.


Your eye pillow should give you outstanding and satisfying results and an affordable price. However, after you have bought them they are supposed to serve you for a long time. Go for an eye pillow that is economical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an eye pillow and how do I use it?

An eye pillow is a healing tool that is made to deepen relaxation, aid sleep, and also block out light. It can be used when sleeping to relieve headaches, puffy eyes, and soothe dry eyes. You can also use it while meditating or during yoga to help you increase your relaxation levels. You simply place it over your eyes or you can place it on your forehead as you lay to sleep. Eye pillows are also used for relieving anxiety as well as stress. Once you place it over your eyes you can immediately fall asleep and also sleep throughout the night.

Q: What are eye pillows filled with?

Eye pillows are usually filled with scented or non-scented herbs. They are made in a rectangular or mask shaped pouches. However, these pillows can also be made by anyone and the filling will entirely depend on the person going to use it. If you are going to make one yourself you can fill it with half a cup of the following. Dried beans or flax seeds, dried rice, buckwheat and dried lavender.

Q: How long do I need before I replace my eye pillow?

How long you take before replacing your eye pillow will depend on a few factors. It will depend on the type of material on the pillow and whether it is washable or not. A washable eye pillow can take longer than one which cannot be washed. Usually, a non-washable pillow will last you for a very short period of time. Also, it will depend on how you use it. If you use it according to the manufacturer's recommendation it will take you for about 6 months.

Q: Is it necessary to consult a doctor before buying a scented eye pillow?

 Yes, it is. This will be necessary in case you have allergies. If you are allergic to some scents, it is best to seek medical advice before you make a purchase. This is best because it will enable you to get the best which will not affect you in any way.

Final Notes

You probably have never used an eye pillow. If so then you may not be certain what kind of pillow would best suits you. You may even find that you have bought several pillows and you haven’t landed the best one yet. Your problems are solved right here. My team and I made things easy for you. The above review should be able to answer all the questions and give you what you are looking for. They are the best eye pillows you can find in the market today.

The great thing about these eye pillows is that they are highly economical. You can never regret having one in your house. Think of if you are not satisfied with the pillow you just bought. You can easily go and buy another brand and come try it out and you won’t feel even the slightest pinch of your money. Forget about being unsatisfied, you can decide you want to have a stock in your house so as to you keep changing from one to another and it won’t be difficult. With eye pillows, you can never have a final choice.


We all know a tight schedule can be too stressful. Additionally if you are sit in front of a computer the whole day, your eyes will strain. Don’t let these things be a problem to you though because it is a high time you got an eye pillow. I love eye pillows because I don’t have to buy painkillers to relieve headaches or migraines after such a long day at work. 

These will give me the therapy that I need. Any eye pillow will cool off your mind. So, if you feel you need to relax, meditate, soothe your mind why look further? Eye pillows will get the job done perfectly. Stop doubting and get yours now. Have a nice shopping. 

Moreover, if you want to know more idea related product then you can collect or visit these products are best eye mask for sleeping, silk eye pillow, eye pillow for migraines, best yoga eye pillow, buckwheat eye pillow, happy eye pillow, namaste eye pillow, massage eye pillow, silk eye pillow lavender, organic essentials eye pillow,spa comforts eye pillow, weighted eye mask and yoga eye pillow diy indeed!!

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