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Top 10 Best Generator Cover Reviews (Buyer’s Guide) 2024

Having a portable generator of your own is the best thing ever but also very much expensive if you are not very much careful. There are many things that; servicing the engine, oiling the machine changing the filters and taking good care of the machine.

Not all the generators will be provided with generator covers. Therefore, as a user, you are supposed to buy the best generator cover for your machine.

How will you feel when everything works well for you? This will only be achieved when you keep in mind important aspects for both the generator and having a generator cover.

For sure you will never regret your expenditure and efforts put in place. Therefore, you are supposed to do a lot of research depending on the generator covers for outside while running. This is because; we have different weather conditions like rain, storm snow sunlight among others. 

In case you do not have a generator cover, your machine will end up being damaged. Instead of saving money each year to purchase a generator, let’s have this material for better results. You will save on costs and enjoy the best that other people are enjoying.

 In a period, let’s discuss some of the important factors we should consider before buying the best, affordable and outstanding generator cover.

10 Best Generator Cover in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Generator Cover in 2024 - Reviews

Once you invest in a quality generator, it is important to secure your invest with a generator cover. This makes your generator safe and secure to extend its life. If you are wondering the right generator cover to buy, check our top 10 recommended covers here.

 1.  Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 4800

Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 4800-11,500-Watt Portable Generators


The quality of the Champions storage cover remains astounding because it is created from a tough vinyl exterior. This makes it suitable to use in all weather conditions be it summer, winter, and spring, autumn or under any natural storms. You can be sure that neither dust nor snow will penetrate your generator and rob it of its high performance. The storage cover is suitable for any generator having 4500- 11500 watts.


The Champions generator cover can serve you for more than a year, guaranteed by the 12 months warranty by the company. Because of its strong nature; a vinyl exterior and an elastic base, it is capable of preventing hazardous damage to your generator. It can work with generators that measure up to 30.7x23.6x 23.6 inches in terms of size. The cover also fits your generator quickly expelling any complicated processes.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with a vinyl structure that makes it long-lasting.
  • Has a strong elastic base that secures your generator.
  • You can quickly and easily fit the cover to the generator.
  • Prevents snow, rain, UV, and dust from generator damage.
  • It is versatile fitting generators within 4500 -15000W range.
  • It comes with a reliable customer service offering 1-year warranty.
  • Has a cotton-lined interior that prevents scratching your generator.

What We Liked

  • Has a strong elasticity that can last for long.
  • Has a wide fitting for sizes up to 30.7x23.6x 23.6inches.
  • Made from tough vinyl water and dust resistant material.
  • Includes a cotton lining to prevent marking the generator.
  • Has a one year warranty with commendable customer service.


  • Need to Care for long term outdoor storage.

Verdict : The quality of the Champions storage cover is good for the price with less disappointments. To ensure long-lasting service, it is best if you use it indoors for most of the time to avoid harsh weather conditions. Even though it is designed from weather-resistant material, extra care will be necessary.

 2.  Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover 

Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover 38 x 28 x 30 inch, for Most Generators 5500-15000 Watt, Light Tan


The Porch Shield has invested a lot of time and thought processes when designing the hard generator cover. It has a couple of layers to improve its functionality. The whole of the material is made from durable polyester fabric together with an underlying laminated water-resistant material. The two layers of fabric on both sides cause it to be weather resistant while a Velcro on one side makes the cover easy to remove.


With the cover being water-resistant, there is no chance of your generator engine getting moisture damage. This is a way of improving the longevity of your generator. The cover can shield the whole generator from top to bottom ensuring entire protection from unfriendly conditions. The stacked fabric does not prevent your generator engine from ventilation. The elastic hem cord makes sure that any size of your generator will have a custom fit.

Highlighted Features

  • Ensures a custom fit by the use of the elastic cord. 
  • Can protect the generator from rain, snow, UV, and dust.
  • The bottom strap and elastic cord give the generator security.
  • Has a Velcro on one side for easy installation and removable.
  • Is versatile since it is made for 5500- 15000 Watts generators.
  • Has a fabricated inner water-resistant lining shielding the generator.
  • Made from tough polyester material that withstands weather conditions.

What We Liked

  • With a buckle strap, you place the cover safely.
  • Has a Velcro opening that makes it easy to install.
  • Elastic hem cord provides a generator’s custom fit.
  • The inner fabrication makes the cover moisture resistant.
  • Generator is weather resistant being made from 600D fabric.


  • May special care in some of the harsh weather conditions.

VerdictThe Porch Shield cover is made from exceptional quality with the brand available in 3 different sizes. Generally, it is made for generators within the 5500 to 11500 power range. It is suitable for dual fuel generators. I love the Velcro straps and bottom buckles that offer overall generator protection and ease of installation.

 3.  WEN 56409 Universal Weatherproof Generator Cover

WEN 56409 Universal Weatherproof Generator Cover, Large


The material of the exterior layer of the WEN generator cover is a majorly durable vinyl. Vinyl is the right personality for the job of keeping your generators safe from rain, snow, cobwebs, bird droppings, sun. If not we all know what is going to happen next; generator damage. The interior of the cover is also lined with a cotton ideal to prevent scratches or scuff marks on your well-maintained generator. The draw sting is flexible to provide a custom fit.


The cover was mainly designed for a generator within the 7000- 9000 watts power limit. However, this does not limit the service provision scope since it can cover generators extending to the size of 31x 26.5x 24.5 inches. With a seasonal and out of season kind of operation, you are confident that your generator will always stay in perfect shape. This is all thanks to the weather-resistant vinyl making up the generator cover.

Highlighted Features

  • Created from vinyl material making it weather resistant.
  • Has an elastic band base that suits any generator fitting.
  • Can fit generators with sizes up to 31x 26.5x 24.5 inches.
  • Specially designed for 7000- 9000 power watt generators.
  • It is capable of protecting your generator from sun damage.
  • The drawstring ensures generator safety from external factors.
  • Has a cotton inner lining to prevent scratches on your generator.

What We Liked

  • You can tighten the drawstring to secure the generator.
  • The elastic baseband makes it fit for all shaped generators.
  • Has a universal fit for 31x 26.5x 24.5-inch sized generators.
  • The cotton lining protects your generator from scratches or marks.
  • Made from vinyl weather-resistant material guarding the generator.


  • Not thick enough for long term outdoor storage.

Verdict The best way to give your generator the guarding it requires is by using WEN Universal cover. The quality is made from heavy-duty vinyl meant to keep your generators free from UV or sun damage. And also protects it from moisture-related weather conditions with a water-resistant inclusion. Although the fitting is narrow for only 7000- 9000W gens.

 4.  Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 3100

Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 3100-Watt or Higher Inverter Generators


The quality of the cover is suitable for the best 3000W generator. With the generator cover being made from strong weather-resistant vinyl; your generator will weather all the storms of seasons. Every threat to the operation of the generator has come to a standstill; rain, snow, sun, and dust. The elastic base is also ideal to secure the cover to the bottom of the generator and to also provide a custom fit.


The excellent performance of the Champions generator cover is consequent to the astounding qualities that it holds. Because it is exteriorly made from vinyl, the cover can potentially hold off any harsh weather conditions. The cover is also available for generators measuring 26.4x 18.9x 18.1 inches past or within 3100W. As long as the cover fits, the elastic band will secure the position of the cover to the generator.

Highlighted Features

  • It is easy to dress the cover on the generator.
  • The cover top is good for transporting and storage.
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty and good service.
  • The elastic band base ensures secure tying of the cover.
  • Weather-resistant vinyl exterior that is durable and strong.
  • Offers protection from the sun, rain, snow, dust, and debris.
  • Has a cotton inner lining that prevents marks and scratches.

What We Liked

  • The elastic band base secures the cover in position.
  • Made from vinyl exterior making it weather resistant.
  • Available for fitting in generators sized 26.4x18.9x 18.1 inches
  • Has an inner cotton lining for maintaining the generator's outlook.


  • The cover is not used while the generator is in operation.

Verdict : Although the performance of the cover is limited to only standstill operations, there are other scoring points for it. One the material is vinyl; well known for being water-resistant. It is hard not to survive a storm with the Champions generator cover. It is good for portable generators that are lightweight due to small engines and for the best generator under$500.

 5.  DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover For Models XP4400

DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover For Models XP4400 and XP4400E,Black


Duromax generator cover is made from nylon exterior and moisture-proof inner linings. This makes it weather-resistant, especially on the moisture prevention feature. The cover also has an elastic baseband that is meant to secure the position of the cover at the bottom of the generator. Besides this, it also provides a custom fit for suitable generators.


This generator canopy has commendable performance only under shaded conditions. The nylon material is fairly light therefore cannot withstand aggressive storms. It is specially made for generators that measure up to 30-inch length x 22-inch width x 22.5-inch height. I believe most Duromax generators are within this fitting. The size and shape of the generator does not affect the

Highlighted Features

  • It is good for generator storage and transporting.
  • Can work for generators with or without handles.
  • The elastic band base allows custom fits for generators.
  • The cover is made from weather-resistant nylon material.
  • It is versatile since it can dress 30x22x22.5 inch generators.
  • It provides protection against wind, rain, snow, sun, and dust.
  • Has a moisture barrier on the inner part to prevent water penetration.

What We Liked

  • Is good for generators with and without handles.
  • Has versatile fitting for most of Duromax generators.
  • The material qualifies it for weather resistance capability.
  • Can protect the generator from wind, rain, sun, and dust.
  • The elastic band ignores the shape and size of the generator.


  • The material cannot withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Verdict : I would have preferred if the generator has more outdoor-friendly features. Since with the current material, the cover cannot withstand a rainy storm; any day you choose to do so you will find your generator wet. However, it’s still good for garage generator storage as long as it’s under a shade.

 6.  GenTent 10k Generator Tent Running Cover - Kit 

GenTent 10k Generator Tent Running Cover - Universal Kit (Standard, TanLight) - Compatible with 3000w-10000w Portable Generators


The best way to describe the GenTent cover quality is exceptional. I have not seen anything like it not only in terms of operation but also in the size; it looks like a portable tent. The cover allows the generator to run safely during rain and harsh weather without sabotaging your investment. The material is water-resistant and causes water to drain downwards without damaging sensitive electrical areas.


It portrays a patented design that keeps the generator naturally cooled with airflow to make sure the generator is portable. The water drains so fast from the cover so that whenever you undress it, the left water droplets will not fall on the generator. It is made for generators that range from 3000- 10000 power wattage. A generator can run with the cover on in both calm and aggressive situations since it is weather resistant.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a patented design to maintain natural airflow.
  • Easy to install and takes three simple to follow steps.
  • Weather-resistant against snow, rain, snow, and dust.
  • The clamp system serves as a strong protective frame.
  • It is water-resistant and quickly drains the water downwards.
  • The generator can run with the cover under harsh conditions.
  • Offers a universal fit for portable generators between 3000-10000W.

What We Liked

  • Made from durable ripstop material for long-lasting.
  • The self-attaching apron protects your electric panel.
  • The patented design allows natural airflow in the vents.
  • Has a ventilation system to keep the generator durable.
  • It has been lab-tested to handle extreme weather storms.


  • Available in only two colors hence lacking variety.

Verdict : You no longer have to secure your generators in the garage when there is a convenient solution before your eyes. One of the best generator cover while running. This is unlike other generators where they cannot possibly run with the cover on. The features and the technology used is innovative and well thought to offer us the best solutions.

 7.  Classic Accessories Generator Cover, X-Large

Classic Accessories Generator Cover, X-Large


The generator cover is created from weather-resistant material that protects the generator while in use and not in use. It has a water-resistant backing to withhold all moisture from getting into the generator systems leading to damage. The protection system is also against wind, dust, snow, and sun. With all of these features available, the quality if Classic Accessories generator cover is taken to greater levels.


The medium-sized generator has a hem cord while the larger size has a rip and grip tab that perform the same job. They secure the cover to the generator and provide a custom fitting. They are available for X large generators whose power reaches 15000W. It is not made to cover the wheels of the generator to promote air circulation. It is built to provide better solutions whenever harsh conditions are recurrent during generator operation.

Highlighted Features

  • One year limited warranty ensuring high quality.
  • Is suitable for generators with and without handles.
  • Has an elastic hem cord; secures it to the generator.
  • Offers generator protection especially the electric panels.
  • Weather-resistant fabric that has a water-resistant backing.
  • X large fitting for generators measuring 35.5x23.5x25.5 inches.
  • Capable of handling harsh weather conditions; snow and rainstorms.

What We Liked

  • The elastic cord and rip and grip tabs for security.
  • Has a wide fitting for generators up to 15000 watts.
  • Protects the generator when it is in use and storage.
  • Suitable for generators having handles and those without.
  • Created from weather-resistant material to withstand extreme conditions.


  • Has a fairly low endurance for extreme conditions.

VerdictIt’s good that the Classic Accessories generator cover has considered generators with bigger engines and sizes. The cover is compatible with harsh weather conditions indoors or outdoors; it does well in both. This is the best selection for anyone looking for a generator cover home depot with the best quality and performance.

 8.  Westinghouse WGen Generator Cover - Universal Fit - For 

Westinghouse WGen Generator Cover - Universal Fit - For Westinghouse Portable Generators Up to 9500 Rated Watts


The generator cover is made from indestructible synthetic polyester. It is indisputable that this is made for all duty purposes due to the weather-resistant capability. In addition to that, the generator also has high-density stitching which is ideal for any generator in need of security. The cover can protect open frame generators from damage emanating from snow, rain, sun, and dust all at the same time.


The generator is specially created for generators having a power range between 2000W and 9500W. And besides this, any generator sizing within 28.5x24.5x25 inch sizing can also use this generator cover. The security of your generator is insured with the availability of a tight drawstring whose work is to fasten the cover to the generator. Even wind across the sea cannot affect the adherence of the cover to the generator.

Highlighted Features

  • The polyester material makes it easy to wash
  • Protects the generator against dust, water or sun damage.
  • Specially designed for generators up to 9500 power watts.
  • The drawstring is a helper in giving security to the generator.
  • Has an elastic cord that ensures custom fitting for generators.
  • Created from durable synthetic polyester that is weather resistant.
  • Features high-density stitching to prevent leakages and tearing the cover

What We Liked

  • Can fit open frame generators from 2000- 9500 watts.
  • Has a secure and tight drawstring to protect the generator.
  • Has high-density stitching that improves it quality and make.
  • It offers a universal fit for generators up to 28.5x24.5x25 inches.
  • The polyester material protects the generator against unfavorable conditions.


  • Material is quite thin disqualifying it for heavy-duty tasks.

VerdictThis is among the best generator covers while running. As we have seen the material making up the cover is synthetic polyester which is suitable for any weather condition. The health of your generator is never at stake as long as the cover is on. It is best to use it indoors since the material is fairly thin and could fail to withstand heavy storms.

 9.  Backyard Basics Generator Cover, 34 x 24 x 30 Inch

Backyard Basics Generator Cover, 34 x 24 x 30 Inch


The Back yard basics generator cover has revealed an outstanding factor from all other cover. This is eco-friendly line of covers that they manufacture. The covers are PVC (a harmful toxin that emanates from plastic) free in this way there is a reduction in environmental pollution. The material is made from dual layers of PVC free substance to improve the strength and weather resistance of the cover.


The material of the cover is made up of two layers; double action cover. The upper layer is abrasive for it to be weather resistant while the inner layer is made from soft but durable material to maintain the generators' texture. It is versatile by being made available to generators having the size 34x 24x 30 inches. This is the best product for the value at an affordable price and good service.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an elastic baseband that is easy to fasten.
  • The exterior cover is strong and weather resistant.
  • Is a double-action cover with two-layered materials.
  • It is made with eco-friendly features that are harmless.
  • The inner cover is softly lined for texture preservation.
  • Designed for generators ranging up to 34x24x 30inches.
  • Protects the generator against dust, water or sun damage.

What We Liked

  • The elastic round at the bottom fir perfect fitting.
  • You can grab a generator handle above the cover.
  • Works well under an indoor condition which is favorable.
  • Can potentially protect the generator from dust and water.
  • It is a double-layered building in its strength and resistance.


  • Fairly soft cover to handle outdoor exposure

VerdictThis cover is a combination of mindfulness and good performance. There is nothing better than having a heart for your surroundings and going to the extent of using products that are harmless to it. You can have the best of everything; your generator and environment is safe.

 10.  Honda 08P57-Z07-00G EU2000i Generator Cover

Honda 08P57-Z07-00G EU2000i Generator Camouflage Cover


Has a small compact design that makes the generator look fairly portable therefore fun to carry along during outdoor activities. Moreover, the camouflage design is more down to earth shade that makes the cover look less attractive. Therefore the lesser the chances of the generator being spotted by thieves. The color also blends in well with the environment creating a perfect for your compound and home.


The material of the cover is made with weather-resistant capabilities to shield the generator from harsh weather conditions. They could be a strong wing, snowstorms, heavy rains or even hurricanes. Just like the bigger percentage of generator covers, the exterior has a water-resistant backing to prevent damage to the generator. It is also unsafe to use the generator with the cover on since there is less natural airflow in the cover.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an elastic baseband that secures the cover.
  • The cover is water-resistant offering fast water flow.
  • The camouflage design makes the cover less noticeable.
  • It can protect the generator from wind, snow, rain, and sun.
  • Possesses weather-resistant features that protect the generator.
  • The cover makes the generator small and compact; more portable.

What We Liked

  • It makes the generator look less heavy and big.
  • The price is affordable and reasonable for purchase.
  • The cover makes the cover less common to thieves.
  • The top flap is secured by verso exposes the handle.
  • The water-resistant material can survive the rainstorms.


  • Is available for Honda 2000i generator users alone.

VerdictSince the camouflage cover is specially made for the Honda 20001 generators, I do not think other brands are compatible. The selection for this cover is a bit narrow for reasons mentioned above but has likable benefits. If you have a corresponding generator, this is the best generator for you.

How to Choose the Best Generator Cover 2024

To have one of your generator covers, you must have important factors that will not lead you astray when you are at the market or when asked by a friend. Why should you go to borrow a generator cover from your neighbor in case of bad weather? Make everything easy for yourself by purchasing one of your own since it will never restrict you from its usage. I will discuss some of the key things that should always be in your mind.


This entails the tools or equipment used to make a certain item. Remember this is a cover. Ensure that it is durable, long-lasting and stretchable. This will cut down the costs of purchasing the cover every time. If the cover cannot stretch, it will be difficult for you to cover the machine appropriately and thus a disappointment. Let that not happen to you; be very much careful.

The compatibility of the cover

You will only get the best results by measuring the dimensions of the generator before buying the cover. By doing this you will buy a cover that will perfectly fit on the generator. Be cautious not to buy the exact measurement of the generator but exceed by 2-3 inches for a better outcome.

Conditions of the weather

This is a vital feature to consider. Although some people have stored the generators outside a room, it becomes a challenge especially in areas where there is snow, rain, heavy storms or wind. This is because these conditions can easily damage your generator. Therefore, buy a cover that can fully cover your generator, but don’t forget its durability. Those living in normal conditions should purchase a standard generator that will enable the heat to supply efficiently.

The functionality of the cover

When you have the generator cover on, it should enable you to access other control panels of the generator. It should not restrict you at any point. It should have enough space for heat exchange.

Installation of the frame

This means that the frame used must be easy to install. With this, you will have ample time especially in case of bad weather. The frame must be made of steel so that it can last longer and it should be of good and high quality. When the frames used are weak, they will not be able to support the generator. Also, ensure the frames taken are easy to be installed

Availability of the cover at the market

Sometimes people opt for things that are affordable but not easily available at the market. There are plenty of generator covers at the market but ensure what you own can easily be found. Remember some of the covers are not genuine, thus do not just buy because you need one, but have what you can afford. This is because anything might happen either it might be borrowed, stolen or torn. When it is easily found at the market, you will be able to replace it with another generator cover.

It should be waterproof

While purchasing for the generator cover, you want to ensure that the machine is safe and secure especially during bad weather like rainy season. When the cover is waterproof, therefore, there will be no need to worry about your generator. 

Easy to assemble

Imagine if you are using your generator then suddenly it starts raining? How long will you take to cover the generator? The cover should be durable and plain without other appliances that will give you a hard time to cover your equipment.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it a must for a generator to be covered?

A. Many people do think that having a generator is enough. For your machine to last long, you should always ensure its safety. Always never work with your generator in rain or on snow surfaces. This is because your machine will be damaged. It is therefore recommended for you to have a generator cover that is suitable for your machine. 

Q. Can you work with your generator when the cover is on?

A. Yes. When you have a generator cover with you, you can work while it is on your machine. When the weather conditions are poor, for example, the rainy season or when it is very hot, having a generator cover on saves it from being damaged. What you have to do it; selecting an appropriate generator cover for your machine and enjoy watching it work perfectly.

Q. For how long can a generator work?

A. This will depend on the generator itself; but depending on most of the manufacturers, the generator should not run more than three weeks continuously. In case you want it to work for longer hours, ensure that you service your machine regularly.

Q. Is there a specific size of generator that I need to run a refrigerator and freezer?

A. the wattage is an important factor to consider when you want to do so. The refrigerator should be 800 and the freezer 1000 wattage. For you to get the best results, you are supposed to start both the refrigerator and the freezer at the same time; meaning you will need a maximum of 7200 watts.

Q. Is it a must to load test a generator? If yes how often?

A. this will depend on the type of oil you are using. For example, if it is critical diesel generators, it is supposed to be tested more frequently than non-mission critical generators that can only be tested for at list thirty minutes thus, once per month

Q. Can a generator work out when raining?

A. it is not recommended at all for you to use the generator outside when raining. This is because the water will damage the machine. Also, when the machine is in motion, it produces high voltage whereby when it comes in contact with water, it might lead to an explosion or electrocution. This is why it is recommended to have a generator cover to ensure the safety of your generator.

How to Maintain and Clean a Generator Cover

 Although the generator covers are used to ensure the safety of the generator, it should not just be kept anywhere when not in use. Remember, there are times when the cover is used when raining; will you just keep the generator cover as it is? No, you should always learn to be neat. It should as well be cleaned and maintained. There are two main ways you can clean your generator cover. They include; spot cleaning and deep cleaning

Spot cleaning

while handling this type of cleaning, you will need to use lukewarm water and laundry soap. While washing do not submerge the entire cover in water but mainly consider the affected areas like those will a lot of mad. Rub the cover gently with your fingers with the help of the soap. Scrub it gently to avoid damaging it. 

Later, rinse with cold water until you ensure that all the suds are removed. Shake the cover to get rid of excess water. If possible let it be under shade for some time and later after drying completely, you are allowed to store at a convenient place. What if the patches are difficult to be removed? Deep cleaning becomes the only option!

Deep cleaning

Enough water will be required to accomplish this task. Fill a bucket of water and add some mild detergents. Having the generator cover with you, soak in water for about 10-15 minutes to allow the dirt to dissolve. Scrub the cover gently and rinse in a bucket full of water with conditioner. Refill the bucket and soak the cover for at most 10 minutes and rinse it. Use excess water to clean and rinse the cover. Shake in case of excess water then allow it to dry.

Every time after using your generator cover, ensure it is well cleaned and stored appropriately. This will give you an ample and easy time when you will need to use it next time. Also, it will save the costs of replacing it every other time. Always ensure cleanliness when it comes to generator covers.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, having a generator does not mean you have all that you need. As discussed above, a generator cover is vital and very important to keep your generator safe. Although they are plenty at the market, consider different factors and features discussed above for amazing feedback. This will also ensure that your machine is well stored at any given time; including all weather conditions. Don’t rush for you to have a generator cover, have your time; think twice and make an outstanding decision.

Being the buyer, you know what you want. Therefore ensure that you purchase something that you can afford provided all the important features are available. Why do you want to let others enjoy as you watch? Make the right decision and rush to pick one of your own. Don’t be left behind. You can pick any of the top covers we have covered above to keep your generator in good condition all the time.

Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products are westinghouse generator cover, weatherproof generator cover, generator covers while running, portable generator covers while running etc. indeed !!

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