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10 Best Hot Towel Cabinet Reviews – Step by Step Comparison 2021

Are you tired of having to get in a cold bed or having to use cold towels after a shower? Then you need the best hot towel cabinet.

Now that you need one, how do you get the right one for you? We took it upon ourselves to get information and share it here to guide you. We have a list of ten best products which we believe outdo most in the market. Read on for comprehensive reviews. Ooh, be sure to go through our buying guide and good luck getting the best!


Product Name





17.5 x 10.5 x 14 inches

17 pounds
17.8 x 10.5 x 14 inches
9 pounds

13 x 10 x 10 inches

1 pounds
13 x 13 x 22 inches
8 pounds

20 x 16.6 x 14.1 inches

17.11 pounds
20 x 12 x 14 inches
17.4 pounds

8 1/4 x 10 x 11 1/2"inches

9.8 pounds
31.5 x 4.8 x 23.8 inches
10 pounds

13.4 x 13.4 x 24.4 inches

10.9 pounds
12 x 12 x 17.5  inches
14 pounds

10 Best Hot Towel Cabinet in 2021 - Reviews

 1.  Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer

If you derive solace in purchasing the bestselling products then here is one for you. Elite HC-X has a record in the sales that makes it top of our best hot towel cabinet reviews. Its design and features ascertain the towels neither overheat nor burn.

It has a professional like model; similar to that which therapists use to smear heat on soft tissues. Also, it ensures the towels you put in are toasty hot.

On the interior of the cabinet are hard wire baskets, two, that separate the cabinet to an upper and a lower section. The top rack is more spacious than the bottom shelf, making it ideal for heating stones.

To suit both professional and personal use, it has a high capacity of 24 towels, face size though. Heating the towels takes 15 to 20 minutes. This little time is satisfactory to achieve the temperature you and your clients' desire.

Elite HC-X can warm any towel. It has a maximum of 160 degrees, which is high enough to warm the towels fast. Furthermore, the cabinet is insulated to prevent heat loss.

The control panel has internal temperature control. You can then vary how warm you need the towels to be. Its cabinet interior features a drip tray.


  • Attractive design
  • High holding capacity
  • Convenient and reliable
  • Heats both towels and stones
  • Bestselling among Hot Towel Cabinets


  • It warms less than other models, but the heat is sufficient for most

Customers Feedback:

 2.  Elite Hot Towel Cabinet - Mini 

Compared to the previous Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Mini Warmer, it is smaller, thus convenient for personal use. The small size makes it have the less holding capacity, which is 12 small towels that equal six traditional towels.

If you have limited space, then it is the ideal choice for you. For the control panel, it features an internal thermostat for control. This thermostat ensures the unit heats no more than 124Degree Fahrenheit..

The control feature then makes it possible to pre-program the mini hot towel cabinet. Pre-programming ensures accurate heating of the towels to achieve the temperature you need. 

Just like the preceding Elite Towel Warmer, it employs proprietary interior heating control systems. These systems ascertain there is no overheating nor burning of the towels. Correspondingly, they ensure you can load your towels, close the cabinet door, switch the power on and your towels remain safe.

Its hot cabi towel warmer design may not be modern since it is aesthetic. Conversely, it serves its purpose better than some cabinets that feature a modern design. You can be sure that Elite Mini Towel Warmer or mini hot towel warmer is of high quality and reliable.

On delivery, this elite hot towel cabi mini or mini hot towel cabi is inclusive of an interior towel rack and a water drip pan. To ensure of this elite hot towel cabinet optimal results, use face size towels.


  • Easily warms towels
  • Has an internal thermostat
  • Suitable for compact spaces
  • Ensures there is no burning or overheating
  • Convenient, reliable and an attractive look


  • Limited holding capacity. It is small and compact which makes its holding capacity high than other models of the same size.

Customers Feedback:

 3.  Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit

We all have different tastes and preferences. Some are after a stylish look which Beauty Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit offers. Besides being smart, it is lightweight that makes it easy to install.

This steamer kit takes less time to warm towels that make it convenient to use. Also, it is inclusive of metal tongs that you can use to handle hot towels. We then view this as a safety feature.

Beauty Pro Steamer kit needs water to function. Using it thus necessitates placing water at the button, turning the machine on and waiting for the steam kit to steam towels. Whenever the water runs out, it automatically shuts off which makes it safe.

Versatile uses, since you can use it at your home or office. We find this hot towel steamer or facial towel warmer is best for use in spas for facial treatment. It is because the facial towels size is perfect for the cabinet and takes very few minutes to heat up.

We strongly recommend customers and buyers to read through the manual. Failure to take care of the bowl and cover may result in the cabinet making too much noise. Wrong use if the steamer kit may end up with leaks.


  • Simple to use
  • Versatile uses
  • Takes less time to heat
  • It is inclusive of six hygienic towels
  • Suitable for heating both towels and stones


  • It may warm the towel too much, making it unusable for some. Most, however, prefer the hot towels.

Customers Feedback:

 4.  Brookstone Towel Warmer

Enumerate- and, first of all, all, also, another, furthermore, finally, in addition. The unique need for towel warmers is versatility. Brookstone Towel Warmer offers this and much more. With the unit being spacious, you will have no trouble warming towels, robes and bed sheets when the need arises.

With its extra-large design, Brookstone Towel warmer offers a high capacity of two oversize towels. It then makes it convenient since it eliminates the worry that comes with drying the clocks within a limited time.

Among the best features of the towel is the automatic shut off. Whenever the towels adequately warm up, or when the cabinet achieves maximum temperature, it automatically shuts off.

Silicone is an excellent heat conductor, which is why the cabinets' interior is of silicone. The towels will then warm fast and evenly. Take advantage of this by heating your gloves and hats or scarf before heading out.

Other features include; 120V AC and 480W which is manageable power consumption. It comes with a manual that is easy to read and comprehend.  Has a power cord that helps keep it safe and place whenever not in use.

The Brookstone Company takes pride in its product. They offer high-quality products and feedback too; which is why the Brookstone Towel Warmer always undergoes modification and makeovers to suit the customer's needs. So no doubt this brookstone towel warmer reviews can help to choose the perfect one indeed.


  • Durable
  • Appealing design
  • Silicone conductor evenly heats the towels
  • Fastest warming or drying speed, ten minutes
  • Easy to assemble and simple installation procedure


  • Some times the brookstone towel warmer repair essential that is  why we recommend reading the manual for proper use.

Customers Feedback:

 5.  Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet

The interior of Spa Luxe is of aluminum which is resistant to rust. Therefore, you can be sure of its durability. For hygienic treatments and refreshment purposes, it maintains a 160 Degree internal temperature.

For its design, it only has one door; two shelves and includes a drip tray. While most cabinet doors tend to produce loud sounds while opening the door, Spa Luxe is extremely quiet. The two shelves, top, and bottom allow you heat both stones and towels.

Using this best towel warmer cabinet to heat stones makes it safe. Those of us who have used tongs can admit to several burns; which may result from tongs or hot water. 

It's time to embrace the modern technology and take advantage of the dual purpose of Spa Luxe. SL has a 24 regular towel size capacity, which is high. Its high ability makes it ideal for use in spas and salons. Also, it quickly heats up towels that make it consistent with the demand. Neutral colors enhance its appearance, which gives it a clean, attractive look.

With a heating element in use, it can offer a 160-degree maximum temperature. This temperature is much like other cabinets of a similar size. The 160-degree temperature makes it possible to heat towels in 20 minutes.

Contrary to other cabinets, it accounts for customization. Most cabinets have the shelves being detachable, but Spa Luxe isn't. It then means that when the need arises to warm a large towel, you can comfortably remove the upper shelf or rack for space as like spa towel warmers.


  • High towel capacity
  • Keeps towels warm and moist
  • Takes less time to heat up towels
  • Fits warming both towels and stones
  • Suitable for use in spas and allows customization


  • Tends to be space consuming, unlike other models. The space consumption, however, measures up by its high capacity

Customers Feedback:

 6.  TISPRO SX1000 Hot Towel Cabinet

TISPRO Company has been in the market for a considerably long time. Other TIS PRO Hot Towel cabinets include the SX500 Compact, which has a shelf and slide out tray. SX 500 is suitable for offices or homes with small space since it has a compact design.

SX1000 has two shelves and a single slide out, which fits commercial use best. Lastly, the SX 1100 double has two shelves and a slide out same as the SX1000. It is unique due to the different compartments with each having a separate door.

Features of the SX 1000 include a slide open door that has a magnetic closure. It has a maximum heat of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. While most cabinets take long to heat up, this one only takes 30 minutes or less.

It not only heats but also sterilizes With an adequate capacity to hold 24 towels, it suits best small spa businesses. It uses 180Watts of Power and has a glass wool material for insulation.

SX 1000 maintains versatility as the manufacturers list various uses. They deem it fit for purpose in gym locker rooms, dentist offices, nightclubs, salons, hospitals, and boardrooms just to mention a few.

Despite the cabinet being a sterilizer, it is hygienic to clean it periodically. The cabinet design is in a way that makes it simple to clean and overall easy to maintain. We recommend reading the product description and manual in the occurrence of any troubleshooting.


  • Heats and sterilized
  • Functions properly with no odor
  • Long power cord makes it flexible
  • Comparatively heats up towels fast
  • Spacious and has a high capacity of 24 towels


  • Suits best small businesses. All businesses start low and are an added advantage since it cuts costs for those with little companies

Customers Feedback:

 7.  AW 5L Towel Warmer Hot Cabinet

Do away with the worry of having to purchase a different cabinet for sterilizing your tattoo instruments. AW 5L Towel warmer is an all in one Hot Cabinet for you.

High capacity makes it stands out. AW 5L can store between 10 and 15 towel pieces. Place your towels in this cabinet for even warming. Furthermore, it warms both disposable and traditional towels.

Hygiene, especially with tattoo instruments, is mandatory. This is why the AW 5L has an inbuilt Ultra Violet sterilizer. The sterilizer eliminates chances of bacteria and microbe accumulation in the cabinet. The cabinets' inner chamber is of aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, which plays a role in the even heating of the towels and instruments.

5L has heating of up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 70 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature on the control panel is 80 degrees Celsius. Whenever the cabinet does not feel adequately warm at this temperature, we recommend you reread the manual; after which you can repeat the operation.

Other features of this hot towel warmer cabinet include an appropriate pull-down cabinet door. It has one shelf that makes it simple to store the towels in order. There is a cabinet tray which is removable, that makes the cabinet convenient. So it is cabinet towel warmer also.

On delivery, it comes intact thus you do not need to assemble it. 5L suits use by both families and for commercial uses. It uses 200Watts, 110V. Moreover, it is also heated towel cabinet or the best towel warmer reviews which is describe a perfect purchase knowledge and guide.


  • Less bulky
  • High capacity
  • Space saving design
  • Fast warming of the towels
  • Fit for both towels and tattoo instruments


  • There may be events of overheating, which you can regulate by keeping the adequate temperature

 8.  Amba RWH-CP Radiant Hardwood

Amba Curved towel stands out among our best & unique hot towel cabinet because it serves as a space to hang your towel. With a modern compact design and an elegant look, Amba Radiant makes a whole transformation to your bathroom. Talk about having a sufficient cabinet to hang towels, which does not take up space.

Featuring a modern design, it can hold the towels using its curved lines. Experience elegance through the impeccable finish. What could be better than a cabinet that does all that and tops up by warming your towels?

On delivery, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything including hardware that you may need for the cabinet comes with it.

Installation is a simple process, and generally, it is simple to use.The control panel has an inbuilt switch; which is at the left bottom of the cabinet. Reading the manual is vital to help guide you. In addition to its control feature, it has a timer which is convenient.

Amba Radiant curved does not need liquid while heating the towel. Heating is therefore fast and even unlike most cabinets. Also, the cabinet is of stainless steel, which makes it durable as it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

While the cabinet is in use, it only requires 150Watts and 1.30 Amps. The power consumption is minimal that makes it economical. Its power consumption is probably similar to that of light bulbs. There is also a wall wiring.


  • Space saving
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Hastily dries damp or wet towels
  • Warms towels and hangs them too
  • Attractive appearance and easy to install


  • For the towels to evenly heat, you need to weave them up.

Customers Feedback:

 9.  Towel Warmer

Imagine coming home to soothe yourself with hot towels after a long stressful day. Bathing is more than just getting clean. It is the relaxation, and a beautiful feeling of warm towel soothes. Cloth warmer can make this happen.

Towel warmer has an extensive large design; which makes it have a high capacity. It can hold two large size towels as well as blankets, robes; you name it. Add glamor and color to your bathroom with the wooden stand. Its compact design makes it space saving.

There are always those inevitable moments where we forget to do things. Bearing this in mind, this towel warmer has a timer which is inbuilt. 

You can set the timer and handle other issues since it turns off automatically. What could be better? The towel warmer is simple to control. The control panel has two buttons which makes it simple to operate as you set the timer or towel warmer on/ off.

Effective since it thoroughly heats the towel both inside and on the outside. Towel warmer has a cord wrap; this cord maintains neatness whenever the towel warmer is not in use. Tiding the cable also boosts safety. It uses 120v AC outlet. 


  • Fast heating
  • Space saving design
  • High storage capacity
  • Attractive appearance
  • Warms the towel exclusively


  • The power button may malfunction. However, you can avoid this by keeping the power cord in place whenever the cabinet is not in use.

Customers Feedback:

 10.  High Capacity Hot Towel

Could anything be better than heating up your wet or dry facial towels and using them to offer comfort to your customers? What is more is the cabinet has a UV sterilizer that eradicates chances of infections.

Safety always comes first. High Capacity Hot Towel has certification from the CE; which shows it is compliant with the set safety standards. Further protection is through the UV sterilizer that eliminates the risk of infections. There is an extra UV sterilizer bulb that comes with the cabinet.

High Capacity Hot Towel is economical due to the large holding capacity. The cabinet can hold a maximum of 80 disposable/ 32 Terrycloth face towels. 

Its high capacity also serves two purposes; as a towel warmer and sterilizer. Each function has a different switch.To ensure proper heating, this new Hot Towel Cabinet model features an improvement of the heat sensors. These heat sensors also provide achievement of a sustainable heat level.

This High Capacity Hot Towel cabinet can heat the towels up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Hygiene is a primary concern while dealing with clients. The cabinet is inclusive of a drip tray which is simple to clean. For operation, it only requires 175Watts.

High Capacity Hot Towel is versatile. It is suitable for use in hospitals, beauty spas massage towel warmer. The cabinet is wholly metal, specifically stainless steel that is resistant to rusting. Therefore, it is durable. Moreover, its also use as like best spa towel warmer or best salon towel warmer no doubt.


  • UV sterilizer
  • High capacity
  • Compliant with CE standards
  • The heat sensors prevent overheating
  • Sterilizer and Heat function independently


  • The sterilizer is only for towels, not Tattoo instruments, which makes the towels safer

Customers Feedback:

Watch The Great Spa Vlog: Testing Facial Steamer & Towel Warmer

Video Transcription:

Consider - Choosing the Best Hot Towel Cabinet


The market offers many towel warmers that vary with prices. The prices are dependent on the ease of installation, style, and size. Have your budget in mind while picking the best towel. Your ideal hot towel cabinet should be within our budget range. Don’t buy an overpriced model that you can’t afford. On the other hand, do not compromise the quality for the price. You can get a decent quality hot towel cabinet that is equipped with many features at an affordable price. Another important thing that you can check is the warranty which gives you security for your products.


Towels can be electric or Hydronic, both are efficient, but there are considerable differences. Electric ones tend to demand less power and use the same power as a standard bulb like towel warmer spa. They come in either while plugged in or hard wired. The ones with hard wires will need integration to the houses electrical system.

Hydronic models on the other side require hot water plumbing. It is the most efficient and energy saving. The only downside is that is relatively difficult to install than the electrical one.Choose a towel warmer cabinet or portable towel warmer cabinet that has modern features such as thermostats and automatic capabilities.

You need to determine the type of towel warmer that you want. There are various types that you can get depending on what you want. For instance, you can get a stand type model or a model that you can mount on the wall. Other models can hold towels inside for effective heating. Research well and determine the type of towel warmer that you need to suit your needs.

Design and Construction

Hot towel cabinets feature different designs that you can choose from. It is important to pay attention to the design that you want. What might be good for you might not suit the needs of another person. In regards to the design, you need to check the dimensions so that you can get a model that will fit well in the available space.

You should also consider the construction of the cabinet so that you can get a model that will serve you long like steam towel cabinet. Make sure the cabinet has a durable construction to give you great services for many years.

Power Usage

Hot towel cabinets or bath towel warmer cabinet use electricity to keep the towels warm. The last thing you want is a model that consumes more electricity which can raise your energy bills. Before you pick a particular model, check out to see how much power it consumes. If you don’t check well, you might end up with a model that uses a significant amount of energy. A good hot towel cabinet should be energy-saving to minimize your bills. Check out the energy ratings of different models so that you can select the right one.


Sometimes you might need to move your warmer from one point to the other. This is why you should consider a portable model to suit your needs as like top rated towel warmers or best rated towel warmers. Check the weight of the warmer so that you can get a model that will be easy to carry. You can compare a wide range of towel warmers to help you make the right choice on the type of warmer that is the most suitable.

Mounting and Installation

Many people who purchase towel warmers complain about the installation since it can be quite a task. Whether you buy a freestanding or a wall-mounted towel warmer, you need to do some installation. For those who are not conversant with DIY projects, it can be tough to install the cabinet.

It is important to consider a model that comes pre-assembled to make your work easier. Most of the models you will find on the market today come pre-assembled so your work is only to fit the cabinet in the power socket and begin using.

How easy is it to install the bought towel warmer? Usually, the electric towel warmer is easy to install. Go for a towel warmer that has less complicated installation procedure. Lack of proper installation may lead to faults.

Mounting of a towel warmer can either be on the wall, floor or free standing. If you have limited space in your bathroom, consider mounting it on the wall. Floor mounting is best for bathrooms that have a flat floor. A freestanding towel warmer is more flexible and both in use and placement.

Size and Style

Styles vary, and the most common are traditional, classic antique and artistic. Do you prefer straight or curved rails? Between straight and arched tops which serve you best? We recommend you go for a style that suits your style. Moreover, just remember if you use it after shower then you need to comfort mode with a shower chair for positive result.

Concentrate more on the finish of personal towel steamer . The choice of finish should be consistent with the bathrooms look. Also, choose a towel warmer that has necessary features to save on costs. Size comes in a while determining the number of towels you intend to warm.

Cabinet Material

It is important to check the type of material used to make the cabinet because it affects durability. A good towel warmer or towel caddy warmer should have a quality material that will offer durable use. You can get models that are designed with ABS or alumni material which is quite durable. It will depend on the type of material that you want to buy as like hot towel machines.

Heating Time and Heating System

You should also consider the heating time when buying a warming cabinet. Different towel warmers feature varying heating time depending on the brand. You can get some models that have a heating time of 15 minutes while others can take up to 30 minutes. On top of that, check if the warmer is designed with a timer for convenient operation. Taking into account these aspects will help you end up with a top-quality towel warmer that works well. You should also consider the heating element of the towel warmer before you buy. It should have an efficient heating element that gives faster heating.


How many towels can the warmer hold? You need to consider how big the towel warmer is to get the right one. A good model can accommodate up to 6-10 towels at once. This gives an efficient performance especially if you are using the warmer for commercial purposes. Choosing the right capacity will depend on whether you want to use the unit for personal or commercial purposes. A smaller capacity can be ideal for home use while a larger capacity is good for commercial applications as like hot towel machine.

Watch How to Use Hot Towel Warmer

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Watch - HOW TO: Cleaning Your Towel Steamer

Video Transcript:

Final Verdict

Picking the unique best hot towel cabinet on the market or best hot towel warmer or cabinet is individual according to one's needs. Feel free to select any of the ten above that fits your requirements also fulfill your outdoor towel warmer cabinet demand. Using a hot towel has immense benefits besides relaxing the body look like shower with dual shower heads because both are meet and fit every persons lucrative-smart no doubt.

Hot towels significantly reduce body stretch marks as well as cellulite. This is a belief that majority of medical professions back. Heat treatment also plays a role in improving blood circulation in the body. Consequently, you will experience positive feelings and emotions with that one kind of best towel warmer cabinet orsalon towel cabinets no doubt.

After considering the above tips, it will be easy for you to pick a towel warmer or warm towel machine that meets your needs. There is a wide range of models to choose from on the market today but if you have the right information, it will be easier for you to buy. After going through the above guide and reviews, you have many options to decide which hot towel cabinet is suitable for you.


Select a high-quality towel warmer with durable construction and efficient heating system as like face towel warmer . The unit should be energy efficient and also easy to install. You should also consider a device with a large capacity so that it can accommodate many towels at once. We have given you top quality reviews that cover amazing towel warmers that are ideal for commercial and personal use like hot cabinet towel warmer. Check out their features and benefits to find out which towel warmer works best for you. I hope the above information will help you pick a decent quality towel warmer that works well.

Moreover, portable hot towel warmer or hot towels are superb for treating sensitive body areas; especially when these areas cannot withstand real massage. So above towel warmers reviews can help to choose the perfect one no doubt. That is why it is time to order your hot water towel cabinet or best towel warmer 2021. Last of all, if you want to know others related products then you can accordingly try to check these for vast idea. So products name are towel warmer, massage warehouse, uv sterilizer, brookstone towel warmer, best towel warmer, hot towel warmer for nail salon and hot towel cabinet warmer with uv sterilizer

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