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Top 10 Best Manual Food Chopper Reviews – Comparison Included 2024

We dedicated our time researching and testing many brands to recommend the best manual food chopper. We think that Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper (Arugula) is one of the best products on the market today.

When preparing meals, you need to chop different things. Many people depend on knives to chop food and different types of vegetables. Using sharp knives puts you at a high risk of cutting yourself when chopping. If you want to chop vegetables fast and safe, get a manual food chopper.

Manual food choppers have been there for quite a long time. Not only do they make chopping easy but they eliminate messes because the chopping is done in a container. If you would also love to involve your kids when preparing lunch or dinner, using a manual food chopper is a safe way.

Additionally, these choppers spare you the tearful moments when cutting onions and pepper. These products are available in different designs, features, prices and much more. I have reviewed top ten best models in 2024 so that you can have an easy time choosing the most suitable manual food chopper.

10 Best Manual Food Chopper - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Manual Food Chopper - Reviews

Manual food choppers are efficient devices that you need to have in your kitchen to make chopping tasks easy. Read the following reviews to find out which model will meet your requirements.

 1.  Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper 

Preparing food should not be a time-consuming activity anymore. With the Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper, you can chop different items like large fruits, ice, nuts, herbs, boneless meat, vegetables and much more.

This is a hand-powered device so you do not need electricity. It is a nice food chopper that is ideal for camping, travel, kitchen and RV. It works well when it comes to whipping hummus, pesto, salsa and much more. Using this food chopper is simple. You just need to place the ingredients inside the container twist and lock the lid and then pull the cord to start chopping.

The machine allows you to chop using little time and effort. it does not mess your countertop because it comes with a storage lid to keep everything inside the container.

After using the food chopper, you definitely need to maintain it clean for the chopping. Maintaining this unit clean is simple. You just need to wash the blades, storage lid and the bowl manually or using a dishwasher.

It is important to check the type of material that is used to make the food chopper and determine whether there are any health concerns. This hand powered food processor model is made with ABS and stainless steel material that is not only safe but also durable. So this hand operated food chopper
or food chopper reviews get the dynamic result instantly. That is why this is best veggie chopper or best hand chopper no doubt.

What we liked

  • The food chopper has dishwasher-safe parts which makes cleaning easy and fast
  • It has a large capacity meaning that it can hold more ingredients or when chopping bigger fruits.
  • You do not need any electricity to operate the food chopper since it is a hand powered model
  • Using the device is simple. You just need to put the ingredients, lock the lid and then pull the cord
  • Apart from using it in the kitchen, you can also carry it when traveling, camping or in your RV
  • It comes with a sealing storage lid to ensure that everything stays inside the container to prevent messes.

What we didn't like

  • You need to clean it after every use so it becomes an additional item
  • The food chopper works well but it doesn't chop small vegetables like garlic properly

 2.  Vidalia Chop Wizard

Cutting vegetables and other ingredients can be tiresome and time-consuming if you are using a knife. Moreover, you can end up cutting yourself when using a sharp knife. If you want an effective way of chopping items when preparing food, get the Vidalia Chop Wizard.

This is an excellent machine that is worth adding in your kitchen. It dices or chops in one swift motion. It is designed with a see-through tray that can also measure close to two cups of chopped food. You can use the machine to chop different items which include cheese, fruits, vegetables and more without taking much time. 

You can chop your ingredients fast and safe as compared to using a knife. The best thing about this food chopper is that the blades do not require any sharpening. It is designed with top quality stainless steel blades that provide fast chopping.  The machine comes with a dicer blade and a chop blade included in the package.

When you are chopping your ingredients, you need a sturdy unit that doesn't wobble. This is why this vidalia food chopper model is designed with nonskid feet to make stable when you are using it.

You need to clean the machine after every use. The manual vegetable chopper comes with a lid cleaning tool and it is also dishwasher safe so you don't have to worry about cleaning it manually.

What we liked

  • The catch container acts as a measuring cup and it has marks from a half cup to two cups.
  • The chopper works wells and cuts even pieces. It also cuts fruits and vegetables pretty fast
  • It comes with two sharp insert discs for dicing an chopping so you can choose which insert to use.
  • It is dishwasher safe meaning you can achieve effortless cleaning after you are through with chopping.
  • This is an incredible gift for any person who loves to cook because it makes preparing meal easy and fun.
  • Cleaning the machine is simple because it comes with a small utensil to remove anything that stuck during chopping.

What we didn't like

  • You can use it to chop different ingredients but need special care.

 3.  Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

Would you love to speed up the whole process of food preparation? If you want to save time and energy when chopping fruits and vegetables, consider buying the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor. This is a nice machine when preparing small food.

You can use it to chop herbs or grind cheese among other uses. It is designed with a unique reversing smart blade so you can process soft and hard foods depending on your liking. This model has a user-friendly interface. You grind or chop with just a press of a button.  Additionally, it is designed with easy to use touchpad controls so anybody can use it without any issues.

When you are buying a food chopper, it is prudent to check the blade quality. You don't want a model with a poor quality blade that will disappoint you. This one features a stainless steel blade with both sharp and blunt edges.

This cuisinart mini manual food processor is also designed with quality parts and a BPA-free material. You don't have to worry about health issues when using this product.

It is dishwasher safe making cleaning a bliss. You will also receive a user manual, recipe book and a spatula in the package. The best manual food processor machine also carries a limited 18-month warranty.

What we liked

  • Features a lightweight plastic construction without compromising its durability.
  • For easy and quick cleanup, the machine is designed with dishwasher-safe parts.
  • It is designed with a patented reversible stainless steel blade for chopping and grinding tasks.
  • Features simple push control panel making it easy to use even if you have never used one before.
  • Designed with high-quality stainless steel blades that are sharp and blunt for various applications.
  • It has a large capacity that can hold up to 24-ounce. The work bowl also has a handle for convenient usage.

What we didn't like

  • The machine is not the best option to grind beans because it will chop.

 4.  Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop

You can hardly prepare any meal without chopping vegetables and other things. If you are using different types of ingredients, you can end up taking more time to chop everything. However, if you have a food chopper like the Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop, you can save more time.

The kuhn rikon chopper machine is designed with stainless steel blades that feature a blade protector. The blades are sharp and they cut even pieces without taking much time. This machine is perfect if you are preparing walnuts for brownies. You can use it when making sauces, dips, desserts and much more. It works well with small to large food pieces and gives you satisfactory results.

Using the food chopper is simple. Once you put in the blades, add your ingredients and pull.  If you need course, pull 5 times. If you need fine, pull 10 times and if you need extra fine, then you need to pull 15 times.

Cleaning is not a tiring task because the parts of the machine are dishwasher safe. Only the lid is not dishwasher safe so you need to clean it manually.

It features a non-slip base making it very steady when you are using it. The pull chopper or swiss chopper also has a high capacity that can up to two cups.

What we liked

  • Only the lid requires manual washing. The rest of the parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with a durable stainless steel blade that is sharp and has a blade protector.
  • The blades operate independently and this makes it to work faster which saves you more time.
  • It is designed with a non-slip base that makes it steady so you don't have to worry about any movements.
  • Pretty simple to use. Once you put all your ingredients in the container, pull several times and you are good to go.
  • The machine allows you to pull it several times depending on whether you want to get fine, course or medium.

What we didn't like

  • A little bit awkward to use because the pull string can get stuck at times.
  • This is a nice pull chop but after using it several time, it produces loud grinding noise.

 5.  Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper – 7 in 1 Chopper

If you need a versatile food chopper in your kitchen, you can try the Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper. It performs different functions like chopping, mixing, whipping, blending, slicing, juicing and shredding.

This food chopper is a nice companion in your kitchen. You do not need any skills or strength to operate it. It is easy to use and it will save you more time when preparing different types of food. Buying this machine saves you the stress of buying different machines in your kitchen. 

You can enjoy up to 7 functionalities all in one product. it is great for preparing breakfast, dinner, chopping onions, mixing cake batter among other uses. The blades are sharp and you can get the consistency that you need. 

If you need larger chunks, you just need to spin a few times. For smaller chunks, spin several times. You don't have to imagine what is going on inside the container. This product features a clear bowl that helps you see exactly what is happening. 

Again, it has a sealed chamber so no worries about messes. As compared to other food choppers on the market, this best chopper model is packed with more useful features that make it more than just a chopping device. You can use it to dice tomatoes or onions with accuracy and speed.

What we liked

  • It has the largest bowl capacity on the market that can hold up to 5 cups.
  • It comes with components that are easy to clean without taking too much time.
  • All in one machine that combines different functionalities making it very versatile.
  • The food chopper has an anti-skid base so it remains stable when you are using it.
  • The blades of the food chopper are concealed when operating making it safe to use.
  • It has blades that are made from surgical stainless steel and they do not bend or rust.

What we didn't like

  • The blades of the unit are very sharp so you need to be careful to avoid injuring yourself.

 6.  Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper

There are different appliances that you need to have in your kitchen to make your work easier. Chopping fruits, vegetables and other items is one of the most tiring and time-consuming activity when preparing meals.

You do not have to use knives any longer when you have the Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper. This product is a nice companion in any kitchen because it makes your work easy and fast. You can chop veggies, nuts, cooked meat and other items and prepare your meals in less time. Apart from saving you time, you also don't have to use more effort as compared to chopping using a knife.

The pampered chef manual food processor or chopper is designed with stainless steel blades that provide accurate and precise cutting. The blades are sharp and they do not rust as seen in other manual food choppers on the market.

You don't have to keep opening the chopper to see what is going on inside the container. It has a clear design so you can watch with ease as you chop.

Using the chopper is pretty easy. It has a user-friendly design and you do not require any skills to use it. This pampered chef chopper is easy to assemble and it also disassembles with ease during cleaning. The pampered chef hand chopper parts are dishwasher safe so you can be sure of effortless cleaning.

What we liked

  • You can press the plunger several times to get your desired size.
  • It is designed with a soft top on the plunger making chopping comfortable.
  • Chops different ingredients fast and this helps you prepare your meals fast.
  • The machine is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is also very easy to use.
  • It features a clear design so you can see everything throughout the chopping process.
  • The food chopper is equipped with durable and sharp stainless steel blades that provide consistent results.

What we didn't like

  • The product works well but you need to spend a little more money.
  • Nice machine but the amount of food that it can chop at once is little.

 7.  Kwik-kut Cutlery Serrated Food Chopper

If you ask any avid chef, they will tell you that cooking is an enjoyable task but chopping is not. So many people love cooking but the whole idea of chopping vegetables puts them off.  If you want to make food preparation fast an easy, having a food chopper can be a savior.

If you are having trouble deciding which is the best food chopper, I would recommend the Kwik-kut Cutlery Serrated Food Chopper. This is a nice machine to have in your kitchen for mincing and chopping nuts, vegetable and fruits. You can also use for other activities like cutting cookies, pastries, biscuits, tenderizing meat and much more. Being an American made product, then you can be sure about its quality and performance.

The machine is designed with stainless steel chopping rings that give you desired results. It works well in chopping nuts, fruits, salads, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, onions and much more.

Using this tool is not complicated all. You just need to push it up and down until you achieve the right texture that you want. It will greatly help you save more time during food preparation.

Another great thing that you will love about this food chopper is its sturdy and durable design. It is designed to provide you with great services for many years. It is also easy to clean and it doesn't rust. That is why this is best hand food chopper.

What we liked

  • Features stainless steel chopping rings for faster and accurate chopping.
  • It is designed with a wide handle that ensures your fingers are safe when chopping.
  • The food chopper has a sturdy and durable designed so it will give you value for your money.
  • It is easy to use and clean after use. You just need to hand wash it in warm and soapy water.
  • Unlike other food choppers, this model doesn't rust no matter how many times you use and clean it.
  • This is a versatile machine that you can use to mince or chop different ingredients when preparing meals.

What we didn't like

  • The food chopper is very small to handle larger ingredients.

 8.  OXO Good Grips Chopper

There are so many benefits that you will enjoy when you have a food chopper in your kitchen. Not only does it make chopping easier but eliminates messes during food preparations.

If you are on the market trying to find the right food chopper to buy, the numerous options can leave you overwhelmed.  This is why am here to save you all the trouble. With the OXO Good Grips Chopper, chopping will never be the same again. This machine is designed with wave-pattern blades that rotate evenly to provide you with consistent results. You can chop onions and other ingredients with precision.

When you are using a manual food chopper, you need a unit that is stable. This is why this model features a non-slip knob to make chopping easy and safe all the time.

Assembling the unit is easy and straightforward. Moreover, it has symmetrical blade that makes reassembly also easy. When you are through, the knob of the food chopper will lock making storage easy.

After you are through with chopping, you might be wondering how you will scoop out the ingredients. This model comes with a spoon and has a snap lid and this makes everything simple.

What we liked

  • It works well in chopping fruits, nuts, veggies and much more.
  • Designed with top-notch stainless steel blades that do not rust.
  • Designed with symmetrical blade that makes reassembly simple.
  • The machine features a non-slip knob for faster and easy chopping.
  • The knob of the device locks in a closed position making storage easy.
  • For easy cleanup, the blade cartridge unscrews. The parts of the machine are also dishwasher safe.

What we didn't like

  • The blades cut things like onions well but they would have been sharper.

 9.  ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor

A food chopper is a versatile tool for preparing, pureeing, blending, and chopping ingredients. Easy Pull can be used to make smoothies, breadcrumbs, ice cream, dips, and salad. It can be used as a vegetable chopper for cilantro, tomato, onions. A food chopper with several blades mixes ingredients in seconds making cutting to be easy.

Zyliss Easy pull chopper for veggies has a food chopper manual, making it easy to operate. The pull-style hand food chopper is ideal for travel, tiny kitchens, RVs, and camping. The hand food chopper comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Zyliss Veg chopper has a 25-ounce bowl capacity and is dishwasher safe on the top rack. It is easy to clean just pull the plastic blade downward and slowly work it off using even pressure all around and then flip its cover. You can easily attach the plastic blade and aligning the ring.

The vegetable cutters are hand-powered and have a pull design that is very good for travel, small kitchens, and camping. The chopper is great when one is experiencing power outages or even when going out for camping or outdoor spending.

Zyliss chopper is among the smallest food processors and is used for all manual chopping and cutting. The veg cutter has a straightforward design ideal for tiny apartments, camping, and RVs. Easy to Use Place one hand firmly on the bowl and pull the handle up and away. The two-foot cord will automatically retract. Take care, not to overpull.

Finally, the Zyliss food chopper is made of stainless steel which makes it hard to rust and so can be used for a long. Even after exposure to water while cleaning the mini food choppers do not get rust and so it is durable.

What we liked

  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • It chops food easily and fast
  • It is portable and easy to clean
  • It is durable and high-quality
  • The chopper is made of BPA-free materials
  • It has a nice design suitable for travel

What we didn't like

  • The instructions are not detailed enough and could be problematic for beginners.

 10.  Vinipiak Manual Food chopper

The Vinipiak Manual Food chopper is multifunctional and time-saving. This quick manual food chopper assists you in chopping vegetables, fruits, and nuts. The garlic chopper can help you save a lot of time in the kitchen. By placing the food in the bowl and tugging the rope once, you may chop it 15 times.

Vinipiak food chopper is great for chopping vegetables, fruits, and also functions as a grinder or mincer. It works well in mincing cottage cheese and boneless meats. It has interchangeable blades and a strong handle that makes it chop a variety of ingredients. The processors are speedy and sharp and make the motor easy to use.

The food chopper is both safe and powerful. The hand-pull chopper is made of harmless plastic. The stainless steel blades cut and mince quickly. The model is BPA-free and suitable for storing food. You can prepare foods especially salsa at all times of the day. It does not require any power to operate  

The chopper is portable, takes up little room, and is simple to store. The advantages of this manual food chopper include its simple structure, economy, practicability, small volume, and convenience. The design of the cup capacity is ideal for tiny kitchens, RVs, travel, and camping.

The container is easy to clean, and the sharp blades can be removed, making the onion chopper easy to clean. The lid can become wet; however, it includes three drain holes after cleaning. This feature makes it simple for operation by everyone.

The food chopper is strong and safe the hand pull chopper has non-toxic plastic. The blades made of stainless steel are strong and chop very fast. The chopper can therefore be used everywhere even without electric power.

What we liked

  • Easy to clean after chopping ingredients
  • The chopper is functional and time-saving
  • Convenient to use and saves a lot of space
  • It is made of a strong and durable material
  • It is strong cannot easily break
  • You can also use it as a mincer or grinder

What we didn't like

  • Although the food chopper comes with a warranty, the guarantee is just a 30-day money-back guarantee

How to Choose The Best Manual Food Chopper

Having a food chopper or french fry cutters in your kitchen is a great investment. A manual food chopper is better than chopping the food manually. You don’t have to keep shedding tears every time you chop some onions. Improvise a way that will make this easier and faster. I mean, you deserve a better friend. Rush to the market and get the best manual food chopper.

If you need to get the best food chopper, that doesn’t come easily. You have to put some aspects into consideration. Here we are to give you some of the factors that you should consider. We hope that you get the best of all manual food chopper. Check out the following shopping tips that will assist you to select the right one for you.


The first thing you need to check before buying a manual food chopper is its performance. There is no need of buying an ineffective product that will not work well. How does the device slice or dice ingredients? What type of blades does it have? Does it have a storage container? These are important things that will help you select a food chopper that performs well.


Would you want a food chopper that takes too much storage space? Well, if you have ample space in the kitchen, there is no problem with whatever you choose. But it doesn't mean you will have ample space forever. But this food chopper will remain for a very long time. Therefore, it is better to choose a safer side. Choose a model with a design that takes less space. With such a model, whether you have a limit in space or not, you will easily store the appliance.

In the same case, also consider whether the manual food chopper incorporates both the chopping plate and the blade itself. If you will have to use a chopping board after buying a food chopper, it will mean that it’s just an additional tool. A good food chopper should replace a chopping board by incorporating a storage plate for any type of food you chop. 

Ease of Use

Of course, you do not want to end up with a device that is difficult to use. Look for a manual food chopper that is easy to use so that you will not end up being frustrated after buying.

Blade type

The blade type will greatly influence how well the chopper chops the food. When we talk about blade type, let’s focus on the material used to make the blade. Chopping food will mean that this blade will get moisture exposure. We all know what happens when moisture incorporates air. Rusting will be the results. That is why you should go for a material that can resist corrosion and rust. What kind of material is rust-resistant?

Well, stainless steel is the real deal material. Most kitchen culinary like knives are made of this material. Have you ever asked yourself why? Well, you already got an answer for yourself. A perfect food chopper blade should also incorporate stainless steel. This means that there will be no rust or corrosion. The coating is a guarantee that you can chop onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes with no worries. You need no maintenance for such blades.

The price and durability

A manual food chopper is not something that should make you invest a lot of money. Therefore, if you like very expensive manual food chopper, that’s overrated. There is always another model with the same features, accessories, quality, and performance but comes at an affordable price. Which one do you prefer? An expensive one or an affordable one? Always work with your budget and you will be sure to get the best

The durability of the manual food chopper also matters. Although, you should not go for an expensive one, don’t buy a cheap manual chopper of low quality. Choose a chopper whose components are sturdy enough to serve you for a long time. For example, a food chopper blade made from stainless steel is a real catch. This material is one of the sturdiest and most durable. I am sure you don’t want to keep purchasing a food chopper after a few weeks.


Using sharp knives keeps you at a high risk of injuries. This is why you need to invest in a quality manual food chopper that is safe to use. You can select products that are designed with concealed blades because they are safe and easy to use. Another thing you need to check in regards to safety is the frame construction and whether it has a non-slip base.


What is the capacity of the food chopper? When deciding on the right capacity to choose, you need to know what you will be chopping frequently. For instance, if you need a manual food chopper to mince herbs, garlic or toasted nuts, then you might not need a big capacity. However, if you are preparing many ingredients, then you need a big capacity.


The most individual may wonder what BPA is. Bisphenol-A is the word. This is a component that most food appliances around the globe have been found to possess. Just a heads up, it is not a good one rather it may be harmful to your health. BPA is a common component in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics. Most appliances use these two substances. Although it is doesn’t mainly happen, BPA can get discharges to the food in case you are using a chopper with such components.

Researchers have done studies that show that BPA can lead to behavior, blood pressure, prostate gland, and brain-related issues. But in small amounts, BPA cannot be a threat. Not all appliances are to be trusted. You never know whether the concentration is high or low. Therefore it is better choosing a food chopper that is BPA-free. It is always good to be on the safest side.

Other Considerations

  • Warranty
  • Type of blade
  • Is it BPA-free
  • Is it dishwasher safe?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I require a manual food chopper?

A: Consider chopping onions? Is it always easy? Well, it may not be easy for most individuals. Apart from onions, any type of food like tomatoes, foods, and fruits takes a lot of time to chop. Manual A good food chopper comes in handy in reducing the time spent getting foods and fruits ready to be cooked and served. 

Since the majority of us don't have professionalism that chefs do especially in managing knives. If you require your foods uniformly chopped and in the shortest time possible then the food chopper is the best to get the job done.

An advantage that comes with using a food chopper is that your hands and nails will always be safe from getting cuts that normally occur due to improper use of knives when cutting or slicing veggies. Food choppers go a long way in reducing labor and time used in the kitchen when cooking. 

Q: Are foods choppers safe in a kitchen where kids access easily?

A: There are always more than a thousand reasons why children should not be left in the kitchen mostly due to safety reasons. Children normally are not aware of the hazards that can occur around the kitchen such as being cut by sharp objects. Food choppers will give you no headaches regarding its safety around kids as it is designed in a way that safety when using is at its maximum. 

Q: How do I clean a manual food chopper?

A: Anything that comes in contact with the food we intake has to be thoroughly clean at all times. Quick advice when washing a food chopper is normally to revisit the manual that comes with the washer as it provides the best way of handling and washing but sometimes some food choppers might require clinical washing and it is always advisable to hand wash it carefully. Before deciding to hand wash it one has to know what it is built of as some substances such as vinegar might cause damage to your food chopper

Q: How to repair a food chopper?

A: The best way and an assured way to get your food chopper to 100% function are to contact the seller or manufacture especially when the warrant is still valid. In a situation where the warrant is expired, it is still advisable to contact them. In a situation where you feel confident with handling appliances, you can reach out to YouTube where you get several tutorials on how to repair your food chopper

Final Notes

Preparing meals can be time-consuming especially if you are using knives to chop vegetables. If you want to save time and get a more efficient way of chopping food and vegetables, investing in the best manual food chopper will be a great idea. A food chopper is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used to chop, dice, shred, puree and much more.

It will save you the time and energy you would have used with a knife. The above are quality manual food choppers that will get the job done in less time. You can compare their features and pick the right one to suit your needs. Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products are pampered chef food chopper, manual food processor, best food chopper, best onion chopper, what is the best small manual food chopper, best mini chopper, ultra chef express food chopper,best manual chopper, best manual food processors, best manual food choppers, hand choppers food, small food choppers, pampered chef mini food processor, manual food processor reviews, best food choppers, hand held food chopper, best manual vegetable chopper, pampered chef hand food processor, best electric chopper and best tomato chopper for easy pick the best one indeed.

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