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Top 10 Best Roof Rakes in 2024 – Mentor Reviews

There is no better view than that of snow falling outside your house. With this beauty comes the responsibility of cleaning our roofs. It is mandatory to take care of our shelters, and there is no better way than using the best roof rakes.

When snow builds on the roof, there is a high probability that it will alter the house's structure; which may lead to extensive damages. A roof rake with a simple design and a long handle will handle the task with minimum effort.

The market offers different brands and models of roof rakes. Almost all have great features which seem reasonable, but not all are durable. Thus, it is crucial to choose a roof rake which is helpful and which cleans up quickly. We have then conducted our research and came up with ten best roof rakes, to prevent you from undergoing the pressure of determining which roof rake is best for you.

 10 Best Roof Rakes in 2024 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Roof Rakes in 2024 - Reviews

 1.  Garelick 89421 Roof Rake - 21'  

Are you looking to remove snow which may accumulate and damage the eaves? At the top of our list is Garelick 89241 which is considered the best roof rake in the market. 

First, its construction features high-grade aluminum. Thus, you should have no doubts about its durability. It has a 24-inch blade which is sufficient to remove the snow from your roof. These wide blades can remove snow from a large area in just one pass. 

Garelick 89241 has rake sections which allow snapping. Thus, you can reach far, as much as 21 feet. Furthermore, the segments are simple to lock and let you adjust the height of the rake. 

To prevent damaging your roof, it has unique shingle roller shavers. These rollers are in place to prevent the blade from being in direct contact with the roof. Thus the edges only reach the snow. This Garelick roof rake is quite simple to assemble. It is thus time-saving since you don't need time for preparation. Besides, it is light and compact due to the aluminum construction.

Using this Garelick 89421 gives you excellent service; which is because it is strong enough to clean even the thick ice blocks. It is something which some models on the market cannot. Being sturdy, well-built and having an adjustable rake height eliminates the risk of falling as you clean your roof standing on a ladder.

The roof rake garelick 21 snow roof rake wheels, the rollers have slits. These slits help the roof rake turn sideways and even roll over without damaging your roof. Hence, this garelick roof snow rake or garelick snow rakes are easy to use.


  • Good length
  • Smooth handle
  • Appealing design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Simple to assemble


  • It may be tiresome to separate the handle connections which makes it difficult to store
Garelick 89421 Roof Rake - 21
Garelick 89421 Roof Rake – 21

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 2.  SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool with Handle

Sno Brum ensures no damage whatsoever, which makes it suitable to remove snow from vehicles. It is ideal for the roof and on vehicles such as minivans and large vehicles such as SUVs; which are hectic to reach across the width. Also, it is suitable for removing snow that accumulates in hot tub covers.

Using SnoBrum enables the drivers to push even the heavy snow from the vehicles hood, roof and trunk without breaking a sweat. Moreover, it doesn't damage the car or scratches the paint.

Its construction material is molded polyethylene foam. This foam is durable and has undergone numerous lab tests to make it freeze resistant and non-abrasive.

It is also tested to ascertain its durability and center load stress. From the construction material, you can be sure that getting it is getting the best quality you can. The test results indicate high ratings. Furthermore, it is the most massive snow roof rake available; due to the oversize head.

There is a significant impact plastic face which is sunken in the foam. This plastic plate ensures that there is no contact with the vehicle whatsoever. Additionally, this synthetic face has seven columns that support it. The columns help in weight distribution; which makes the rake ideal for heavy wet snow. Also, the telescoping handle has a powder coating steel. The steel has different cold resistant threads.

An adjustable handle is a factor to consider when choosing a roof rake. With an adjustable handle, you can comfortably reach the desired height to clean your roof. This SnoBrum handle or best roof snow removal tool adjusts from 27 to 46 inches.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Telescoping handle
  • Suitable for vehicles
  • High-quality material


  • No doubt Suitable for vehicles but need extra care
SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool with Handle
SnoBrum Original Snow Removal Tool with Handle

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 3.  True Temper 17-Feet Telescoping Snow Roof Rake   

Enjoy cleaning the snow from your roof using the True Temper 17 Feet. Its manufacturing ascertains nothing but quality while still offering convenience. 

Furthermore, this True Temper product prevents any water or structural damage that may arise due to heavy snow. Its design ensures the True Temper rake remains stable even in the heaviest of snow. 

Furthermore, it is durable since its construction material is aluminum which is also lightweight. Also, its construction features temperature resistant plastics.The handle allows adjustments and can extend to a maximum of 17 feet. 17 feet is quite a long distance that will enable you to use the snow roof rakes to clear snow off your roof as you stand on the ground. 

It is then a safe alternative than climbing a ladder to clean the roof. Unlike most roof rakes in the market, it enables secure storage. It has a push button and a telescoping handle design. Thus, it is sleek and collapses that makes it easy to store.

For ease of use, the True Temper Roof rake has a non-slip handle. Besides making it easy and comfortable to use, the non-slip makes the rake simple to control. It also makes it safe to use no more slippage accidents.

The telescoping handle that the True Temper has is the latest technology in the market. It is thus consistent with the latest technology. The blade is 24 inches wide, which is quite extensive to cover a large surface in a single swing.


  • Anti-freeze
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Telescoping handle with a non-slip mechanism


  • You may need repetitive swings in the same area if the snow is in large quantities
True Temper 17-Feet Telescoping Snow Roof Rake
True Temper 17-Feet Telescoping Snow Roof Rake

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 4.  Avalanche – Original 500 Roof Snow Removal 

Avalanche Original 500 is effortless to assemble and has a very simple snap-on assembly. It has wheels and a retractable plastic that slides to dispatch snow hastily. Moreover, it has a light fiberglass handle, and among other rakes, it has a high snow removal speed of 1ton per minute.

Its system has a cutting head that is 17 inches. Furthermore, you can connect the 17 feet long handle to the head. There are very few snaps that put the rake in place. Therefore, it is simple to assemble.

For ease of use, it has a cutter frame that has 1.5 inches wheels. The wheels enable optimal working of the blade without direct contact to the roof. 

Thus, there is neither damage nor scratches on the roof while removing the snow. Also, you can tirelessly remove even the large chunks of ice. Avalanche Original 500 has plastic slides as well as a fiberglass handle. The handle has four sections which snap in place. These snaps maintain the rakes maximum reach.One can then vary the height of the rake to access areas that would have been otherwise difficult to reach.

Still on the snap sections, they also help in easy storage of the rake. For those who have compact spaces to store it. The rake is simple to maneuver and easy to move around. Also, it is suitable for various surfaces.

The connection between the head and the pole is sturdy. Thus, it is less likely to get loose or even disengage as you use it.Moreover,this best roof rakes snow removal or roof rakes for snow removal or avalanche roof rake reviews help to choose the perfect one no doubt.


  • Easy to store
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Simple to assemble
  • Has four section snaps
  • Has rollers to prevent damage


  • Lacks anti-freeze mechanism
Avalanche – Original 500 Roof Snow Removal
Avalanche – Original 500 Roof Snow Removal

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 5.  Suncast SRR2100 24-Inch Snow Shovel Roof Rake 

Suncast SRR 2100 is a roof rake that is simple to assemble and has an appealing design. The Suncast company is passionate about the environment and aims to create products which give the environment a beautiful look. 

It is the best option for those seeking to own a roof rake that has high reach. The primary construction material is aluminum. Besides being sturdy and durable, it is light. Thus, the rake is simple to use. 

You don't have to worry about getting the snow off your roof while having this Suncast roof rake. It has a pole, which is 20 feet and is simple to assemble. The pole makes it effectual to remove snow that is in distant places that are hard to access. 

The handle is of aluminum, which is light and simple to operate. Also, the blade is quite wide that gives you supreme cleaning power. It covers a large area in a single sweep that makes it time-saving and convenient. The edge is of nonstick graphite. Graphite is the best for removing snow that is melted as well as frozen snow.

Suncast has four pieces of snap connector sections. First, these sections are essential to increase the length of the handle. A longer handle enables you to clean distant places while on the ground. Second, connector sections help in storage of the rake in compact spaces.  Suncast offers a variety of storage options that can be deck boxes or even sheds.


  • Easy to store
  • Extensive Reach
  • Has snap connectors
  • Doesn't scratch the roof
  • Simple to assemble and use


  • Lacks anti slip resistant thus you may need leather gloves
Suncast SRR2100 24-Inch Snow Shovel Roof Rake
Suncast SRR2100 24-Inch Snow Shovel Roof Rake

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 6.  Snow Joe RJ204M 21' Snow Shovel Roof Rake

Snow Joe Company is renowned for offering products which are a solution to everyday problems. Thus, Snow Joe RJ204M is a roof rake that will be of great use when looking to remove debris, snow and even leaves from your roof. 

To prevent accidents that may result from climbing ladders, you can use this roof rake while standing on the ground. RJ204M is a product from Snow Joe and Sun Joe Companies which offer a range of outdoor equipment. 

Snow Joe products are of the best quality and feature the best craftsmanship quality. This features you can attest to comparing it to other products in the market. 

The best feature that the rake or  snow joe roof rake has is the twist-n-lock in its telescoping handle. This feature makes it effortless to clean the roof.  Moreover, the handle is adjustable from 6 feet to 21 feet. Therefore, you can adjust the length to suit your needs while standing on the ground. Its handle is primarily of poly that ensures no damage whatsoever is inflicted on the roof during cleaning.

Its construction consists of aluminum. Aluminum is ideal for roof rakes since it is durable, sturdy and lightweight. Consequently, it makes it easy and tireless to clean the roof.

For convenience and time saving, it has an oversize rake head. The blade is quite wide which makes snow raking quick and straightforward. A single sweep ensures the edge covers a large area while still being useful. You need not redo the sweeps.


  • High quality
  • Large blade size
  • Light and durable
  • Telescoping handle
  • Twist-n-lock handle design


  • Need extra effort for proper maintenance
Snow Joe RJ204M 21' Snow Shovel Roof Rake
Snow Joe RJ204M 21′ Snow Shovel Roof Rake

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 7.  MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Roof Rake Snow 

Are you are looking for the best, fastest, simplest and safest method to get off snow from your rooftop? If so, there is no better deal than the MinnSnowta Roof Razor rake.

MinnSnowta is an American Company product that has a full RAZOR Titan and robust Dynamo feature. Moreover, it has a long strengthened woven fiber slide that enables snow to slide down from the roof to the ground. What could be better?

Its construction features aluminum which also makes the blade. The blades have thick aluminum that efficiently slides through the snow and removes it. 

Furthermore, the rake has wheels which ensure the edges do not interact with the roof. You can then be sure there will be no damage to the ceiling. The Roof Razors or minnesnowta roof razor have long locking poles that have a significant diameter too. These poles are there to ensure you get 24 feet long handle cover. This extra-long handle gives you supreme control to clean the roof while on the ground.

Also, if need be, you can get supplementary poles, six inches to be precise. The poles that are of aluminum to ensure the unit is robust and lightweight as well.

There are other inclusive options such as a drift buster. A drift buster enables you additional cutting action in the event of snow drifts or even more in-depth snow. Furthermore, you get new angles to flatter roofs. Moreover, you can get another set of wheels may be larger, depending on your roofing material with this minnsnowta roof rake. Because this is snow rake for roof or best roof rake for snow.


  • Durable
  • It has wheels
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Allows additional options
  • Locking poles offer additional height


  • When clearing a high roof, the user may need a lot of pressure.
MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Roof Rake Snow
MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor Roof Rake Snow

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 8.  AVALANCHE! SRD20 Snow Rake Deluxe 20 

Avalanche is a leading product among the available snow roof removal products. Avalanche has been on the market for twenty years since their roof rakes are useful and straightforward to use

If you have used a rake to clean your roof or even get rid of the snow, you have an idea of how hectic it may be. It doesn't have to be this way though, which is why Avalanche SRD 20 is the best to clean your roof. Now you can comfortably avoid ice dams.

First of all, its plastic rake head is durable. The plastic material is ideal since there will be no scratches or damages on your roof. Second, the rake head is broad that makes it compelling. 

A single sweep covers a large area and does a great job. The pole is long and has sections which snap in place. These snaps are ideal for several reasons. They ensure you can lengthen the handle to reach inaccessible areas without breaking a sweat.

Eliminate the hazard and the worry of climbing a ladder to reach those high places. Also, they are essential for storage purposes, especially in small spaces.

Avalanche SRD 20 or  avalance snow rake has a vinyl end grip. The grip makes the rake comfortable to use. Also, best snow rake or snow rake avalanche prevents slippage that makes it safe. No more slippage accidents.  It has wheels that avoid the blade and the roof from directly coming to contact, which further ensures no scratches on your roof. 


  • Wide blade
  • Easy to store
  • Vinyl end grip
  • Adjustable handle
  • Presence of  wheels


  • It's only durable if you use it gently
AVALANCHE! SRD20 Snow Rake Deluxe 20
AVALANCHE! SRD20 Snow Rake Deluxe 20

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 9.  Garant GPRR24U Yukon 24" Poly Blade Roof Rake

Use the Garant Yukon Roof rake to remove snow from your roof. You can also use it to remove skylights and awnings. Besides being light, it is fast and effective. 

It does not inflict any damage on your roof while at the same time being useful. Its broad blade makes snow removal an easy task. To ensure there is no damage to your roof this rake has a polyethylene blade. 

Besides averting disaster on the shingles of your roof, this polyethylene material is also lightweight. Furthermore, the edge is full thus in a single use; it covers an extensive area without compromising its effectiveness.The handle is primarily of aluminum. Aluminum is durable and lightweight. 

Thus, you will need minimal effort while removing the snow or cleaning the roof. Also, the handle is comfortable to use. Additionally, the handle has three sections each 5 feet. The parts are in place to allow adjustments of the height of the handles according to the user's requirement.

You can then use one section, two or even all the three parts depending on the height and area you are looking to clean. These sections also help dismantle and store the rake in small spaces.

There are endless scenarios about what may happen if the rake slips while in use. To prevent the handle has anti-slip grip. The grip also makes the rake comfortable to use. Also, it comes in a modest practical design that makes it simple to assemble.


  • Comfortable
  • Simple to use
  • Smooth handling
  • Appealing design
  • Sturdy and adjustable handle


  • The three sections may be need to carefully attach
Garant GPRR24U Yukon 24
Garant GPRR24U Yukon 24″ Poly Blade Roof Rake

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 10.  Sno Brum Sno Pro Grade Snow Removal Tool 

Sno Brum is of impeccable quality. First, the material making the molded head is industrial-level polyethylene foam which can endure extreme conditions. Second, this material is also suitable for numerous vehicle clearings.

Unlike most of the roof rakes, it has approval for Class A finishes used. Also, it has the highest and most ratings after many independent lab testing. The tests were for its freeze resistance, non-abrasion, and durability.

Its manufacturing features regular threads. The Sno Brum Pro or snow pro roof rake has a sturdy handle that has impeccable metal threads. Also, it works fast and efficient since it is lightweight. 

Its light weight is advantageous since it minimizes antennae damage as well as accessory damage which is familiar with hefty rakes. Sno Brum Pro is ideal to even clear snow from hot tub shelters. Furthermore, it does not inflict any damage on the roof, nor does it scratch any paint, which makes it practical.

The blade head is quite extensive. Thus a single pass covers a large area. Consequently, it is useful and efficient. Moreover, a single sweep is enough to remove the snow that saves time since you don't have to sweep one area repetitively.

Its handle is quite tall, that gives the total user advantage. The tallness makes it possible to reach high places without climbing a ladder. Also, the tall handle makes it comfortable to use. This sno pro roof rake light weight makes it portable thus ideal to carry around; maybe to clean your house in a different location or even lend it out.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Long handle
  • High-quality material
  • Does not inflict damage


  • It's portable but need prudently handle
Sno Brum Sno Pro Grade Snow Removal Tool
Sno Brum Sno Pro Grade Snow Removal Tool

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How To Choose The Best Roof Rake in 2024

To determine the best roof rake, below are the typical factors you should consider;


Majority of the roof rakes have long handled to ensure you have a long reach. Moreover, a long handle gives you the ability to clean your roof while standing on the ground. So, the longer the handle, the better and the easier it gets to clean. However, it should be effortless to handle. It is also good to consider a handle that is slightly bent since it allows vertical movement.

There are telescoping handles, which are excellent as well. Using those enables you to reach even the highest of the roof section. Some come with pieces which you can snap together. These are also suitable since you can choose the range you need as like as roof rake plastic slide or roof rake wit slide

Blade Material

A roof rake has a front part that resembles a fork. This fork is the part that comes to direct contact with the roof and the snow. Thus, the material making the blade determines a lot.

Various companies use a different material for the blade. However, the best equipment should be one which will not damage your roof as you clean. We recommend you pick a rake that has a plastic blade. Depending on your preference, if you prefer the metal one, ensure it has either a plastic bumper or rubber to ensure you don`t damage your roof.


The wheels that a roof rake has are called rollers or bumpers. We highly recommend you pick a rake with these rollers since they ensure there is no direct contact between your roof and the blade.

A roof rake without these rollers merely implies the blades will be brushing against the roof which may be disastrous. Moreover, it dramatically increases the chances of the rake catching several shingle tabs and even tearing them apart.

Final Verdict

Our above list of the best roof rakes is the perfect start for 2024; you can use it to select the best roof rake according to your needs. In our reviews, we kept in mind your needs and preferences by discussing factors such as material, comfort, and weight at length. It is essential look like portable propane heater when you travel at snow/cold area or other outdoor activities along or with family.

All the products we have reviewed above are of the best quality since they make our top ten lists. Feel free to select any of the above depending on the rake you feel is best for you. Note that most of these rakes share common features despite being from different brands.

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