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Top 10 Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers – Amazing Reviews 2024

Every parent wants what’s best for their kids and what better way than to invest in an affordable, efficient portable ride. The best folding wagon for toddlers has over the years proved to be an excellent way for kids to explore and transport anything they want anywhere. It is spacious and it can accommodate your kid along with their toys. Aside from it being convenient for toddlers, you can also utilize it for your own purposes like carrying your groceries among other things.

However, while folding wagons are great for your toddler, you still have to find the right one for your baby. There are various models of folding wagons available on the market today and making a decision one can be overwhelming. Below we are going to review the top 5 folding wagons which are ideal for any toddler. You will get to understand their features and in the end, you will know which is best for the money and for your child.

10 Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers 2024 - Reviews

While there are many folding or cold-short wagons you can find on the market, not all are designed to meet your needs. You need to get the right kids wagon so that they can enjoy tit too. We have provided you with reviews of the best all terrain wagon that you can find on the market today.

 1.  Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids & cargo

Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo


It comes with dimensions of 31x 12x 23 inches when it is folded. The interior of this wagon measures 34.75x 17 inches. On top of that, it comes equipped with a one-hand fold meaning you get to fold and carry it with one hand. It weighs only 30.3 pounds and it has a holding capacity of 2 toddlers. With the 4 cup holders, you can get to carry with you soft drinks and other snacks. This wagon is fitted with a telescoping durable handle for easy rides. It’s fitted with duraclean fabric that offers sun protection and can be stored anywhere.


This is one of the best folding wagons from one of the leading wagon manufacturers. Radio flyer creates some top quality wagons. This model features a duraclean fabric which can be easily cleaned by wiping. It is made of materials that offer sun protection meaning you use the wagon anywhere, even in areas with extremely high temperatures without damaging its looks.


The telescoping handle offers great comfort both when pushing the wagon and carrying it when folded. It is equipped with strong wheels to carry 2 kids comfortably even on rough terrains. The seatbelts offer extra protection for the toddler on board such that in case of anything they remain intact and they won’t sustain injuries.


  • The one-hand fold allows quick and easy folding
  • The duraclean fabric is easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a carrying capacity of up to 2 toddlers
  • It comes with seatbelts for extra protection of the kids.
  • It is equipped with 4 cup holders for drinks and snacks


  • This folding wagon comes at a higher price compared to other brands

Summary: If you are looking for a 2 passenger toddler wagon with seat belts, then the Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo could be what you are looking for. It offers a perfect choice for the toddlers to play outside and you can carry this wagon around due to its one-hand fold handles.

 2.  Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon, Red

Step2  All Around Canopy Wagon, Red


It comes with a push lever door which enables you to lock and unlock when the toddlers are in and out of the wagon. The interior is quite spacious offering storage for 4 bottle holders and snacks, as you enjoy, walks around with the kids. It comes with rear storage for storage of food, diapers, and extra clothes. This wagon is easily foldable for easy storage in the trunk when traveling. It is installed with playhouses and toys to keep the kids busy during the ride. The permanent toys let the kids feel like they are in full control of the ride all along.


This is one of the few foldable wagons in the market that come with foldable seats, ample leg space, and rear storage. The foldable seats can be flattened to allow the kids to sleep. The indestructible toys make the ride on the wagon lively for the toddlers on board. Its canopy can be easily removed and attached back when need be.


The lockable door and extra storage space relieve the parents of the extra burden of carrying bags for clothes and snacks. The sturdy wheels on this wagon offer increased comfort on all surfaces. This wagon is easy to assemble and disassemble and is foldable thus you can carry it anywhere. Its removable canopy makes it ideal for an all-weather toddler wagon.


  • It offers a large legroom thus increased comfort
  • This wagon is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • The safety belts offer added safety for the toddlers
  • It offers extra storage for diapers and extra clothes
  • It is much cheaper compared to brands with similar features


  • The door lock can easily hurt you if not careful

Summary: If you are looking for an affordable foldable wagon with extra storage space, whose seats can be converted into abed then Step 2 All Around Canopy Wagon, Red is what you are looking for. It offers an ideal choice for parents with kids of different ages. The toy kitchens and control makes the kids happy all through their time on the wagon.

 3.  Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for kids and cargo

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for kids and cargo


It comes in dimensions of 39.37x21.26x32.68 inches with a weight capacity of 150 pounds. It’s for kids above 1 ½ year of age. It offers one hand folds for easy handling around. This wagon is installed with cushioned seats for extra comfort and each seat is fitted with a safety belt. It is made from duraclean fabric that’s easy to wipe clean. The wagon can be easily transformed into a bench sitter wagon and 2 rider sitter. It also comes with 2 cup holders at the front and is fitted with quiet rider tires.


This wagon is from one of the best folding wagon companies and is best known for the comfort from the cushioned seats. The quiet ride tires offer a more ideal ride for the toddler due to the reduced noise levels from its movement. The seatbelts on each seat ensure the ones on board remains safe in case of any accidents. This wagon is easy to carry and store as it is foldable and light in weight.


The radio flyer folding wagon for kids and cargo is made of duraclean fabric that is easily cleaned by wiping. The telescoping handle ensures better control of the wagon and easier handling at all times. The wheels of this wagon are covered with rubber and thus moving on grass, sand or even rough roads is made easy.


  • You can unzip it to create a larger sitting space
  • It is ideal for tall people due to telescopic handle
  • Its foldable and can be stored anywhere you like
  • The solid construction of this wagon makes it durable
  • The canopy is removable and installing it back is easy


  • It is a little more expensive than other brands

Summary: The Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for kids and cargo is one of its own kind. Despite the fact that you can use it for 3 different functions, this wagon is collapsible and easily foldable. The off-road tires make it a better choice for parents who take their kids to the beach and on paths with rough terrains.

 4.  Wagon for Two Plus Willow Green

Wagon for Two Plus Willow Green


This wagon features a long handle which enables easy pulling. It is fitted with easy latch doors and two contoured seats with deep leg space for a comfortable ride. It is also fitted with two seatbelts and 2 molded cup holders to carry juice and snacks around. This wagon comes with wheels 8 inches wide with plastic tread for easy movement on all terrain. It has some storage space under the seats for extra clothes and food. The maximum weight on the wagon is 75 pounds and can only be assembled by an adult.


The smooth-riding tires continue to make this wagon a classic choice for all terrains and types of roads. The extra-long handle is ideal for easy hauling around. This wagon offers large leg space for the kids increasing their comfort. The seat belts ensure that there will be no injuries to the toddler in case of an accident. The hinged door is easy to open and close for the kids as well.


This wagon is a good choice for toddlers and pre-schooling kids to ride in for it is made for ages between 18 months and 10 years. It is durable and offers a comfortable ride for them all through the time of use. The large leg space ensures the kid can still use the wagon as they grow. The wheels are made for all terrains.


  • Molded drain in holes offers easier cleaning
  • Easily utilized as indoor storage when not in use
  • It’s made from durable materials thus can last long
  • Made with arm-height sides for easy holding on tight
  • Has an attractive design, is sturdy and weather-resistant


  • Can only be assembled by an adult

Summary: The step 2 step2 wagon is a perfect choice for growing kids. It offers them an environment to chat along the ride. If you are looking for a sturdy wagon that can be used for other tasks aside from carrying the toddlers, then this is the wagon to go for. Apart from being an all-terrain wagon, it is made to last forever.

 5.  Step2 Canopy Wagon | Kids Wagon with 2 Seats - Green

Step2 Canopy Wagon | Kids Wagon with 2 Seats and Storage | Green


The plastic canopy measures 43.2x78.7 cm and is easily removable. This wagon has two contoured seats and has deep leg space for comfortable rides. It has a compartment with two cup holders and space for storage of other small items. The wheels are 8inches with plastic tread offering smooth rides all the way. The seats have seatbelts for added protection of the toddler. It is fitted with a long handle that can be folded during storage and enables easy transport. The wagon can be folded when being transported and fits in the trunk of any car.


The plastic canopy offers the kids sun protection on hot days. The two safety belts ensure added safety for the two kids on board. There is extra storage for snacks and clothes on the rear side of the wagon. The whisper wheels with tread provide a smooth ride on all terrain. The tray for drinks and snacks allows the kids to refresh as they enjoy their ride.


This wagon serves all the family needs for transporting the kids to the beach and in zoos. The detachable canopy offers extra protection for the little eyes from sun rays. This wagon allows you to carry refreshments as it has a space for two bottles as you travel. The sturdy wheels offer smooth rides across all terrain.


  • It is easily foldable for easy storage
  • The assembly is easy even for the kids
  • The wheels offer reduced smooth rides all the way
  • The attractive design makes a good choice for kids
  • Has a detachable plastic canopy for sun protection


  • This wagon can carry a maximum of 75 pounds only

Summary: This folding wagon for toddlers is a good choice for any parent. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and the removable canopy makes it the best for carrying to the beach and during outside activities with the toddler. Once the kid is grown, you can still utilize this wagon for other domestic purposes. It comes at pocket-friendly prices this it's worth your investment.

 6.  Step2 Neighborhood Wagon with Seats

Step2 Neighborhood Wagon with Seats


This wagon has two seats. If you are looking for safety, then it offers two seatbelts. It is easy to store because of the long handle. The 2 built-in cup holder allows you to store drinks. The wagon provides a smooth ride so you can pull your stuff easily. This is because of the large plastic wheels. This model enables you to store snacks and some toys since it has a good storage unit. The children’s weight can be easily accumulated since it has a maximum weight of 34.1kg.


The neighborhood wagon is a quality product made by one of the best manufacturers. It is made up of plastic so it is durable. The wheels are plastic to provide a smooth ride. Built to suit smooth terrains and can be taken for long road trips. It also has seatbelts to ensure the kids are safe all the time.


It works indoors and outdoors because of the plastic wheels that enable it to provide a smooth ride. It is made of durable material that makes it last longer. It has a handle that is easily moveable and folds easily for easy transportation. It is also safe for the kids because of the safety belts.


  • Has seatbelts so the kids are safe
  • Holds 2 children so it is economical
  • 2 molded-in cup holders to keep drinks
  • It has a fold-up handle that makes storage easy
  • The plastic tires provide smooth and quiet rides


  • The wheels are a bit noisy and they snap off

Summary: The wagon is comfortable for the kids and it has good depth so the children don’t topple out. It is easily put together. The material used to construct the wagon makes it durable so it lasts long. Suitable for rides around the neighborhood or to the park. I recommend the wagon to all potential buyers.

 7.  Push Pull Wagon for Kids, Foldable with Sun/Rain Shade

Push Pull Wagon for Kids, Foldable with Sun/Rain Shade (Teal)


This best stroller wagon has a removable canopy that provides shade to the riders. It is moveable around obstacles because the front wheels have a 360-degree turn. The wagon is made of steel because it is durable. It can easily be stored because of the portable folding design. This model has an ability to push or pull so you can easily maneuver the wagon in all-terrain. The wagon can hold kids' weight because it has a maximum capacity of 32lbs. with smooth rubber wheels, you can move your stuff effortlessly.


This is a quality product made by one of the best manufacturers in the industry. It is made of steel so it is durable and can withstand all weather. The wheels can do a 360-degree turn so you can maneuver your way in all types of terrain, smooth or rough. It features a canopy that provides shade to the rider.


It works best in all terrains. It is made of steel so it is durable and will last longer. It is large enough to support even older kids or kids with special needs. It has a firm handle which can be pushed or pull making it more convenient. It can effortlessly hold the weight of 2 children.


  • It is comfortable for the kids
  • Smooth to push and pull around
  • Has a portable folding design for easy storage
  • Removable canopy to provide shade to the kids and pets
  • Easily maneuverable because of the 360-degree front wheels


  • The seatbelt is attached to the fabric so it loosens easily

Summary: I highly recommend this wagon because it is comfy and it has a lot of space. Some parents use it for kids with special needs like autism and they have positive reviews about the product. The canopy is great for the users since it provides shade. It also has the ability to push or pull.

 8.  Radio Flyer All-Terrain 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon for kids

Radio Flyer All-Terrain 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo, Red


The wagon provides smooth and comfortable rides because of the real rubber tires. It can easily be stored because of how it folds. If you are looking for safety, then choose this wagon because it has seatbelts that ensure cargo or kids don’t topple out. You can store stuff in this wagon because of the storage compartment. The wagon is economical because it is a 3 in 1 wagon. It contains 2 rider seats, hauling and a bench seat. It can hold up to 150lbs of cargo or kids' weight.


It is a quality product constructed by one of the top manufacturers. It has high-quality off-road rubber wheels which give the user comfortable rides. The wheels are also suitable for all terrains. The body has been constructed to be durable so it lasts longer. It can be folded so it is great for storage and can be carried anywhere.


This collapsible wagon works perfectly on all terrains. The wagon is comfortable for the kids because of the high seat back and thick padded seat. It is a 3 wagon in 1 so it is quite economical. The wagon is also considered safe and secure because of the seatbelts. It can easily be folded so storage is easy.


  • Folds easily so you can easily store it
  • The kids are safe because of the seatbelts
  • The rubber wheels are suitable for all terrains
  • Large enough hence comfortable for the children
  • Comes fully assembled so it saves energy for assembling


  • The front wheels get stuck sometimes so it is hard to pull

Summary: The wagon comes assembled to do it saves you the energy.it is also comfortable and can hold heavyweight. The real rubber tires are a great advantage since it makes the wagon suitable for all terrains. The 3 in 1 feature makes it the best wagon available. I highly recommend this wagon to all buyers.

 9.  Radio Flyer Kid & Cargo with Canopy, Folding with 

Radio Flyer Kid & Cargo with Canopy, Folding Wagon with 2 Versatile Seats, (Amazon Exclusive) (3965Z)


This best beach wagon for toddlers is widely known for its versatile seats which can be upright for child seating or folded for storage. The versatile seats give comfort to the kids during riding. It has a canopy that provides shade from the sun or rain. It provides safety for the kid because of the presence of seatbelts. This model can hold a heavyweight of up to 150lbs. The fabric of this wagon is durable so it doesn’t wear or tear easily. The model gives maximum storage because of its easy one-hand fold


The wagon is among the best quality wagon in the market. The fabric is strong and durable so it does not wear or tear easily. The wagon itself is strong so it accumulates all weight and is quite durable so it will last longer. It features a canopy that protects the kids from the sun and rain.


This folding wagon with canopy works well on all terrain. The canopy is great for providing shade. Its ability to fold is also great because it can be carried anywhere and storage is made easy. The kids are comfortable in it and also safe because of the seatbelt. Its versatile seats provide comfortable riding for kids and maximum storage.


  • Can be folded easily for maximum storage
  • Comfortable and safe for the kids during riding
  • Large so it can carry older kids with special needs
  • The seats are versatile so they can be upright or folded
  • Has a canopy feature so the kids are provided with shade


  • The handle is shorter for tall people

SummaryThe wagon is highly preferred because of its versatile seats which can be upright or folded depending on what you want. It is suitable for all-terrain. It is sturdy, spacious and comfortable. It also ensures the safety of the riders since it has strong seatbelts. I highly recommend this wagon to all potential buyers

 10.  Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon, Base

Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon, Base


Widely known for its 2 in 1 wagon feature. This allows the seat to fold up or down depending on what you want. It ensures maximum safety for the kids because of the seatbelts. It has 4 inbuilt cup holders so you can carry extra drinks and snacks. It can be easily stored because it has a fold under the handle. This model can hold heavyweight so it is suitable for kids who are 1 ½ year old or even more. The wagon has exclusive tires so you’ll have a comfortable ride.


The wagon is a quality product made from the best manufacturing company. It is made of plastic so it is durable. It is suitable for most terrains. The handle is longer so taller people don’t have to bend a lot while pushing it. It features a classic fold under for easy storage.it has a front axle with no-tip turning.


Works efficiently on most terrains and it doesn’t disappoint. The handle is long enough so it ensures easy pulling. It has a well-designed fold under the handle which ensures maximum storage. The seatbelts ensure the kids are kept safe all through the ride. It has exclusive Dura Tred tires for a comfortable and safe ride.


  • Comfortable for the user during riding
  • Safe for the user because of the seatbelts.
  • Has exclusive tires which give smooth rides
  • Easy to assemble so saves time and energy
  • Can be stored easily because of how it folds


  • The front wheels do not turn easily

SummaryThe radio flyer pathfinder wagon is a good wagon. I would highly recommend it to any buyer. It has many good features and also got positive reviews from buyers. It is strong and will handle all trips. The Dura Tred exclusive tires enable the user to have a smooth ride. It is even suitable for older children.

Watch - Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon, Red Review

Video Transcript

Credit for this Video - Step2

How To Choose: Best Folding Wagon for Toddlers

When you are buying the best folding wagon for toddlers, you need to pay attention to a few important things. This will help you pick the most suitable wagon that is great for your kids. Make sure you check these things before you make your purchase.

Presence of canopy

When buying a wagon ensure you buy the wagon that has canopy since it is more important compared to that of umbrella shade.

Besides, it's not more detachable than that of umbrella shade. The canopy provides shelter and can be used in harsh weather condition especially when it's raining. 

It also important since it prevents UV rays from reaching your kids during bright sunny days. Sometimes canopy can be costly but that will depend on the quality and quantity you need. What you need is to ensure it is of the right choice.

If you will be spending most of your time indoors then it's the best to avoid the canopy wagon since it is not required besides it is of no use.


Ideally, a versatile product is always a good option to go for. When buying a wagon you don't need to focus on kids only. You can consider drinks and any other things you will love to Carry along with you before going to picnics.

Kids enjoy playing around. So ensure you have the right wagon that will make them enjoy their journey in the long run.

Sufficient space

When you need a wagon, you need to know if you have enough space to put your wagon, especially at home besides riding it.

This will depend on the size you will choose to fit the space you have at home. Besides, when it comes outside the home there is nothing to worry about.

Space can also be determined on the wagon for example if I have two kids then I need the one that can accommodate all of them.

This can work best for you provided you have enough money to buy for the two-seat wagon. If not then you rather go for one seat wagon .since by the end of the day the kids will still enjoy the ride provided one rides while the other pulls the wagon if necessary.

Ease of use 

You need to go for a wagon that is easy to use, carry and fold. You will also ensure that the one you have chosen doesn't require much time when folding and unfolding at the same time.


The portable wagon is the best when it comes to buying a wagon, but ensure you have the one that is easy to use, store and fold as well.

Choosing portability will also depend on the type of wagon. You can always check on the features of both collapsible and un-collapsible wagon to figure out which one will work best if compared to the other. This will help choose from the alternatives.

Easy to steer

You need to ensure the wagon you have chosen is safe when it comes to movement. You need to know how the work is performed when making sharp turns.

Above all, ensure the steering is good all the time by double-checking to ensure you are comfortable when you are moving around.

The type of handlebars

Knowing the type of handlebars is important since you will be able to know whether the kids can use them through pulling or pushing as well. I am sure you will have all the answers once you have chosen from varieties.

How to Maintain Folding Wagons For Toddlers

Just like any other product, you need to maintain and take care of your folding wagon to enjoy many years if use. We have provided you with some tips that will help you take care of your folding wagon in the best way possible.


When carrying some other items along with kids, ensure the items are kept in their specific place especially when you have drinks to avoid spillage.

Putting babies away from drinks or any items that may bring discomfort to them is very important. Since it makes the kids move around comfortably and as well provide safety to your items.

Good storage of a product will enhance a long period of use without getting damaged. Besides, you will not waste money more often since it's safe.

Carrying capacity

For you to maintain your wagon, you need to ensure that the wagon maintains the number of kids and other things you need to carry before going to tour.

It is also important to check more often to ensure the carrying capacity is maintained. To avoid damaging the wagon and risking the kid's safety as well.

Once you have done what is required you will be able to thank me later. Through this, you will not be wasting your money fixing the wagon every time.


We all know that there are different shades of wagon. That is canopy shade type and umbrella shade type. I don't know which one you have but please ensure that the wagons are ok at all times. You can always do this by doing double-checking.

You will need to fix them properly if detached to ensure they do not lose their shades and to remain durable as well.


A small sized wagon is easy to clean and unfold when cleaning. I am sure you precisely thought of that before buying your wagon. If not then there is no excuse when it comes to cleaning the wagon. It doesn't matter how much time is needed to unfold it when cleaning but all in all, it should be cleaned.

Always ensure you clean your wagon every time after use before storage. Storing the wagon clean will always make it glows, make it appear more appealing to other people around you and attractive as well. It will also last long.

Important FAQS

Q: Which is the best wagon for toddlers?

A: When buying a wagon, you will have to choose between a folding and an unfordable wagon. Folding wagons are now becoming popular because of the folding feature. I highly recommend a foldable wagon for traveling, long walks and outside activities. The best folding wagons include the ones I’ve described above. You can choose one that fits you and your kids perfectly.

Q: How do I choose the best folding wagon for the beach?

A: Folding wagons are now becoming popular with the buyer. Most of the can be used at the beach. The best folding wagons for use at the beach should have wide wheels so that they can run smoothly on the sand without digging it. I recommend you choose a folding wagon that has a canopy to protect the child from the bright sun. 

Q: Can you take a folding wagon on a plane?

A: Yes, you can take the wagon to a plane because it can be folded so little storage space is taken. Most of these wagons are lightweight so you can easily carry them in the plane. Most airlines have agreed on that but they do not take responsibility for any damage caused on the wagon, so be extra careful when carrying your wagon on the plane.

Q: Where can I buy a folding wagon?

A: Folding wagons can be found in many shops especially online shops. Online stores like Amazon and Walmart have many stocks on these products because of their popularity. I would recommend buying online because of free delivery and you can also see the reviews of other buyers before buying the wagon. Home stores are also not so bad.

Q: What is the age limit for kids in a folding wagon?

A: Most folding wagons are big enough to carry heavyweight. The folding wagons can hold kids from 6 months and above. Some parents also use them to carry their physically challenged kids or even kids with special needs like autism and most of them have positive ratings. These wagons don’t disappoint when it comes to holding the weight of kids or cargo. Before buying a folding wagon, check its weight limit so that you don’t overload it. 


When looking for the best folding wagon for toddlers, ensure you check their features. Since features will provide relative information that you will need to ensure you come up with the best choice. You can choose the designs and the shape based on the color you will need. Please don't forget to have the one that is more appealing to the outsiders. This will make them be attracted and will not hesitate to go for one. Your kids will enjoy touring with wagon since it's more pleasurable and will make their day more beautiful. Leaving them with memorable days to remember.

With the many options on the market today, it can be tough to choose the right one. We have researched and analyzed a wide range of folding wagons on the market today to help you pick the right one. We have also provided you with some buying tips so that you can choose the best product. I hope after going through our reviews and guide, it will be easy for you to select the right one. Thanks.

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