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Top 10 Best Night Splints 2024 – Tested, Compared & Reviewed!

Feet are very important to our lives. They enable us to stand upright and also allow us to travel out and about with ease. They are also prone to several issues such as pains and injuries. In light of this, it is in the best interest of all of us to take good care of our feet.One of the gadgets that may help you in doing this better is the best night splints.

 This is medical equipment that can relieve pain plantar fasciitis. You attach it to your foot, lower leg, or ankle at night just before you go to bed. It works by stretching the plantar fascia ligament as you sleep. Research has deduced that it can reduce the painful symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis by over 80%.

We are going to identify and review the top 10 such equipment below. Also going to let you know the factors you ought to consider while searching for the right one of best night splint.

10 Best Night Splints in 2024 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Night Splints in 2024 - Reviews

 1.  Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Night Splint - Medium

In case your feet are medium-sized, this splint is indeed yours for the taking. It is not so large neither is it so small. For this reason, it will fit as nearly as possible on your feet. This will prevent bruises, blisters, and other feet injuries from developing.

With three padded straps and buckles, you will find the splint pretty convenient to engage. So you will fasten them easily around your feet or affected portions. This will, in turn, attach them securely and prevent them from falling off.

The manufacturer understands so well that you do not want unnecessary tensions during use. For this reason, the splint is fitted with dual tension straps. 

These basically improve the bending and inflexion of the splint at the joints. This way, they minimize the buildup of tensions in the affected areas. The night splint is extremely light in weight.

In light of this, you will hardly experience any drag or excess weight. You will, therefore, find the splint easier to turn around in bed or while walking out and about.

Its low profile shell is sturdy and breathable. Due to these two reasons, the splint is indeed capable of executing proper plantar fasciitis treatments. This is because it allows for the free exchange of air into and out of the feet.

Lastly, the best night splint for plantar fasciitis usable by both men and women alike. This means that you will not have to throw it away once you are done with it. You may still retain it for use later. Because of this, you can be certain to derive as much value from it as possible.


  • Keeps patients cool and dry at all times
  • Allows for increased flexion and the foot angle
  • Flexible enough for optimum pain relieving stretch
  • Ensures effective immobilization of the feet when worn
  • Provides essential treatments for the alleviation of nighttime plantar fascistic pain


  • Considerably complicated to engage

 2.  StrictlyStability Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint 

Sometimes you may be looking for much more than just Plantar Fasciitis treatment. You may want to go deeper to massage your feet for instance. 

By reason of possessing two stretch wedge sizes and a foot massage, this splint enables you to achieve just that.Throughout its interior is soft and comfortable Latex-free foam padding. 

This absorbs shocks and impacts to let you walk or stretch your legs with ease. The padding also prevents you from sustaining further injuries and bruises. To prevent your feet from moving out and about as you sleep, the splint is equipped with padded buckles. 

These best plantar fasciitis night splint fasten your feet firmly to confer maximum immobilization. This way, any likelihood that you will accidentally injure your feet is considerably minimized.

To further save you from wasting too much time, the splints may be worn on either foot. You will not have to spend too much time trying to figure out which splint fits which foot. For this reason, you will enjoy the benefit of maximum convenience.

Because the lengths of the feet may vary, the manufacturer of the splint makes it possible for you to vary its length also. This best plantar fasciitis night splints comes in the form of the stretch wedge. You simply have to insert the stretch wedge under the pad and onto the base of the splint.

You will lastly enjoy the benefit of maximum convenience and higher returns on your investment. This is due to the fact that the splint may be utilized by both men and women. It is also able to be stretched and fits several sizes of feet.


  • Fits four sizes of shoes
  • Comes along with a 1-year Warranty
  • Includes a foot massage ball for extra massage
  • eviate aches and pain courtesy of a gentle Dorsiflexion
  • Ideal for Plantar Fasciitis, foot and heel pains, and Achilles Tendinitis


  • Comprises less durable parts

 3.  Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint by Vive 

In some instances, the pain your feet feel may be more than just the Plantar Fasciitis. A good splint has to be able to deal with all those pains as well. This is the role that this splint plays.

It comes along with a studded foot massage ball. This eases the aches and pains. Unlike most other splints that are stringent, this one makes it possible for you to customize the stretch. This is because it has two comfortably-padded stretch wedges.

In this way, they enable you to treat each part of your feet conveniently. Your comfort during the treatment period is not left out either. Each wedge is made with a soft foam material. 

This foam material ensures that your feet are properly positioned for maximum pain relief and overall comfort. You will further enjoy using the splint. Because the wedges of the splint can be used in several ways.

 You may use them separately, jointly, or removed entirely. The way, you will be able to determine the method that conveniently relieves your pain.

To further enhance your treatment exercise, the splint is fitted with three adjustable straps. These straps fasten your feet tightly and prevent them from falling off or fidgeting unnecessarily. They, therefore, prevent your feet from worsening the pains or injuries.

In all, the splint fits both and women alike and is completely immersive. This is to mean that they completely absorb your feet.

In doing so, they enable your feet to comfortably rest during the entire treatment duration. Moreover, this night splints for plantar fasciitis reviews help to pick perfect one instantly no doubt. 


  • Backed by a 60-day unconditional guarantee
  • Keeps the braces in place all night long without either twisting or sliding apart
  • Exudes exceptional comfort due to the ultra-soft and breathable foam padding
  • Mitigates several conditions such as heel pains, heel spurs, and Achilles inflammation
  • Eliminates the risks of skin irritations and prevents blisters and abrasions from forming


  • Need careful to handle and store

 4.  Adjustable Night Splint, Medium

For a reliable long-term usage, you definitely want to settle for a reputable and equally reliable brand. Perhaps no other brand is as reliable as the United Surgical which makes this particular splint. 

By choosing to acquire its splint, you will not have to worry at all about the quality and value for money. Its adjustability is the most outstanding trait. It does have adjustable flexion straps which you may adjust from 10° to 90° dorsiflexion. 

This feature lets you vary its size and functionality in response to your unique preferences at all times.Generally speaking, the splint is light in weight, quite sturdy, and comes in a one-piece flexible shell. 

Because of this, you will find the splint easier to lift and maneuver around as need be. You will also less likely sustain further injuries. The night time splint comfort of your feet during the treatment period also matters.

 Because there is the likelihood of inflicting further injuries at such times. To keep off that likelihood away, the splint is fitted with a cool foam liner, ankle straps, and padded calf. They jointly provide maximum comfort to you.

And to further make it possible for you to operate it simply, In this splint does have a foam wedge. The extra attachment provides you additional stretch on your plantar fascia.

This way, you will be able to impact just about every other portion of your feet without too much hassle.

While not using the splint, you will not have to worry a lot about the storage space. The splint does have a compact size and thus fits just about every other space. It is also more convenient to carry around as the need may be.


  • Features a lightweight design
  • Fits either the left or right foot
  • Holds the foot in gentle dorsiflexion
  • Provides maximum patient comfort while sleeping
  • Enables a patient to stretch gently for the sake of easing plantar fascia and Achilles tendon


  • Calls for plenty of storage space when not in use

 5.  Futuro Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support

Plantar fasciitis can keep you from running and doing those things you love with ease. This is why you have to combat it whichever way you can. Possessing this Futuro Night Splint is one sure way of doing this.

It stands out from the rest in that it cradles your foot in the medically recommended positions. This way, it helps you to feel better in the morning when you wake up. Furthermore, it ensures the safety of your feet at all times during the treatment process.

Its low-profile design ensures that you are not at all distracted while drifting off. Apart from that, this is also breathable and extremely light in weight. It, therefore, keeps you cool throughout the night. 

This means you will feel very comfortable. And because you do not want your feet to fidget as you sleep, you want a splint that can fasten tightly and keep it in shape. This night splint is very stable and firm enough to enable you to attain these two ends.

Also,the night splint further guarantees your feet maximum comfort while you sleep. This is because it does provide firm support to the feet and the entire leg portions. By choosing to settle for it, you prevent most common problems from arising.

Crowning the list of the very many benefits you stand to derive from it is the durability of the gadget as a whole. It indeed has a durable cushion that provides lasting comfort to your feet as you sleep. You will, therefore, spend less to repair and maintain it in the long run.


  • Its wraparound style is easy to put on and take off
  • May be used on the right or left foot and with or without socks
  • Its highly breathable, moisture-wicking straps are soft and durable
  • Have soft and flexible edges for maximum comfort and customized fit
  • Helps to relieve the foot and heel pains that are associated with plantar fasciitis


  • Careful to keep clean 

 6.  Bird and Cronin Night Splint Size: Medium

Do you have several feet problem at a time? If you said yes, you may wish to try this bird and cronin night splint out. It is indeed able to mitigate Achilles tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and several other lower extremity injuries. This stems from its design and functionality.

It further gives you two major structural options to choose from. These are the slip-resistant tread and the standard splint. The former is suited for those slippery surfaces whereas the latter for ordinary surfaces.

No doubt the benefit of maximum convenience is thus yours for the taking indeed. The patented form Fit 3-dimensional molded technology is perhaps its most outstanding trait. This feature allows you to attach padding of varying thickness.

this bird and cronin night splint also gives you the freedom to select the exact position to fix the padding altogether. This way, you derive the benefit of added convenience of use. Your feet will not develop any foul stench at all.

The splint’s soft and Lycra-lined foam interior is both plush and breathable to keep off such stench. This means you are spared from the associated health risks such as Athlete’s Feet as well.

To keep your feet secure and fastened tightly at all times, the night splint is fitted with three Lycra-lined foam-padded straps. These fasten your feet tightly yet comfortably though. In so doing, they prevent your feet from drifting or slipping off unnecessary.

You will lastly find the splint quite simple to use. This is due to the user-friendly center-release buckles. They are not as complicated as those of the ordinary night splints. In light of this, you will enjoy every bit of your time and experience.


  • Ensures effective immobilization
  • Provides superior comfort and fit
  • Maintains comfort in the flexor tendons
  • Eliminates the build-up of heat effectively
  • Allows for variable padding thickness in strategic locations


  • Quite weighty (Weighs 14.1 ounces)

 7.  Cramer Dorsal Night Splint for Effective Relief 

Feet pain and Plantar Fasciitis know no timing or boundaries. Hot summers present further challenges to the mitigation of feet pains. Consequently, you require a night splint such as this one that is effective at driving away excess heat.

This splint has a uniquely small anterior dorsal clamshell design. It's simply means that its front upper part is shaped like a clamshell. 

The design allows for the easy movement and operation of the feet. This means you will hardly experience any injuries in times of use. If you have large feet, this night splint is meant for you. 

It is larger in size than most other splints under consideration. Moreover, it can fit either foot conveniently. You will not waste unnecessary time in finding which one is meant for whichever foot.

 The night splint holds the foot in the neutral position. Also,In this position, the splint prevents any contracture or bending of the feet as a whole. In light of this, you will not worsen an already worse situation.

Unlike most other night splints, this one goes beyond dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. It also provides further support to the arch of your feet. In so doing, it allows for proper healing of the affected parts. This leads to total healing.

On the whole, the night splint is very handy. It provides a comfortable fit to your feet. This is because it may stretch or contract as need be to accommodate or fit your unique foot size. Evenmore, you may easily adjust the various parts and components of the splint.


  • Supports the arches and allows for proper healing
  • Holds the feet in the neutral position to prevent contracture
  • Have a low profile design as well as minimal weight and bulk
  • Less bulky and more comfortable than the traditional posterior night splint
  • Relieves the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis comfortably and effectively


  • Backed by less comprehensive warranty

 8.  Alphabrace Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint  

Just like every other disease or medical condition, Planar Fasciitis has varying degrees of severity. If you are in the advanced or extremely severe stage, you require an equally tough night splint. This is the role that this specific splint is designed to play.

Its overall purpose is to keep your feet or ankle in the neutral position at night. It also stretches your Plantar Fascia calf passively while you sleep. This way, it prevents your delicate feet conditions from getting worse by the day and allows them to heal thoroughly.

You do not have to possess too much muscle power to engage the equipment. You only need to gently stretch it to the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. 

If you are that kind of a person who lacks strength and muscle power, look out for it. The benefit of versatility or maximum convenience also awaits you in this equipment.

This is because it is also able to deal with several related issues besides Plantar Fasciitis. These include inflammation, muscle contracture, and other associated pains.

Given that it covers the feet completely, it is pretty effective at shielding your feet from the excessive cold. It provides some warmth in the course of covering your feet. This way, it prevents your feet from attaining additional discomforts.

While deriving the benefits outlined above, your comfort is also upheld. The equipment is designed in such a way that it keeps your feet comfortably in the neutral position. So, it also provides some controlled amounts dorsiflexion to the affected areas.


  • Its low profile shell is sturdy and breathable
  • Adjustable dorsiflexion straps for ease of use
  • Eliminates heat build-up for maximum comfort at all times
  • Provides gentle stretching of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendons
  • Enables effective controls courtesy of the three padded straps with buckles


  • Imposes too much drag due to the 1.4 pounds weight

 9.  Plantar Fasciitis-Hard Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint 

The support and posture of your feet during the treatment exercise both counts. They are the ones that determine just how long and effective the treatment is likely to be. This night splint is designed and manufactured with these two needs in mind.

It maintains your feet in the neutral position during the treatment exercise. This reduces the pains and inflammations that generally arise due to poor posture. It also stretches gently and hence requires less effort on your part.

Making that first step when you wake up may also be difficult at times. This night splint allows you to make that step unhindered and pain-free. 

This is mainly because it is firm enough and padded to absorb all shocks and impacts. As hinted above, it further provides rigid exterior support to your calf, ankle, and foot. You can consequently rest comfortably at all times without worrying of any pains. It also prevents the dislocations of any of the affected parts.

Because feet and ankles vary in size and shape, there is the need to customize any treatment plan. This medical equipment allows you do just that. It enables you to customize the amount of stretch you require using dual tension straps and two comfortably padded stretch wedges. This leads to optimal pain relief.

Given that the wedges are made using soft foam, each wedge has the ability to elevate your foot to ensure proper positioning for maximum relief. So,they also provide your feet maximum comfort at such times due to the soft foam padding.


  • Fits both men and women alike
  • Secures tightly with three wide adjustable straps
  • Its straps do not have to be adjusted every night
  • The interior is comfortably padded and very breathable
  • Its interior soft lining prevents the likelihoods of skin irritations, blisters, and abrasions.


  • Backed by the less reliable 60-day unconditional guarantee

 10.  Plantar Fasciitis Soft Night Splint 

If maximum comfort during treatment is all you are looking for, look to no other equipment than this. It is designed to allow you to apply a consistent 90-degree angle stretch to your plantar fascia. This results in unprecedented comfort to your feet.

It further enhances your comfort by holding your foot in a gentle dorsiflexion. When engaging or stretching your feet, you will not encounter unnecessary distractions. In the course of so doing, you will enjoy every bit of the treatment process.

To further enhance your overall comfort, the equipment is fitted with soft padded and extra comfortable fabric that is very thick. This padding absorbs any vibrations, shocks, and impacts. 

It prevents the same from being transmitted to the affected parts. Throughout the treatment exercise, the equipment maintains your foot at the desired degree of flexion at all times.

This reduces the likelihoods of muscle contractions and tightening. Consequently, you stand to derive the benefit of faster healing and reduced pain.

The equipment is also designed to minimize the discomforts and pains that arise from Plantar Fasciitis. This makes it suitable for wearing at night to when such discomforts are likely to arise. This again goes a long way in enhancing your overall comfort.

During the treatment process, other issues are naturally bound to arise. These are the irritations and breakdown of the skin. So, this night splint can deal with such issues well given that it is padded with soft Latex-free padding.


  • Designed to be non-weight bearing
  • Provides firm support and extreme comfort
  • The padded liner may be removed for easy cleaning
  • Fitted with the strong and adjustable flexing Velcro straps
  • Have padded straps with contact closure for enhanced comfort


  • Comes along with no warranty

Things To Consider Buy The Best Night Splints

Feet Size

This is definitely the topmost factor to consider. A good night splint ought to fit as nearly as possible on your feet. Furthermore, you do not want one that is either too large or too tight.

This is to eliminate unnecessary inconveniences like bruises and blisters. Finally you make the right choice, determine the size of your feet first before looking for the right one seems like a gait belt which is almost similar work for your body fitness.So size is important no doubt about it.


The weight of the splint also matters. This is because excessive weight may subject you to too much drag and inconvenience. Also, to enjoy your time and avoid these inconveniences, look for a splint that is as light as possible.

 Additionally, the splint also has to be made of flexible materials. This is to further reduce the hassles you will ordinarily have to face.


You will have to engage certain controls to enable the splints to perform their various chores. This is where the controls come in handy. Examples of these control features are the straps and buckles.

As a general rule, the controls have to be easier to master and engage. Therefore, you definitely want to make your experience and usage of the splints worthwhile.

Frequency and Duration of Use

For how long and how often do you plan to use the splints? These two considerations matter. This is because they determine to a large extent the durability or overall strength of the splints.

Choose one that is strong and durable if you plan to use it every quite often. So this is the only sure way that it will not let you down in the process.

Intensity of Exercising

Some of these splints may be also used for exercising. The intensity or how tough the exercises are also determines to a large extent the kind of splint to settle for.

Choose a tough and extremely durable splint for those rough exercises and vice versa. This way finaly, you can be sure that the splints will not wear out in the middle of the exercising.

Final Verdict

Just to repeat the starting point, the health of your feet is very important. You just cannot underestimate the contribution that your feet play in your everyday life. For the reason that, you must acquire a night splint if you have the conditions mentioned above also.

Because you do not want the health of your feet to worsen, you would rather acquire one soonest possible. For the reason that, we strongly urge you to place an order of at least of the night splints we have reviewed above all.

 We have no particular preference in mind even more. Feel free to pick whichever you deem fit and useful to you. As always, we look forward to receiving your order soonest possible.Thanks.

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