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Top 10 Best Bulb Planters in 2024 – Complete Reviews

Do you want to have an impressive garden during summer? Are you looking for a perfect tool that will help you when it comes to planting bulbs? Do not worry because I have some of the best bulb planters that will make your work easier.

Planting bulbs can be a tough task and there are different ways in which you can do it. Some people prefer to use the trenching shovel to dig trenches but if you want to make your work less tedious, a bulb planter can be a great investment.

There are different types of bulb planters that you can select. This ranges from manual models to ones with markings that help you measure the depth of the hole accurately. Other models are designed in a way that you get the chance to stand when you are working. We spent many hours researching and testing different bulb planters.

Check out reviews and guide of our top recommendations and we hope it will be easy to make the right purchase decision.

10 Best Bulb Planters in 2024 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Bulb Planters in 2024 - Reviews

Before you buy a bulb planter, it would be wise if you check and compare our reviews first. Once you go through this list, you will find it easy to look for a product that meets your needs.

 1.  ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn & Garden Tool,Bulb Planter

Planting bulbs can be a tough job especially when you don't have the right tools to dig the planting holes. You will end up with sore joints and aching back.To prevent all these, get the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn Tool to help you make your work easier. 

This is a 5-in-1 tool so you can use it for a wide range of applications. It works as a tool for dust collection in the shed, lawn and sod plugger, a weeder, planting tool, soil sampler and a drip edge fertilizing tool.

 As compared to other tools, this one is durable so it will serve you for many years. 

It is made in the USA using welded carbon steel and has a powder coating to enhance its durability. using welded carbon steel and has a powder coating to enhance its durability.

Working with this tool makes your work easier. It allows you to work in a standing position so you will not have to strain your back and knees.

The bulb planter is designed with comfortable and sturdy hand grips that work well for people who have arthritis or seniors. It is easy to use because you just need to step, twist and then pull and you can now plant your bulbs.

The soil is stored in the hole when you are working and you can empty it by turning the tool upside down. It has depth rings that allow you to dig consistent holes either 2 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of durable all welded carbon steel
  • It has comfortable and sturdy hand grips
  • Gives you a comfortable standing position
  • Long handled bulb planter for fall bulb and spring
  • Multi-purpose garden tool that you can use for different applications


  • It is durable
  • No doubt comfortable
  • It easy to use
  • Great quality
  • Can be used for a wide range of activities
  • Gives you a standing position when working


  • Used for wide range of activities but only great for small yard

 2.  Edward Tools Bulb Planter - Tool for Planting Bulbs 

Flower bulbs add a nice look to your landscape. If you are planning to plant bulbs either during summer or spring, having a bulb planter can be a great addition in your garden tools.

The tool saves you the bending too much which can cause strain on your back and other body parts when you are planting.

 If you are wondering which bulb planter to buy, get the Edward Tools Bulb Planter and you will love planting bulbs.

The planter is great for tulip bulb and you can also use it for daffodil bulbs, dahlia bulbs and lily bulbs. It comes with a lifetime warranty and in case it bends or breaks, you get a replacement.

The bulb planter features an automatic soil release function that gives you a simple time when you are planting. You can complete your work in less time and little fatigue.

I love this tool because it is designed to last for many years and provide you with a strong performance. It is designed with reinforced steel that ensures it doesn't bend when you are working. This makes it easier especially when you are digging through heavier soils.

When you are planting bulbs, you want to get more consistent results. This is why this bulb planter has a depth marker that helps you achieve consistent depth results.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable soil release feature
  • The bulb planter carries a lifetime warranty
  • Features an automatic soil release mechanism
  • Made with depth marker for consistent results
  • Designed with reinforced steel to prevent bending


  • It is sturdy
  • Perfect for hard soils
  • This one doesn't break
  • It is designed with a comfortable handle


  • Comes apart easily
  • Some people find it small

 3.  Power Planter 3"x24" Extended Length Bulb 

When it comes to planting bulbs, there are different ways in which you can do it. There are those people who choose shovels but if you want to make your work easier, having a bulb planter makes the task faster and easier.

The market is flooded with many products from different brands so it can be tough to choose the right one. However, Power Planter 3"x24" Extended Length Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger is from a reputable brand and works well to meet your bulb planting needs.

One of the best things about power planter tools is that they are durable, affordable and efficient. This is exactly what you will get from this tool. 

The tool features quality craftsmanship so you can expect they will last for many years. Having this planter will help you plant bulbs, dig post holes, plant bare root trees or mix batches of mortar for landscape.

The tool has a length of 24 inches that ensure it doesn't bend over when you are drilling. It is painted glossy black which gives it a nice appearance.

If you need a bulb planter that will meet your landscaping and garden needs, I would recommend this tool. It is 100 percent made in the US so you have no worries about poor quality.

Highlighted Features

  • It can fit 3/8 inch or larger drill
  • 100 percent product made in the USA
  • 24-inch length prevents bending over
  • Perfect to plant bulbs and bedding plants
  • Rugged 5/8" steel shaft w/ non-slip hex drive


  • It is durable
  • Planter works well
  • Works well in hard soil
  • The screw blade are well built
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Can be used for different applications


  • It would be great if the end of the drill was made of harder grade steel

 4.  Jisco JB24 Bulb Planter, 2-3/4-Inch by 24-Inch

Are you well prepared for the planting season? Do you have the right tools to make your work easier? If you want to make planting bulbs effortless, get the Jisco JB24 Bulb Planter.

Any homeowner looking for a convenient garden splitter can depend on LEAF HD ZX-9 1 Garden Hose Splitter to meet your watering needs.

It has an auger of 2.75 inch in diameter so it can hold potatoes and other larger bulbs. With this tool you can drill holes up to 24 inches deep.

There are different ways in which you can use this bulb planter. Some of them include planting bedding plants, nursery stock seedlings and grass plugs. You can do the job pretty fast and effortless.

This tool can fit cordless or corded drill measuring 3 inchx8 inch or 1 inch 2 inches. If you are planning to use it with a drill, it is important to take caution because the torque reaction can harm your hands.

Because it is decently made, expect a very simple time when it comes to planting your bulbs. If you are approaching spring planting season, you can depend on this bulb planter.

Highlighted Features

  • Larger auger to accommodate larger bulbs
  • Measures 2-3/4-Inch diameter by 24-inch length
  • Fits any electric or cordless drill 3/8-inch or 1/2 inch
  • Features a strong steel construction for durability
  • Used for planting bedding plants, grass plugs and nursery stock seedlings


  • It is easy to use
  • Can be used to dig holes
  • Has a nice auger that is large
  • Great for planting spring bulbs
  • High-quality metal construction
  • Can be used with electric or cordless drill


  • It only works well on very soft soil

 5.  Garden Weasel 91350 Bulb Planter, 40" Long

Even if you have the special garden hoe, planting bulbs can be a daunting task. You can simplify the task if you have a bulb planter. You might be asking yourself, do I really need a bulb planter?

A bulb planter is a great companion for any gardener. It helps you plant bulbs easily and quickly so you do not have to bend or stoop which can make you feel exhausted.

The main reason why I recommend this tool is because it is easy to use. You need to use it the same way you hold a shovel by gripping the handle and then ensure that your foot is on the footplate.

After that, you just need to press the blade in the ground, twist and then remove. As you move from one bulb to the other, the core pops out itself.

Sliding into the soil is easy because it is designed a sharp blade and a pointed tip. You don't need to do any assembly because it comes ready to use out of the box.

When it comes to comfort, the tool features a T-bar grip that provides a great leverage to achieve maximum force while using little effort. It is also designed with non-slip foot place for safety purposes when you are working.

Highlighted Features

  • It is weather and rust resistant
  • T-bar grip for superior leverage
  • Extra wide non-slip foot plate for safety
  • Designed with a sharp blade and pointed tip
  • High-quality carbon steel construction for durability


  • It is durable
  • It is easy to use
  • The tool is safe to use
  • Carries a lifetime warranty
  • Works well on sticky clay soil


  • Cutting edge should have been sharper

 6.  Yard Butler Bulb and Garden Planter Tulips Iris 

Bulb planting is one of the most tiresome chores especially if you have to bend your back the whole time. Spare your back from strain by getting the Yard Butler Bulb and Garden Planter.

Having this tool makes your work easier because you can plant bulbs faster and comfortably. It features a simple twisting action that makes it ideal for planting bulbs and bedding plants.

The tool is designed with a long handle that prevents it from bending so you can easily plant your favorite bulbs while you are standing. You can drop seeds, plant or bulbs without bending your neck.

If you want to get the best results when working with this tool, ensure that the soil is moist before you plant. Then position the tool where you want to plant the bulb, step down the side foot bar and then twist to get a hole. The next thing is to pull up and then tap to take away the core.

You can use it to make perfect holes for different types of bulbs like tulips, dahlias, crocus, gladiolus, lilies or any spring flower.

When it comes to durability, you are well covered. The planter features a durable powder coated steel that assures you of a longer life. You can enjoy a great performance from this tool for many years.

Highlighted Features

  • Carries 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Has a powder coated steel for durability
  • It has an easy twisting action for perfect holes
  • Designed with a long handle to prevent bending
  • Makes perfect holes for planting all types of bulbs


  • Tool is easy to use
  • IDurable construction
  • Makes planting bulbs easier
  • Eliminates bending when planting
  • Can be used to plant all types of bulbs


  • Cutting edge should have been sharper 

 7.  Bond 9509 Plymouth Garden Bulb Planter

One of the main reasons why people choose bulb planters is because of their efficiency. They help you avoid excessive bending so you can plant bulbs while you are standing. This is not only comfortable but it also saves you time and back strain.

Wondering how you will pick the right bulb planter? Bond 9509 Plymouth Garden Bulb Planter is a quality tool that is trusted by many gardeners.

This is a two-way hose connector that is well made and works well. It has a solid construction and doesn't leak even after frequent use.

Spending your money on a quality tool will give you the needed performance for many years. This tool is designed with a durable hammer tone finish so that it can last for many years.

In as much as the tool is made in China, you do not expect it to be low quality. The tool gets the work done but you need to use a little bit of your muscles.

To enhance its longevity, it also has a powder coated finish. To offer you comfort when you are working, it has a wood handle so you will find it easy when you are doing your work.

Highlighted Features

  • Great quality and strong metal construction
  • Designed with a durable hammer tone finish
  • Perfect for planting bulbs or transporting plants
  • 7.7-inch length by 4-inch width by 33.7-inch height
  • Features powder coated finish with a wooden handle


  • Great quality
  • Designed to last
  • Nice tool for gardening
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Perfect tool for planting bulb


  • Doesn't work well in clay soil
  • Great tool but requires some muscle

 8.  Bully Tools 92381 3/8-Inch Dibble Bar with Steel 

Having the right gardening tools make your work easier. Not only do they save you time but also strain on different body parts especially where bending is involved.

If you want to make planting bulbs pretty easy, I would advise you to try the Bully Tools 92381 3/8-Inch Dibble Bar. This tool is designed to help you plant bulbs with ease.

You can rely on this planter because it is from a reputable manufacturer well known for making farm and gardening tools. It is proudly made in the US making it a quality tool.

It features a strong steel construction so you don't have to be worried about the durability. This is a dependable tool that is designed to last for many years while doing what it was made for.

The bulb planter is designed with a t-style handle that is comfortable to hold. It also has an extra thick 3/8 inch blade that cut through soil with ease.

One of the best things that I love about the tool is that it carries a lifetime warranty. It is well protected against any defects in regards to the material or craftsmanship. You can get this commercial grade tool for all your bulb planting requirements.

Highlighted Features

  • It can plant up to 12 inches deep
  • Designed with 3/8 inch dibble bar
  • Has a T-style handle that is comfortable to use
  • 100 percent commercial grade tool made in the US
  • Carries a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer


  • It is sturdy and solid
  • Comfortable handle
  • Works well in hard soil
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Helps you plant bulbs with ease
  • Nice tool that works as advertised


  • Some people find it heavy

 9.  Esschert Design Dibber/Bulb Planter

Finding a perfect garden tool can be tough because there are so many models on the market today. They might all look the same but they vary in terms of features as well as performance.

Make planting bulbs easier with the Esschert Design Dibber/Bulb Planter. This is a nice tool that any landscaper or gardener would love to have to make planting bulbs easier.

As compared to other tools, this one is designed in a way that it can breach obstacles that are hidden in the ground. This means that you will save both time and energy when you are working.

It has a t-grip that will fit into your hands to make turning easier. You don't need to use a lot of effort when you are planting your ideal bulbs.

It has a wooden handle that gives you a nice grip when planting. The handle also features a convenient strap that makes storage easy when you are not using the tool

The quality of the tool will also impress you because it is not cheaply made. It features a strong and durable steel construction meaning that it will serve you longer.

Highlighted Features

  • It is made with a wooden hand
  • Has a leather loop for hanging
  • Made with a T-handle for ease of use
  • Features a stainless steel construction


  • Easy to store
  • It is easy to use
  • Made with a high-quality material
  • Perfect for planting seeds or bulbs
  • Helps you achieve consistent hole depth


  • Welding on the seam would have been better

 10.  Flexrake LRB120 Adjustable Hinged Bulb Planter

Are you looking forward to planting bulbs during summer and need a convenient tool that will make your work easier? Look no further because the Flexrake LRB120 Adjustable Hinged Bulb Planter is designed to make your work simple.

This is a high-quality tool that is made in the USA to make planting bulbs a simple and less tedious task. You can plant bulbs without taking too much time as compared to using a shovel or other tools.

It is designed with a hinged soil opening to make it easy to release soil. On both sides, the bulb planter has a convenient depth marker which makes planting bulbs easy.

If you need a tool with a superb construction, then you will love this one. It is made of chrome plated steel that makes it one of the most durable tools out there.

The poly handle of the tool is also designed to give you a good grip and maximum comfort when you are planting your bulbs. You can plant bulbs without straining your back or neck.

This bulb planter is not only good for planting bulbs. You can also use it to plant flowers. It digs deep enough and ensures that you get consistent holes all the time.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a hinged release mechanism to make your work easier
  • Versatile tool for planting bulbs and flowers
  • Designed with depth marker on both sides
  • Features chrome plated steel for longevity
  • High-quality tool made in the USA


  • It is sturdy
  • Designed to last
  • Fun and easy to use
  • It makes consistent holes
  • It works well when planting bulbs


  • Doesn't work well on too much hard soil

How To Choose The Best Bulb Planters in 2024

What are some of the things that you check when buying a bulb planter? If you do not know the right criteria to use, I have given some important tips that will help you select the best.

Ease of use

Bulb planters are not designed the same. There are some models that are easy to use while others are a little complicated. Because you want to make your work easy, I would recommend you to look for a model that is easy to use. The tool should do the work it is designed for and if it cannot meet your needs, then there is no need of buying it. If you get a bulb planter that is easy to use, it will be safer and less stressful when you are using it.


When you are purchasing any tool, one of the most important considerations that you should think of is the durability. Why should you spend money on a product that will not last longer? If you select a durable product and use it the right way, then you can be sure of having a great performance for many years. Make sure you select a quality and durable bulb planter for a longer performance.


Safety is important when you are dealing with any tool. You don't want to end up with injuries because of neglecting safety features. Not all the tools you find on the market today are made with safety in mind. This is why you should consider the safety of the tool before you buy it so that you can use it without any issues. This helps you work well without worrying about accidents.


Sometimes the cost of the product goes hand in hand with the performance. If you invest your money on a cheap product, you can expect low quality. It is great if you invest your money on a high-quality product so that you can get value for your purchase. Spending your money on low-quality models means that you will have to do frequent replacements and this can be expensive in the long run.

Final Thoughts

If you have planted bulbs in the past, you understand that it is a tedious task. If you do not want to spend a lot of time planting, invest in the right tools that are designed to make your work easier. Having a bulb planter will make a big difference when it comes to planting bulbs.

These tools are great for people who do not want to keep their hands dirty when planting. Bulb planters are designed such that they can help you make holes even in the toughest soil. Using these tools will help you plant bulbs in less time without using much effort.

We spent more time to provide you with reviews and guide of top-rated bulb planters that work well. We only recommend the best products to our customers. I believe after reading the reviews of the individual products, it will be easy for you to pick a product with the right features and meets your planting needs.

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