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Top 10 Best Inflatable Kayaks for Whitewater – Reviews 2024

Are you planning a day trip with family or friends on a whitewater river? If you are, then you will need the best inflatable kayaks for whitewater. Inflatable kayaks are the ideal option when you want to run whitewater. You can easily roll them up to take anywhere and they are very portable. They are great if you travel longer distances and they are easy to get to the edge of the water.

Inflatable kayaks can also provide greater control, mobility, and stability when in whitewater. Finding the best inflatable kayaks can be difficult due to the varying options on the market. You will want the best to safely maneuver in does raging Rivers that have whirlpools, rocks among other things. All in all the best inflatable kayak must be able to excel in some major areas so that it doesn't disappoint.

In this article, we are going to do all the hard work for you and review 10 of the best on the market. We will go through those key features that the best kayak must have and how you will benefit from them. We know that venturing in does rapid raging Rivers is fun so you only need the best to keep the fun going. Read on to find out which one is the best kayak for you.

10 Best Inflatable Kayaks for Whitewater - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Inflatable Kayaks for Whitewater - Reviews

As an angler, you need to have the right items like the best kayak compass and inflatable kayaks among others. Since the market is flooded with many inflatable kayaks, it can be tough to find the right one. The following are reviews of recommended inflatable kayaks that will be a great purchase.

 1.  Driftsun Rover Inflatable Tandem White-Water Kayak

Driftsun Rover 120/220 Inflatable Tandem White-Water Kayak with High Pressure Floor and EVA Padded Seats with High Back Support, Includes Action Cam Mount, Aluminum Paddles, Pump and More

The Driftsun Rover 220 is the perfect option if you are starting out but also great for professionals. This kayak is always adventure-ready and it can take up to two people. It comes with a rocker profile as it is made with a river runner outline. It is capable of handling up to class rapids. You will also get complete control and the best speed in such rapids.

Are you looking for an inflatable kayak that competes with the feel of a hard kayak? You will get that with this kayak topped with lightweight. The high-pressure drop stitch flaw allows responsiveness, stability and also rigidity. It also comes with a reinforced layered PVC build that gives double protection to safely bounce-off whitewater obstacles without punctures or other damages.

If you are one that takes whitewater rafting serious, then you will love the camera mount on this kayak. You can go ready to capture all those whitewater wild moments. The removable rear tracking Skeg can be used for the best tracking when in flat water. It also has self-bailing drain plugs for quick draining of water in the cockpit. It also comes included with a travel bag, 2 adjustable aluminium kayak paddles, rear tracking fin and a hand pump.

Highlighted Features

  • The kayak comes with eight self-bailing ports
  • It also has two adjustable Eva padded seats
  • It is made of reinforced layered PVC side tubes
  • Driftsun Rover 220 also features a camera mount
  • It also comes with a high-pressure drop stitch floor

Lucrative pros

  • It is stable and you can easily control it
  • The kayak is highly durable and very lightweight
  • It is ideal for both beginners and also professionals
  • It can take up to two people and weighs 28 pounds only
  • Yes,It comes with the necessary accessories to get you started

Conclusion:The driftsun rover 220 is dependable durable and also easy to move and store. It comes with everything you will need to get you going immediately after purchase. If you are a beginner it will give you the control you need and with its material, you will be in a position to go through those white water obstacles. It will only take 9 minutes to inflate saving you time.

 2.  Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Pro Solo

Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Pro Solo Package

Although the sea eagle E330 may look small and very light it can carry up to two adults including their gear. It has spacious room for the two occupants so that they don't feel confined in it. It is ideal for both whitewater and also fishing. You can also just use it to explore with your family as it can go anywhere you want thanks to its today build.

The sea eagle kayak model comes included with a foot pump and you will only take 6 minutes to inflate it. Its White Water rating is up to class |||. It features triple-layered and high frequency welded seams to offer extra durability. Also, it features a 10-year UV resistant coating as well as Dulux one-way valves. The kayak comes backed by a limited 3-year warranty on material and workmanship defects.

The integral 5-tube I beam floor is specially made to provide the user with a durable floor. It also creates natural chines which are made to enhance the tracking and the speed of the kayak. It has got to moulded skegs which are the same as those of a surfboard. These will allow you to go faster and cover more distance without having to paddle so much. The skegs are made of moulded plastic which can't be destroyed when the kayak rocks.

Highlighted Features

  • It is made of 33 mil polykrylar material
  • It has a holding capacity of up to pounds
  • The Sea eagle E330 features are repair kit
  • It also features an integral 5 tube I beam floor
  • Sea eagle E330 has 2 moulded skegs for Speed

Lucrative pros

  • It is small lightweight and can easily be moved
  • It has precious space for two adults and their cargo
  • This is ideal for whitewater exploring and also fishing
  • This is durable and resistant to extreme impacts and puncture
  • It comes included with necessary accessories that you will need

Conclusion : Sea eagle E330 is a durable 2-person inflatable kayak that is dependable and also easy to transport. It comes with a repair kit and a foot pump among other accessories to allow you get to the water immediately. What's more impressive is that you get a limited 3-year warranty that will cover any defects. It's no doubt it is a must-have for anyone looking to explore whitewater.

ADVANCED ELEMENTS Attack Whitewater Inflatable Kayak, Yellow

Are you in need of a one-person inflatable kayak? If you are then you will love the advanced elements attack kayak. This cake is narrow and very fast. If you are a white water rafting enthusiasts looking for a durable kayak that compares to a hard kayak then this one might be the one you need. It can handle up to class ||| of whitewater as it can withstand its obstacles.

The advanced element attack has a number of features which include a storage area covered in the back to allow you safely store your gear. Also, it comes with moulded grab handles to pull that kayak in and out of the water with ease. The adjustable seat lets you sit comfortably. The advance element attack also features abrasion rails and also a self-draining valve to drain out water quickly.

It is made of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin on the exterior and the interior bladders to offer you extra durability. It is shorter and the three inflation Chambers will prevent it from being sluggish when on water. The 12-inch rocker is ideal to allow you to move the kayak easily. Its 35-inch width is ideal if you want more stability when in rapid range in water.

Highlighted Features

  • It is also made of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin
  • It comes with a covered storage area for your gear
  • Advanced element attack is a one-person inflatable kayak
  • It also features a 12-inch rocker and three inflation Chambers
  • The kayak features adjustable thigh straps and an adjustable seat

Lucrative pros

  • It is made of highly durable material in and out
  • It has a self-draining valve to easily drain water
  • 35-inch width to offer stability in raging rivers
  • It is great not only that but also ideal for a single person
  • Advanced element attack is very fast and manoeuvrable

Conclusion :The name of this kayak defines it perfectly. It is aggressive and will move very fast in whitewater. The 12-inch rocker will ensure that it stays nimble in the water at all times. With the adjustable seat and thigh straps, you will be comfortable and secured inside the cockpit regardless of the rough water. You won't have to get your gear wet as it features a storage area. If you are a whitewater rafting enthusiast looking for the best then you need to try this kayak.

 4.  Sea Eagle 330 Pro 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak Canoe

Sea Eagle 330 Pro 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat with Pump and Oars

Another sea eagle kayak on our list is the sea eagle 330 Pro. It is capable of withstanding up to class 3 rapids. It is rugged and you can depend on this kayak easily. The sea eagle also comes with a 33 mm polykrylar construction to offer you with the best durability. It also features two Skegs at the bottom to offer you with enhanced tracking as well as speed.

Furthermore, it features self-bailing drain valves. This will automatically drain out any water that gets into the kayak while in splashing rapid water. The integrated I beam offers it with added rigidity. The three air Chambers on this car can easily be inflated in only 6 minutes. This cake is also very light and this makes it portable. You can easily transport it to any location without a hassle.

The hull of this kayak is Triple layered and it comes with high frequency welded seams to add on its durability. This model is very similar to the sea eagle E330 as it also comes with a 10-year UV coating as well as a three-year limited warranty against any defects. The 330 pro is a two-person kayak that also comes included with two pedals, a foot pump, carry bag, and two movable comfortable seats.

Highlighted Features

  • It also features two skegs at the bottom
  • It has 2 7-foot four-part pedals for pedaling
  • Yes,It is also made of 33 mm polykrylar material
  • It has a triple layered hull and 3 air Chambers
  • Sea eagle 330 features 2 movable comfortable seats

Lucrative pros

  • It is rated for up to class 3 rapids
  • It is also a 2-person inflatable kayak
  • The self-bailing drain valve helps to drain water
  • It is small but spacious and lightweight for easy transport
  • It also comes with the necessary accessories to get you started

Conclusion : This kayak is durable as it is made of high-quality material. It is also a two-person kayak with two movable seats which are extremely comfortable. It is lightweight meaning it can easily be transported to any location without a hassle. The kayak also inflated very quickly in just 6 minutes and it will stay rigid on water. The 3-year limited warranty for defects is also an added advantage the kayak has.

 5.  Solstice by Swimline Flare 1 Person Kayak, Red

Solstice by Swimline Flare 1 Person Kayak, Red

Once you order and receive this inflatable kayak, it will be ready to use upon arrival. Everything you will need to use comes included. These include a carry bag, a foot pump, and a pressure gauge. It also features a comfortable adjustable bucket seat. It is a one-person kayak which features are thick hull made of some durable 1000 Denier nylon. This makes the kayak resistant to damages or punctures.

If you are looking to have the best manoeuvre in water then you will love its drop stitched floor. This not only offers manoeuvrability but also stability. Its large detachable fin will offer you great control while in rough water. You will also get the best tracking while calm Waters. The screw-type drain valves will ensure that water is drained out of the kayak easily and quickly.

This kayak also has a bow cover which has a soft handle as well as elastic cords to allow you to store all your gear. When using the kayak you will be very comfortable not only from sitting but also from multiple footrests. You can place your feet in different positions as enjoy your ride in whitewater. It is lightweight meaning it can easily be transported. It also features Deluxe H3 valves which can easily be replaced.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a great drop stitch floor
  • This kayak has got a large detachable fin
  • It is made from durable 1000 Denier nylon
  • It features a high-pressure pump and pressure gauge
  • Yes,It also comes with a comfortable adjustable bucket seat

Lucrative pros

  • It is specially made to accommodate one person
  • It comes with multiple footrest positions for Comfort
  • This is portable, and they carry bag can help in transportation
  • It comes ready for use as it includes necessary accessories
  • The kayak features deluxe at 3 volts which are easily replaced

Conclusion : Solstice by swim line flare one-person kayak is what you need if you are looking for a durable, easy to use kayak. It comes with everything you will need to get your trip started on whitewater. It is extremely comfortable with some of the best features to give you those wild white watermelons. You will not get disappointed when you choose to invest in this kayak.

 6.  AIRE Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak

AIRE Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak-Red

This AIRE tributary is a wonderful entry-level inflatable kayak which features some top performance features. It is made of a PVC outer shell which is more abrasion and also rear resistant. The shell comes with high-frequency welded seams and it encloses vinyl AIREcell inside the bladder. You can now run whitewater without worrying about damages.

The tributary kayak features bow and stern covers which will always provide shade from the non-stop splashes of water. With this feature, you can enjoy dry rides. The 3 hull chambers are designed to offer you extra safety as you navigate through whitewater. Its self-bailing floor has got mesh drain holes to allow quick water drainage.

If you are looking for a kayak that can easily inflate and deflate then you need this one. It features high-quality Sumit II valves which make that possible. The underside handles will enable you to flip the kayak back upright in case it overturns. It also features 12 pairs of cargo loops, d-rings, repair kit and a carry bag among other accessories. These accessories will allow you to use the care of immediately after you purchase it.

Highlighted Features

  • This kayak comes with bow and stern covers
  • Made of abrasion and Wear-resistant PVC material
  • It has sturdy handles for easy handling and carrying
  • Yes,It also features an inflatable comfortable thwart seat
  • It features three hull Chambers and a self-bailing floor

Lucrative pros

  • It can also be easily inflated and deflated
  • It also comes with a repair kit for maintenance
  • Yes,It features D-Rings to allow attachment of gear
  • AIRE tributary comes backed by a 1-year warranty
  • The mesh drain holes will quickly drain out the water

Conclusion : The tomcat solo kayak is made to last for longer and it comes at a reasonable price. If you love rafting solo this kayak will provide you with the right features to allow you enjoy your trip. It is durable, stable and a great kayak for whitewater exploring. It is a must-have if you need a boat that is reliable and one that will allow you to improve your white water rafting skills.

 7.  Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Are you looking for a larger inflatable kayak that can carry more than two people? The Sevylor big basin might be what you need. It is a great family kayak that can allow you to sit three people to enjoy a great trip on whitewater. Its heavy-duty PVC build is ideal to allow you to explore calm waters and also White Water.

The tarpaulin bottom is specially made to make the kayak durable and resistance to punctures. The best inflatable kayaks for whitewater feature amount for air Chambers for extra protection and fun. The Sevylor is no exception as it has these chambers to allow the others to stay inflated in case one is damaged or punctured. Its airtight system is created to eliminate the chances of the kayak leaking.

The kayak comes with a Boston valve which is double-threaded to allow easy and deflation as well as inflation. Furthermore, it features adjustable seats which can be moved so that all occupants are comfortable. The carry handles are made to make it easy to move the boat in and out of the water. Another impressive feature is that you can stay dry thanks to the spray covers which will block out the splashes.

Highlighted Features

  • It also comes with a heavy-duty PVC construction
  • Sevylor features an airtight system to prevent leaks
  • Another key feature is tarpaulin bottom for durability
  • The kayak comes with three movable adjustable seats
  • This model also features spray covers to block splashes

Lucrative pros

  • It is large enough to fit up to three people
  • Yes,It also has adjustable seats to offer comfort
  • It has a Boston valve which is double threaded
  • Its Airtight system eliminates the chances of leaks
  • Multiple air Chambers allow the kayak to always stay inflated

Conclusion : Sevylor big basin is your ideal option if you want to take a family trip in whitewater. It can easily hold up to 3 people and has spacious space for Comfort. This kayak will offer you everything to allow you to enjoy those wild moments on whitewater. It is reliable and durable to guarantee more years of service. Its unique features will ensure that you never get disappointed with it.

 8.  Sea Eagle 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran Inflatable Kayak with Pro

Sea Eagle 435 Paddle Ski Catamaran Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

Is among the top inflatable kayaks on our list due to its versatility. With this kayak, you can add either a gas or an electric motor, rowing or even selling frame to help you move the boat and enjoy your trip. You can also just simply paddle it if you want. Whichever option you choose, this kayak will let you do it. If that wasn't convincing enough then you'll be glad to know that this kayak can also act as a tandem kayak. With it, you can easily enjoy a solo trip on whitewater.

The sea eagle 453 also features are a unique design that isn't common with most inflatable kayaks on the market. It has an inflatable catamaran design where the centre cockpit is 4 inches above the waterline. This design will minimise the drag of the boat while on water. This way the cake will be faster as you paddle, sail or motor it. The kayak is also portable and will fit perfectly in your car.

Do you need a stable kayak that can be safely sailed in winds of up to 15 knots? Well, your in luck cause with this kayak you can do just that. Its pontoons are strategically located on either sides of the paddler. This makes the kayak super stable to be used on numerous tasks. It also comes with a pro package including two back seats, two paddles, carry bag, foot pump, instructions and a repair kit.

Highlighted Features

  • It can be able to carry up to two people
  • It also comes with a unique catamaran design
  • Yes,It is made from reinforced 1000 Denier material
  • This kayak comes with an outside pontoon stance
  • It also features our repair kit as well as a carry bag application brush

Lucrative pros

  • It is highly reliable and it will last for longer
  • Its unique design reduces drag on the water
  • You can get to take solo trips with this kayak
  • The kayak is very versatile used for numerous tasks
  • It also comes included with necessary starting accessories

Conclusion : Get to explore the water with a unique inflatable kayak. The sea eagle 453 is what you need if you are looking for Speed durability and most importantly versatility. You can use this kayak on any type of water without feeling uneasy in any of them. It's perfect for solo trips and also for the family. You won't regret investing in this kayak as it has a lot to offer.

Solstice by Swimline Rogue Kayak

Solstice meets the criteria of the best inflatable kayak for whitewater. It features a durable construction of heavy-duty 26G K80 which is puncture resistant. This Kayak is capable of withstanding multiple rapid and raging river trips without getting damaged. Furthermore, its high frequency welded seams will protect the kayak when there are harsh forces pulling and pushing the boat.

The kayak is made with I beam construction which is created to give it maximum stability in turbulent waters. It is also convertible meaning you can either go with a partner or go Solo for white water rafting. It has got specials room for two people and it will offer comfort as you can also safely put away your gear in the storage area.

Also, with this kayak, you can easily keep your lower part of the body dry. This is thanks to the front and back spray covers. This model also comes in two colours white and blue which you can easily choose from. The two seats are adjustable and also inflatable to offer you comfort in case you are going on a solo trip.

Highlighted Features

  • The kayak features an I beam design for rigidity
  • This kayak also comes with 3 inflatable chambers
  • Yes,This kayak also comes with 3 inflatable chambers
  • Made of puncture-resistant heavy-duty 26G K80 material
  • The solstice also features both front and back spray covers

Lucrative pros

  • It can easily be turned into a solo kayak
  • It is resistant to punctures making it durable
  • The high frequency welded seams protect the kayak
  • It also has 3 air chambers for control and performance
  • The front and rear spray covers keep your lower part dry

Conclusion : The solstice rogue comes with high-quality design points and some wonderful perks. It is durable and also reliable as it's a good alternative to the sea eagle. If you want to own a kayak that you can convert into a one-person and a two-person kayak, then this unit has got you covered. It's the light meaning you can carry it with you to any whitewater location.

 10.  Sea Eagle 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat

Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak Canoe Boat w/ Pump & Oars

Two-person kayak is made to simplify any whitewater rafting. It is easy to pedal, deflate, inflate, carry and you can easily afford it. Compared to some kayaks we have reviewed this one is on the affordable side. It is made of puncture-resistant extra thick K80 polykrylar material. This will guarantee the longer lifespan of the kayak and you will go through those obstacles without a warry.

The kayak also features an open and closed drain valve which has five deluxe one-way inflation as well as deflation valves. This will ensure that all the water is drained out of the kayak to avoid accumulation. Just like our other sea eagle kayak models this one also comes backed by a 3-year limited warranty against material and workmanship defects. It also has rushed down inflatable spray skirts which have got storage underneath.

Moreover, this kayak comes with 2 skegs at the bottom. These ensure that you get improved tracking and also the best speed. It comes included with two pedals, two inflatable seats which can be moved and also removed, a foot pump, carry bag with shoulder straps and a repair kit. You will get everything you need to use immediately you purchase the kayak. It weighs 26 pounds and it can handle up to class 3 whitewater.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with lashed down inflatables spray skirts.
  • The kayself-bailings with a self bailing drain valve
  • Yes, It also features two skegs on the bottom
  • The sea eagle 330 deluxe kayak is NMMA certified
  • This sea eagle kayak features an i-beam construction floor

Lucrative pros

  • It also comes included with all the Necessities
  • This is made of durable material to resist punctures
  • It is specially made to accommodate two people
  • Inflatable I beam floor and high frequency welded seams
  • You won't have to constantly remove water from the cockpit

Conclusion : Sea eagle is among the leading companies that manufacture kayaks. The inflatable kayaks are dependable, durable, and easy to use. The sea eagle 330 deluxe is no exception. You will get everything you need including the kayak to get your adventures started. It will only require 6 minutes to assemble and inflate this kayak. You also won't have to worry about the effects as it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Guide: Best Inflatable Kayaks for Whitewater

To help you decide on the best inflatable kayak white water, below are a few key factors you must keep in mind before buying one. These tips will help you get a quality inflatable kayak that will serve you well for many years.


Portability is one of the major factors you have to consider. This can help you deflate it and carry it to any required distance bit by hand or by car. Hard shell kayaks are not easy to carry and that is the advantage that inflatable lightweight kayaks have over them. It is important to choose the best lightweight kayaks with features that boast incredible portability. 

For example, go for an inflatable kayak that has the materials that can allow you to deflate and inflate it quickly. Additionally, an inflatable kayak that has got a carrying bag will be an added advantage. This can allow to easily pack up the kayak and transport it to wherever you need to.

Drain holes

Scupper holes on kayak are an essential feature if you will run it in white water. When you are on raging rivers, you will definitely get water inside your boat. This occurs due to the splashes that are sure to happen. So how does the water come out of the boat? Well, that is where the scupper holes come in.

Scupper holes help to drain out the water from the boat to avoid sinking. Before you purchase an inflatable kayak, make sure that has got scupper holes. With them, you don't have to keep worrying about water accumulation as you enjoy kayaking.


Kayaking in white waters comes with fun but it can also be dangerous if you don't have a durable kayak. This is why the biggest concern of most kayakers is the durability of the inflatable kayak. These kayaks run through very harsh surroundings which have rocks all over.

The best folding kayaks must have much thicker material. The material offers them extreme durability to allow them to endure contact with sharp objects as well as rocks. Also, look for a kayak that has got multiple chambers as this will guarantee more fun in case one chamber is punctured.


One of the best designs for kayaks is the short and wide design. This design will allow the kayak to move fast, be stable and give you utmost control on it. The wide design means that the weight will be mostly in the center allowing you to make quick turns. It will also be perfect if you plan on having more people on the boat.

That way they can help you steer.The shortness, on the other hand, will allow you to easily navigate through rocks and any other obstacles you encounter. If you are able to get an inflatable kayak that has these features then it will be an added advantage.

Quick inflation

A pump is an important tool that you can use in the inflation process. While some inflatable kayaks come with their own pumps, others don't. A kayak that has a pump is a better choice than one that doesn't. This is because you won't spend extra cash buying one.

Furthermore, an easy to set up kayak is a must-have especially if you are a beginner. Set up should not take up much of your time. Attaching the necessary accessories should also be quick and simple. Keep in mind that the complexity of set up will also depend on how long you intend to use the kayak. For example, if you will take multiple days on your trip.

Cost and warranty

In terms of price, choose a kayak that comes at a price you can afford. Depending on how much will be using the kayak and other needs, you should be able to pick one that will cover everything. The price should not compromise on its quality but at the same time, it should not exceed your intended budget.

Warranty is also another important factor you should look out for. While some kayaks will come with longer warranty periods, some will not. A good inflatable kayak should have a good warranty period to cover on some quality issues that may arise.

How to paddle on white water

The best way you enjoy exploring white water is when you understand the basics on how to ride your inflated kayak. The fundamentals below require you to master and experience them with either an experienced friend or a certified instructor

Gear up

Choose a kayak that you will be practicing with. You will also need to wear some personal flotation device as well as a helmet. These can help to keep you safe in case the boat capsizes. Also, you will need to pack up some essentials. These can include dry bags for keeping your phone, first aid kit, dry clothing among others. You can also get some food, sunblock and water.

Choose the river

Choose a river that will be suitable for you depending on your skills. You will also need to get the river map to show the entire route so that you know where you are heading to.

Master the low brace

As you sit in your inflated kayak, you have to do the following. Sit upright with a paddle across your boat close to your navel and then arch your back. Then tilt the boat to at least a few degrees on the side.

Scout the hazards

As you float smooth, keep an eye out for any hazards that can end up you under the water. As you approach them, make individual moves to calmly maneuver through them. You should be able to consider the possibility of not going through them.

Run the rapids

Remember to follow the tongue which is usually created by the main channel of the river. This normally has moderate and easy rapids. To maintain your control paddle hard and faster.

Stay safe

As you practice, remember to learn some self-rescue tips. This can help you in case you find yourself in a tight situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can i stay safe and stable on whitewater?

Actually, this depends on how you use them. Inflatable kayaks are stable and safe if you use them carefully and properly as recommended. When you have one you should know the did and don'ts as these will keep you safe. Remember that all types of kayaks can capsize. You just have to be cautious and follow the rules correctly.

Q:What is the lifespan of an inflatable kayak?

The lifespan entirely depends on a number of things but most importantly the material and the quality and the quantity of construction used. Other things that determine the lifespan are the level of care the user gives the kayak and the warranty of the kayak.

Therefore, if your inflatable kayak comes backed up by a good warranty period, high quality and construction, and you give it proper care, then be sure it will last for longer.

Q: Can i go fishing using an inflatable kayak rated for whitewater?

Yes, it is, you are able to fish from an inflatable kayak for white water. However, these are specially made for use on trips on rapid, ragging waters although it is possible, we highly recommend a highly inflatable kayak made for fishing trips. These will be easier to control and offer stability in still water.

Q: What is the difference between hard-sided and inflatable kayaks?

They have got a big difference in some areas but they are generally similar. In terms of durability, the hard-sided kayaks are better because of their high-quality construction. Also it is easy to maneuver the hard kayak since they sit lower and they are heavy meaning rushing water won't throw them around.

 On the other hand, inflatable kayaks are portable and you can take them with you anywhere. You can also be able to fold them for safe storage anywhere.

Q: How can i tell an inflatble kayak is rated for whitewater?

There are different types of inflatable kayaks but not all of them are worthy for white water. The difference comes in the area of stability and how easy it will be to control and move the kayak, in white water. Also it will depend on the durability of the kayak.

An inflatable ideal for white water should be stable, with the right width to avoid capsizing it should be made of high quantity materials for extreme durability.


That brings us to the end of the best inflatable kayaks for whitewater review. All of our kayaks are durable, dependable and easy to use. When you plan on going for a day trip on white water, remember to learn a few skills because those waters are rough, rapid and also have many obstacles. Learning a few basics can help you to be safe and know what to do in case your kayak capsizes.

We figured that since we reviewed 10 of the best, you may still not be sure which one to pick. Let's help you to determine your possible match. First, we shall start off with our top pick. The sea eagle 453 paddle ski catamaran inflatable kayak. This kayak has everything you will need for white water rafting. It is extremely versatile meaning you don't only us it on white water but also on other waters. Its design allows use with a motor, paddle or even a sailing frame.


The sea eagle has a lot of extra features that you won't find on other kayaks. In case you are starting out in white water rafting, we highly recommend the sea eagle E330. The advanced elements attack is ideal if you want an aggressive kayak for class iii rapids.

Choosing the best inflatable kayak will not only allow enjoying wild water moments but will also allow you to improve your skills. Push forward, and learning more about white water rafting by taking the first step at purchasing any of the above kayaks. We hope you are now ready to decide and when you do we wish you safe and fun white water rafting.

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