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Top 10 Best Snow Brushes in 2024 – Favorite Models Reviewed!

Most people would like it if summer lasted all year but sadly, that is not so and we have to deal with winter from year to year. Since you cannot control the weather, you might as well be ready for it with the right tools and clothing. This will help you adjust to the weather with ease and help you through it all.

During winter, when you park your car even for just an hour, chances are you'll find it covered in snow when you get back. It is therefore important to invest in the best snow brush so that every time snow falls on your car you can easily scrap it off and drive safely.

Winter can also be fun when you're well equipped. Having a good snow brush is as important as knowing how to use it. I'll guide you on how to choose the best snow brushes in 2019.

 10 Best Snow Brushes in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Snow Brushes in 2024 - Reviews

 1.  Hopkins 532 Mallory 26" Snow Brush with Foam 

You're probably stuck up with ice and snow on your windscreen and you have no idea how you'll get it off without scratching your car. This is where the Hopkins 532 Mallory 26" Snow Brush comes in.

This tool has a lot of features that are perfect for a clean sweep of the snow off your car. One of these features is that it has a foam grip that gives you a firm hold of it making it easy to scrape off even the most stubborn stuck up ice with ease.

It is also made of high-quality materials that further enhance the firmness of the tool. The handle consists of unbreakable plastic while the bristles are thick and firmly placed to hold onto the plastic. 

This will, therefore, ensure that your snow brush does not fall apart midway your snow clearing. Other than that, its handle is curved slightly to make it easy to use and for efficiency while doing its job. Hopkins was looking out for you as the user when they made this snow brush.

Another one of the features is that the bristles are soft enough to remove the ice and the snow from your car without scratching it. However, they are powerful enough to do the job perfectly okay. In short, they are well regulated to serve the purpose without damages.

Its length of 26 inches ensures the snow brush extends to the full width of your car making it easy and fast to clean the car. This saves your time and energy as you do not stretch too much to reach the whole width of your car.

Highlighted Features

  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy bristles for easy cleaning
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Light in weight making it easy to use
  • A long and strong handle that gives you a firm grip
Hopkins 532 Mallory 26
Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush with Foam

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 2.  Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom 

There is nothing as convenient as a tool that is designed to serve more than one purpose. Most tools that have this feature are usually an upgrade of a previous tool where the manufacturer combines it with another to improve efficiency.

Snow Joe's SJBLZD Telescoping Snow broom is a combination of an ice scraper and a snow brush. Among its features is its durable foam head that is nonabrasive so it doesn't scratch your car while at work.

Working with this tool is pretty easy and you don’t have to spend a lot of time. It helps you get rid of heavy and wet snow in a short time.

This best snow broom has a telescoping pole that makes your work very easy. You can adjust it from its actual length of 30 inches to 49 inches. This makes it cover longer distances without any struggle. You can be standing on the side of your car and scraping the back of the car.

Handheld tools could tire you especially if they are heavy or difficult to handle. This one though is light and with the adjustable handle, you can adjust it to the length you feel comfortable with. For example, if you're short, you can lengthen the pole to reach the higher parts of your truck and vice versa.

Snow Joe SJBLZD snow broom is probably one of the best deals you'll get in the market today. On top of all these features, it has an auto lock for more control on the pole. You can never go wrong with this one. Make sure to equip yourself with one before winter strikes.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable handle for convenience
  • Very affordable price of one for two
  • Durable and easy to use and maintain
  • Nonabrasive to keep your car surface intact
Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom
Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom

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 3.  Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52" Super Snow Broom

Snow can be annoying when it falls every so often covering surfaces that should stay clear like the windshield of a car. However, with the perfect tool to clear it out, it won't suck as much. The 2610XM subzero 52" super extender snow broom is one of these tools.

First, the broom has a very wide broom that clears almost half of the surface covered in snow once. This is quite convenient because it means that you'll take a much shorter time to clear everything than if you were using a smaller blade.

The snow brush is perfect if you have vans, trucks and SUVs. It provides a heavy duty cleaning power to ensure you remove all the snow fast.

Its handle is made of steel for durability and further finished with a soft cushion for an easy grip. This ensures that your hands don't get bruised when using it.

That's not all about the handle. It is adjustable and can be stretched up to 52 inches and locks perfectly at whichever length. This makes it very easy to use.

The bristles are also attached firmly to the broom and the blade as well. It is a good blade that will not scratch the paint off or leave marks on the glass on your windshield. This tool can be relied on 100% to do the work effectively and efficiently.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Long enough to make your work easier
  • It comes in a variety of colors to choose from
  • You can lock it into a smaller unit for easy storage
Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52
Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52″ Super Snow Broom

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 4.  Hopkins 16511 Subzero 23" Ice Hammer Snowbrush

You don't have to fill up your hands with blisters every time you scrape snow off your truck.  Hopkins 16511 snow brush has one of the softly molded handles ever. It has a firm grip that is also soft to your hands.

This tool literally hammers the snow off your car. It is the perfect tool to scrape off ice and snow as it has chippers at the side of the blade

It is not only the handle that's tender. The blade on the scraper has a soft touch to the car and can, therefore, clean it well without scratching it. The finish of your car will still be intact after you finish scraping off the ice and snow.

 The durability of this product is unquestionable. It can last you a lifetime if you don't mishandle it at any point. The plastic that makes the body is of high quality and the bristles do not pluck of easily. This makes maintenance easy and at no cost.

It's long enough to do the job faster and in single strokes. This saves you some energy and time. It can reach a longer length in one stroke and that makes it quite the tool.

Color may not be an issue with most people as this is a working tool, not a display item. However, people are different with different preferences. If you're the type that likes to color match everything in your house, then this snow brush is flexible. This best snowbrush comes in a variety of colors you can choose from.

Highlighted Features

  • The price is friendly
  • Does not scratch your car
  • Made of durable materials
  • Soft grip for comfort when using
Hopkins 16511 Subzero 23
Hopkins 16511 Subzero 23″ Ice Hammer Snowbrush

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 5.  OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snow Brush

How much do you value your car? Is it enough to get this broom that won't affect the finish of your car even in the smallest way?

The OXO good grips extendable twister snow brush is one of the best snow brush cum ice scraper in the market. The bristles on this brush are feathery giving a soft touch to your car and doing an effective job regardless.

The ice scraper, on the other hand, is right on top of the brush and it breaks the ice into pieces and removes it completely. All this is done with utmost care of your car's surface. Once it is done, your car looks as good as new.

This head that carries the brush and the scraper is quite flexible for convenience when working. It can rotate up to 90° making it easy to push the ice especially when it's in large amounts.

The handle has a firm but soft grip so it cannot slide off. It can also stretch another 11" to cover a larger distance when scraping off the snow from the windshield. This makes the work very easy and fast.

All the materials used to make the different parts of the brush are high-quality and are therefore durable. With this handle, you can even use a button to steer the side to side movements when cleaning the car. It is a broom you want to have in your possession this year.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be shortened for easy storage
  • Very light in weight for easy moving around
  • Has a firm but soft bristles to clean without damage
  • The blade is high-strength to break the ice effectively
OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snow Brush
OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snow Brush

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 6.  Snow Moover Small Car Brush and Ice Scraper 

Do you live in a place where you wake up to find your car covered with a foot of snow? Then buying this snow brush is a no-brainer for you. You'll need it for sure and it will serve its purpose well.  

The Snow Moover snow brush is a tool designed to scrape off that stubborn ice off your car. The ice scraper is comprised of a blade and jaws that break off the ice while the blade wipes it off. 

They work together to perfectly clean your car of snow and ice. The materials making the ice scraper are strong enough to handle the pressure. 

The best car snow brush has bristles that are well fixed onto the broom to avoid chucking while at the same time very soft to clean without scratching your car. Tools normally have rough surfaces. This one that is best snow brush for car is quite comfortable as it has a grip is cushioned to ensure a firm but soft grip of the tool while using.

You can also move the brush head around to reach even the smallest parts with ease. This is aided by the pivoting head. You can also detach the head from the handle for easy storage.

A heavy tool also makes work a bit harder than it should be. This snow brushes for cars tool is very light and therefore easy to hold up when cleaning the car of snow. Get yourself one and enjoy a clean car during winter.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to store as you can reduce its size
  • Durable materials used to make the broom
  • Thick and firmly fixed bristles for easy work
  • Has jaws for increased effectiveness in breaking snow
Snow Moover Small Car Brush and Ice Scraper
Snow Moover Small Car Brush and Ice Scraper

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 7.  True Temper 28-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush 

Even in the worst of winters, this one won't freeze. It is ironic that this snow brush has no brush. Nevertheless, it works even better than those with brushes.

Have you struggled to remove snow from tight spaces like mirrors with no success? Then this is just the brush you need. Its head is designed in a way that enables it to reach those unreachable parts of your car and clear out all the snow.

This brush is amazing, to say the least. It is also dual-purpose in that it has two sides; one for scraping off the ice and the other one for wiping it. This makes it both a snow brush and an ice scraper.

It is made of a very durable material that makes it sturdy enough to do the job and keep doing so for a couple more winters. It is also long enough to reach where you want to wipe.

The handle to this broom is very soft for your hands and at the same time has a firm grip. This helps your tool not to slip off when you're working.

If the snow brush freezes and the car freezes, what will clear ice from both of them? This is something you don't have to worry about when you have this snow brush. It is made of freeze-resistant material. Buy it and work it through all winters.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable and light in weight
  • It's dual purpose for effective snow/ice clearing
  • Convenient to use on small surfaces like mirrors
  • Made of Eva foam material that does not scratch your car
True Temper 28-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush
True Temper 28-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush

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 8.  Hopkins 14039 Subzero 50" Crossover Snowbroom

How do you remove snow and ice from your windshield? You can make the work easy with the Hopkins 14039.  The brush features a nice design that makes it easy to scrap and remove snow.

How big is your truck? That does not matter to this 50" snow brush. However large your car is, this brush is long enough to wipe every part of it clean. If you're short you could also find this very helpful as it will help you reach the top of the car with ease.

Even if you're tall and that length is too much for you, you have nothing to worry about. The snow brush also has auto locks that can lock in the brush into the length you want. It has everything covered.

There is always the tough ice that refuses to break from time to time.  The 14039 snow brush comes with ice chippers attached to the blade to help break them. Once it breaks them, you can use the blade to clear the ice off the car.

The pole comes curved for ease in the process of scrapping and clearing the ice. It is also made of a good quality material that makes it strong and durable.

It also has a pivoting head for ease of movement. You can, therefore, use it as a broom to sweep of the soft ice and snow. The bristles are firmly fixed and they surely don't scratch your car.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a firm grip
  • Uses a button to control
  • Is flexible due to the pivoting head
  • Can scrape off stubborn ice forms with the ice chippers
Hopkins 14039 Subzero 50
Hopkins 14039 Subzero 50″ Crossover Snowbroom

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 9.  Hopkins 80037 Subzero 60" Snowbroom

This 80037 subzero is an easy and faster working tool. 60" is a long enough handle to achieve any kind of cleaning you may need.

The blade on this one is also wide enough to cover a larger portion with only one stroke. This simplifies your work as you use fewer hours to clean all the snow and ice. 

It saves on energy used because the faster you do the work the less energy you use on it. Another feature is that it has a squeegee. This ensures that it cleans out all the ice effectively without leaving any of it behind.

In other words, it is a much better cleaner compared to the rest of the snow brushes in the market. It has a pivoting head and could be a brush wiping off the ice on the car or a blade breaking up the ice. The bristles on the brush are firm and soft.

You can also extend the pole to this snowbrush to a favorable length. You do not have to struggle with a length that is not working for you.

The pole has a wonderful design. It is curved for ease of use and it has a foam grip that allows you to get a good grip on the brush when using it.

Highlighted Features

  • Does not scratch your car
  • Made with durable materials
  • The blade is wide enough to do the work faster
  • A pole that locks in well at your length of choice
Hopkins 80037 Subzero 60
Hopkins 80037 Subzero 60″Quick-LockSnowbroom

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 10.  Snow Moover 39" Extendable Snow Brush 

Do you have a dream snow brush?  Well, this should be it. This snow brush has all these qualities put together to make the best snow brush in the market.

It has a cushioned grip for comfort and stability when using it on your car. Your hands are safe as well as the tool as it cannot fall off when in use

If you're looking for speed and effectiveness it is also your go-to tool. The bristles are thick and strong to move the snow even faster and move all of it.

Do you need to crack that ice buildup on your windshield? This tool is equipped with jaws for that. It also has a scrapper and a squeegee to completely wipe of that snow and ice off your car.

Interchanging the tools from brush to squeegee is easy because it has a pivoting head. However you want to use it, the head will turn towards the direction you guide it. This makes your cleaning way easier than expected.

It is also extendable to your desired length along 39 inches. If you want it small you just retract to the optimal setting and when you want it long you extend it. That is amazing flexibility for a single tool and therefore too convenient for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Very easy to use
  • It does not scratch your car
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Flexible and adjustable – pivoting head and adjustable pole
  • Multi-purpose- it comes with an ice scraper, snow brush and squeegees all in one
Snow Moover 39
Snow Moover 39″ Extendable Snow Brush

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How To Choose The Best Snow Brushes 

Snow Levels

Why is this important? There are places that snow more than others. There are also winter seasons that are harsher than others. If your place gets heavy snow and ice you're going to need a snow brush with jaws to break that ice that pushes the snow. If it's just light snowing you can use any snow brush.


Products vary in prices. It is good to compare different prices and consider your budget. With a tight budget, you do not have to buy the most expensive snow brush while you can pick a cheaper one with almost all the features you need.


Buying a weak tool just so you do not spend much will have you buying a snow brush every season. A snow brush is not a tool you use every day. It's seasonal and if you have to replace it each one of these seasons then you're spending much more than you would have if you bought a quality one. Moreover, for your comfortableness you choose also magnetic broom.

Size Of Your Car/ Truck

As much ice is ice anywhere in the world, cars are not the same size. Some are big others are tiny. A snow brush is supposed to simplify your work not double it. If you get a snow brush that's not long enough to cover your car then you'll have to use so much effort just to clean it.

Ease Of Use

You should buy a tool that you can generally be able to use. Check for all the features you need in a snow brush before you actually purchase one. Is the handle as long as you'd like? Does it have a firm grip? Can you fold it to store? All these questions and more should be answered before you buy one.

Final Verdict

We are hoping that you'll find this review very useful and actually purchase one of these snow brushes. At the end of the day, what matters is how comfortable you are with the product you bought.

 It is good to research about a product before you buy it to increase the chances of buying the best in the market.Because it is more then essential as like as portable garages for any kind of travel as you like.

With this guide, you'll have enough knowledge to pick out the best snow brush in 2024 before winter strikes. We're hoping you'll like the one you settle for and later enjoy using it with your car. Don't wait for winter to shop. Shop in advance for better preparations and testing of the product.

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