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Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Reviews – Artistic Picks 2024

During summer, many people opt to keep their doors open because of the high temperatures. This has a disadvantage because keeping the door open brings pest infestation. How can you keep the temperatures in your house cool without suffering from mosquito bites and other types of pests?

This is where magnetic screen doors come in. These are effective doors that are designed to provide fresh air and keep off pest. The special doors use magnetic fields to repel unwanted pests. Additionally, magnetic screen doors can also protect you from allergens and dust.

If you don't want to keep your door open to cool your house at night and suffer mosquito bites, installing the best magnetic door can be a great idea. I made this guide and review to provide you a better insight about these doors and help you pick the right one.

10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors - Reviews

The best magnetic screen doors will help you deal with bugs. To help you select a durable door that will last for many years, check these in-depth reviews.

 1.  Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Fits Door

Before you purchase a magnetic screen door, it is important to take the measurements of the door. If you have a door measuring 34x82 inches, this will be a good fitting magnetic screen door.

The door features 26 powerful magnets stack together and sewn perfectly well in the reinforced edges. This door fits well such that it doesn't break or leave any gap.

The whole frame of the door is lined with a high-quality hook and loop mile to give the best sealing. When attaching the hook and loop, leave around one-inch overlap over the opening of the door.

Again, it has additional nails included to provide more support. This means that there is no chance of the screen falling off or allowing bugs.

Installing the door is pretty easy even if you haven't done before. It comes with a detailed video tutorial that illustrates every single step you need to follow during the installation process.

If you have used other low-quality magnetic screen doors, you will notice a difference when you try this model. It is designed with a tough heavy mesh construction to provide a longer service. It doesn't allow mosquitoes and bug in the house.

Highlighted Features

  • Features the best screen construction quality
  • The door is packed with 26 powerful magnets
  • Comes with a video tutorial for easy installation
  • The frame features a heavy duty hook and loop seal


  • It is easy to install
  • Keeps bugs away
  • It has a nice screen
  • It doesn't break or leave gaps
  • Has a heavy mesh construction


  • It only fits small openings
Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Fits Door
Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Seal. Fits Door

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 2.  Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Do you live in an area where there are many critters and bugs? Having a magnetic screen door can prevent bugs, dust and allergens from reaching your house.

Selecting the right magnetic screen door can be a tough job because there are so many brands on the market. If you are looking for a magnetic screen door for opening measuring 38x82 inches, the Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door will be a great purchase.

This adjustable screen door can be used as perfect replacement for rear, exterior, front, patio, balcony, garage and much more. To get the best fit, ensure that you measure your door first before you buy.

Unlike other magnetic screen doors, this model is easy to install. It is designed with weather resistant hook combined with loop backing that makes it easy to install and remove. Again, It comes with a free video tutorial to guide you when installing.

If you have this door, you will love how it opens and closes with ease. It is designed with screen door netting that is lined with strong magnetic and strips making the door easy to open and close.

You will also appreciate the multi-design of this door. This best magnetic screen door allows fresh air inside while keeping bugs away. This flux phenom screen door also gives you an easy walkthrough when you are carrying things in your hands. Additionally, cats and dogs can get in and out of the house with ease.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for both cats and dogs
  • Features a multi-function design
  • Features a durable and heavy duty mesh
  • Suitable for door sizes up to 38x82 inches
  • Has powerful magnetic cable strips for easy opening and closing


  • Good for pets
  • Instant installation
  • Opens and closes with ease
  • Let's fresh air in while keeping bugs out
  • It is self-tending so you don't need to close it behind you


  • The seam separates from the door
  • The heat melts the adhesive when used outdoors
Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door
Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

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 3.  Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty  

During hot seasons, opening the doors can be a great way to allow cold air inside the house. However, at night, many people fear to open the doors and windows because of mosquito bites.

A good magnetic screen door can help cool your house and prevent insect manifestation. If you are having trouble picking the right screen door, I would recommend the Homitt Magnetic Screen Door.

Why is this screen door a top pick on the market today? This door provides extensive usage in different places like the bedroom door, outside door, kitchen door and balcony door. When the door is not in use, you just need to fold it.

As compared to other magnetic doors, this model has a hasp design that prevents it from being blown open when there is wind. It is convenient for kids and pets to play in.

A good magnetic screen door should be durable to give you a longer life. This best screen doors is designed with a heavy mesh construction as compared to other standard magnetic screen doors on the market.

The door is chemical corrosion resistant and features a nice shape that allows effective light transmission. This petsafe cat doors also provides a walk-through design and closes automatically behind you.

Highlighted Features

  • The door is human and pet-friendly
  • Has a full frame hook and loop design
  • Additional 4 sets of gravity sticks at the bottom
  • Features 26 pieces sewed in strong magnetic points
  • Comes with 12 months warranty plus 12 hours customer service


  • Easy to install
  • Keeps bugs away
  • Strong and durable
  • Has a strong magnet
  • Perfect for pets and human
  • Perfect for high traffic doorways


  • Not ideal for outdoor use
Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty
Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty

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 4.  Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96, Magic Door Mesh 

Installing a magnetic screen door is great if you want to cool your house while keeping insects away. This magnetic screen door fits openings measuring 36 inches width by 96 inches height.

Finding a magnetic screen door that is windproof can be tough. The manufacturer has ensured that this door has a high wind resistance. The door has a windproof hook and loop hasp design at the bottom and in the middle of the curtain which makes it hard to be blown away by the wind.

This magnetic patio door screen designed with a heavy mesh that allows fresh air in your home as well as prevents mosquitoes and bugs from getting into your house.

Using the door is easy because it provides hands-free entry. Even when you are holding items with both hands, you can walk through with ease. The 36 x 96 screen door also allows both pets and kids to pass easily.

As compared to other models that are designed with nylon screen mesh, this one has a fiberglass material that is more durable. This magnetic door mesh material is fireproof and resistant to chemical corrosion. It has a nice grey color that provides good transmittance to give you a good vision.

Expect an easy installation which takes a few minutes. The magnetic screens for patio doors or magnetic patio screen also easy to remove when you need to fold and store it.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides a hands-free entry
  • Fiberglass screen mesh construction
  • Durable and provides good transmittance
  • Suitable for doors measuring 36x 96 inches
  • The door has a unique hook and loop hasp design


  • It is durable
  • Offers a good vision
  • High wind resistance
  • Perfect for kids and pets
  • The door is easy to install
  • Opens and closes automatically


  • Not ideal for large dogs
Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96, Magic Door Mesh
Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96, Magic Door Mesh

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 5.  Magnetic Screen Door, Mesh Curtain - Full Frame  

Magnetic screen doors are versatile because they can be used in different places such and offices, stores, balconies, bedroom, kitchen and much more. If you are looking for a magnetic screen door that works well, this model is a perfect choice.

Buy this door if you have door space measuring 36 inches by 82 inches. Measure your current doorway so that you can be sure of the right measurements before you purchase.

The door offers an instant insect screen and this makes it perfect for patio doors, standard doors and sliding glass doors.

The door is pretty easy to use and friendly to kids and pets. It gives you an easy walk through design and a hands-free operation. It also closes automatically behind you.

Are you worried about the installation? No need to worry because the installation is straightforward. The installation is simple and you don't need expertise or any special tools to do it.

This magnetic screen door has a durable mosquito netting and reinforced seems that make it durable. The Velcro is also sewed in a heavy magnetic that doesn't leave room for any gaps. If you want to enjoy a refreshing breeze, install this screen door and you will love it. It comes with a 6-month money back guarantee.So this best magnetic screen door reviews help to pick the perfect one indeed.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers an instant insect screen
  • Hands-free walk-through design
  • High quality and durable mosquito netting
  • The magnetic screen door has reinforced seams
  • Suits openings measuring 36 inches to 82 inches


  • Easy to install
  • Keeps insects away
  • Works well for pets and kits
  • Designed with strong magnets
  • Designed with strong magnets


  • Designed with strong magnets
  • It would be nice if there were more Velcro attachments
Magnetic Screen Door, Mesh Curtain - Full Frame
Magnetic Screen Door, Mesh Curtain – Full Frame

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 6.  White Magnetic Screen Door,Heavy Duty Screen 

Many people end up installing the wrong magnetic screen door because they do not take into account the measurements of their doorways. If you do not want to end up with a small or big magnetic screen door, take the current measurements of your doorway twice just to be sure.

If your doorway measures 36 inches by 82 inches, the White magnetic screen door can be good to install. This door has a nice bright color that will get along well with many home decors.

This magnetic screen door works well in allowing cool and fresh air in your house. It also does a great job in keeping bugs and mosquitoes at bay.

If you have used other magnetic doors that fall with ease, you do not expect such from this door. It is designed with 14 strong magnets sewn into seam and 12 magnets strips so there are no chances of falling easily.

Another great thing you will love about this magnetic screen door is that the ease of installation. The door or screen magnetic door is Velcro sewn in making it easy to install.

In case you buy this door and after using it you feel you are not satisfied, the manufacturer allows 100 percent refund within 30 days of purchase.

Highlighted Features

  • 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction
  • Closes tight automatically behind you
  • 14 strong magnets and 12 magnetic strips
  • The door is designed from a premium mesh
  • Features magnetic strips are sewn into the seam


  • Easy to set up
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Perfect for kids and pets
  • Comes with strong magnets
  • The door doesn't break off easily


  • Direct sunlight makes the adhesive to fall
White Magnetic Screen Door,Heavy Duty Screen
White Magnetic Screen Door,Heavy Duty Screen

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 7.  MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR - Many Sizes - Colors 

When buying a magnetic screen door, there are several issues that you need to check. What is the size of your doorway? Do you have kids and pets? Is the door easy to install and use? If you answer these questions before purchasing, you can be sure to get a good door that will meet your needs.

For those people who have openings measuring 26 inches by 79 inches, this magnetic door is perfect. Having this door prevents flies, gnats, mosquitoes and other flying insects from invading your home.

The door is designed with portable and detachable hook and loop fasteners around the door perimeter to keep away all types to insects.

This door brags of a high-quality fiberglass material that makes it durable. The door is a great option to install in a high traffic area and dog doors. This door can withstand strong breezes and its reinforced edges ensure that it is tighter.

Unlike other doors on the market, this one is US military approved. It is made to keep away even the most stubborn insects and bugs out. In fact, this magnetic screen net was used by the US military in their base camps in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You don't need to be a professional to install the door. Installation is easy and anybody can do it in less than 10 minutes. Not only that but also this one also best rated magnetic screen door.

Highlighted Features

  • The door is US military approved
  • Features 26 high energy magnets
  • Simple installation in less than 10 minutes
  • Designed with a high-quality fiberglass material
  • Suitable for doorways measuring 26 inches by 79 inches


  • Simple to install
  • It has strong magnets
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Keeps all types of insects away
  • Designed with a durable fiberglass


  • Great design but is only suitable for little people
MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR - Many Sizes - Colors
MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR – Many Sizes – Colors

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 8.  Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. Bug Off Instant Screen

There is nothing annoying like mosquito bites when you open the door to get some cool air in the house. Magnetic screen doors are designed to provide cool and fresh air in the house while keeping away insects.

There are so many brands out there that offer magnetic screen doors but not all the products work well. If you don't want to end up with a low-quality magnetic screen door, get the Bug Off Instant Screen.

This best magnetic screen door is a great door that is designed for openings measuring 32 inches to 80 inches. This door has been tested and it lasts longer as compared to other models on the market.

With this door or magnetic door screen , you can enjoy cool air in the house especially during the summer without worrying about bugs. The best instant screen door works well for both kids and pets.

To ensure you are getting only the best quality, this bug off instant screen door is designed with magnets and mesh made in the USA to provide durability.

You don't need to use your hands to open and close the door. It offers a convenient walkthrough design and hand-free operation. With this door, you do not expect slamming screens or leaving the screen open.Moreover, this bug off instant screen doors help to get the perfect one.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for both pets and kids
  • Keeps bugs out of your home
  • Available in 14 standard sizes
  • Offers hands-free entry and exit
  • Designed with US mesh and magnet for durability


  • It is durable
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Kid and pet-friendly
  • The door is easy to install
  • Prevents bugs from getting into your house
  • Works well in apartments, condos, and rentals


  • Fits well but the magnets are only in two locations
Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. Bug Off Instant Screen
Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. Bug Off Instant Screen

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 9.  Reinforced Widen Magnetic Screen Door

Reinforced Wilden Magnetic Screen Door is made from heavy magnets sewn into the reinforced edges. The heavy-duty mesh uses a windproof gravity design on the bottom which is especially relevant during strong winds. This makes the door intact preventing it from being blow away.

The premium magnetic screen door can fit in all door sizes hence suitable for any doorframe. The magnetic screen door with tension rod is hands-free so it allows pets and kids to push the mesh open. 

The heavy magnets down the seam will automatically close behind them silently. The tightly woven polyester mesh makes the screen door very strong durable. 

The door also serves as a mosquito net since it helps keep bugs and mosquitos from flying into the house. It also allows a fresh flow of air in the house when the door is open. The door is easy to install and retract in a minute with no special tool or manpower required. It can be fixed on any metal or wood doorframe and can stay up for long, most of all, you can fold it safely for storage.

The retractable door is like a durable heavy-duty mesh screen curtain. This makes it hard to be broken by vigorous pets and kids or from scratching it thus lasting for a long time. It can also be used as a garage door or French doors since it is tough.

Polyester mesh material is used to make this magnetic screen for sliding door and this makes it easier to see through and natural lighting than fiberglass, metal doorframes are resistant to temperature changes and are also durable. Fasteners are used to keep the installed heavy duty magnetic screen door in its position.

Highlighted Features

  • Side Snap keeps the doors open
  • Magnets enable a free-hand operation
  • Tacks to increase the strength of the installation
  • Pet-friendly design allows pets to get in just by a push
  • Windproof sticker hasp keep the doors closed in high winds


  • The magnetic screen door is easy to install and retract
  • Immune to bugs and insects and promotes a free flow of air
  • The door is kid and pet-friendly and allows hands-free use
  • The door opens and closes instantly while remaining silent
  • Have strong magnets that prevent it from being blown away by the wind


  • Sticks on metal doors and it is not durable
  • You can only fit the door in standard doors

Reinforced Widen Magnetic Screen Door

Reinforced Widen Magnetic Screen Door

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There are so many benefits that you will enjoy if you install a magnetic screen door. Not only does it keep insects away but also ensure your house is cool during hot summer days.

Finding the ideal magnetic screen door can be tough especially if you are buying for the first time. If you do not want to jump from one site to the other finding the best door, we have provided you with a quality door that is suitable for screen panels measuring 83 inches by 19.5 inches.

This best mesh screen door or screen door magnetic designed for sliding and single doors. The installation process is easy and you can do that in minutes because there are no tools that are required.

Once you install the door, you don't have to worry about bugs and pests getting into your house. The door keeps them away while allowing cool air in.

The whole idea of magnetic screen door I actually the magnet. This is why the manufacturer has included a high-quality magnet. It features 20 high powered magnets that open and close the door in a secure manner.

 Moreover, if you want then you can use it as like portable mesh screen door also this is magna door pet door no doubt. That is why, this screen door magnet or magna screen review help to choose the best one indeed.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 12 hook and loop strips
  • Has 20 high powered magnets
  • Perfect for standard and sliding doors
  • Provides an easy installation in minutes
  • Ideal for doorways measuring 83 inches by 19.5 inches


  • It is affordable
  • Perfect for pets
  • Easy to remove
  • Simple installation
  • The magnets are powerful
  • Works well with single and sliding doors


  • The magnets can pull apart when the wind is too strong

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How to Choose Best Magnetic Screen Doors 

Thinking of buying a magnetic screen door? It would be great if you put in mind the following consideration before making the final purchase.

Quality of The Magnet

The whole idea of magnetic screen doors is the magnet. You need to check out the quality of the magnet screen so that you can get a door that closes well. To ensure you get a quality door, buy from reputable brands on the market like the ones I have covered in the above reviews.


It would help if you were particular and precise with the measurements of your doorway before you purchase a magnetic screen door. First, make sure that you measure the doorway so that you can achieve a perfect measurement. The screen door comes with hinges and powerful magnets that enhance fitting and firmness when fixed. You should note that you should be careful when taking measures as you cannot cut through the magnetic doors.

It will damage the product and, thus, will not effectively perform as expected. It hardly can’t stretch, so if you buy a small magnetic door, then it will end up being useless. To avoid all these problems, you should consider getting the right measurements of both the magnetic door and the doorframe so that it fits perfectly.

However, keep in mind that since the magnetic screen is going to be attached to the door, it should not be the exact measurements with the door frame. It should about 2 inches or an inch more extensive than the opening of the door frame so that it works perfectly. 

Screen Size

You should also check the best magnetic screen door size to ensure you get the right size. In most cases, standard doors measure 80x24 inches or 80x36 inches. You can also get other sizes available too. To ensure you get the right screen size, take the measurements of your door first as like portable screen door.

Location of Installation

It is another excellent factor that should come at the top of your list. Where do you intend to locate the magnetic screen door? Well, you should probably have a detailed answer to this question before you head to any shop to purchase this product. Do you want to fix the door in a tent, homestead, or somewhere else? Have an idea as different locations of the door comes with various features and qualities.

For instance, if you intend to install the magnetic door in a chilly place, then consider the water-resistant one. It also applies to the summer areas, as you should purchase one that can resist heat. Do no end up buying the wrong door as it will be costly and time wastage. Make sure you know where to fix the door to make purchasing more efficient.

Expected Duration of Use

How long do you want to use the magnetic screen door? If you are buying the door for uninterrupted usage, then you can consider a door that is less durable. However, if the door or door screens magnetic will be used frequently for a longer duration, look for a durable door.

Check How on Its Convenience

Working with a product that can bring about a lot of inconveniences can be quite frustrating. How well can you easily install this magnetic screen door? Always consider the installation process before you purchase this product. Magnetic screen doors should be easy to install. It is a process that does not require a professional to fix it. With the help of the user manual, you should be able to fix the door on to your doorframe quickly.

Additionally, magnetic doors with Velcro strips are the easiest to install. Moreover, if you intend to purchase power and a heavy magnetic door, then note that it should come with pins or nails. However, most of the doors come with an installation method. You should choose a door that comes with the installation method to enhance durability when handling the product. Nevertheless, it improves convenience during installation.

Type of Premise

This is another important consideration because different types of premises will require different magnetic screen doors. For instance, if it is a beach property, you need to get a transparent magnetic screen door so that you can see through. On the other hand, if it is a private premise, you need a darker magnetic screen door for privacy purposes. Moreover, you can use it a vital corner as makeup properly the spaces look like corner TV stand no doubt about it


How many times do you want to spend buying a new magnetic screen door? I guess no one would wish to spend time purchasing this product frequently when they can do it once. When it comes to buying a long term magnetic screen door, you should consider a few of the features of the product. Take time and do some research on the great features that make the screen door durable.

With great qualities, then you can buy a door that best suits your needs as per the research. However, there are a variety of magnetic screen doors in the market that might be confusing. To achieve durability, then you should be at per with the quality of the product. Be ready to go through the review of the magnetic screen door you are buying.

Consider Its Aesthetics

Most people would want to buy a magnetic screen door that looks good to add some beauty to the surrounding environment. If you intend to purchase one, consider the modern magnetic screen doors since they feature aesthetics. You won't feel better if you spend money on a product that won't be satisfying.

With a little consideration of aesthetics into its design, there are a variety of colors in the market. Always choose a color that satisfies your taste. When buying it, make sure that you get the best stylish magnetic screen door that will be best for you.


Magnetic screen doors are designed from different materials. If you want a door that will last for many years, choose one that is designed with an extremely durable and tough material as like velcro screen door or magnetic mesh screen door home depot.

  • Is it flame resistant?
  • Other considerations
  • Is the door dust-proof?
  • Does it have a warranty?
  • Consider ease of installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best magnetic screen door?

A: There is a variety of magnetic screen door manufacturers in the market, and every product is outstanding. Check a look at the range of the doors and make a wise decision based on the tips to consider when purchasing the door. Note that you should be well equipped with information on the product to distinguish between the legit and no legit brands in the market.

Q: What are magnetic screen doors?

A: It is a type of a door that comprises of a heavy-duty mesh and magnet that works to bring safety to your homestead. It prevents unwanted insects and animals from coming into the house as it helps you enjoy the breeze when the doors are open. Its magnets are automatic, so they close quickly every time they want to prevent insects from getting in, thus giving useful results.

Q: How does a magnetic screen door work?

A: It works in an n excellent exciting way as it comprises uniquely outstanding features that bring about efficiency in its operations. It magnetized flaps can sense, and they quickly close behind you, child, or your pet. On the other hand, the mesh works to filter out insects from going into the house, thus ensuring that the surround is safe from insects that might bring about diseases. It also allows sunlight and fresh air into the home.

Q: How well does a magnetic screen door work with a sliding door?

A: You might have some difficulties installing the door on such surfaces as one side does not work well. It means that you have to fit the magnetic screen on both sides of the door frame to enhance its firmness and rigidity. A single side fit will not just work well and ensure that you choose a magnetic screen that fits perfectly well on the door frame.

Final Words

Do you really need a best magnetic screen door? Or magnetic screen for sliding glass door ? This magnetic screen doors reviews and going through the guide, you have some solid information about the importance of a magnetic screen door. Not only are the doors durable, easy to set up, stylish but they also provide a quiet operation.

There are thousands of magnetic screen doors on the market today. Choosing the most suitable can be pretty tough. This is why we dedicate our time to research and testing to provide you with helpful information that will assist you when buying one.

If you read the above magnetic screen door or door screen magnetic reviews, selecting the right one will be easy. The detailed reviews cover top magnetic doors on the market that give you protection and other benefits. Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products are magzo magnetic screen door, premium magnetic screen door, top rated magnetic screen door, white magnetic screen door, magnetic door screens, best magnetic screen door for french doors, best magnetic screen door for sliding glass door, flux phenom reinforced magnetic screen door, magnetic screen door lowes, magnetic mesh screen door reviews, magnetic screen door home depot, french door screens magnetic, fly screen magnetic door,  best quality magnetic screen door, igottech magnetic screen door, lux magnetic screen door and fiberglass magnetic screen door indeed no doubt.

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