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Top 10 Best Dethatchers Reviews 2024 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

For those who love lawns, it is compulsory to have a dethatcher that has the best performance. Competition from companies making dethatchers is on the rise which makes it difficult to decide which the best dethatcher is.

We have then taken our time to come up with a list of the ten best dethatchers in 2018 to guide you through. We monitor the market to ensure the products we review are the best. Not only that you can find below the electric dethatcher reviews also.

 Read on to ensure you pick the correct dethatcher model that best serves your purpose. This article is also inclusive of a buying guide that will make the buying process easy and fun.

Best Dethatchers in 2024 - Comparisons

Top 10 Best Dethatchers in 2024 - Reviews

Do you want to know what is a dethatcher? Yes, that is why read the below reviews and get the perfect answer no doubt about it.

 1.  Earthwise TC70001 11- Inch Corded Electric Tiller

Do you need a cultivator with the potential to pulverize soil, push it over and ensure proper aeration as well as moisture content? Earthwise TC70001 is at the top of our best dethatchers list.  It is the must-have tool if you need to complete your tool collections for the garden like digital ballasts. Consider it the best alternative of tillers which use gas.

Earthwise has an impeccable design since it has a slim and sleek thus it appears stylish. Its stylishness does not affect its quality. The slim design makes it easy to store in compact areas.

Featuring four steel blade tines maximizes its efficiency. Using an 8.5Amp motor supplies the dethatcher with power for your tilling needs. 

The amp delivers ¾ HP to tines averagely. All you need to do is plug in and begin tilling. The 11-inch cutting width is convenient for compact spaces. Earthwise cultivator is then versatile since you can work on any size of an area. You can then comfortably use it to till and weed near houses, fences, and walls comfortably.

Still, on comfort, Earthwise has a soft ergonomic grip that keeps you comfortable as you dethatch. Furthermore, all the controls are easily accessible at your fingertips.

This best electric dethatcher has an 8-inch depth, four tillers and is simple to maneuver around due to the flip up as well as down wheels. Moreover, it is lightweight and features a rear flip or carrying handle that makes it easily portable.


  • Comfortable
  • Simple to use
  • Easily portable
  • High Amperage
  • Suitable for compact places


  • Ideal for small lawns due to its narrow width

 2.  GreenWorks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher

GreenWorks is among the most popular brands in the market. The brand is renowned for offering the best products. When seeking a dethatcher, quality is crucial since it determines durability.  

GreenWorks offers the best quality and the 14 inch dethatcher is one that ensures you get the task done. With three positions tine depth, you can adjust the intensity to various choices. 

Variable heights make the dethatcher versatile according to your needs. Also, these adjustments boost control since you can remove matted layers; which contributes to lawn health. 

How efficient a dethatcher is depended on the dethatching path. The 14-inch path enables you effortlessly dethatch a lawn. A 10 Amp motor provides power to the GreenWorks dethatcher. The engine supplies energy that is sufficient to clean a full lawn in less time, which makes it time-consuming and convenient. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about gas emissions.

Construction of this GreenWorks dethatcher is of stainless steel. Besides stainless steel being resistant to rust, it ensures the dethatcher maintains its sharpness for long. Thus, it is durable and has an excellent performance.

As a corded dethatcher, the cord serves as a protective measure that prevents accidental disconnections. Also, the greenwork dethatcher comes with a complete set of auxiliary tines. For ease of use, the dethatcher has a push button to start which makes it simple to turn on and off. Furthermore, the handle grip has padding that enhances comfort and a bale switch too of this .greenworks dethatcher no doubt.


  • Durable
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent wheels
  • Adjustable handle
  • Environment friendly-no carbon emission


  • Lacks a collection bag

 3.  Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14" Electric Lawn Mower 

If you are looking for the best lawn dethatcher or a best electric dethatcher for your small yard, then you got one. MJ401E is an electric mower which is best for small size yards. It has its blades of steel that keep the tines sharp.

 Sun Joe MJ401E is a product that features innovations which aim at keeping your home looking attractive throughout.  It offers power equipment that makes it simple to handle your outdoor chores.

MJ401E is a dethatcher that powers up through pushing a button. Merely cater for your lawn in an environmentally friendly way without carbon emissions. You then don’t have to worry about oil, gas or tune-ups. There is a safety switch which prevents accidental starting.

While dethatching, you may need to work income compact spaces. Snow and Sun Joe then came up with MJ401E that is light and compact. Its wheels are rugged and suitable for various terrains that ensure you have no trouble maneuvering in small spaces.

Three position height controls ensure you cut the grass to the desired height. Furthermore, it has a 10.6 gallon rear bag which gathers grass clippings. Also, for quick disposal, it effortlessly detaches.

A 12 Amp motor is the source of power that is quite high. It has a 14-inch path which is broad and makes it convenient and time-saving. It has a collapsible handle that enables simple and compact storage whenever it is not in use. Sun Joe MJ401E also has an ETL certification.


  • Steel tines
  • Lightweight
  • Collection bag
  • Powerful motor
  • Simple to maneuver


  • The adjustable height may be low depending on your needs

 4.  True Temper 15-Inch Thatch Rake-2914000

For those of us who prefer mowing manually, this is the best dethatcher for you. If you believe that an activity is rewarding after feeling exhaustion, enjoy getting your hands dirty using True Temper 2914000.

True Temper is an exceptional tool when it comes to clearing light brushes and weeds that may be slowly taking over your lawn. Its 15-inch length is efficient in all directions. 

Contrasting from other electric dethatchers, it doesn't require electricity or battery as a source of power for the motor. Take advantage of the full control that True Temper offers by using this thatch rake. Slant the rake in the desired direction and comfortably use it. 

Astonishingly, as you trail the rack while using it, its ergonomic design can allow you uproot thatches and eradicate the tall weeds. The tines are of curvy steel of 7 inches which increase the overall performance of the dethatcher. These tines offer versatile uses since you can plow or thatch comfortably. Enjoy using this thatch rake to clear even those knee-high yearly weeds, young thorny briars and even first year saplings.

Another impressive feature is the 54-inch hardwood handle that enables you to hold the thatch rake comfortably. Furthermore, the handle has to cushion at the top end that makes it comfortable to use.

Other dethatchers whose motors draw power from electricity or batteries may be fast and less exhausting. However, you can enjoy using this to improve your lawns fertility


  • Very sturdy
  • Long handle
  • Numerous tines
  • Cushioning on the handle
  • Digs deep even into root structures


  • Depending on the user's tallness, taller individuals may find the grip short

 5.  Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Scarifier-Lawn Dethatcher 

Are you looking to revitalize your small or mid-size lawn? Among the famous lawns in the market is Sun Joe AJ801E which is an updated version of Sun Joe AJ800E. For better raking, it imbeds air boost technology; which optimizes its thatch pick up ability.

Its tines are of steel which ensures they remain sharp for long. Thus, it is efficient and durable since steel is resistant to rust. Also, it has a collection bag that makes it easy to clean up.

Using a 12 Amp electric motor, it draws up enough power for thatching. Furthermore, the dimensions of this dethatcher make it suitable to move around and store at it takes minimal space.

There is a control knob for making adjustments. AJ 801E has five depth positions, which suit various lengths for various uses, which makes it versatile. Also, it has an ETL approval that makes it compliant with set standards.

At the rear end, there are two tracking wheels which are small but robust. You can then easily maneuver on any terrain. Also, it has a 13-inch path which is extensive and convenient. Take less time and achieve excellent results.

Since it is an advancement of AJ800E, it has a Scarifier function which makes it possible to cut grassroots. Cutting grassroots ensures thicker growth and healthy lawns. The Scarifier function together with the dethatcher is the best choice to keep and maintain your lawn in a top green shape. That is why this is best lawn dethatcher no doubt.


  • Easy to pick up
  • Simple to assemble
  • Telescoping handle
  • Efficient performance
  • Suitable tracking wheels


  • Shifting roles is strictly manual

 6.  Sun Joe AJ800E Electric Dethatcher 

Taking care of your home needs more than just hard work. It means getting the right tools for the job and the right equipment for job. If you need the lawn thatcher that has the latest technology, consider the Sun Joe AJ800.

It has air boost technology and a collection bag. Depending on your needs this could be exactly what you. The dethatcher has a friendly green color and the material making the dethatcher is a 24 spring steel. 

Steel ensures the dethatcher stays sharp for long which increases its efficiency and performance. With the latest air boost technology, you can easily maneuver; it is thus easy to use. 

Drawing power from a durable 11 Amp motor provides the energy you need for your lawn. It also has a collection bag that makes it effortless to dispose of the waste. The rear bag capacity is 11.88-goal which is quite large. Sun Joe AJ800 has a certification from ETL which makes it compliant with rules set.

A 14 Inches path is quite full that makes it convenient since it covers a large area at one. Also, it comes with a safety switch that averts accidents, that makes the dethatcher safe to use.

Enjoy depth adjustments up to 5 positions which you can tailor according to your garden`s needs. AJ 800 comes with a manual raking depth that gives you excellent raking control. Furthermore, the handle is foldable that makes storage less space consuming. So no doubt this sun joe dethatcher review get perfect idea for instant purchase without any hesitation. 


  • Highly flexible
  • Has a collection bag
  • Simple to start and use
  • Uses air boost technology
  • Suitable for small or medium size lawns


  • The quality of the yard may be less than other favorite brands

 7.  Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294

It is essential to dethatch since a lot of dead grass tends to weaken grassroots. To prevent this, you need a dethatcher that efficiently loosens thatch to keep your lawn healthy and to promote grass growth. 

Agri-Fab 40 inch construction is in a way that enables to gently collected matted thatch layers as well as large clippings onto the garden`s surface leaving you with a healthy lawn. Agri-Fab 40 inch is the tool you need to keep your lawn healthy and appealing.

Its construction and design feature a hitch pin, a single lever handle for transport and  transport wheels. First of all, it is durable since its 20 spring tines are of steel. 


Steel is resistant to rust, and the tines allow replacements when need be. Also, it features durable massive steel deck as well as a welded bar. The whole purpose of acquiring tools is to simplify the process. Agri-Fab has a 40-inch tray which can hold a maximum of 70lbs. It then boosts soil penetration.

Semi-pneumatic wheels are sturdy on any terrain that builds on the durability. Another thing, it is simple to operate and maneuver. The inclusion of a transport handle makes it simple to raise and lower it as well as transport it.

There comes a time when you'd like to attach various tools for the optimal performance of your need. Agri-Fab 40 inch is compatible with universal hitches of any tractors irrespective of the brand.


  • Durable
  • Long handle
  • Allows adjustments
  • Simple to assemble
  • Exceptional functionality


  • It may be time-consuming to assemble

 8.  Agri-Fab 45-0295 48-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher

Do you have a large garden but you have trouble finding the best solid dethatcher option for your lawn? Agri-Fab 48 inch only has features which are necessary for dethatching. 

It is the best for people who prefer a dethatcher that works excellently without too many features or elegant designs. Quality weight tray is one of the attractive features it possesses that makes it offer improved thatch removal. 

The tray is 48 inches which are considered the largest in the market. Its tray can support up to 72lbs, which is more than what any lawn requires. Pneumatic smooth tires are what the Agri-Fab 45 offers.

The tire length is seven by 1.5, and they serve to make the transportation process more efficient. Tires are crucial for lawn dethatchers. Some customers are sensitive to the manufacturing country of products. Agri-Fab is a USA product. It has 24 spring tines which during manufacturing undergo rigorous heat treatments.

The transport handle is simple to use. It allows adjustments that make it effortless to raise and lower depending on the needs. Also, the grip is comfortable to use. Thus, it is the best choice for lawn or garden owners who need the job of caring for a garden to be simple.

Agri-Fab 45-0295 is the best for conveying matted thatch layers to the surface. Subsequently, it allows nutrients and air enter the soil leaving you with a healthy lawn. Not only is it convenient but it functions effectively.


  • Comfortable
  • Simple to use
  • Sturdy wheels and tires
  • Responsive customer service
  • Durable construction material


  • It lacks modern technology such as collection bag

 9.  Agri-Fab 45-0343 Front Mount Dethatcher for lawn

Do you need a dethatcher that covers a large area to save on time? Agri-Fab 45-0343 is a USA product which has a 42-inch operating width. This width covers a large area which makes it convenient. 

For ease of movement, it has pneumatic tires. Its construction features a durable and light poly material. It is a simple to operate dethatcher that slowly and conveniently lifts matted thatch that ensures you have a healthier lawn.

Furthermore, it improves perforation in the yard and uses a tow-style sweeper. You can add attachments fast and easy to any Agri-Fab products such as lawn sweepers for immediate pickup of eradicated thatch.

Thus, it is versatile and also inclusive of a sweeper as well as a trailer hitch. The handle is easy to adjust. Agri-Fab 45 inch is what you need for your lawn. Furthermore, it is compatible to Agri-Fab models such as 45-0331, 45-0320, 45-0326 and 45-0337. It has a hopper bag which collapses to enable proper compact storage. In addition, there is a 12 cubic feet debris which trails behind it.

Like all other Agri-Fab products, during its manufacturing, the pines did undergo heat treatments. The pines are thus durable and remain sharp throughout its use. Also, it is simple to dump from a tractor seat.

Three adjustment tine positions; 38-inch, 42 inch and 46 inches offer various uses. You can then mow the land at the desired length for your purpose. It is the best option for losing grass clippings.


  • Simple to maneuver
  • Allows position adjustments
  • Easy installation and attachments
  • Has sturdy wheels suitable for any terrain
  • The tines have springs which offer protection against breakage and bending


  • The edges may be light

 10.  Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Dethatcher for Gardening

We need to care for our lawns not only for the beautiful appearance but also for the health of the grass growing in these gardens. Are you experiencing trouble and you need to save your lawn from crabgrass and weeds? Consider getting a Mantis 5222 Dethatcher Attachment.

It is the best option for gardening and fast removal of weeds and thatches which choke lawns. Thatches are disastrous as they harbor insects, prevent the growth of new grass and make water barriers.

Mantis 5222 has 60 steel spring picks which are durable and flexible. They gently pick and pull out the thatches and weeds. Steel is resistant to rust thus enjoy tilling despite the rainy season.

. It has a 15 inch 38 cm swath that has a single pass that leaves impressive results. Thus it is convenient since a single sweep is all you need, eliminate the need of passing through a couple of times.

Through its innovative transmission design, Mantis despite being a lightweight tool, it offers heavyweight performance. Its handlebars are comfortable to use. You need to dethatch your lawn frequently, especially before fertilizing and weeding. Furthermore, you can enjoy attaching this dethatcher to any Mantis cultivators or tillers when need be.

It takes up less space that makes it simple to store. Also, it is lightweight and thus easy to carry around. Take care of your lawn using Mantis 5222 and keep your garden ever green and attractive. Moreover, this mantis dethatcher review help to choose the best one.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Single-pass efficient technique
  • 60 robust and flexible steel tines
  • Thoroughly stirs the thatches and dead grass
  • Compatible with other Mantis cultivators and tillers


  • Lacks of air boost technology and a collection bag

Watch the Video Review on Greenworks Electric Lawn Dethatcher 

Video Transcript:

Watch the Review on Greenworks Dethatcher vs Bluebird Power rake

Video Transcript:

How To Choose the Best Dethatcher in 2024

Too much dead organic matter can be hampering to the condition of your grass. It may not allow enough water, air and nutrients into your grass root system. You shouldn't worry because you can easily clear this thatch with a dethatcher. In order to get the best experience, you need to get the most suitable one. Here are some aspects you should consider when choosing the best dethatcher rake.

Handle length

The handle length can be short or long. Short handled dethatchers are best if you prefer working on your knees, have a raised bed or working in tight spaces. Also, they are best for slicing weeds so that the user can quickly draw the tool back.

Dethatchers that have long handles, on the other hand, are best for users who would like to weed without impacting stress on their backs. Another thing is they are best for weeding large areas.

Size of your lawn

Different types of dethatchers have different capabilities. If you have a small lawn, it is very logical if you buy a smaller dethatcher. Any dethatcher could do, even the manual and electric ones.

The lightly powered ones are most preferred since they will save you on various aspects such as storage and power usage. This is because they are smaller hence consuming less energy. If you want to dethatch a large area, it is better to get a larger dethatcher.

It would be greatly wise to get a high powered dethatcher. Best tow behind dethatcher are the best options here. Their activity is more intense than that of the electric dethatchers and covers more ground. This is basically because they are large hence, have a greater dethatching capability. 


Environmental friendliness shows the passion to make the world a better place. Petrol dethatchers are more vigorous and aggressive hence provide the best dethatching experience. Even though they are among the best, it generates carbon dioxide emissions to the surrounding.

 This may cause various harmful effects such as breathing problems or bring about acid rain which is corrosive. If you're much of an environmentalist, you could get either the electric dethatchers or the manual dethatchers.

Electric dethatchers produce zero emissions similar to the manually powered dethatchers. Although they are limited to smaller sized lawns, they are a very healthy provision to the surroundings. 


Always check on the longevity of the homelite dethatcher. You can tell the strength through the construction material, tin material, and wheels sturdiness. A non-durable tool only leads to increased harassment. Additionally, consider if the tines have any protection against bending. Also you can check gas dethatcher durability if you feel for convenient use.

Ease of Use

Acquiring a new tool is primarily an attempt to make the whole process easy. Go for a device that is simple to use. If you have issues with your back or knees, we prefer you pick a dethatcher that has a long handle.

Storage space

When choosing a best dethatcher and aerator combo, you have to look at its grass carrying capacity. The best dethatcher is one which can hold a lot of grass before you need to dispose it off. Here, manual dethatchers are not much of an option because they don't have collecting bags. Gas-powered and electric dethatchers have different sizes of grass collecting bags. Make a quick peep on all these and choose the one with the largest grass collecting bag. The storage space in your garage or wherever you're going to keep it should also be brought into consideration. If you have a small storage space, you would want to get yourself a dethatcher that uses up little room. Here, you should go with either with a smaller dethatcher or get one with a foldable design, which is the best option.

Power generation

When looking for the best mantis dethatcher, the type of power generation is a major consideration. You always want to get the dethatcher that best suits your lawn. There are 3 types of power generation for dethatchers which are, gas/petrol/electric powering, tow-behind and manual generation. If you're looking to dethatch your backyard, I recommend power rake dethatchers and manually powered dispatchers. Manual dethatching could be a great exercise and could reduce boredom. Provided you have sufficient power supply at your place, electric dethatchers are the best. They are eco-friendly, less robust and saves you from spending on gas. Petrol power is also an option. I recommend this for extensive dethatching. Tow-behind dethatchers are the last available alternatives. They are used in large lawns because they cover more ground in less time and are more vigorous. 


The type of grass on the lawn that you're going to dethatch should be vastly considered. There are types of grasses which thatch faster in the summer, others thatch slower in the winter then there's the thickness. For grass which thatches fast, getting a manually powered dethatcher machine is not a wise option. It will only make your work hectic and very slow. Power dethatchers are designed to suit every grass type and thickness. They have multiple heights and blade adjustments to suit the way you want to dethatch the grass. I would utterly recommend power rake dethatchers for the favorable dethatching of grass in your lawn.

Ease of Maintenance

Some dethatchers may need cleaning after every use. Some may even require lubrication and extra care. Others need storage in particular areas to prevent factors such as rusting. Therefore, while looking for the best dethatcher, consider the maintenance options and how comfortable you are with them.

Efficiency and Cost

Bear in mind the type of weeds in question before settling on a precise design. Some dethatchers' construction design is for a particular grass. Check if your lawn has one grass or a variety of weeds. Also, consider the width length and safety factors to prevent accidents. Go for a dethatcher that has up to date technology as like as best lawn aerator.

Always select a dethatcher that fits in your budget. However, dethatchers with long handles and those that feature durable material tend to be costly.


Q: What is the best time to dethatch?

Normally, dethatching should be done twice in a single season. It usually depends on where you live and the climatic conditions in your area. The reason for this is that dethatching is very powerful on a lawn and it may take a long time to recover fully. You should do this because you want to give your yard enough time to recover before entering another stressful period. In order to ensure your grass is strong enough to sustain the snow or summer heat, you need to perform some other practices. These are topdressing and over-seeding and help you create a strong root system capable of sustaining the extreme conditions.

Q: Is a sacrifice a dethatcher?

Yes, it is. Depending on where you're from, there are different terms used to refer to a dethatcher. In North America, it is also commonly called a power rake or dethatcher while in other countries it is a sacrifice. All these mean the same thing and all use the same exact piece of equipment. As long as it works to remove organic material from your lawn, it is a dethatcher.

Q: What are the intensities of dethatching and power raking?

Typically, I would refer to dethatching as when your lawn requires only a little pass with the machine. Averagely, 1 pass or 2 passes at most with the tines set higher so they are barely touching the surface of the soil. When I talk about power raking, I refer to a more aggressive and intense service. A minimum of 2 passes are made with the tines set deeper so they actually cut into the soil surface.

Q: How do you perform a dethatch?

 Once you get a dethatcher, put it together and set the tines to your preferred depth. Do a pass on your lawn with the machine to loosen the debris and then you could collect it.

Final Verdict

In our above review of the best dethatchers in 2024, we have discussed each dethatcher in detail. As a buyer, feel free to choose any of our ten recommended products. It is essential to pick one that best suits your needs instead of choosing the best quality which may end up being dissatisfactory.

We hope that you got the whole idea of buying the best dethatcher for your lawn and guidance you need. Also, consider the five points above while buying your dethatcher. Moreover you can consider to use the grass shear but factors such as the size of your yard and the height of the grass in the yard. Moreover, if you want to know bigger idea regarding this product then you can visit accordingly these products are home depot dethatcher, mantis dethatcher, best home dethatcher, best electric lawn dethatcher, best power rake, lowes dethatcher, worx dethatcher, lawn dethatcher reviews, ryobi dethatcher, best dethatcher rake, grass dethatchers, lawn dethatcher for sale, tow behind dethatcher indeed. Best of luck!

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