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How Fast Can You Drive With 12 Inch Trailer Tires?

If you are towing a trailer with 12-inch tires, how fast can you drive? The answer may surprise you. You can tow a trailer with 12-inch tires quite fast. The speed limit for most highways is 65 mph, so as long as you stay within that limit, you should be fine. However, there are some […]

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Why Do My Boat Trailer Tires Keep Blowing Out?

Boat trailer tires are designed to withstand the rigors of hauling a boat on an open road. But even the best-designed tire can fail if it’s not properly maintained. If you’re wondering why your boat trailer tires keep blowing out, here are a few possible explanations. One reason your boat trailer tires might be failing […]

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Why Can’t You Use Trailer Tires on a Car?

You’ve seen those big, chunky tires on trailers towed behind cars and RVs. They look rugged and ready to take on any terrain. But can you use them in a car? The answer is no – don’t do it! If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t use trailer tires on a car, wonder no more! […]

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How Tall Are Tractor Trailer Tires? You Should Need To Know!

Tractor-trailer tires are usually between 14 and 16 feet tall. The tallest tractor-trailer tires are 18 feet tall. The height of the tire depends on the size of the truck and the type of load being transported. Tractor-trailer tires are typically 13 feet tall. That’s about the height of a three-story building! The massive size […]

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Top 10 Best Glass Dining Table – Important Reviews 2023

Taking meals together as a family is an important thing. Dinner times with children, parents or close friend create the best bonds. If you have the best glass dining table, then you can gather around and enjoy taking delicious meals. Personally, I love glass items starting from the best glass coffee mugs to other items. […]

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Top 10 Best French Fry Cutters – Highest Reviews 2021!

A huge number of people enjoy taking French fries because of their delicacy. The most challenging part when it comes to the preparation of French fries is cutting the raw potatoes in the right size and shape that you want. If you are doing it manually, the whole process can be time-consuming and tedious. You […]

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