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Top 10 Best Digital Ballasts Reviews 2021 – Expert’s Choice!

When you look at today's gardening scene, it is so beautiful. Do you know why? There are no more climatic or seasonal limitations to growing plants of your own. Hydroponics is the latest and the neatest way of growing plants quite easily all-year round. It is the best way to grow plants at home without the need for soil. Only mineral nutrients will sustain the growth of your plants.For a complete hydroponic system, you will need the best digital ballasts,

Also you need reflector and grow lamp for focusing on the Ballasts, their basic duty is to control the amount of power that your grow lamp uses. Ballasts are of two types, magnetic and digital. In a nutshell, digital ballast are more efficient.

If you have used a hydroponic system before without a ballast, I am certain your experienced a lot of growth lamp explosions. Therefore, I present to you the best digital ballast on the market as well as best digital ballast reviews in 2020, that you can choose the best grow ballast and pick top one also enjoy its service.

10 Best Digital Ballasts in 2021 - Reviews

 1.  Apollo Horticulture APL1000 Hydroponic 1000 Watt

First of all, Apollo Hydroponic 1000W is an amazing ballast and that's why it just had to open my list. It is a powerful best digital ballast 1000w that uses less energy to keep your garden rich.

The new and improved ballast will let you harness maximum efficiency because of its adjustable dimming ability.

It ranges from 100% to 30%, which will allow you to save so much power but still enjoy plenty of yields.Besides, the ballast is compatible with 120/ 240 voltage power supply which results into high-frequency output results.

This apollo horticulture also comes with an automatic power shut off that you will see, will prove effective when there is a short circuit. To top it all, the lamps light up faster than you will ever imagine. The lamps have stable lighting, no flickering for that matter

Apollo Hydroponic 1000W electronic ballast comes with a built-in cooling fan which is in perfect shape to stabilize ballasts temperature. You can move the ballast around your garden as its light hence portable.


  • CE certified
  • The ballast is flexible
  • It's new and improved
  • Has short circuit protection
  • Works digitally no need of struggling with buttons.


  • Cannot be used at home, only in greenhouse as it is prone to fire hazards.

 2.  VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS MH Grow Light

If you are looking forward to having your plants grow faster than before, then you've got to try the VIVOSUN Hydroponic Electronic Best 600w Digital Ballast . It won't do just that, it will also let you save so much energy.

It is dimmable and utilizes 600w of power. The incredible ballast is also compatible with the 120/ 240 volts of power supply which in turn, result in high-frequency maintenance. If you see how long the power cord is, you will just be impressed with this best digital ballast 600w .

VIVOSUN Hydroponic Electronic Ballast or best hps ballast is a standard machine that lights up both best HPS bulbs and MH bulbs which are not only of superior quality but also give your plants an optimized spectrum that enhances their growth.

One advantageous Feature that really magnifies this ballast is the seven-day digital timer that propagates the performance of the machine with a lucrative margin.

Besides that, there are dual outlets and brightly displaying unit that enables you to navigate across the different programs provided and settings.

This  hydroponic ballast or digital ballast 600 watt will be quite easy to hang the ballast as it has its own high-quality hanger rope that is 8 ft. long and has been reinforced with metal gears for stability. Well, the best 600w hps ballast or digital hps ballast is also light as like Led Grow Light. So, No need to ponder on that.


  • It's powerful and durable
  • Works in absolute silence
  • Produces high radio frequency
  • Comes with a cooling mechanism
  • Supports high photosynthesis rates


  • It heats up easily

 3.  iPower 600 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

If you would like to invest in an excellent and safe ballast, then you will love iPower. It supports dual voltage input of power meaning you can use as low as 120 volts and as high as 240 but still be safe.  

Furthermore, iPower ballast offers you the opportunity to dim lights especially when its shiny outside. You can go as low as 50% to 100%.

There is a relatively long and high-quality power cord that will circulate your ballast with safely transferred power for highly and safe operations. 

The iPower ballast can produce up to 30% more lumens which means you will able to enjoy robust yields.Besides the ballast also doesn't lose a lot of heat by making high frequencies instead it saves you a lot of energy.

iPower has an amazing software that can convert HPS and MH light bulbs leading to prolonged bulb life. It also enables quick ignition by lighting your lamps in less than a minute. To add on that, the ballast ensures a stable supply of power. You will never notice when the power runs low or high because the 600 watt ballast bulbs will not flicker at all. 

If you have iPower, overheating ballast will be past tense. First of all the ballast comes with a built-in short circuit safety which can also take care of power surges, ignition failures. On that note, it has a fan that is designed to ensure the ballast temperature does not go up. Moreover, this ipower ballast review or 600 watt digital ballast reviews help to make a right decision for purchase no doubt about it. 


  • It is portable
  • It is light in weight
  • Safety standards for its users
  • Has software that boosts its efficiency
  • The ballast saves you so much power


  • It's highly advanced so it could be complicated for users who have less expertise.

 4.  Apollo Horticulture Purple Reign 1000W Watt Digital

This is another one the most powerful best 1000w ballast unit and it is made by a very well-known brand, Apollo Horticulture. They work smart so that they make high-quality ballast into your growing experience. That is why the purple Reign ballast is of the best value.

Apollo Horticulture 1000w runs silently. It has a built-in dynamic detector that can detect an overload, voltage instability, and lamp heating.

Well, after detecting it doesn't just stay there and do nothing, it regulates and stabilizes the situation before it gets out of hand.

You can light up your lamps faster. Besides, you will rarely go through lamp flickering situations because the ballast has a built-in mechanism that ensures constant lamp power supply. You can use either HPS or MH bulbs because they allow up to 12 dimmable options.

Moreover, in case of power interruptions, the ballast automatically switches off to avoid damage and the included screen will display the operations wattage to help you track its activities.

This best 1000 watt digital ballast that is apollo ballast as compared to other digital ballasts, this 1000 watt digital ballast unit provides you with superior growth at a very affordable price. It provides you with the best value for your money.


  • It can run both 120 and 240 voltages
  • Built-in fan for temperature regulation
  • It has fully adjustable dimming options
  • Apollo 1000w works silently yet it is great
  • The ballast automatically powers off to inhibit power problems


  • MH and HPS types of lamps are the only ones compatible with the ballast

 5.  VIVOSUN 1000 watt Dimmable Digital Ballast

VIVOSUN do a great job by providing the most reliable ballast on the market. VIVOSUN 1000w Dimmable Digital Ballast is a good deal because it will compliment your growing room nicely like it was just designed for you.

First of all, it has quality assurance, therefore, if you are a professional you are most likely going to love it, you can use both 120 and 240 volts with the VIVOSUN unit.

Also, the power cable is superb as it supplies substantial power and it is as long as 8 ft to reach a larger area.

Second, VIVOSUN can run at 600w or 750w or 1000w. Any power amount you may desire to run it with will be more than enough for most of your needs.

Similarly, by this digital ballast 1000 watt will be saving so much energy and still be able to produce competent yields as the ballast produces super lumens of 110% which is good.

Third, in terms of safety, VIVOSUN is impressive. It comes with a protection mechanism that not only regulates overheating but also stabilizes bulb lighting, prevents short-circuiting and possible start failures. Moreover, this 1000 watt dimmable digital ballast or vivosun ballast review or above vivosun review help to buy the best one no doubt.


  • 8 ft. cable is easy to set up with this best 1000 watt ballast.
  • Outstanding protection against power failures
  • Soft start program ensures prolonged bulb life
  • Customized radio frequencies that enhance performance
  • Certified and made with exclusive technologies for better performance.


  • Needs so much attention and vigilance

 6.  Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS Mh Digital 

If you have been in the hydroponic business for a while now, you will be amazed by how much Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic digital ballast offers a wide range of growing opportunities.

You can use HPS and MH lamps. You may also convert from one lamp to another which is automatic with the ballast.

The lamps have an inbuilt protection mechanism that ensures they stay lit for as long as you have set your cycle. There will be less to no situations of bulb flickering.

Similarly, the Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic 600 watt digital ballasts can support only two types of voltages which include the 120 volts and 240 volts. You will also find the 120 volts so efficient because it has its own special cable.

For saving more than enough power, the Hydroplanet™ Hydroponic makes super lumen that will enable you to get so more yields unlike before.

 You only need to select power settings from 250w, 400w or 600w and you will have all that you need for your plants to grow tremendously.


  • It is budget friendly
  • Saves you a lot of power this best 600 watt digital ballast 
  • High safety standards as its use is certified
  • Highly effective especially with delicate plants
  • Technologically improved to offer automatic commands like converting bulbs from one type to another


  • Compatible with only two types of bulbs

 7.  SolisTek Matrix LCD 1000W Digital Ballast                                          

Solis Tek matrix has a wide range of ballasts but the STK1001LCD is their newest and so far the best digital ballast they have.

This ballast entirely relies on software for its operation, something that we found very promising. For example, the pre-ignition system run that will confirm safe power connections.

It has a built-in inner timer that you can fully customize the on and off settings depending on the length of cycles you prefer.On the same note, you can use SolisTek Matrix LCD with a variety of voltage range.

That is from 120 volts, 208 volts to 240volts.To add on that, the digital ballast is dimmable. At the same time, it will give you a number of wattage settings so that you are limitless in what you work on.

The SolisTek Matrix ballast has a spotless green LCD screen which you will find easy to use especially where there is no light. The screen can be remote controlled too.

In size, it is smaller and can be moved from one point to another to maximize its functionality. To top it all, the SolisTek Matrix will last for years and you will get to harness plenty benefits from it.


  • It can last for many years.
  • Friendly to a wide range of voltages.
  • LCD screen has a remote control for easy use
  • Provides effortless growing with its digital timer.
  • The SolisTek Matrix utilizes a Sensus smart technology that is highly efficient.


  • It is new and advanced. Therefore, it can be complicated for people who are almost there in technology.

 8.  Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast

If you have a greenhouse where there is a lot of humidity, you tend to experience ballast breakdown especially if they have no shields. One way you could go around high humidity is by owning a Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast.

It is compatible with both metal halide and high-pressure bulbs. You can also configure 120v and 240v on your own because cables are included.

If you want to extend voltage, you will have to seek an electrician to do it for you. In addition to that, Quantum 1000 watt digital ballast provides the most stable power output and it has a cooling mechanism.

As compared to other ballast, I love this unit because of its stable output frequency. It is also 15 percent cooler as compared to other digital ballasts you will find today.

This quantum ballast 1000w unit also has a higher output of lumen, unlike other magnetic ballasts. This makes it run well on generators without any problems.

Additionally,1000 watt ballast digita it has a circuit board sealed with resin for easy installation in areas with high humidity. You can use it with flip boxes and lighting controllers.


  • Does not flicker
  • Dimming of up to 100%
  • It can last for many years
  • It can configure a wide range of voltage.
  • Has a resin-sealed board that protects it from high humidity


  • It is only compatible with MH and HP bulbs

 9.  1000W Digital Ballast for MH or HPS Grow Lights

For resilience and world-class engineering style, Phantom II Digital Ballast takes the lead because it brings a unique touch to the Ballast industry.

It has smart alert technology that just renders it highly functional. Phantom II Digital Ballast works with complete silence. On the same note, it saves you a lot of energy.

With the 32 MHz fully assembled microprocessor, you just need to set it up and it will run smoothly. The digital ballast features a hot restrike programming that is effective in protecting both the ballast and the lamp from turning off unpredictably.

It provides you with 4 way dimming modes which include 60%, 75%, 100% and super setting. You will also know when the life of the lamp has come to an end because it has an indicator for that.

Feel safe when you are using this best 1000 watt grow light hps ballasts because it cannot cause any hazards. It meets the FCC standards for minimal electrical interference that is look like hps digital ballast.So this 1000 watt digital ballast reviews to make a right knowledge for buy instantly. 


  • Light in weight
  • Four dimming levels
  • Highly functional processor
  • LED indication when lamps fade
  • Protection from unexpected turn-off.


  • Needs pro skills

 10.  1000W Electronic Ballast, Dimmable Digital Ballast

Finally, the most reliable and best choice for Indoor plant growing is the XtraHydro electric ballast. Most of the above ballasts work best in greenhouses and could be hazardous if used in the house. Due to that reason, we thought of including XtraHydro for you who need one like it.

The XtraHydro is extremely safe, functional, dependable, stable and reliable. You will just have to grow your plants closer to you without a fuss.

The ballast has a built-in fan and a stable light input. On that note, you can automatically exchange bulbs from MH to HP.

This is one of the safest digital ballasts. It has incredible safety features like overheating protection, power surges, short circuit protection, end of bulb protection and ignition failure protection.Expect optimal heat dissipation with this unit, thanks to the built-in cooling fan and the graduating fin design.

To secure your investment, this 1000w digital ballasts unit comes with 3 years replacement warranty. In case you experience any problems within the warranty period, you just need to contact them and they will help you out.


  • Has high luminosity
  • Lamps are flicker free
  • Has convenient wiring
  • Flexible wattage output
  • Uses low power yet it is enough for your plants


  • It supports only two types of bulbs

Watch the Video: Before You Buy a 1000W DE HPS Grow Light

Credit for This Video: Everest Fernandez

Things to Consider When Buying Best Digital Ballasts


When buying a ballast, you should consider its dimming capabilities. Dimming enables you to save power sometimes by turning your light at a lower voltage. The best ballast can allow up to 50% dimming of power whereas there are more advanced ballasts that can adjust even lower than that. A digital ballast does the dimming digitally while other ballasts do it manually. So depending on the rate at which you want to save power you choose the best dimmer.

Bulb Protection

Apart from dimming, you may also consider a ballast that can protect your bulbs from burning out. The best ballasts have their own added bulb protection features. These features may include line quality and ignition voltage control


Besides dimming and bulb protection, you may think of how long you plan to use the ballast. In short, it's durability. Well, for a ballast to be durable it has to be of the best quality. How you have done your electrical connections also matter in this case. You don't want to get a ballast that will be defective in a short time. Note that, high-quality ballast last even a decade if you have good electrical connections as like best 1000w digital ballast.


Depending on the brand, some heaters come with added accompaniments. Why would you spend extra on a shower or a house when you can get that all at a go? Some useful water heaters accompaniments include a hose, a temperature gauge, a shower head a dual function heating system such as a gas burner.


To stay safe from being tracked down just because your ballast had a radio frequency mix up, you need to consider selecting a ballast that has the best radio frequency shielding. If it is not well covered, depending on how they work, they create radio frequency interference. Other electronic devices you may have around may begin to shutter and you may be sued for that.


Another thing you may consider is the flexibility of your ballast. A flexible ballast will simplify your gardening. This means you will be able to use it under several situations like lighting a number of bulbs, using different bulbs that utilize different voltages, supporting double end bulbs and boosting the power output of your garden bulbs.

Temperature Control

Having your entire hydroponics equipment running together with the lit bulbs, it means your chamber will begin to rise in temperature. High temperatures could be good for Cold months but somehow it affects the transpiration of your plants by increasing it. If you are planning to buy a digital ballast, find one that when it heats it doesn't become hot because it will be challenging to switch off. Besides your plants will lose so much water.


A good ballast is quiet. Only the cooling fan may make some noise but the best ballast produces 100% no noise. Since most ballasts are designed to be super silent, this consideration may not give you a hard time. If it makes noise, it has lost its radio frequency, has some loose screws or any other problem.

Final Verdict

There is one big lesson for you in this best ballast or digital ballast review. It is that digital ballasts are the best over other types of ballasts. Not only that but also you can get here best digital ballast 2017. At the rate at which people are getting involved in Hydroponic gardening, it means that the operations are becoming more advanced each minute. For your kind info. among the above reviews you get a watt option of 400 watt that is it's also a best 400 watt digital ballast for you if needed.If you want to reach vast knowledge about lawn & garden then you can visit our other popular reviews like, lawn sweepers, magnetic sweeper and garden hoe, it should be open your third eye regarding lawn and garden no doubt.


Depending on your size of operation, you will get one of the above ballasts that will suit you. When buying the ballast of your choice also choose a Bulb Planters for perfect gardening, make sure it will fulfil all your requirements and it fits your garden. All these ballasts are excellent and have many extra-benefits for you. If you like them, share this information with friends. Have fun gardening digitally.

Moreover, if you want to know more idea aboute related products then you can try to collect best one or more from these products are phantom ballast, grow ballast 1000w, ipower 1000w ballast, digital ballast 1000w, 600w digital ballast, best 600 watt ballast, best 600w ballast, 600w digital ballast review, solis tek 1000w ballast, vivosun 1000w ballas, magnetic ballast, best 600w digital ballast 2019, thousand-watt ballast, grow light ballast, 1000 watt digital ballast, digital ballast 1000w and solis tek 1000w ballast indeed. Its too much helpful for easy work no doubt.

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