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How to Organize Your Kitchen – Including Guide & Example

How do you feel when you look for something in your kitchen but you can’t find it? When your kitchen is messy, chances are you won't find that salt you're looking for or even that pan you want to use. If you do, it'll be much later when you no longer need it.The kitchen is a very sensitive part of the house because that's where meals are prepared. Keep your kitchen clean and organized to make it easy to work fast and efficiently.That why you need to know how to organize your kitchen. 

If you are wondering how you will make your kitchen organized, I have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you. It doesn’t matter how small your kitchen is, if you follow the ideas I have covered, you can maximize the storage space and find items with ease.

Sorting Out Items in Your Kitchen

There are very many different things that are stored in the kitchen. When you want to start out afresh, you need to remove all of them from their usual places and keep them where you can see them. This is more like identifying every item that is in your kitchen. I'm sure there are so many things that are hidden somewhere behind the cabinets and you completely forgot you had them. Some might even have fallen off the shelves and landed somewhere in a dark corner and you completely forgot. 

Sorting Out Items in Your Kitchen

These things were bought for a reason and until you find them again, you'll be thinking you do not have or will be doing without them. It is also likely that you replaced them thinking you lost them or gave them out. It is therefore important to overhaul the whole kitchen and remove every item from its place to a common place where you have a clear view of every item. This will help you sort out the things you need and those that you do not. 

organized kitchen racks

You'll also be able to know which items will remain in the kitchen, which ones will move to other parts of the house and which ones will be donated or resold. Make sure to search every corner of the kitchen and bring to light all the hidden items. You should be aware of everything you have in your kitchen so that you can maximally utilize the things you bought for your kitchen. You may not always use an item but when you know you have it, you could explore and find yourself following a recipe that requires that item. 

Thorough Cleaning of the Kitchen

We have already dug up all the things you have and emptied all the cabinets and drawers. With everything out of their position, you can now clean up the whole place to create a favorable condition to put the items back. Most cabinets get dusty and dump over time which could bring bad odor to your kitchen or even lead to spoilt food items. It is advisable to wipe out the cabinets regularly and do a thorough cleaning once in a while. This will ensure your kitchen is clean and tidy. 

Cleaning the Kitchen

When a kitchen is dirty, many things could go wrong. One of those things is that your food could get contaminated which in turn would cause health problems to you. In most cases, having a dirty kitchen will invite pests such as cockroaches to your house. Once they camp in your house it could take you a while to drive them out. Having a clean kitchen, therefore, is something you should make a priority. Wipe clean all the cabinets in the kitchen, scrub the sinks and the surfaces and mop the floors. Every part of the kitchen should be covered when you're doing this cleaning. 

Make sure to use a disinfectant to kill all the germs that had formed on your surfaces. Pick one that has a mild smell so that you won't leave your kitchen smelling like a disinfectant for a whole week after the cleaning. There are soaps that are made to clean kitchen surfaces and have sweet fragrances. Use those on your sinks and cooking surfaces. Dampness attracts mold and bacteria which is not good for your health. Dump cabinets could also spoil your flour and cereals. Make sure to wipe dry all the surfaces in your kitchen to leave them sparkling clean and very dry. Also, ventilate the kitchen properly

Planning Out Your Kitchen

What does this mean? It means that you need to define spaces in your kitchen. Set out different parts of the kitchen for different things. It also means that every space will be compartmentalized and there will be order in your kitchen. For example, you'll need to decide which space will be for:

Preparing and Cooking


This includes the cutlery you use on a daily basis and even that which is used occasionally. You should have a section for both, preferably close to each other but separate to distinguish them.

Cleaning Supplies

Things like soaps and detergents are a necessity in the kitchen. You'll need them every now and then and so they should be somewhere you can access easily. That said, you need to put all these brushes and brooms and soaps together in a place where you have allocated for just that.


A higher percentage of people, that is almost 85% of them prefer buying things in bulk. They apply economies of scale where things bought in bulk are much cheaper than those bought individually. Other people buy in bulk because they don't want to keep rushing to the supermarket every now and then to get utilities. So they prefer to shop once and stock their store with enough of what they need for a month or two.

I know you're one of these people and even if you're not, you should have a space to store surplus anyway. Sometimes you buy more than you had intended and find yourself with surplus. As you're defining your zones, make sure you know where your storage space for extra cereals and flour is.

Preparing and Cooking

Do you use the same surface to prepare and cook your food? Whether the answer is a yes or a no, you need to define a space in your kitchen where you'll prepare your food and later cook it. These two spaces are like sisters. They have to be as close as possible to each other.

Arranging the Kitchen in Order

You have cleaned the kitchen and decided where to put what. The next step should be to arrange those things in the order of need. For example, make sure things that are used regularly are at the front while those rarely used are at the back. That will give you easy access to things which will save you time when cooking and won't leave your kitchen all messed up as you try to locate something in a hurry. Place everything in its rightful position to ease your work. 

Arranging the Kitchen

For things like cereals and flour, put them in clear containers so that you can identify them much more easily. This will restore order in your kitchen as you'll know what is where at all times. You won't confuse flour with sugar or vice versa. For the spices, you can put them in similar containers and label them so that you can tell them apart. By doing this your kitchen will look very organized and neat. It will also save you a lot of trouble because you can tell your ingredients apart. 

Another aspect to consider is how to group the things on the shelves. For example, put cereals together, spices together, oils together and any other thing that is related to each other. This makes your kitchen orderly and very attractive to the eye. You could also hang your recipes or grocery list on the side of the cabinet.

Pimping Out Your Kitchen

It is one thing to have your kitchen neat and clean and it's another to have it dull and boring. A good kitchen is more than just organization. You need to get creative with your kitchen to make it more appealing and even more convenient for you. One of the ways you can do this is by creating space. You may have a small kitchen but there is so much you can do with it to make everything fit perfectly and look amazing. To create space, you can use drawer dividers to create space for two different items. 

The section under the sink could also be useful if you install pullout units to store your cleaning supplies. Other than that, you could magnetic and hanging racks on your walls to hold some of the spices or even groceries. Hooks on the wall also look great and can be used to hang your kitchen towels.

Pimping Kitchens

Instead of throwing your knives and spoons together with the plates, get spoon holders and put all your spoons there for easy access. You could do the same for forks, knives, and other cooking spoons. This organization will make your kitchen look good and make your work easy. Try to use containers that will stack up well. You can use these containers to warm your food in the microwave or even store food in the fridge. On that note, make sure that your fridge is also well organized. Be sure of what to put in the freezer and what to put in the fridge. 

Good lighting is also important in the kitchen. It will ensure you wash food well before cooking and that your cooking is as smooth as it should be. Ventilation is also an important aspect. 

Maintaining the Order and Cleanliness

After you're done making your kitchen over, the hardest part is ensuring it stays that way. It feels really good to have a good-looking kitchen. Meals taste better in an organized kitchen. How do you maintain this kind of order that you've achieved today? Let me give you a few tips.

1. Do not let garbage accumulate

Leaving kitchen waste lying around the kitchen will have your kitchen stinking and crawling with flies and cockroaches. Dispose of your garbage on a daily basis. This will make sure that nothing rots in your kitchen.

2. Clean utensils after use

It is very tempting to leave utensils lying on the sink overnight and wash in the morning. This is especially when you've eaten and are feeling tired and sleepy. It could be a little tiring but it will ensure your kitchen does not harbor pests.

 kitchen cleaning

3. Return everything to its rightful place after use

Once you're done using the flour you better put it back in the pantry. If it's the spoons you've used, clean them and put them back on the holder. This will keep the kitchen intact and neat. It will also save you the trouble of trying to remember what was where.

4. Have a weekly cleaning schedule

You sure don't want dust to accumulate all over your surfaces and cabinets. Arrange afresh all the items in your kitchen at least once in a week. This will maintain the clean and fresh atmosphere in your kitchen at all times.

5. Explore new ideas on how to organize your kitchen

Don't be too rigid. Get new ideas on how to design your kitchen and keep changing it for a better look and a different feel. When you do this you'll find it very easy to take care of your kitchen. You'll be motivated to get more and more creative with your space.


There are so many ways in which you can organize your kitchen and make it beautiful. It all depends on your individual taste and style. However, it is very important to know what steps are crucial when going about your planning.

The points above should be able to guide you through the whole process and get you that kitchen you always dream of. The key point to any plan is to have your kitchen as clean as it can be and as creatively designed as possible. You must not have a big kitchen to have a heavenly kitchen.Happy end!

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