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Top 10 Best Pineapple Cutter Reviews – Buying Guide in 2024

If you assumed that pineapples are particularly challenging to cut, slice and core or peeling is such a nightmare because of the prickly outer layer, then you are missing out on a huge deal. You can make a lot of cash or make statement cocktails with pineapples. They are sweet, right?

Also buying already prepared pineapples can be a messy investment. And unlike before, when we used to struggle with knives, now we don't. Instead, we employ gadgets to do it for us. Have you ever craved a pineapple juice or salad yet you can't find it nearby? It's usually a frisky feeling. That is why you need the best pineapple cutter so that you can take care of the business yourself.

So, we went ahead by doing a research on pineapple cutters then we compiled the best pineapple cutters that we sampled. In the following content, you will get to know more about pineapple cutters and not just any of them but the best. Know how they work, what they are made of and how to buy them.

We simply want you to make your dreams of making delicious and creative recipes with pineapples come true. Make that birthday, anniversary or summer party a blast.

10 Best Pineapple Cutter in 2024 - Comparison 


Product Name



Latest Price

Zulay Kitchen Pineapple Corer and slicer tool

Stainless steel blade with a stainless steel handle

Peels, cores and slices

Newness Pineapple Corer

Stainless steel blade with a Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Peels, cores and slices

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer,Silver/Black

Stainless steel blade with a ratcheting handle

Cores and slices

SLKIJDHFB Pineapple Corer

Stainless steel blade with a Stainless steel handel

Peels, cores and slices

Newness Pineapple Corer and Slicer tool

Stainless steel blade with a plastic handle

Peels, cores and slices

Rienar Easy

Stainless steel blade with a plastic handle

Peels, cores, cuts and slices

Tomorrow's Kitchen Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer, Slicer and Wedger

Stainless steel blade with a plastic handle

Cores and slices

SameTech Easy Kitchen Tool Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter

Stainless steel blade with a plastic handle

Peels, cores and slices

Adorox 2 Piece Stainless Steel Pineapple Fruit Core Slicer De-Corer Peeler Stem Remover Cutter Kitchen Tool (2)

Stainless steel blade with a plastic handle

Peels, cores and slices

Pineapple Cutter Corer Slicer Peeler

Stainless steel blade with a Stainless Steel handle

Peels, cores, cuts and slices

Top 10 Best Pineapple Cutter in 2024 - Reviews

If you are planning to buy a pineapple cutter and selecting the right one seems hard. Check out the following reviews for top products on the market this year.

Zulay Kitchen Pineapple Corer and slicer tool

More photo & price on Amazon.com

The Zulay Kitchen pineapple corer and slicer is one of the kitchen tools that you must have in your kitchen. It can remove the core of the pineapple, peel, and slice it into perfect pineapple rings with less effort. It works five times faster than a knife thus saving time.

The pineapple corer has sharp serrated blades at the tip. This slices the pineapple and removes the core with ease. It has curved edges that create circular-shaped pineapple ring slices. The sharp blades cut the pineapple slices uniformly.

It has a non-slip handle for easy grip making it comfortable to hold and use. The handle can be detached to allow you to slide off the ring slices. The detachable design makes cleaning easy. Just rinse off the handle and wash the stainless steel part with hot water and dry it.

The tool is made of stainless steel and BPA-free material which makes it safe to use and long-lasting. The stainless steel is rustproof. The material is lightweight therefore you can use it with ease and without much straining.

This tool is perfect for home use. Furthermore, it can be used as a commercial pineapple corer since you can slice several pineapples within a short time. For best results, cut off the top and bottom part of the pineapple, align the core of the slicer and the pineapple and twist it.


  • Cuts through the core with ease
  • The cutter saves you time
  • The corer is sturdy and easy to use
  • The slice rings are perfect
  • It cuts pineapples easily and faster
  • Can be twisted easily to the bottom of the pineapple
  • It does not leave messy juices


  • It can be messy sometimes
  • The blade requires a lot of cautiousness
Newness Pineapple Corer

More photo & price on Amazon.com

The pineapple corer from Newness is the best manual pineapple corer for your kitchen. Enjoy fresh pineapples with this upgraded and reinforced corer. The thicker sharp blades remove the pineapple core and slices the pineapples faster and better. The Pineapple tool slices the fruit in seconds. It saves you time and effort.

It gives you the option of creating one slice at a time or cutting the entire pineapple at once. It is easy to pull out the corer making it easy to repeat the coring and slicing process in case of a mishap. The upgraded tool has thicker blades making it more sturdy and durable.

It is an easy tool to use. Slice the top part of fresh pineapples and rotate the pineapple core in a clockwise direction and you will have perfect slices and an intact shell. The shell can be used as a bowl for your fruit salads, making it a perfect idea for tropical-themed parties.

The corer has a comfortable handle that is non-slip hence easy to grip. It is easy to twist the corer through the pineapple with less effort. The detachable design makes the cleaning process easier and faster. Moreover, pineapple slices will slide off easily once the handle is removed.

It is made of high-quality stainless steel that is long-lasting. The tool is rustproof; therefore, it is safe to use. The stainless steel blades and the core are easy to clean with just hot water. With the sharp blades, you will get clean fruit slices with no mess in the kitchen.


  • The tool is easy to operate
  • The handle is sturdy
  • It makes very clean cuts
  • It is well built for durability
  • Saves a lot of time
  • The blade is sharp and thick
  • The metal is of good quality


  • Not suitable for more large pineapples
  • It's need to careful use
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer,Silver/Black

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Oxo ratcheting tool can be used for both slicing and coring a pineapple commendably. It is a basic machine and it is quite popular. Apparently, it is the most preferred pineapple cutter across continents because of its excellent design.

This lifetime product basically works quickly and easily. Just slice off the leafy top of your pineapple, then twist it down on to the exposed part of the fruit if you really need to get perfect rings. Furthermore, there is a ratcheting handle that will make it easy for you to grip it firmly when coring.

With the uncommon measurement markings on the slicer, you will be able to determine the height of your pineapple so that you can tell when it is about to get to the bottom while slicing. This way, you will also be able to ensure your shell stays intact so that you can fill it with your juicy slices for making a salad or a cocktail.

Oxo good grip has a knob that is soft like a baby's bottom, comfortable and does not slip off your grip easily. Besides, the handle can be separated from the shaft for you to be able to clean it effortlessly. In a nutshell, this is a compact sized blade that can be used to cut all sizes of pineapples.


  • It is sharp
  • Ratchets quickly
  • Safe to store and use
  • Has a comfortable grip
  • Calls for laid-back cleaning
  • Ideal for commercial purposes


  • It's a bit complicated
  • It can be messy sometimes
SLKIJDHFB Pineapple Corer

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Enjoy fresh pineapples with this upgraded pineapple cutting tool. It can be used to remove the pineapple core, slice, and cut the fruit into small chunks in seconds.it comes with a Wedger that cuts the pineapple into small uniform sizes. Alternatively, you can use it to get perfect pineapple ring slices.

The pineapple cutter has stainless steel sharp blades that peel and cuts the pineapples effortlessly.  You can easily move through the core of a pineapple. The blade is 100% rustproof and can slice several pineapples in less time. The stainless material is durable, therefore can be used constantly for a long time.

It has a strong plastic handle with a perfect grip. It is comfortable to hold. It also has a quick-release button which makes the sliced rings slide off. Once slicing is done, the handle can easily be removed, making the removal of pineapple slices easy. With this corer, you can achieve perfect slices in seconds.

 It gives you the option of cutting one slice at a time or slice the entire pineapple at once. When used well, you will retain the juice of the fruit and minimize waste. While a knife can do the slicing, a pineapple cutter saves time and it is easy to achieve uniformity.

The cutter can be easily separated into parts that make it easy to clean. You can clean with by hand or put it in the dishwasher. Be careful when washing by hand because of the sharp blades that may cause injury. Ensure that it is dried completely before storage.


  • It makes your work easy
  • The cutter is easy to use
  • You will have little waste from the fruit
  • the slicer makes dicing easy
  • The tool is inexpensive
  • The slicer is effortless to use
  • The handle is easy to remove


  • It's sharp so need to careful use
  • Takes time and skill to wash
Newness Pineapple Corer and Slicer tool

More photo & price on Amazon.com

The Newness pineapple corer and slicer is one of the best Pineapple cutter corers in the market. It has a reinforced thicker and sharper blade for quality pineapple slices. It can remove the pineapple core, slice and cut it into small chunks suitable for fruit salads. The upgraded tool is 4 times welded making it solid.

The corer has been marked therefore it is easier to know the depth of core removal. This reduces the risk of piercing through the bottom of the pineapple. As a result, the shell remains intact. The shell can act as storage for the pineapple chunks, make pineapple rice, or simply drink juice from it.

The detachable handle is quite comfortable to hold and allows you to push through the pineapple core with less effort. It is also easy to clean. It has a slice cutter with has sharp blades that slice pineapples with ease. The slice cutter handle is wide thus easy to hold and use.

The corer is much convenient and safe than knives and cutting boards. The sharp serrated blades will save you a lot of time and your kitchen will not be messy with this tool. Whether you like bite-sized chunks or slice rings this tool does the work perfectly.

Both the pineapple corer and the slice cutter are made of stainless steel. Therefore, durability is guaranteed. It is also very easy to use and clean. Lastly, it does not rust making it food safe to use in your kitchen. The parts can be detached, cleaned, and assembled back easily.


  • The corer cuts the pineapple with ease
  • The slices are perfectly cut
  • Yields clean fruit pieces
  • Makes very little waste
  • Safe to use with the dishwasher
  • Slice cutter is easy to operate
  • The cutter is safe to use


  • It creates smaller spirals
  • Designed for limited size of pineapples
Rienar Easy Tool

More photo & price on Amazon.com

In order to have quick and tasty pineapple dishes that look like the one you see in magazines or online pictures, you need to have Rienar Pineapple Tool. It has an uncommon design that makes super user-friendly because both left and right-handed people can enjoy using it.

Rienar produces some amazing kitchen tools; therefore, you can entirely rely on this one. It is quite useful. You will not only use it to cut pineapples but other similar fruits too. The product is 100% safe. From the materials used to manufacture it to its usage. It also works two times faster than any other ordinary pineapple cutter.

Being sharp is the most important thing and Rienar does not lag on that. Instead, it has a sharp blade made from high-quality stainless steel. This blade makes perfectly shaped rings, just the way you desired. At the same time, it retains the juice of the pineapple.

Highly durable modern day kitchen essential is easy to clean. This is possible because the stainless steel blade can be separated from the plastic handle paving way for easy cleaning with warm water. This pineapple cutter is designed for both right and left-handed users.


  • 100% safe
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly
  • Has high speed
  • Ergonomic handle
  • It has a unique design
  • Can cut, slice, peel, and core


  • It’s prone to rust
  • It’s high speed need to careful use
Tomorrow's Kitchen Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer, Slicer and Wedger

More photo & price on Amazon.com

In this century, inventions will never come to an end. Even in unexpected items like Pineapple slicers. If you want to cut pineapples conveniently in your kitchen, this machine can do the job perfectly well. It helps you core and slice pineapples in just a few seconds. In fact, its maker prioritized safety. Your safety and the durability of the blades.

Tommorrow's Pineapple slicer is quite unique. It is one blade we came across that technically has a number of purposes. First of all, you can use the shell as a container to hold your fruit slices, make desserts on it or craft some delicious cocktails.

Secondly, the slicer has a tough core that will hold your fruit in place during the whole slicing process. There is also a quick release button that you can push on the handle so that you may be able to slide the pineapple rings off.

Thirdly, the slicer comes with a wedger that can enable you to make chunks especially when you want to juice the pineapple. The steel is rust-free hence it cannot contaminate your refreshment. Besides, you can wash it in the dishwasher like the rest of your cutleries.


  • Safe
  • It's tough
  • It's easy to use
  • Works in seconds
  • It has sharp blades
  • Its dishwasher safe
  • Designed to last longer


  • It is light in weight
  • It has a constant size
SameTech Easy Kitchen Tool Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter

More photo & price on Amazon.com

For precise preparation of pineapple juice, SameTech Slicer is the perfect candidate. For a matter of fact, it does not waste any pineapple like other cutters that chop chucks of juicy parts in the name of peeling. It will give you fresh juice apart from making your kitchen experience magical.

For status, the slicer is made from safe to use stainless steel. It also comes with a ratcheting handle. This handle allows you to hold your pineapple firmly when slicing it to avoid accidents. There is also a turning knob that you will find quite comfortable. Moreover, it does not slip off your hands and it makes it easy for you to separate the shaft from the main body while washing it.

Secondly, with SameTech you will never have to worry about your pineapples being too small or too big for the tool. It can handle all sizes. The blade is sharp and custom made from premium stainless steel. You will notice that storing this knife is quite easy.

Thirdly, this exceptional kitchen tool can peel, core and slice at the same time and in a matter of seconds. Each time you use it, you will get the same perfect juice. You can go wild and be creative with delicious recipes as well.


  • Light in weight
  • It is detachable
  • It's easy to clean
  • Has a comfortable handle
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • It's light in weight so careful when use
  • Makes a juicy mess with the ripped pieces
Adorox 2 Piece Stainless Steel Pineapple Fruit Core Slicer De-Corer Peeler Stem Remover Cutter Kitchen Tool (2)

More photo & price on Amazon.com

When you need a pineapple cutter and you have a certain budget that only allows you to buy something which will give you results equivalent to what you paid for, then Adorox Pineapple Kitchen Tool will be perfect for you.  This pineapple cutter is 100 percent safe and gives satisfactory results.

To begin with, it's a medium-sized sharp blade that is crafted from premium stainless steel. This makes it viable for all sizes of pineapples. Moreover, the compact shape will give you an easy storage and carry around time.

Unlike other pineapple cutters on the market, this model doesn’t lead to juice wastage. It cuts your pineapples well while retaining the juice. It is also twice as fast as compared to other peelers. Adorox Pineapple Kitchen Tool is a two piece set that works fast. Its speed is two times that of an ordinary pineapple cutter. 

This is because it can core, slice, de-core, cut and peel a pineapple in seconds. Well, you will not have to worry about wastes, they are minimal. This perfect addition to the kitchen makes perfectly shaped pineapple rings. Besides, it has an extremely comfortable handle that will make you enjoy making many imaginative recipes.


  • 100% safe
  • Weighs less
  • Easy to clean
  • Has sharp blades
  • Relatively durable
  • Nonslip grip handle
  • Handle comes in a variety of colors


  • It's cheap
  • Just deeps instead of ratcheting
Pineapple Cutter Corer Slicer Peeler

More photo & price on Amazon.com

Create perfectly shaped pineapple rings with a Latauar pineapple cutter. The cutter is easy to use. With a simple twist through the middle of the pineapple, you get nice pineapple rings. The process of pineapple slicing takes less time when you use this tool.

The cutter is made of good quality food-grade stainless steel. It is therefore sturdy and durable. It cannot break easily even with multiple uses. The material does not rust and is easy to clean. The blades are very sharp and can easily cut through the pineapple for uniform and beautiful slices.

The handle is thick, providing a better grip. It is also detachable to allow the slices to slide off. It makes it easy and convenient to clean by hand or a dishwasher. The smooth edges are safe for your hands than a normal cutting knife. You can therefore prepare your fruit without hurting yourself.

It is a modern and stylish design to have in the kitchen. The materials used for the pineapple corer are durable, therefore this tool is long-lasting even with constant use. It can be stored in a utensil drawer. The company offers a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

This is the pineapple corer remover that is perfect to gift family and friends. It can be a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or a housewarming gift. They will have an unforgettable experience with pineapple cutting. Let friends and family enjoy fruit salads conveniently.


  • Cutting a pineapple is easier
  • It takes less time to cut the slices
  • The blades are very sharp
  • It does not leave a mess
  • All pieces are the same in size
  • Less waste when you use small pineapples
  • Durable than plastic


  • Bits of pineapple gets stuck in the device
  • Difficult to remove the core after cutting

How to Choose The Best Pineapple Cutter 2024

After going through reviews of the best pineapple cutters, I'm sure you are a bit sceptical on what to take home because they are all awesome. For that reason, we went ahead and summarised some of the most important factors you need to keep in mind when buying a pineapple cutter. They include;


You need to get a pineapple cutter that will be worth what you pay for. In this case, premium quality pineapple cutters that work twice as fast tend to be expensive but can actually turn out to be of a great investment. There also other cutters that are resilient yet they are cost friendly. Most importantly, consider how far your pocket can stretch.


The whole pineapple preparation process is tough especially if you have a hard pineapple. That is why you need a really strong pineapple cutter that can survive all the harshness you expose it to. Besides, high-quality blades that are strong last longer than low-quality materials. Furthermore, consider if the blade is stainless.


Since pineapples have chemicals in their juice, some tend to react with other materials. That is why you need to be careful about the type of pineapple cutter that you pick. We suggest you pick a pineapple cutter that is BPA free and does not react with the pineapple juice. You really don't need contamination especially if you are preparing cocktails for a bunch of people.


You do not want a pineapple cutter that is super complicated when it comes to washing or taking care of it. This is usually discouraging. Therefore, we suggest that you look for pineapple cutters that are super easy to wash. Most cutters have handles that detach from the shaft which makes it easy to clean.


Well if you need to peel, slice, core or cut faster than usual, you need a sharp tool. In fact, at home, the only place you really need sharp items is in the kitchen. A sharp ratcheting tool or pineapple cutter makes the preparation of a pineapple delicacy super quick and easy. Aside from that, the slices and rings come out very neatly cut. Consider how sharp a pineapple cutter is so that you may also create very fewer messes.


Most people never notice this but the handles of a pineapple cutter are as important as the shaft or blade. This is basically where you hold and rotate. That is why you need a strong handle, that is non-slip and comfortable for both left handed and right handed. Handles need to be able to handle often operation. So you need to know how to use a pineapple cutter also.

Dominant Brands

Just like any other products, in the pineapple cutter business, you will notice that there are popular brands that sell more than others. You should never be swayed by the popularity of a brand. We suggest you pick a pineapple cutter that is reliable, has all the features you need and one that your pocket can secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a pineapple cutter do?

The cutter removes the pineapple core and cuts the pineapple into spiral slices that can be removed easily. The cutter consists of a corer to remove the core and a blade that will slice the fruit to form the spiral rings.to avoid wastage, choose a medium-sized pineapple. The corer should also be well aligned in the middle of the fruit.

Q: Can you use pineapple cutter on apple?

No, because an apple is quite small compared to a pineapple. The pineapple cutter is wider therefore it will lead to wastage. A pineapple cutter will not create rings in an apple. Apple cutters are smaller in size and are designed to cut apples into small pieces and not rings.

Final Notes

Pineapples are sweet especially the ones that are completely ripe. The sight of them makes you want to peel, slice and eat them. There are those of us who like to taste beautifully sliced pineapples displayed on a plate because they are always attractive and makes you want to confirm if their taste rhymes with the display.

How else can you achieve all these without the best pineapple cutters? To be specific, the ones mentioned above. They encompass all that you need to capture that moment or get a wow. Most of them can peel, cut, slice and core at the same time. They work as fast as possible and you don't need to struggle prickly parts!

To top it all, there are no restrictions in using them. Just get one for yourself and make your dreams come true by finally exploring your imaginative recipes. Make that summer memorable with some delicious martinis, smoothies or fruit salads.

The best pineapple cutters are safe to use. Remember, you will rarely create messes or waste any fruit. Find them in any store or online shopping sites at affordable prices. You will only be at peace if one of these is resting in your kitchen. Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products are oxo pineapple corer, best pineapple corer, commercial pineapple corer, pineapple slicer and wedger, pinapple cutter, pineapple cutting tool, best pineapple slicer, pineapple corer and slice, where to buy a pineapple corer, pineapple slicer and corer, electric pineapple corer, how to use a pineapple cutter, pineapple corer reviews, pineapple peeler corer,  how to use pineapple cutter, pineapple corer and peeler, oxo good grips pineapple corer, pineapple slicer core, easy pineapple slicer, oxo good grips pineapple slicer, oxo pineapple corer, pineapple cutter corer, oxo good grips stainless steel ratcheting pineapple slicer and pineapple corer near me indeed.

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