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Top 10 Best French Fry Cutters – Highest Reviews 2024!

A huge number of people enjoy taking French fries because of their delicacy. The most challenging part when it comes to the preparation of French fries is cutting the raw potatoes in the right size and shape that you want. If you are doing it manually, the whole process can be time-consuming and tedious. You can make your work easier if you have the best French fry cutters. This is the best kitchen appliance that you can have to save time and effort when you are preparing French fries.

Choosing the right French fry cutter to suit your home or business needs can be complicated. You need to consider a few factors like the number of times you intend to use it, your budget, size, types of cuts and much more.

To assist you pick a quality French fry cutter that will meet your specific needs, our team of experts conducted an extensive research and tested a wide range of models to find the right cutter for home and commercial applications. Our reviews cover features and benefits of each model to help you make comparisons with ease. We have also included a buyer’s guide to make selecting the right cutter easier.

10 Best French Fry Cutters 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best French Fry Cutters 2024 - Reviews

If you are looking for the best French fry cutters, we have reviewed top 10 best models on the market today. After checking all the reviews, it will be easier for you to select the most appropriate French fry cutter to serve your requirements.

New Star Foodservice 43204 Commercial Grade

Have you been cutting raw potatoes manually when preparing French fries? Have you been using a vegetable slicer that doesn’t seem to do the work perfectly? You can try the New Star Foodservice 43204 and you will love the performance of this cutter.

This French fry cutter features a cast iron body that makes it durable. Additionally, it is designed with stainless steel rod that also enhances the longevity of the unit. When you are working with this cutter, expect greater stability because it is designed with powerful suction feet.

You can mount the cutter to any countertop horizontally without necessarily drilling. This helps you to keep your kitchen organized. If you are using the cutter in a food truck or restaurant, it allows permanent mounting on the wall.

Apart from the cutter, the package includes ½ inch and 3/8 inch cutting blades that have pushing blocks. Other additional accessories that you might require are also available for purchase.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Durable French fry cutter made of cast iron body
  • The parts of the tool are made of quality aluminum
  • It comes with cutting blades and pushing blocks
  • You will get additional accessories when you buy
  • Can be used on a table or wall mounted
  • Has a nice black finish that makes your kitchen look elegant
  • Designed with suction feet which make the unit stable
New Star Foodservice 38408 Complete Combo

Purchasing pre-cut or frozen French fries might not give you the same taste as compared to French fires you have prepared at home. Not only is making your own French fries affordable but it is also easy if you have the right cutter in your kitchen.

Equip your kitchen with the New Star Foodservice 38408 and enjoy preparing French fries fast. This tool is designed in a way that it can cut whole potatoes fast which makes preparation less tedious. It is designed with cast iron body and handle so you don’t have to worry about the durability of the cutter.

A good French fry cutter should be stable so that you can get the best outcome when you are preparing French fries. This is why this one features four screw holes where you can mount it on your countertop or wall for simple handling.

Using this cutter is easy. All you have to do is to place your potato on the shield. Its nice shape and design keep the potato secure. In a single swift motion, pull the handle close to the blade to slice your potatoes.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Cast iron body makes the cutter durable
  • It is rust proof and easy to clean after use
  • Easy to mount on wall or countertop for stability
  • Has a nice shape and design for ease of use
  • Designed with a high quality stainless steel rod
  • Comes with important accessories that make your work easier
  • Has suction cups for increased stability
Progressive International PL8-1000 PL8 Mandoline

Looking for an affordable and simple French fry cutter for your kitchen? You will appreciate working with the Progressive International PL8-1000. One of the best aspects that you will love is the superior quality. The cutter can handle everyday use because it is made of strong and quality components.

It features dial style setting for easy operation. It has an advanced adjustable knob that offers manual settings and you can easily select the thickness that you want.

Apart from cutting potatoes, this unit is multifunctional. You can use it to perform other tasks like slicing delicate fruits and vegetables without compromising the precision. It is also designed with a wide stainless steel slicing deck that allows food to glide with ease so you will not have to deal with food sticking on the surface of the cutter.

It is important to look for a French fry cutter that is safe to use. After all, you do not want to compromise your safety when you are working. This unit is designed with non-skid feet for safety. Additionally, it folds compactly for storage and you can easily wash the parts in a dishwasher.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Designed with non-skid feet to offer safety
  • Easy to maintain clean after use because the parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Folds compactly making storage easy
  • Designed with integrated blades that make the unit multi-functional
  • Has extra-wide stainless steel deck for easy gliding
  • Adjustable knob allows manual settings
  • It is made with superior quality components
Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter

There are several appliances that you need in your kitchen. Apart from buying the best manual food chopper, you can also invest in a quality French fry cutter to making preparing French fries fast and easier. The Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter is a great purchase if you are looking for a tool that is reliable.

One of the main things that you will love about this French fry cutter is its durable construction. This is a cutter that will serve you for many more years to come.

On top of that, the cutter is equipped with stainless steel blades that enhance its durability. For easy operation, this cutter features suction cup feet that offer the required stability when you are working.

If you have this product in your kitchen, you can enjoy restaurant like fries from the comfort of your home. Apart from cutting raw potatoes, you can also this unit to cut different vegetables like carrots, eggplant and sweet potatoes among others.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Versatile cutter that can also be used with different vegetables
  • Designed with suction cups to increase its stability
  • Has stainless steel blades which are durable
  • Able to cut vegetables that are up to 6 inch long
  • It can cut French fries that are 3/8 inches long
  • Designed with a cast iron body for durability
  • Provides restaurant like French fries in your own home
Culina French Fry Potato Cutter with Round Bottom

Many of us enjoy eating French fries but hate the whole process of preparation. You don’t have to make preparing a chore anymore. Get the Culina French Fry Potato Cutter and you will love making French fries at home.

This is a simple and affordable cutter that works well. It has a bottom that is curved to take the shape of a potato so that you can achieve effortless operation. You will find using this tool pretty easy even when you are preparing more French fries to serve your guests.

With the included interchangeable blades, you have 2 size cut options. This means that you can cut regular size French fries or thinner gourmet style fries. You just need to choose the type of blade that you want to use.

The cutter is also multi-purpose and you can use it to cut other vegetables which include radishes, cucumbers, yams, apples, zucchinis and much more. You will also have a simple time after use because it is easy to clean.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Has a curved lower part to fit the size of potatoes
  • Designed with interchangeable blades to cut regular and thinner sizes
  • Can be used to cut other types of vegetables
  • The French fry cutter is diet-friendly
  • Perfect tool for people who are on weight loss regime
  • Easy to clean after use with water to eliminate food residues
  • The handle provides a painless motion when using the cutter
Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable Cutter

Not everyone has the time to cut potatoes manually when preparing French fries. Again, cutting potatoes manually might not give you even shapes all the time. If you are tired of buying pre-made French fries, you can enjoy making your own at home with the Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable Cutter.

This is a quality USA-made product that is easy to use. On top of that, it comes at an affordable price so you don’t have to break your bank when buying this cutter. Apart from cutting potatoes, you can also use this cutter for zucchini and carrots.

It is designed with two blades giving you the chance to choose thin or thick slices depending on your liking. Using the cutter is simple. You just need to place your potato in the cutter and then push the lever.

In less than 2 seconds, you will have your French fry shape ready. After cutting your potatoes, you can maintain the cutter clean manually. Only the pusher grid and the blades are dishwasher safe.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Designed with two blades for thin and thick slices
  • The cutter is affordable and easy to use
  • Designed with quality components that last long
  • Can also be used to cut other types of vegetables
  • Easy to maintain clean after cutting potatoes
  • Effective potato cutter that is fun to use
  • Nice and compact cutter for homemade French fries
Prepworks by Progressive Jumbo Potato Cutter

Having the right kitchen appliances makes your cooking experience fun and enjoyable. When you are preparing food, cutting and slicing is among the activities that you do. If you are cutting fruits and vegetables, the best pineapple cutter comes in handy.

For French fry lovers, equipping your kitchen with a French fry cutter allows you to enjoy taking French fries anytime. If you have a tool like the Prepworks cutter, you can make uniformly shaped potato strips for making French fries.

This is a multi-purpose kitchen slicer that can perform a wide range of tasks. You can use it to cut cucumber, apple carrots and much more. The cutter is designed with a non-slip grip handle and a nice suction base making it secure on your countertop.

You will also find two interchangeable blades to select the size of cuts you want. When it comes to cleaning, the pusher plates and the blades are dishwasher safe but the base the base frame should be washed manually.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Nice potato cutter with a user-friendly design
  • Makes uniformly shaped potato strips for French fries
  • Designed with two interchangeable blades
  • The cutter can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables
  • Pusher plates and blades are dishwasher safe
  • Designed with a non-grip handle for easy handling
  • Features suction base that provides a secure countertop mounting
TMS VD-33860KC Potato French Fry Cutter Slicer

Potato cutters are not only ideal for your kitchen but also for restaurants or people who run fast food café. Many people love French fries, if you want to make preparation easier, you can get a quality potato cutter like the TMS VD-33860KC Potato that gives great results.

Using this cutter is way safer as compared to using knives to cut potatoes. The cutter is versatile while allows you to use it to cut fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, sweet potatoes and much more.

It is equipped with 4 interchangeable blades to help you achieve different sizes of cuts ranging from thin, wedged and shoestring. The cutter has a long lever that allows you to use minimal effort when cutting.

This durable cutter has rustproof stainless steel blades that are also easy to maintain clean. After you are through with preparation, expect a very easy time cleaning the unit.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Designed with aluminum alloy steel handle that is durable
  • Safer to use as compared to using knives
  • The potato cutter is easy to clean after use
  • Feature quality and rustproof stainless steel blades
  • It can be used to cut other types of fruits and vegetables
  • Has four interchangeable blades to achieve different sizes
  • Allows you to enjoy healthy and quality French fries at home
Mandoline Slicer with Cut-Resistant Gloves

If you consider the amount of money that you spend in restaurants eating French fries, you will find that you will have spent a lot of bucks in the long run. Why can’t you just buy a French try cutter and enjoy healthier and top quality French fries from your home?

There are different types of French fry cutters that you will find on the market. Choosing the right one can be tough especially if you do not know what to look for. One of the best slicers that I would recommend is the Mandoline Slicer.

This unit allows you to adjust the thickness from 1-9 mm depending on your liking. Apart from slicing potatoes, you can also use the cutter to cut potatoes, cucumbers, cabbages and much more. It has a thicker and stronger blade that is made of stainless steel that retains its sharpness for long.

After using the cutter, you need to clean it to prepare it for the next use. This unit is dishwasher safe but you can also clean it under running water. Avoid using a sponge to clean or drying it with a towel.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The tool offers a quick and easy slicing
  • Allows you to adjust the thickness from 1-9 mm
  • Designed with a built-in blade that is stronger
  • The slicer is easy to clean manually or in a dishwasher
  • Blade doesn’t bend or loose sharpness
  • Slicer is studier as compared to other models
  • Changing the blades is easier with the included knob
Update International (FFC-38) 3/8" Cut French Fry

Preparing your own French fries at home is not only healthy but also fun. However, selecting the right French fry cutter to suit your needs can be tough. French fry cutters are designed in different ways and come with different features.

Whether you are looking for a French fry cutter for commercial or home use, you can try the Update International which is designed to work well to meet your requirements.

A good French fry cutter should be durable enough so that you can enjoy using it for many years. This one features a cast iron construction so you can be sure that you are investing your money on a product that will serve you for many years.

To add on its durability, this cutter is made with stainless steel trough that is also strong. It comes with 3/8 blades that slice the potatoes to provide you with consistent results all the time. The cutter is also designed with a handle that offers effortless cutting to provide consistent results.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Durable French fry cutter made of cast iron material
  • It has a tough stainless steel trough
  • Nice handle that provides consistent results
  • You can enjoy restaurant style fries at home
  • Designed with 3/8 blade that is strong and sharp
  • Helps you prepare your potatoes in less time
  • It can also be used to cut other things in the kitchen

How To Choose The Best French Fry Cutters

There are several vital considerations that you need to remember when you are buying a French fry cutter. The following tips will help you pick the most suitable cutter that suits your needs.


The durability of the entire unit is an important consideration. This is why you should consider the material that is used to make the cutter. Always select a cutter that is designed with high quality materials so that you can enjoy a durable use. The best French fry cutters are made of cast iron or stainless steel material which last longer.


Another important thing that you should pay attention to is the blades. Does the cutter have interchangeable blades? Are the blades easy to remove? Do the blades go dull with ease? Select a tool that is designed with sharp blades so that you not end up sharpening them all the time when you want to use the cutter as like as Manual Food Chopper no doubt.

Ease of cleaning

After using the cutter, you need to maintain it clean so that you can get rid of the food remains. Of course, you do not want to end up with a tool that is hard to clean. Some models have dishwasher-safe parts while others require manual cleaning. If you have a commercial cutter that is used on a daily basis, make sure that it is easy to clean.

Frequency of use

How often do you prepare French fries? If you don’t prepare French fries frequently, then there is no need of buying a commercial grade model that will occupy most of you kitchen space. You can buy a compact model that is easy to store. On the other hand, if you prepare French fries frequently, then you need a strong and durable cutter that is fast and easy to use.

Ease of use

A good French fry cutter should also have a user-friendly design. You don’t want to end up with a model that is hard to use. The potatoes should slide easily without using much effort. You can even select a commercial grade electric cutter for effortless operation.


Have you ever worked with a French fry cutter that slides around when you are cutting potatoes? If so, then you know how the whole preparation process can be boring. For the best results, you need to select a model that is stable enough on your counter top. Select a cutter that is designed with strong suction cups or legs with a non-slip coating.

Final Notes

French fries is a common food that many people all over the world love. The challenging part when it comes to preparing French fries is cutting the raw potatoes into even shapes. Using a knife to cut your potatoes is not only unsafe and tedious but also time consuming. Again, you are not likely to end up with evenly shaped potato slices. If you want to make your work easier and faster, having the best French fry cutters in your kitchen can be a great idea. You can slice potatoes and other vegetable in a matter of seconds.

Since there are multitude of French fry cutters on the market today, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. We have tried to simply your search in our reviews by narrowing down to top ten best models that you can consider buying. We have listed incredible products that you can compare so that picking the right one is easy.

Whether you are looking for a French fry cutter for commercial use or home use, I’m sure you can pick the right one from out top reviews. All the above products are equipped with amazing features, they are easy to use, durable and come at affordable prices. I believe it will be now easier to select the most suitable cutter.

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