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How to Use a Laser Level for Floors – Usable Tips in 2024

Looking for some tips on how to use a laser level for floors? Well, I will help you with some essential tips. The aspect of using a laser level for floors can be intimidating. However, once you have it and instructions in hand, the task is super easy. You need to get the best laser level for that matter.

To get the best, choose the type that best suits you. The best laser should also have the best accuracy. Apart from the best being durable, safe to use, and have a laser detector, a good tile laser will also be easy to use.

Laser levels are available in different designs useful for different purposes. They are not only used for floors but also have other applications. However, today we will focus on the floor application.

You need to know the aspect of the laser level. It will help you know how it works and how to use it. Are you ready to know what a laser level is? Well, let's get to that.

What Is A Laser Level?

What Is A Laser Level

A laser level is simply a device that uses a beam of light to level surfaces. The beam of light is the laser. The lights come from diodes or LEDs. I guess the 'LED' term makes it sound understandable.

LED is a common term if you have handles remote controls, TV screens, and other devices. The device uses different elements like the laser chalk line.  

It is an acronym of ' Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.' You use the beam as a chalk line if a straight level is achieved. With modern technology, there are laser level designs that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

The outdoor laser level designs have a light detector that allows the user to see the beam of light clearly when working with it outside.

Laser Level Applications

If you are using a dewalt laser level, you can use it for a variety of applications. Laser levels are useful by professionals and DIYers. As long as you have the right laser design depending on your job, then you are good to go. Most DIYers use it when making house renovations.

The laser level's basic purpose is to enable the user to know if the surface is leveled. Laser levels models have different specifications. This makes different models ideal for different tasks. There are models for grinding, floors, framing, to level the ground and others.

Laser Level Applications

With the different models, you need to identify what you will need the laser level for. This will help you get the best model for the job. There are models with dot laser. Such models allow point leveling.

Those with a line laser shoots in both a horizontal and vertical line at a range of 65 to 100 feet. If you need to do super easy leveling tasks, go for a model with a point generator.

For making 360 degrees line, the rotary laser level is a suitable model. That makes sense know. Laser level has a variety of application. However, you should choose the model that suits a particular application.

Laser level set up

The type of laser set up is different for different laser level models. This brings out a difference in the types of laser levels. There is the manual leveling, electronic leveling, and self-leveling laser level type.2

 All these types have different ways of setting up. Just as the name indicates, a Manual leveling laser level needs a physical set up.

The user has to install the laser level manually using screws and vials. The users can only use the laser level to get accurate results when the screws are properly fastened. 

Laser level set up

An electronic leveling laser is the best and it gives the most accurate outcomes. You use it vertically or horizontally. Whatever manner that suits you is good with an electronic leveling laser.

It does not need manual setting up like the manual kind. There are no acres or vials involved, and the self-leveling laser level is much like the electronic one. It levels all by itself with the help of a pendulum.

Setting up procedure

Before using any kind of laser level like the bosch laser level for floors, you need to know how to set it up. How you set up the laser will determine whether you will get accurate results or not. Set it perfectly to get the most accurate results.

The setup simplicity will also depend on whether you have the best tile laser. A good one should not be complex to install. Do you want the setup process to be easy? Well, then you should get the best. It will have all the features that ensure the simplicity of installation. Here is a guideline.

  • Install the laser level's batteries if it utilizes some. Before installing, the batteries should be fully charged. This will ensure that you use the laser level for a long time before the battery dies.

  • If the laser level is not a battery kind, connect to a relevant source of power

  • With that, place the laser level on the surface you need to use it from. With that, you are set to start using the laser level.

How to Use a Laser Level for Floors

Whether you are using a Dewalt laser level or a Bosch laser level, the concept of using them for floors is the same.

Do I need a laser level for floors? Well, Yes, it is very useful than you can even think. The floor needs to be leveled when you want to put tiles or hardwood floors. The laser level will help you know whether the floor is leveled or not. 

How to Use a Laser Level for Floors

This minimized the noise that tile and hard floor make when they are not leveled. To get accurate outcomes from the laser level, you need to know the right way to use the device. You already know how to set it up, now it is time to put it into use. 

  • You need to know the measurement of the floor to identify how many tiles will fit. Make the necessary measurements using a laser tape measure.

  • Make the necessary preparation needed to lay the tile.

  • Put the laser level on the floor and Power it on. The first thing to notice is a 180 degrees line

  • Make necessary adjustment to the laser level to see the point that's not leveled

  • Use the beam of light as the laser chalk line

  • Repeat the adjustment for all the parts on the floor while marking

  • The leveling mark should not be lower or higher than the laser mark. If it is lower or higher, it means that the floor is not leveled. There can be a lower or higher spot. 

  • Use the remote control to rotate at all points to ensure there are no higher or lower spots.

  • Lay some tiles to see if the laser level line corresponds with the positioning

  • Doing that you can use the mortal of the laser on small points

  • If you follow that procedure, you will have laid done all the tiles in a leveled floor.


Most manufacturers will provide instructions on how to use the laser level for different purposes. If the instructions are too complex for you, you can always use our guidelines.

A laser level ensures that you do the things that seem impossible. Once you have the type that suits you, setting up and operating the laser level will also be easy.

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