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How to Clean and Organize Your Room – Perfect Tips 2024

We all need to relax in a tidy and clean room. Well, have you ever thought of how to clean and organize your room? Well, if you have been in such a situation, then you on the right page. The article includes insights that will help you achieve your dream type of room.

Moreover, it will help you understand some of the simple ways you consider when cleaning your room. Additionally, sometimes you can experience that things are out of hand. Well, don’t be depressed as the situation is always under control. Let's have a look at how you can achieve a clean, organized room.


The first factor to consider is preparation. It is essential to take a view of the room and access the situation at hand. Furthermore, planning and preparation are critical factors to consider on how to organize your room fast. Still, on the preparation step, you need to get all the required equipment and tools ready.

 You can consider things like; mixing the solutions that you will require, assembling the buckets and mops, among others. It is one of the quickest methods that will help you clean and organize the room within a short period. Additionally, preparation will help get you into the mood of working. It’s a step that allows for delivering incredible results.

Start with the bed and table area

Start with the bed and table area

The bed area is an essential part as you tend to spend a lot of time there when you in your room. Start by taking off everything from the bed. With this, it means that you need to strip off the bedsheets and pillowcases. It’s an essential step on how to organize your small bedroom. After stripping off the sheets, you need to wash them separately. Ensure that you thoroughly wash them using clean water and let them dry.

After that go back to crapping out everything that is underneath the bed. Try and pick up the items and put them in one corner. Besides, this method gives you ample time when cleaning. Additionally, it helps you prevent accidents and injuries while working.

Moreover, you also need to get rid of items around and on top of the easy to assemble desk. After that, keep in mind that you still working on the bed area. Consider the following activities while cleaning around the bed;

  • Flip the mattress and dust the area which increases the comfort and its lifespan
  • Use a clean wet cloth and wipe around the bed to get rid of dust
  • Fit in new clean sheets and decorative pillowcases. It makes the bed look sassy and beautiful!
  • Wipe the area around the study table in your room.
  • Arrange the books neatly.

With the above steps, be sure that your room will look new and awesome! The steps help you make a big difference in the appearance of the room.

Clean bookshelves and your desk

Clean bookshelves and your desk

If you have a desk or bookshelf, you need to clear the area and dust the books. Wipe the surface and ensure that you remove everything from the desk and leave only the important stuff. Also, remember to organize everything neatly. 

On the bookshelves, clear the area and wipe down the area. Then organize and arrange all the books back to the shelves. Remember to keep the books you use the most on the front line. Besides, it helps you get rid of the junk in your bookshelves.



It is essential to move to the window area after the bed and tables. Depending on the number of windows in your room, you need to ensure that the area looks good as well. In this step, you should start by removing the curtains from the windows. Put the curtains in a place where you store dirty clothes. Alternatively, if you own a washing machine, then you can wash them at this point.

Then move to wipe the windows using a clean cloth. You can consider washing it using soap and mild soap. If your room consists of best magnetic doors, then you also need to wipe them. Moreover, ensure that you open them to let fresh air come into the room.

However, it is vital to keep the windows open to allow you to get rid of the dust. Moreover, open windows bring in the fresh air so that working will be comfortable and relaxed.

Tips on how to clean windows

  • Ensure that the cleaning is done on a cloudy and dry season. If you choose a sunny day, then the cleaner might dry before you rinse it off. Besides, this might cause a lot of inconveniences.

  • Before you start cleaning, ensure that you wipe the windows first. It helps you get rid of the dust and dirt with so much ease. You can choose to use a brush or vacuum to get rid of the trash. It enables you to avoid getting the dirt muddy. 

  • Pick the perfect cleaner for your windows. Ensure that you use a cleaner that works well for your windows. Keep in mind that the detergent you are using won't cause scratches.

  • With a soft microfiber wipe slowly on the windows and remove all the dirt. Additionally, make sure that the cloth can entirely absorb water.



Well, it’s another thing that makes how to organize your room DIY easy. Additionally, maintaining an organized closet is one of the ways that keep your room neat and clear. It also helps you access your clothes with so much ease. Well, when leaning your room, ensure that you visit the closet area. Moreover, below are simple steps that you can put into consideration when cleaning and organizing your closet. You can choose to use the High Velocity Fans
to get fresh air.

  • Clear and declutter all the clothes in the closet. Then sort the clothes according to their category. It’s a simple step that will help you get rid of some of the outfits you don’t use.
  • Clean the closet. Wipe the shelves and make sure that you get rid of the dust. Leave the area for some time to let it dry thoroughly.
  • Prepare and get back the clothes to the shelves. During this time, you should ensure that you store them by category. Additionally, for ore space, hang the delicate and fancy wears.
  • If your closet has the drawers, then you need to roll the light clothes and store them in the drawers. Light clothes include t-shirts.
  • Keep the ones you wear near so that you can easily access them. It makes it easy to grab outfit you would love to wear.
  • Moreover, you can use the space on the closet wall to store accessories and jewellery. Furthermore, it's essential to increase the vertical storage of shoes.

Find the hidden spaces

When cleaning and organizing your room, you need to find out all the hidden spaces. It helps you clean them easily without hassle. Once you have decluttered most of the areas, it’s easy to find the hidden places. Besides, you can think of what that can transform some of these hidden spaces into meaningful spaces.

Some of these extra spaces are very crucial. You can decide to transform these spaces into something and use it to your advantage. Also, the hidden areas will be essential to help you create more space on the floor.

Tide up some of the items in the room

Tide up some of the items in the room

We might not mention all the things in the article. Besides, organizing the closet area, then you need to tide up some of the items such as the television or computer in your room.

Wipe off the screens and the tables, especially if you own some of the best study tables. It enhances its lifespan and keeps the place looking great. Moreover, when wiping surfaces, ensure that you are using a wet cloth to help get off excess dust. Never leave your room with dusty surfaces. It is an indication that you are great at deep and thorough cleaning.

Clear the floor and sweep

It is now time to finish up on how to clean your room. After you did arranging and wiping the floor, then you need to get rid of the dirt on the floor. You can use a dustpan to remove all the dirt on the floor and throw them into the dustbin.

After clearing the floor, you need to sweep it clean. It helps you remove all the dust and dirt as you prepare for vacuuming or moping. When sweeping, you need to put own the below steps.

Choose a broom

They are several brooms in the market, and choosing one can be a challenge. Well, you need to come up with something that suits your room floor. Besides, you can also use the best mop bucket to help you sweep.

Choose a starting point

Most people have different ways on how to clean and organize your room. More of when sweeping, you need to find a point where you can start sweeping. There are a few different methods that suit everyone's preference. For instance, cleaning from edge to edge, walking on the perimeter of the room and pulling dirt as you move. In this case, you need to select a method that suits your needs.

Begin sweeping

After choosing a method that suits you, then you select a point and begin sweeping. Ensure that you keep contact with the floor. Additionally, ensure that you do not press the broom on the floor. Pull the dirt slowly without causing messes on the other parts of the room.

Mop or vacuum the floor

Mop or vacuum the floor

You have just grabbed the mop and bucket, and you are thinking of what's next? After getting rid of debris, you should begin mopping or vacuuming the floor. Besides, when cleaning, you need to follow some of the steps to achieve incredible results carefully. 

Find the right mop or vacuum

Since there are a variety of floors, you need to find a mop or vacuum that suits your floor. Additionally, not all soaps and cleaners are suitable for all types of floors. Choosing the best mop bucket should be your priority. Moreover, having the right tool will help you enhance and increase the lifespan of the floor.

Start mopping in the right direction

It is essential to start mopping in a direction that is right for you. You should begin mopping in the corner of the room and then find a way out to the exit. Additionally, it is vital to keep your mopping pattern to help avoid stepping in clean areas.

If you encounter stubborn spots, then you need to go over them and clean them thoroughly. Moreover, when cleaning, ensure that you push some of the items such as study table and bed carefully. It helps you avoid scratching the floor.

Air out and rearrange the room

High Capacity Fan

After mopping the floor, you need to it air out. Airing out the floor helps it dry quickly and enhances its appearances. Well if you want amazing results on how to clean and organize your room, this is no exception.

When you feel the floor is dry, then you can consider rearranging the room. You need to put everything back to its place in a neat way. Moreover, at this point, your room will be looking great and amazing. To get more air, you can consider using the high capacity fan. It helps get rid of the odor that might enclose in the room.

Tips when cleaning and organizing your room

  • Do significant research before you make any move on to cleaning the room? You can consider magazine photos an come up with different styles that you would wish to invent.

  • Find colours that are colourful and matching. Well, in most instances, picking up colour can be a challenging task. There are many misconceptions about what is wrong and what is right. So you should find a colour that suits your preferences and matches your room theme.

  • The closet is one of the challenging things in the room. It's a small place, but it gets messy. Therefore, you need to have a clear mind and change its appearance. Besides, you are the one that needs to change the style of the house.

  • Moreover, you should not store clothes on destructive hangers. Ensure that you are using a hanger that is fit to handle the storage of clothes. Also, fold all the clothes keenly and well.

  • Never leave water on the floor or surfaces. It is essential to wipe and dry water from all surfaces and leave them dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What clothes should one store in the drawers and hangers?

A: Deciding on the types of clothes you should store in the drawer and on hangers is pretty simple. First, you need to weight the clothes and be sure of how you want to organize your closets. Importantly, you need to store the light clothes that you can easily roll in the drawers. Moreover, outfits such as sweaters blazers can fit well on the hangers.

Q: How should I dispose of dirt when cleaning and organizing my room?

A: Well, when cleaning and organizing your room, you need to keep a dustbin near you. To make this process easy for you, always ensure that you have at least three containers. One will hold the items you want to trash, and another one will keep the things that you intend to stay and lastly the items you will prefer to donate. It's an easy way to separate and dispose of the items from your room. 

Q: Which is the most effective way to clean and organize your room?

A: There are a lot of ways that one might consider when cleaning. Besides, the above methods are some of the simple steps that will help you achieve the best when organizing your room. For instance, getting rid and arranging the room, dust and vacuum the area and polishing will give you incredible results. You can give it a try!

Q: What should you do when you have no space in your room?

A: Lacking space in your room can be a challenge for many people. When there is no space to store some of your items, you need to invent a way to keep the things intact. First, if you stage in a bigger house, this might be an advantage. You can choose to move some of the items to an empty room in the house. However, if you have a smaller room with no options, then you can consider storing some of the things under your bed.


Well, when organizing and cleaning your room, you need to consider the above factors. Moreover, you will be able to implement some of these tips to have successful cleaning experience. Besides, it is essential to achieve new tips each time to try out something new. Note that implementing new strategies might take time, but it will be useful. I hope this article will be helpful to you. All the best!

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