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How To Maximize Space In A Small House – Specific Tips in 2024

Do you need more storage space in your tiny house? Are you thinking of moving because your current house is small? Well, if any of these questions keep popping in your head then it's definitely because that small house is bursting at the seams.

 Small houses require you to reduce on the clutter so that you can maximize on the available space. In this article you will get useful tips on how to maximize space in a small house.

Several people in busy cities like New York and London are faced with the difficulty of living in small apartments or homes. If you are in that category and you share an apartment with someone or you simply want to fit all your stuff in that small apartment, you will learn ways you can take that small space.

 I have got some of the best tips that will make you love your home and allow you know where the smallest items are at all times.

Maximize Space In a Small House

Get rid of some stuff

Ok so this might seem a little too obvious but hey it's of the most effective tip. I know how hard it may be to get rid of some items because just like anybody else we tend to think that we may need that specific item in future.

 Holding onto stuff only makes us accumulate more unwanted junk in our houses. Truth be told you may find that your house isn't even that small but the stuff you have maybe the problem after all.

You to come to terms with yourself and let go of some stuff you have in your house that are not essential to you anymore. So how do you achieve this? You can follow the simple steps below.

  • Get three boxes and then divide all of your stuff by placing them into the boxes.

  • Mark the boxes as follows.  1 things I haven't used in months, 2 things I need daily and box 3 things I can do without.

Once you are done, you can start singling out box by box. Start with the things I can do without. You can take them straight to the trash because like the box says they are indeed things you can do without not even charity will need them.

Next go to things I haven't used in months. If nothing in that box has not been used in months, chances are that you won't be needing them either in the future. Get rid of them too. Preferably give them to charity they might find use for them. The next box you definitely need so you can keep. 

Once you are done, you will find that your small space living is greatly improved. Moreover, you will be able to find your essential items easily.

Turn rooms into zones

Here it is mainly you separating the rooms in your small apartment into zones. What is the purpose of this? Well, you will be able to separate the spaces within each room so that you can be able to organize them easily. Separating a room into different zones is mainly known as "micro-zoning" in interior design.

Let me give you an example. Your small apartment has a dining area but doesn't have a library, music area or even a socializing area. What you can do to achieve all these areas is to create different zones in the dining room and dedicate it for your desired activities.

Lucrative Table For All

This is one of the best small house design ideas. You will get a corner to seat and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee, a read a book or even smoke your cigarette in peace. You can either color code, place a curtain or place the small study table to create the zones.

Create storage areas

Create storage areas

Another thing you can do to create more space in your small house is by creating storage units. Having different storage units can allow you have places to store some of your items safely while leaving room on the floor. You can create space under your bed. You can also make shelf units on the walls to offer you with open storage units.

Once you create those shelves, you can stuff them up with different items until they are filled up. Cover the shelves with a curtain to keep the items out of sight.

Now you may be wondering where you can keep those tiny items. That is where the doors and the walls come in. Look for wire hangers that you can fit on your doors or the walls so that you can get storage for those small items.

Remove items from the floor

Remove items from the floor

Anybody living in a small house knows how annoying it is to walk into the room and step on anything that isn't the carpet. It's not only annoying but frustrating as well.

Never leave things littered on the floor whether it's shoes or even toys. Keeping things away from the floor will not only make you love walking inside your house but it will also keep the house near and organized.

Think Twice on What You Bring Into Your Home

We have all walked into a store and suddenly we feel like we need to buy every single item we set our eyes on. Also, you may have been in a situation where your friends or family give something that you can't refuse no matter.

Maybe your kids just can't get enough of toys and keep bugging you to buy them new ones frequently. It is usually hard to say no to your desires or to your kids and loved ones.

If you want to keep the clutter away from your house then you need to rethink before you get more stuff in your tiny space. You will have to grow two heads and be super picky about everything that is going to end up in your house.

If you really must get anything else, think of where you will place it, is it going to be essential in your house? Do you already have something else that serves the same purpose?

Ask yourself such questions before you bring that item at home. If you can't say no to a gift then you need to think of something you already have that you can get rid of to create space for the new item.

Increase on the closet space

Increase on the closet space

Your small house does have a closet and no matter its size, you can end up making good use of its space. Aside from keeping your clothes, your closet can also keep other things and help you clear the clutter.

 You can put small cube shelves at the bottom to keep items like toys in there. Make sure to put something in there so that you get to utilize that space which will greatly increase your living room space or that of the house in general.

Opt for a day bed

A day bed would be one you can keep away and only bring out when you are ready to use it. Adding a day bed to your bedroom will give you more space in the bedroom. A day bed will also be very useful in a small house which doesn't have a guest room. You can place it in the living room in case you have visitors.

Make sure you mount the TV

modern corner tv stand

With plenty of modern corner tv stand available on the market today, you will be able to increase on the floor space in your house. A TV in the living room can be a very huge space waster especially if you own a large screen TV.

You can just mount the TV on a wall using the stand so that you get to utilize that floor space for something else or just leave it bear to enjoy more space in your tiny house.

Choose your furniture wisely

Choose your furniture wisely

Don't go extravagant when choosing your furniture. Keep in mind the space you have. Leave the large furniture for those who don't have to worry about fitting things in their homes. The furniture you go for must be able to fit perfectly into your house and still leave some space for you to move around freely.

Also, look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes. You will want this because then you won't have to buy different furniture for different uses. For example, buy a desk that comes with a side chair instead of buying an end bench.

The desk with a chair can be used a work station, an area you can sit down and enjoy your tea, a place you can get ready from among other uses. This will also save you on spending a lot of money.

Use All the Surface Space as Storage

This is straight forward. Any surface that you can place anything can act as storage allowing you declutter your house. For example, a window sill can be used to place decorations, lightings, books, photo frames among others.

Customize your bathroom

Customize your bathroom

Your bathroom can hold a lot of things such as towels, medication, and mirror among others. Look for the best cabinets and have them installed into your bathroom so that you can place different items in them.

For example, the towel warmer will allow you keep your towels and have them near you whenever you shower. Hang your mirror in the bathroom and have a makeup cabinet there to keep your make up kits. You will be more organized and you won't keep wasting time looking for stuff whenever you need them.

Utensil organizers

Some of the best small apartment ideas would be utensil and food organizers. These help when you have a small kitchen but want to make the most of it.

Once have shelves in your kitchen, look for utensil organizers to keep your dishes, containers, container lids and even shelf food. You will have more space in the cabinets when you organize these things well. You will be more organized and your way around the kitchen will be made easier.

Paint the house walls white

Paint the house walls white

How does this help? Well, anything that isn't whit tends to stand out when placed in a white room. The white paint in the house will give the rooms a brighter as well as a lighter base.

You won't miss a thing that is out of place there whether it is your accessories or even your furniture. Therefore, before you move into the house make sure you paint the rooms white.

Go collapsible

You need more space right? As you think of things that will help you achieve this, think of collapsible furniture. For example go for collapsible chairs or even collapsible tables. Once you are through with using them, you can keep them away out of sight till they are needed once again.

Get rid of the doors

Get rid of the doors

Okay so this may not be so landlord friendly, but it will surely add you more space in that apartment. Let's say you own the house, you will have to get rid of some doors and you will be surprised to see the amount of space this can actually open up.

Transform the attic

If you have an attic, then you need to consider moving up. The attic when utilized properly can end up giving a good living space. You may think that converting your attic into a living area is costly but that will only be the case if you choose to hire someone else to do the job for you. To cut down the costs, you need to dedicate your time, be patient and know what you want to achieve.

Other tips to maximize your space in a small house

  • Use mirrors to double the size of the house.

  • Create glass walls so that you can separate the spaces without the need of dividing the room.

  • Add a loft to your kitchen and anywhere you think is necessary.

  • Keep small appliances in the retractable pantry drawers.

  • Make a breakfast bar instead of buying a kitchen table.

  • Make floor to ceiling bookshelves

  • Extend your home on the outside

  • Put racks inside your cupboards

  • Utilize a peg board inside the kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is living in a small house better than a big one?

A: Although I have looked at ways of maximizing space in a small house, you should know that your small house is better than a bigger one. Your small house is actually more energy efficient than a bigger one simply because there is little space for cooling or even heating.

The house generally has a reduced ecological footprint. Also, you will not do a lot of cleaning or even maintenance as the case with a bigger house.

Q: How can I make my small living room look bigger?

A: There are many things you can do to achieve this many of which I have discussed with you above. But just to help you remember you can do the following.

  • Put large scale art on display

  • Define the spaces using rugs

  • Don't rely on only one overhead light. Instead utilize different lights to distribute light

  • Use hidden storage

  • Use dark or light colors in the room for more depth

  • Use multi-functional furniture

Q: What is a small living room size?

A: A small room can be measuring 10×13ft or 3 X 4 m. This can be termed as a small living room.

Q: What are the best colors to paint in a small house?

A: Well, most professionals recommend the use of neutral tans, classic whites, rich blue-green hues and light grays. These colors are believed to make the rooms to look bigger instead of small.

Q: How do I stage my living room?

A: You can do the following to stage your living to look huge.

  • Choose the seating scheme carefully

  • Balance the living room colors

  • You will have to scale down on your furniture

  • Keep the right things in the living room and never leave it empty

  • Light is up


With all the tips I have dropped for you on how to maximize space in a small house, you shouldn't be stressed about your home anymore.

While there are plenty more ways to turn you small apartment into an enjoyable place to stay in, the ones I have discussed are more practical and most popular. We all often collect garbage and decluttering your house may make you realize that you didn't actually have a small home.

Clean after yourself and collect all the unwanted garbage around your house to create more space in it. For all of your valuable items, look for different ways to create storage spaces for them to be kept away safely.

 Look for furniture that is specifically made to help you create more space at home. When you maximize space for your small house, you will get enough room to relax, socialize, read, live and also enjoy and bond with your loved ones.

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