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You Need To Know Outdoor Gear Brand For Good Start

Over the years, consumer enthusiasm for outdoor adventures has been on the increase. Statistics show that over the previous five years, people continue to allocate more funds for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Due to the rise in demand, hiking and outdoor stores have significantly increases outdoor gear brand benefited. To cope with the rising demand, these stores have expanded their equipment which has led to increased competition.

With the wide variety of products in the market, it is difficult for the consumer to get the best brand. In this article, we have reviewed the best outdoor gear brands for a good start. Since outdoor activities vary, we have the best product for each event.

Why Essential The Correct Outdoor Gear?

The correct gear enables us to maintain specific temperature and energy levels which we need. The appropriate equipment will not only keep you alive but will make out outdoor activity fun, enjoyable and comfortable. If you are new to outdoor activities, it is essential for you to choose the best gear. Due to minimal experience, you will rely more on the equipment than a regular outdoor enthusiast. 

However, the correct gear depends on the activity. For instance, if you are hiking, you need the right boots, shoes, water bottle, backpack, cookware and other tools. You will also need sleeping gear. Therefore, you need outdoor equipment to protect you. Note that buying the correct gear is cost effective than having to replace equipment.

Outdoor Gear Brand You Should Be Aware Of

With the rise of people engaging in outdoor activities, there are numerous brands in the market. Some brands offer high-quality, versatile products to the market

brand awarness

Alps & Meters

It was born in a Swedish ski trip. This brand is a reflection of lifestyle with subpar outdoor imagination. Not only do they embed their traditional principles but they also combine traditional construction, natural materials with modern technology. They produce timeless equipment to suit both day and night patrols.

Western Rise

It is normal that heavy clothing or even an additional layering cause greater restriction. Western Rise beats this assumption. They have developed products which are a blend of practical and stylish outdoor wear. 

During the manufacturing process, they combine high-performance fabrics with advanced innovative construction techniques. They provide a new definition of what is achievable outdoors. Tests on their products have been done in American West.

Mountain Hardwear

This brand has been on the market since 1993 and had their headquarters in California, USA. Mountain Hardwear is famous for its shelters, sleeping bags, and clothing such as insulation and gloves. Their products are ideal for mountaineers, backpackers, and hikers. At the time the brand was founded, there was an issue with most outdoor gear brands focusing on producing casual apparel rather than robust gear.  

Mountain Hardwear came about to offer high-quality products through utilizing advanced technology. Their products are lightweight but very useful. Among the standard products the brand is known for include the Q Shield Down and Thermal Q Elite insulation. These insulations are majorly used in sleeping bags and insulation jackets. Their insulators are the best in the market since they have an ideal warmth to weight ratio. They are durable and efficient even in areas with high moisture.

Poler Stuff

Their products feature unique designs, hence stand out from most competing Companies. They offer a wide range of products such as shirts, tents, packs, coats, jackets, and accessories.


Arcade Belts

Let`s face it belts are rarely considered but are essential especially when hiking or mountaineering with shorts or pants that have belt loops. Some straps tend to get uncomfortable when they limit your movement. 

Arcade belt is the solution. Their straps are elastic. Therefore, the belt moves with you. Besides their high functionality, they feature attractive patterns.

Beyond Clothing

Necessity is the mother of invention. BEYOND CLOTHING was started due to the rising need for survival clothing. The brand thinks of human exposure to different adverse weather conditions. They make their consumers comfortable while being robust enough to offer extended service. To ensure they offer the best, they fuse diverse technology and test their products through personal experience. All their products are made in the USA.


If you prefer products that feature state-of-the-art- technology, then consider shopping for Vollebak gear. Their products embed technology that is way ahead of time. For example, they have designed a hoodie which is durable enough to last 100 Years, where else can you get such technology?

Other exciting products include a solar jacket which illuminates after dusk. Vollebak holds the top position as the initial ceramic clothing system across the globe. Furthermore, their hoodies have undergone scientific tests, which showed they help the user relax.


Cotopaxi offers exclusive colorways. Their products are among the most appealing apparel and new gear in the market. For example, they have a Tac Windbreaker, which is available in different sizes, for men and women. The brand also offers sleeping bags and tents.

build the brand

Black Yak

The source of inspiration for this brand is the resilient Himalayan Yak features. It is a veteran mountaineering brand which seeks to offer as a mountain Sherpa. Their gear is ideal for outdoorsmen and contemporary climbers. 

Their products have been proven to be of high quality and can withstand adverse weather conditions of the Himalayas Mountains.  They offer pants and flee shell jackets, basically anything you need when going climbing. Black Yak has been on the market since 1973 and continues to be among the leading brands.


Duckworth holds a record as a self-proclaimed global certified sole origin merino wool brand which is 100% made in the USA. Thus, the Company has a title to hold to and a source of pride. As a merino wool brand, they manufacturer wool clothing that is robust enough to withstand outdoor use. They are a source of American wool art and craft, a heritage which is barely remembered.


In Northern Sweden, there is a small mountain, Are, where Klattermusen is situated. The area is wintery and has many outdoor activity enthusiasts going there. The mountain is ideal for fishing, hiking, and skiing. Klattermusen, being in the exact area where the outdoor activities take place, provide durable gear. Their products are renowned for withstanding adverse conditions standard in the region.


Heimplanet drew their source of inspiration from traveling. It is a new brand in the market that not only builds but also innovates. First, they offer outdoor-centric gear, tents, and accessories. The brand is famous for their product-The Cave, which was popular in 2011. It made headlines as the first inflatable tent. 

The tent did have sleek, futuristic design and was able to stand up to harsh weather elements. Thus, it served as a stepping stone for successive Heimplanet equipment. 

Passenger Clothing

Their uniqueness lies in their inspiration. The brand came about due to music, travel and salt water. It is outfitted as an entertainment facilitator. Their products are ideal for anyone who has a constant desire to live off the grid, or anyone looking to wander aiming to visit remote areas. Passenger Clothing products suit lifestyle and are committed to planting a tree each time they receive an order.


They have been working with Skiing Lifestyle for 68 years, since 1950. It is a Japanese based company which began as a minor knit fabric factory situated in Toyama. They have since grown to be a reliable brand which offers high-quality products to the market. Their products are ideal for use on the slopes as well as in the city. Goldwin has also been contracted over the years to provide ski wears for international ski teams.

the brand

Good To Go

Without proper gear, outdoor adventures can go south real first. The primary challenge becomes cooking gear. After a long day exploring nature, you need a fast, efficient method to make your meal and rest. This is where Good To G comes in. They are an adventure food brand who specializes in tasty dehydrated meals.

Their meals are delicious and simple to make due to their prepackaged storage. The Company provides breakfast and dinner foods. Good To Go meals are similar to what you are likely to get in a restaurant.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

When going mountain climbing, you cannot take any chances with your gear. They have to be correct and well fitting. At times, there is never room for the whistles and bells, which may be common in other outdoor gear.

Hyperlite is a brand that is determined by offering high-performance mountain equipment. Their gear meets the users need. For this, the brand maintains a high regard for all their products. Some of the products they offer include shelters, packs, and accessories.


When getting into the business, the first step is to identify and existing gap. Matador took time to observe a problem many didn't know existed. They realized that when hiking, or engaging in an outdoor activity, the primary challenge was weight. Most of the gear such as blankets, duffels, and packs were hefty and weighed most users down.

They saw a business opportunity and ventured into it. They worked to come up with several packable adventure equipment which is fully functional without having to slow you down. Today, they have managed to bring different products to the market such as hydration packs and duffel bags.

Tenton Bros

It is easier to trust a brand when an experienced person is the brains behind the product. Nori Suzuki, a former mountaineer, launched Teton Bros, his brand. He derived his inspiration from traversing the West American region.

They released "TB Jacket" their flagship product in 2007. Since then, they have been developing spectacular outdoor mountaineering as well as ski apparel. They target the Japanese market majorly. During manufacturing, they use innovative textiles such as Pertex, Primaloft, and Polartec.

new brand

Outdoor Research

Since 1981, Outdoor Research excels at bivy sacks and clothing. Unlike most brands which use their material, they use first class elements from renowned manufacturers such as Primaloft. 

Their main stronghold is their rainwear since they are lightweight, offer excellent breathability and protects the user against harsh weather conditions. Due to the high-grade materials, their products are robust and highly effective. A significant product of the brand is the Helium II Rain Jacket.

Other Important Outdoor Gear You Need To Carry

Portable Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are the best source of hot water, especially in a campsite. You connect them to propane tanks, and they need batteries to operate.

Portable Propane Heaters

Propane heaters use pressurized gas to provide heat to under-insulated areas such as outdoor patios, camping trips, and hunting blinds.

Folding Hammocks And Wagons

These are similar to hammocks; the only difference is that they fold and are portable. Portable beds keep you comfortable and ensure you get a hassle-free rest. Folding wagons are ideal for transporting children. They have durably tired, one hand collapsing, and telescoping handles.

Snow Machines

A snow machine makes snow under certain conditions. These machines make the adventure more fun as well as create a joyful environment which is real test of fun no doubt. 

Dual Fuel Generators

It serves as an electricity backup since currently, almost everything depends on electricity to run. They are portable and are a source of power when need be. Dual fuel generators offer two options for the fuel type which is risk fee to arrange any kind of program for any where like meetup a gathering with friends and family.  

Roof Rake

It is dangerous to climb up the roof to remove snow. Leaving the snow there, on the other hand, will result in substantial icicles when the snow melts. Moreover, significant snow can cause the roof to collapse. Thus, consider having a roof rake to remove the snow.

Conclusion of Outdoor Gear Brand

We have reviewed the most common outdoor gear brands for a good start above. They will keep you comfortable, warm and comfortable even in harsh weather conditions. With our selection of tents, you don’t have to worry about space. Our backpack reviews above ensure you remain comfortable and with balanced weight, you won’t have to suffer from back pains.

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