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Top 10 Best Shower Tent in 2024 – Guide & Reviews

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities that you can engage in with friends and family. One of the major problems that campers face dealing with dirty or filthy toilets and showers.

Other campers are also forced to use the bush if they visit places with no showering facilities. You don’t have to all through because I have a perfect solution for you. With the best shower tent, you can enjoy a hygienic personal shower tent that is easy to set up, use and clean.

Having your own shower tent gives you the opportunity to control your sanitation and you will no longer have to deal with bacteria or other harmful micro-organisms that are found in public in public showers and toilets. You can also change your clothes and clean up without any issues.

Shower tents are great to carry for camping, hiking, at the beach and concerts among other outdoor activities. We have covered top models that are portable and easy to set. Check out their features, specifications and benefits in our reviews so that you can select the brand that you want.

10 Best Shower Tent in 2024 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Shower Tent in 2024 - Reviews

There are variety of brands on the market today that provide shower tents. How can you pick the right one from the thousands of products available? Check out our reviews that cover recommended products all in one post.

Make your camping trips comfortable with the WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent. This is a portable shelter that you can set up in less minutes.

 It provides you with a good ventilation meaning that it doesn’t stay warm or stuffy because there is an effective flow of air. The mesh top also allows you to get a better view of the sky.

The tent is also designed with a ventilation side window to allow more air to get inside and promote visibility. To keep your items safe, this tent is designed with spacious interior pockets that you can use to store small items like keys, wallets, and cellphones among others.

In regards to the construction, the tent is designed with anti-tear 190T polyester that gives you a long lasting performance. You can use the shower tent for many years because it is designed to last. The frame features a galvanized steel that protects it against corrosion.

This tent doesn’t have a base which makes cleaning easy. It also features a UPF 30+ and water repellent construction. The inner shelter remains dry and is able to block up to 60% harmful UV. In fact, you can use the shelter to protect you against burning sun or during heavy rains.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Features a pop up design that makes it easy to fold
  • The tent is spacious enough and has perfect ventilation
  • Designed with anti-tear polyester material for a long lasting performance
  • Galvanized steel frame protect it from corrosion
  • Offers you with a private place where you can change your clothes
  • The polyester material is water repellent to keep the interior dry
  • Makes a great shelter again burning sun and heavy rain

When you are traveling, you need to pack essential items like the best portable water heater to warm or boil your water outdoors.

And for those who are in to camping, buying a shower tent can provide you with a clean and comfortable place to take a shower or change your clothes.

The Campla Portable Pop up Dressing/Changing Tent makes a perfect selection for outdoor lovers. The tent is designed with a special fabric coating that is capable of blocking harmful UV rays. The tent also water repellent so you don’t have to worry about the inside getting wet.

You will love its excellent ventilation that ensures there is flow of air on the inside. The mesh roof vents combined with the zipper window ensure that air is flowing on the inside. Another thing that you will love about this tent is the large zipper door that makes entrance and exit easy.

To hold your items safely, it features built in clothesline where you can hang your towel or clothes. Additionally, the inside features 4 stakes where you can keep important items like keys, sunglasses, wallet and cellphones.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Portable shower tent that is provides privacy application
  • Designed with a built-in hanging clothesline to hold your clothes
  • High quality nylon polyester that is resistant to UV rays
  • Large zipper door that makes getting in and out easy
  • Offers a private shelter where you can change your clothes
  • Mesh roof vents and zipper window promote ventilation
  • Comes with a carrying bag that makes transportation easy

If you have the right camping gear and equipment, you can be sure to enjoy your outdoor experience. One important item that you should not forget to add in your camping list is a shower tent. If you are having trouble picking one, you can try the Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent tent.

This is one of the best shower tents that feature a strong construction to provide you with many years of use. The material that is used to make the tent is water repellent and built to last. Additionally, the polyester is material is rugged making it very reliable.

Using the tent is easy and you can move it from one place to the other with ease. The shower tent pops up in less time and it folds compactly making transportation easy. This lightweight tent also comes with a carry bag that make portability easy

The tent is packed with many accessories to provide you maximum convenience when outdoors. It has a towel hanger, shower opening, clothe hanger, flashlight hanger, toilet paper holder, carry bag and a storage pouch where you can keep your personal belonging.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Tent is designed with a quality polyester material that is durable
  • Features an ergonomic design making it easy to use
  • Multipurpose pop-up tent that comes with many accessories
  • The door is designed with heavy-duty zippers that don’t break easily
  • Strong stitching that hold it strong and keeps it in shape
  • Easy to use and you can move it from one place to the other
  • Gives you a clean and private space to use as restroom or changing clothes

If you love going for shopping, picnics and at the beach, investing in a best folding wagons can help you store and carry your items conveniently.

You can also use these wagons to offload your camping items from the car to the camping site. This means that you don’t have to make many trips because the cart can hold many items in just a single trip.

Another important item that should be top in your camping or outdoor list is a shower tent. In this case, the WolfWise shower tent makes a great selection for camping, toilet, changing clothes or using it at the beach.

The tent features a nice pop up design meaning that it can pop up or fold in a matter of seconds. This ultra-light shower tent doesn’t require any assembly. It has a nice construction that makes it easy to transport with the carry bag that is included.

If you would like to take a shower or change clothes, this tent gives you a private place. It is also spacious and well ventilated making it comfortable to use. The tent is designed to hold one person and has 2 zipper windows that provide enough air flow.

Reasons To Buy This

  • It folds up and pops out in seconds and doesn’t require assembly
  • Features an ultra-lightweight construction making it portable
  • Water repellent polyester keep the inside of the tent dry
  • Anti-tear polyester material offer a long lasting performance
  • The tent is spacious enough and perfectly ventilated
  • Gives you a private room to change your clothes or take a shower
  • Ample space to hold most of your items safely on the inside

There are so many things that you need to make your outdoor experience great. If you will be spending several days in the woods, it is obvious that you will need a comfortable place that you can use for shower or changing clothes.

What if the campsite that you are in doesn’t provide these amenities? Again, even if there, you might find them in bad condition making it hard to use them. In this case, carrying your own shower tent can make your outdoor stay comfortable.

You can get the Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower tent that is easy to set in just a matter of seconds. The tent has an innovative pre-attached instant frame design that makes it easy to set up. The tent is also equipped with a 5-gallon solar shower that heats up from the sun.

This spacious outdoor shelter provides you with 2 rooms. You can use one space as shower space and the other one as utility room. Moreover, it features mesh room to provide ventilation.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The shelter comes with a 5-gallon solar heated shower
  • Designed with a privacy coated fabric that offers a long lasting use
  • Provides you with 2 rooms for showering and changing
  • The tent has 2 windows and mesh room to offer ventilation
  • Features an innovative pre-attached instant frame design for easy set up
  • Great outdoor shelter that helps you enjoy your outdoor comfort
  • One of the most portability utility shower tent available

Having a privacy tent allows you to enjoy a comfortable outdoor stay. The Lightspeed Outdoors shower tent is multipurpose meaning that you can use it camping, beach, changing room or camp toilet. The tent is large enough and gives you the privacy that you want.

Setting up this tent is pretty easy and you don’t need any tool or prior experience to do that. It has pre-threaded telescopic poles and compression hub that makes set up easy. Again, if you follow the video given, you will find it very simple to set up.

The tent has a large dual zippered D-shaped door floor that is large enough giving you easy entry and exit. The material that is used to make the tent is durable and PU coated for wet weather.

You can easily clip the floor up or down when you need to use it. Other accessories that are included in the tent amenities pocket, towel strap and solar shower shelf.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The tent is simple to set up and take down
  • It doesn’t require any assembly or installation
  • Comes with an oversize carrying bag for easy packing
  • Made with a durable polyester material that is rain resistant
  • Designed with thick upper fiberglass poles with telescopic handles
  • Features guylines that provide more stability
  • Has a long line where you can hang clothes and towel

If you are planning for longer camping trips, you will need to freshen up. Taking showers or changing your clothes can be tough if you don’t have a convenient or private place where you can do all these.

The Textsport shower tent gives you allows you to enjoy your outdoor trips. This portable shower tent is lightweight making it easy to carry wherever your trip takes you. You can enjoy a quality shower when you are outdoors when you have the tent.

It is designed in a way that there is ample ventilation so it will not feel stuffy or uncomfortable when you are inside. With the two mesh windows and the four mesh roof panels, there is enough air flow making ventilation sufficient.

To keep your toiletry and other essentials organized, the tent is designed with a removable external towel bar and an internal mesh shower rack where you can keep your items.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The tent comes with stakes and storage bag where you can store it
  • Features a mesh shower rack to hold essential items
  • Has a removable hanging towel bar on the outside
  • Made with a large and zippered D-style door for easy access
  • The steel poles are rust resistant and durable
  • Features speed clips that hold the frame perfectly to the shelter
  • Mesh roof panel provide a better ventilation

Finding a nice restroom or convenient place to change your clothes can be hard in the woods. Of course, you don’t want to do your business in the bushes.

Which is why you should equip yourself with a quality shower tent like the PARTYSAVING 6 FT Portable Privacy Outdoor Pop-up Room Tent.

This shower tent is ideal for camping, at the beach, dancers, boats and photographers among other uses. It features an instant pop up set up and you can as well collapse it without experiencing any problems.

You will find some built in bags where you can your essential items. The tent also has quality built-in zippers that are easy to open and close. The inside of the tent is spacious enough making it easy to open and close the door from either the inside or the outside.

Tall people find it hard to get a shower tent that can accommodate their height. But this one does. You will not experience any height restrictions when using this shower tent. It has a height of 6.25 feet to accommodate tall people.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Has a honing trap where you can hang your clothes and towel
  • Comes with a convenient storage bag for storage and transportation
  • Nice tent that is suitable for tall people with a height of 6.25 ft tall
  • Easy to set up with no assembly required
  • Features dual zippers that are easy to open or close
  • Tent has a spacious entry offering quick entry and exit
  • Has stakes that make it stable during windy conditions

Gone are the days when you had to use the bushes to change clothes or take a shower. Make your camping or outdoor events fun and enjoyable with the Portable Pop up Tent Camping Beach Toilet Shower. This is a good looking and portable shower tent that you can take with you for any outdoor event.

It is designed with a waterproof polyester that is durable and able to handle the outdoor environment. The tent features an opaque roof design to give you maximum privacy to dress up. Moreover, the tent features a large zippered door that gives easy access.

The door is designed with a high quality zipper for a durable performance. The tent also features a flexible steel frame with an easy pop up design for easy setup. It also has a non-bottom design to ensure that the room stays clean all the time.

You can carry this portable pop up tent to various activities like campsite, beach, park, national parks, mountain area just to mention a few. It gives you a private and covered rood where you can dress up.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Nice tent designed with waterproof opaque material
  • Made with a large zippered door for easy access
  • It features a built-in entrance with zipper that are durable
  • The tent comes with a carrying bag and handle for easy carrying
  • It doesn’t have a bottom which makes it easy to maintain clean
  • Has 4 mounting stakes that offer stability in windy conditions
  • Designed with a rust resistant and flexible steel frame

Make your camping trips the best by carrying a portable shower tent. Choosing a quality shower tent can be troublesome because there are many models on the market today.

 If you are looking for a tent that can be used as a shower, portable changing room or a toilet enclosure, the GigaTent works well.

The tent is designed with a self-draining floor that allows water to drain with ease. After taking your shower, no stagnant water will remain on the floor of the tent.

The ceiling also features a mesh to offer effective airflow inside the tent. Additionally, it has a large window that also enhances air ventilation.

You don’t have to worry about where you will keep your items. The shower tent is equipped with 2 large pockets that can hold your bathing products. Additionally, you will find an adjustable nylon strap on the inside that you can use to hang your clothes and towel.

For convenient storage and transportation, this tent comes with a heavy duty duffle bag where you can keep it. Moreover, you will enjoy the included guy lines and extra stakes that provide stability during windy conditions.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Designed with a large window that provides ventilation
  • Versatile shower tent that provides you with a wide range of applications
  • Designed with a self-draining store to prevent stagnant water
  • The tent features a heavy duty duffel carry bag for easy transportation
  • Made with large interior pockets where you can store your items
  • It is made with a large hook that is sewn to the ceiling
  • Interior adjustable nylon strap to hang clothes and towels

How To Choose The Best Shower Tent in 2024

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, having a shower tent can make your experience the best. Check out important considerations that you should think about before buying the best shower tent.


When you are selecting a shower tent, it is important to check out if the shower tent is easy to assemble. You don’t want to spend several hours out there trying to set up the tent in vain.

Assembling or collapsing the tent should be an easy task that anyone can accomplish without struggles. You can look for pop up portable tents that do not take much time to assemble.


The material that is used to make the tent affects its durability. You need to check out which material is used to make the tent. Always make sure that you pick a shower tent that is made with strong and stable material. The material should also be water and UV resistant among other weather conditions.


Another thing that you should consider when buying a shower tent is the size. Make sure that you get the right size that will make using easy. This means that the tent you choose should not be too small making it hard to use.


Whether you are using the tent for taking a shower, rest room or changing clothes, you need one that is properly ventilated. If the tent is not properly ventilated, then it can be stuffy, warm and uncomfortable. Look for a model that has a window or mesh side top for better ventilation.

Storage Bag

These portable shelters need a convenient bag that you need to keep them when traveling or when they are not in use. You will find that most of them come with a storage bag to ease transportation and provide compact storage.

Wind Resistance

You need to remember that the tents are designed for use in outdoor environment. Therefore, they should be stable enough to avoid being blown away by wind. In as much as you want a lightweight tent, choose a tent that you can resist wind.

Interior Pouches

A tent that is designed with internal pouches is great because it gives you the opportunity to store items. You can also look for one with a clothesline so that you can hang your clothes and towels.

Final Notes

We all want an enjoyable camping experience, don’t you? One of the main problems that campers face especially women is finding a convenient shower place.

Some camp sites offer showers and toilets but most of them are dirty and filthy making it hard to use. If you don’t have a personal shower tent, then changing clothes or taking a shower becomes a problem.

Purchasing the best shower tent when you are camping solves all these problems. The good this with these portable shelters is that you can take them almost everywhere. They are also versatile meaning that they can be used for changing, taking showers or as a toilet area.

Additionally, shower tents can also be used as a sleeping area especially if you get a double size. When you are picking a shower tent, it is great to consider the right size with the right features that you want.

There are so many brands of shower tents on the market and we reviewed top choices so that we can make your work easier. We picked shower tents that feature a strong construction, stable, durable and resistant to wind. These shower tents are also reliable and great for any outdoor lover.


On top of that, our shower tents are easy to assemble. It will only take you a few minutes to assemble or collapse the tents. From the above shower tent reviews, you can compare their best features and pick the right one for you to make your camping comfortable.

Carrying your own shower tent outdoor gives you privacy and sanitation so you will not have to worry about dirty or filthy public showers at your campsite. I hope you have enjoyed our reviews and guide and it will be pretty easy to determine which shower tent is comfortable for you.

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