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Top 10 Best Inline Fan 2024 – New Models Reviewed!

An inline fan is also commonly known as a duct fan, duct booster fan, or booster fan. The fan is usually attached to a duct for ventilation purposes. Ducts are passages commonly used for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Therefore, once an inline fan is attached to a duct, its main purpose is to sustain proper ventilation in a confined room. Whether you want to grow plants indoors, or it is for industrial or home use, the best inline fan is qualified to move huge volumes of air in a blink of an eye. Meaning they circulate air, as well as regulate temperatures and humidity.

So why is ventilation important? Because it will provide even circulation of air to the whole house. For example, it will provide moderate heat and cooling to a room that is awkwardly cold or hot as to the rest of the house. Also in case it's for your grow room, it will enable you to manage the temperature and humidity in the grow room.

Plants grown indoors tend to bring out water vapor, which of course raises humidity as well as get excessive heat from grow lights. Because of this, ventilation is very essential for your grow room to prevent risks of pests and diseases that come with high humidity as well as ensure the proper growth of your plants.

We will show you some of the best inline fans for your home, grow room, workplace, or any other place that you feel needs a bit more ventilation.

10 Best Inline Fan in 2024 - Comparison 

Top 10 Best Inline Fan in 2024 - Reviews

Our team of experts spent many hours of research testing and comparing different brands of inline fans. Based on our selection criteria, the following are reviews of top best inline fans that you can consider buying this year.

Hydrofarm ACDF6 Active Air 400 CFM Inline Fan 6"

Looking for the leading hydroponics fan? Then the answer is Hydrofarm active air inline duct fan. With a great line up of features, it will give you great performance that you will need in your hydroponics garden.

This isn't some wimpy inline fan. It comes with an 8foot pre-wired 120volt power cord, as well as mounting brackets. This lets you make installations without the help of a professional because everything is straightforward.

This hydrofarm inline fan 6 is specifically designed with a thermally protected AC motor and UL recognized components. These help it to function quietly without producing irritating noise. Want a little privacy? This fan helps you control odor and temperatures in your hydroponics garden. You are assured of a fresher and cleaner environment.

In case you're wondering about durability, well let me break down for you. It is designed with ceramic coated metal housing, this will keep it from rusting or decaying, its speed controller is designed in a way that it can keep the fan's motor away from damage giving it a long life.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Ceramic coated metal housing ensures the fan's durability and efficiency
  • Includes a 120volt power cord and mounting brackets for easy installation
  • UL recognized components enable the fan to run very quietly
  • Controls temperatures and smelling the air in your hydroponics garden and grow house
  • Adjustable speed controller ensures the motor is safe from damage
  • Enables the use of carbon filters to work more efficiently
  • Also capable of pushing large amounts steam out the kitchen 
Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan

Do your plants produce a lot of moisture in your grow space? Then the Tjernlund exhaust fan is the best option. It is designed to handle sub-slab random gas mitigation areas and hydroponics garden to effectively remove all the moisture.

How about a low wattage inline fun? You will not only get high-pressure air handling performance but also get a quiet operation at significantly low power usage. How cool is that? Total convenience.

Furthermore, the inline fan can be used to remove fogged mirrors and odors in bathrooms and spas. Of course, this comes with very quiet operations to prevent irritations. Comes with quality durable steel with a powder coated finish. The fan has the power to withstand those external elements which can cause damage to it.

You can't use the fan without installing it first right? Well, you don't also need a professional to do the job for you. The fan comes with mounting hardware and brackets, detailed instructional manual, as well as a standard power cord. So with the best attic ladders, installation is a piece of cake.

Reasons To Buy This

  • This fan is versatile and is designed with quality durable steel
  • The Tjernlund exhaust fan is able to make quite operations
  • It is 6" with 460 CFM and very low power usage
  • Performs highly in exhausting high moisture in your grow space
  • Easily installed as it comes with mounting hardware and a power cord
  • The fan removes irritating odors and fogged mirrors in spas and bathrooms
  • Comes with a strip of vibration isolation foam to decrease vibrations 
AC infinity cloudline T4, quiet 4

How about a quieter and smarter inline fan? The AC infinity cloudline has an electronically command motor (EC), which is controlled using accurate electronic pulses and smart programming. So you are able to get a quieter and smart operation.

With an in-built thermostat, speed controller, timer and alarm system, you are able to control and program humidity and temperature. When there are varying humidity and temperature changes, it will automatically level them to those that you programmed to best fit your plants.

Just like the other inline fans we mentioned above, this too can run smoothly and quietly without generating more heat. You get a conducive environment for you and your plants.

The small inline fan also comes with a corded sensor, AC power plug, mounting hardware, and two duct clamps. All these items make it easy to use and install and you don’t have to spend money purchasing them separately. Moreover, this inline fan review also help to choose the perfect one.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Specifically designed to transfer appropriate temperatures and ventilation of hydroponics gardens
  • Includes mounting hardware, Ac power plug, two duct clamps, and corded sensor
  • The smart fan has an EC motor for quiet and efficient operations
  • Comes with an alarm system, timer, speed controller for easy programming
  • The duct fan maintains airflow in very high static applications
  • The duct fan also has a detachable 12ft water resistant probe
  • Has a backup memory, easily set to run continuously and customized speeds
Ipower 6

Just like its sister fan we mentioned above, the fan comes with composite fan blades and center hub. It will perform quietly with minimum sounds from vibrations. This is a nice fan for horticulture, industrial and household ventilation requirements.

Comes with a ceramic coated housing, plus permanently lubricated bearing. The fan is able to oppose external atmospheric elements which may cause damage to it. Additionally, the lubricated bearing is totally maintenance free. With all that you get a quality durable fan.

The fan efficiently moves air throughout your entire grow space without any system setbacks. Furthermore, it can be installed anywhere such as in the grow tent, attics, bathroom among others. Even if you have never installed one before, you can expect a simple task.

It doesn't need any professional to have it installed. You can easily do it as it comes with a junction box completely wired, and a standard power cord. Additionally, it is permanently lubricated making it maintenance free. Moreover, this best inline fan for grow tent or best inline fan for grow room no doubt.

Reasons To Buy This

  • It is very efficient for industrial, horticulture, and household ventilation
  • Coated with ceramic making it very durable and external element resistant
  • Comes with UL components which ensure quiet operations throughout the process
  • The fan has a fluted design to properly receive ducting
  • Very versatile and flexible to work in bathrooms, attics, and grow tent
  • It has permanently lubricated bearing that doesn't require any maintenance
  • Has a very powerful airflow throughout your entire grow space
4" inline fan 100 CFM, metal duct booster fan

This 4" inline fan is perfectly designed with lightweight paint coated steel. You can easily use it as a duct booster fan for ventilation in your grow space, basement among other medium sized areas. You can also use it in different places like workshops, bathrooms and attics.

Do you want it with maximum speed and power? With an airflow of 100CFM for such a small fan of 4", it can easily move air at maximum speed in straight ducts. This, however, can easily be controlled and adjusted by a speed controller (terrabloom speed controller).

Perfect for small to medium size setups. It greatly improves air flow in such spaces and can work as an air exhauster. So get rid of those odors in your basement, attic, or your grow space.

With it comes a fully detailed instructional manual, 6 foot grounded power cable, making it easier for you to use. If you follow the manual carefully, then you will not have issues with instlattion.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Highly recommended for environments with a maximum temperature of up to 140°f
  • The fan is also totally compatible with other specific speed controllers
  • The 4" inline fan has 100 CFM and wattage of 18
  • It eliminates odors and improves airflow in small indoor setups
  • Can easily flip to change from exhauster to intake fan
  • Comes with an enclosed motor to avoid damage to it
4"Silent inline duct booster fan, 47 CFM

Again if you are one with a small to medium grow space, then here is another perfect option for you. It comes with an air flow rate of 47 CFM that will efficiently ventilate your grow space.

Do you want the best silent fan? We ranked it as one of the most silent inline fans during operations. Generating only 25dBa, it barely makes a sound compared to other inline fans we tested making it very efficient and high in performance.

This inline fan is very powerful and will work efficiently in your small step up. It also uses lesser energy than other regular fans. Comes with an 8ft grounded power cord, mounting brackets and hardware. This makes installation very easy.

This fan is suitable for indoor environments but it is not suitable to use for furnace or fireplace. You can also consider buying the best high velocity fans if your room is too hot and your desk fan or ceiling fan doesn’t work as expected.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The 4" inline duct booster fan is powerful and efficient
  • Productive blower for proper air circulation in grow tents
  • It's the quietest fan with measuring of 25dBa of noise
  • The duct booster fan uses lesser energy compared to regular fans
  • It effectively removes odor from your vents, attics, grow space
  • The fan can easily be connected to metal 6" duct pipe
  • Comes with mounting brackets which are also detachable, pre-wired power cord
I power Glfanxine 4

Another amazing inline fan that you can buy this year is I power Glfanxine 4" 190 CFM inline. Designed with composite fan blades and center hub, plus UL components. These features reduce vibrations and noise generated during operations.

So how does it fare when it comes to durability?  With permanently lubricated bearing that is maintenance free, a ceramic coated body finish. There two most important features to keep your inline fan in great shape and without any major system setbacks.

Totally versatile, it will work so well when installed anywhere including the bathroom, attics, grow tent among other places. The fan will efficiently move air around the entire grow space.

Comes with an air flow that rates at 190 CFM. This is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms and grow areas. Now that's sufficient power for quality performance.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The fan comes with a ceramic coated housing and permanently lubricated bearing
  • Has an air flow of 190 CFM for small to medium spaces
  • Smaller than other 4" duct fans making installation easy
  • UL components and composite fan blades and center hub for quiet operations
  • The fan has essential equipment giving you proper ventilation
  • Comes with a flame-resistant coating giving you maximum safety
  • Can be easily installed anywhere like a bathroom, attic, small grow space
Hurricane inline fan 12 in 1060 CFM

This monster inline fan is at the top of the game when it comes to ventilation in your grow space. It is a well-rounded fan which will run smoothly and efficiently, giving you the power you need for the best ventilation.

Nicely designed with quality steel which is perfectly finished with powder coating. This makes the fan very durable and usable for a very long time. Additionally, it features UL components for that quiet operation that is best.

So how easy is it to install? The unit comes with a pre-wired 8ft 120volt power cord, mounting hardware, a detailed instructional manual on how to use and install it the right way.

The fan is totally compatible with carbon filters. This will allow you to exhaust all the odor in your grow room, as well as proper ventilation. Therefore, it is safe to say, this bad boy is a commercial grade fan.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Has an air flow of 1060 CFM for the best ventilation results
  • Designed with durable steel construction with powder coating finish
  • The fan features UL components for quiet operations giving you convenience
  • Comes with mounting hardware, 8ft 120volt power cable, and detailed instructional manual
  • The fan is compatible with carbon filters to eliminate bad odor
  • The hurricane fan is a high-performance commercial grade fan
  • Works perfectly with a speed controller connected to it for variable speeds
Hurricane inline fan 12 in 1060 CFM

For proper humidity control, you need the best high-velocity fan. That's not all, how about getting a fan that comes fitted with a speed controller. Awesome right? Well, the vivosun 4" inline fan is the best option for that.

Comes with an easy to adjust 3-speed variable speed controller. This allows you to easily control hot and humid conditions in your grow space or other areas. Also, you can use the inline fan as an air intake or exhauster. The exhaust part is perfect to eliminate odors.

The hurricane inline fan moves air at 203 CFM giving great airflow in your grow space. Also, it comes totally fine-tuned with a sturdy vegan leather cover to reduce vibrations and offer quiet operations while moving air efficiently.

The fan was designed with galvanized steel with a paint finish. This highly helps to prevent wear and tear, resting and decaying. This makes it very durable to last for long. Moreover, this inline fan reviews help to pick the best one.

Reasons To Buy This

  • The fan can be used as an air intake and exhaust
  • Totally delivers in small to industrial scale grow tents, hydroponics garden
  • The fan comes with a powerful airflow of 203 CFM
  • Galvanized steel with a painted finish makes it very durable
  • The fan runs smoothly and quietly throughout the entire operations
  • Comes with a fitted speed controller for adjusting variable speeds
  • The fan eliminates odor in your hydroponics garden and other grow spaces
VenTech IF6 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM

Do you want that very power fan that makes very quiet noise? Then the VenTech IF6 6" has got you covered. This fan features composite fan blades, and center hub, which minimizes noise and vibrations coming from it. Giving you a very conducive noise-free environment.

This inline fan is designed to provide you with a superior airflow and this makes it suitable for places like indoor growing rooms, hospital rooms, commercial cooling just to mention a few. It delivers a great performance to meet your cooling needs.

When you are investing in an inline fan, it is important to consider the durability. You want to end up with a durable model that will last for many years. This is why this fan is designed with a strong steel construction with a powder coating to enhance its durability. The strong construction also enhances a stability and efficiency.

When this best inline duct fan comes to installations, you can have it done professionally is you are not familiar with DIY installation. It is important to note that you should not install the fan in and enclosed environment if you want to get the best performance.

Reasons To Buy This

  • Strong steel construction make the fan strong and durable
  • Provides a superior airflow making it perfect for different applications
  • The fan provides air of 440 CFM which is quite amazing
  • The package includes the fan, fan mount and an instructions manual
  • Provides a quite operations so it will not bother you with noise during operation
  • Works well and installation is easy if you follow the instruction given

How To Choose The Best Inline Fan in 2024

Before you make a decision, we recommend you take some of these factors into consideration. This will help you select the right inline fan with the features and specifications that you want.


If you want the best performance not to mention quality of an inline fan. Then consider choosing one with the best material. Most fans come built with steel which we recommend as one of the best material because it comes painted or powder coated. Such coatings oppose external rudiments that could physically damage the fun.


The size of an inline fan blends with the size of your grow space. Therefore, if you have a large grow space, then we suggest you go for an inline fan large enough to suit your grow space. This is because the larger the inline fan the more power it has to effectively cover the whole grow space. Similarly, if you have a small to medium grow space then you should opt for a smaller inline fan.


Of course just like any regular fan, once it starts to generate and move air, then noise can be a point in question. It is even more irritating when your grow space is small. Do you want a low noise operation? We highly suggest you consider one which generates very low sounds. Technology has advanced making even the most dynamic fan to function without making a sound.


Does the inline fan come with the ability to control speeds? You need a fan that you can adjust accordingly to give you the speed that you require. It is important so that your space can get the appropriate ventilation it needs.


What is a fan without any power? The fans power is its ability to generate as much air as possible. This is commonly known as cubic feet per minute (CFM).

CFM is primarily the amount of cubic feet air that a fan can move in a minute so, you can determine the power of your fan by choosing one with either higher CFM for more power and vice versa depending on your need.


Another important aspect you should put in mind as you decide on the power of the inline fan is its motor. Settle for a high-quality dynamic motor which is whisper quiet during operations as well as one that won't require maintenance as like as quiet grow fan.

Easily Installation

Always settle for a product which won't require a professional to install it for you. I know most products come with user instructions from the manufacturer but make sure the information is fully detailed on everything you need to know. Also, look out for a fan that will come with mounting hardware so that all you will need are the best attic ladders to complete your installation.


What follows after your product becomes faulty? Choose an inline fan which has a warranty cover of at least a year. With that, you are able to return it and have it replaced by its manufacturer. This, of course, will depend upon terms and conditions agreed on.

Final Notes

Coming up with a grow room is important if you want to set up an indoor garden. But if you want your plants to grow well, you need to manage humidity and temperature. This is where inline fans comes in. Proper ventilation is one of the most important aspects of any home or grow space.

If you have been wondering how you will pick out the right inline fan to work efficiently in your grow area, we hope you have found the solution for that in our guide. We have rounded up some of the best inline fans and we suggest that you pick out one that will suit all your ventilation needs.

Providing your plants with ventilation is important for them to grow healthy. Indoor plants do not get the opportunity to enjoy a cool breeze as compared to plants grown in an open space. This is why it is important to ensure that your plants have the right ventilation indoors so that you can create a conducive environment. Inline fans work well to control the humidity hence prevent pest and other diseases.


Choosing an inline fan to meet your needs can be a hard task for many gardeners. Which is why we have created this guide and reviews to help you get more information about inline fans and help you select the most suitable.

We recommend you choose according to how large your grow space, home is so that you also find the perfect medium between you and your fan. All the above inline fans are perfect and they are designed to last for a very long time. So take your time and choose the ultimate inline fan.

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