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Top 10 Best Watermelon Slicer – Authentic Reviews in 2024

Fruits are essential for healthy bodies; thus, you can afford to miss to take several of them. However, when it comes to chopping, it’s good and especially if you are chopping a watermelon to use a slicer.

In this review, we have discussed the best watermelon slicer that are easy to use.  As we all know that watermelon is an inconvenient fruit when it comes to chopping. But you have to worry no more as we have come with simple slicers that will simplify your peeling process.

These slicers will ensure that you peel your watermelon efficiently and effectively. In addition to that, the slicer provides your table is free from messy as the slicer features rinds.

 If you intend to purchase a watermelon slicer, then take your time to go through the article. In the review, you can differentiate several slicers in terms of features.

10 Best Watermelon Slicer in 2024 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Watermelon Slicer 2024 - Reviews

You need the right items in your house like the best glass dining table and watermelon slicers among others. Since the market if full of products, it can be pretty tough to distinguish quality products from low quality ones. Here are reviews of recommended watermelon slicers.

Watermelon Slicer & Cutter by Sleeké

When it comes to chopping watermelon, most of the people remain to b a big challenge. The main reason being we lack the best type of watermelon slicer. With this slicer cutter, chopping your watermelon will be very easy and effective.  Keep aside your knife and experience a great feel with this fantastic and high-quality slicer.

This is a professional watermelon cutter designed with sophisticated design. The handle features a plastic material to provide comfort while chopping your melon. In addition to its comfort handling, it’s very durable as compared to similar types in the market.. With this fanatic tool, you can produce a perfect watermelon choice.  The watermelon slicer makes your work more comfortable as it can chop a whole melon under 3 minutes. 

This is a lightweight and durable tool that is extremely easy to use with your hands. The slicer is constructed with stainless steel that is water and rustproof.  With this slicer, no more mess, sticky counter, dirty on the table. Any leftover that comes out of the melon while chopping stays in the Rind Bowl. The slicer is suitable for home use and commercial purpose.

Highlighted Features

  • It can be adjusted to cut the slices of different sizes
  • Constructed from a durable and rust-resistant steel
  • It has un-function (can be used as a tong or slicer
  • Blade made of stainless steel for durability 


  • It is easy to chop with it
  • Easy to control the slice thickness
  • Can be washed with a dishwasher
  • Compactable, lightweight and portable
  • The silicone handle gives you a firm and comfort grip


  • It requires a lot of care while handling it.
BEST SELLER Watermelon Slicer Stainless Steel

Munch your watermelon juice with this classic and straightforward cutter.  This slicer will help you in chopping your watermelon without mess and sticky. The best thing with this cutter is that it’s safe to use, thus suitable for children.  The slicer features a unique and elegant rounded edge that makes it easy to chopping correctly.  

When it comes to its overall design, we can't afford to negotiate on that. It has a unique and premium design that makes you chop clean and elegant slicers. The slicer is not just used for cutting watermelon, but it can be used for chopping other fruits and cakes.  This is a durable and high-quality slicer that is affordable.

The handle features a non-slipping silicone to promote comfort. They will have a firm grip despite the condition of your hands, even if they are wet. This type of slicer is easy to store as it has to be hanged on your kitchen cabinets. When it comes to washing, the tool can be washed using a dishwasher or tap water. With this fantastic slicer, you can chop the outer layer of the watermelon to ensure that you cut the fresher quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a stainless steel knife corer and craft spoon
  • The slicer features a cutting ruler for slice measuring.
  • Comes with automatic cutter blade for easy chopping
  • It’s made up of a stainless steel blade for durability
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store


  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Can be easily hanged into the kitchen
  • Made of durable silicone handle
  • Safe to wash with dishwasher
  • It is easy to operate and handle


  • It's a bit slowly if you need to cut your melon faster
Watermelon Windmill for home Cutter Stainless Steel

This watermelon slicer comes in a compact and straightforward design that is suitable for anyone. The windmill cutter is very easy to use as compared to similar types in the market. The slicer is children friendly, which gives it an extra feature from the rest of slicers.  This is a dual-purpose tool that can be used as a tong or slicer. The elegantly designed handle provides an extreme grip to your hands regardless of their condition. With this watermelon slicer, you can effectively make your salad at your home.

The durable and sophisticated design makes the slicer perfect for any kitchen décor. This slicer ensures you chop your watermelon without any mess. The stainless steel body provides no stains, thus easy to clean with dishwasher. In addition to that, the slicer features an automatic gear cutting blade that makes it easy to chop.

Besides all that, this watermelon slicer features a rule that helps to measure the size of slicers. The windmill cutter can chop slice cubes of 2cm, making serving easy and effective. The teeth on the cutter are well designed to make them safe from any accident. This is a multifunction tool as it can be used as a tong or slicer simultaneously.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with stainless steel free from rust
  • The slicer features a well-designed cutting ruler
  • Compact handle with hole for hanging in the cabinet
  • Features a rubber and silicone handle to promote comfort grip
  • The watermelon slicer equipped with automatic gear cutting blade


  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Can be easily washed with machine
  • Lightweight and portable for easy carrying
  • Designed with stainless steel and sturdy handle
  • It has a small and straightforward sturdy design


  • The slicer requires some force to chop the outer layer of the melon
Watermelon Slicer Fruit Knife-PATENTED-RUCACIO

You can't afford to use a knife to chop fruits, yet we have this simple slicer. This is a premium and sturdy cutter that is very secure and safe to use. The sophisticated design makes the slicer suitable for children. This watermelon slicer features an automatic cutter blade, thus effortlessly to push. The cutting rule helps to measure and chop your ideal sizes. Therefore, you will get your best slice sizes.  This is a lightweight and portable slicer that can be used to cut other types of fruits.

Stainless steel body gives the slicer a long life span; therefore, you should make your order confidently.  The slicer allows quick and easy cutting of the watermelon to smooth and stylish cubes. With this excellent cutter, you can pick your slices correctly after chopping them. This amazing watermelon ensures you cut slice cubs of 2cm that are easy to serve. The slicer features a round edge with the non-sharp blade making it easy to handle.

Also, the slicer features an orange peeler; therefore, this slicer is not just a watermelon cutter. This is a multifunction cutter that can be used as a tong s well as a slicer. The overall design of the slicer gives it a unique appearance from any other type slicer.  This tool is suitable for home or commercial purposes and suits any kitchen décor.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of stainless steel body for durability
  • This classic slicer features an orange peeler
  • It has compatible and lightweight for secure handling
  • The slicer features a cutting rule for a perfect result
  • Designed with an automatic cutter blade for smooth operation


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • The slicer is affordable
  • Provides a non-grip handle
  • The slicer is excellent for children
  • Can be used to chop different fruits


  • Requires care while using it
  • Can require frequently wash
Watermelon Slicer 15.7” for home watermelon Slicer Cutter

Are you looking for the fastest watermelon cutter that will provide stylish slices? If yes, then here comes one of the best high-quality and durable slicers. The slicer is large enough with a diameter of 11 inches to ensure that you cut your melon ones. It's effortless to use the cutter with less effort as compared to similar types. You only need to press the slicer on the top of the melon and press downward the watermelon.

The slicer will chop 12 unique and stylish uniform slices in a matter of seconds. The watermelon ensures the juice is left on the rind, thus ensuring your kitchen remains descent.  This slicer features a sharp, smooth blade that makes it easy to cut the tough outer layer. The slicer has a high-quality and sturdy stainless steel blade'.

To make peeling easy, the slicer features a soft silicone handle. The handle ensures less effort is exerted due to its non-grip handle that provides enough comfort. The handle provides a firm grip even if your hands are still wet. It's very easy to store the slicer as it can be hanged in the kitchen cabinet or wall. The slicer can be used to slice other fruits apart from watermelons, such as pineapple, melon, and cantaloupe.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with a large cuter of 11 inches
  • Equipped with a rind to store the watermelon juice
  • Durable and sturdy sharp, smooth stainless steel blade
  • Designed with a comfortable soft silicone handle
  • It features 12 slicers in one watermelon cutter


  • It’s easy to wash the slicer
  • It cuts the entire watermelon once
  • Durable and efficient stainless blades
  • Easy to handle the soft silicone handle
  • Features a juice rind those your table remain free from messy 


  • It is not suitable for children
  • Cuts the outer layer as well as the fresh once
Watermelon Windmill Cutter Slicer

If there is a kitchen gadget you need not miss in your kitchen is the Watermelon Windmill Cutter Slicer. It is a very cool slicer that cuts watermelons in well-sized cubes. It is an incredible gadget that comes with an automatic geared cutting blade. Which is very easy into use by pushing it to the Watermelon. Then the watermelon cubes wilt come out automatically. It is easy to use and also has easy handling.

Eating watermelons become very interesting with this slicer. The slicer modeled with stainless steel. This makes it easy to clean and also guarantees durability. Moreover, it comes with a cutting ruler. To be able to help you to make well-sized cubes. This is to make easy to eat for children. The slicer also saves time to create salads. The slicer has a sturdy usage guaranteed by the material used.

It is a well-designed slicer that is easy to clean. Be sure it will not give you a hard time while cleaning it. Cutting watermelons is always a boring and very nasty experience. But, this will no longer be the case with this slicer. Cutting and sliding watermelons will be fun and accurate. Thus, making salads will be extra easy. The slicer made with a handle is easy to grip.

Highlighted Features

  • Well sized to occupy a small space.
  • Has an Automatic cared cutting blade
  • Designed with a hanging hole, for purposes of storage.
  • Made of durable easy to clean stainless steel materials.
  • Features a cutting ruler that helps you to measure cubes.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • Saves on spacing.
  • Makes even and accurate cuts.
  • Very easy to use, non-harmful blades.
  • It is easy and perfect to handle at all times.
  • Performs two in one activity that is cutting and sliding.


  • Used for Watermelons only.
  • It needs to be well hanged while storing to avoid accidents.
  • While washing, wash it with care to avoid sliding yourself.
Kuhn Rikon 26335 Melon Slicer, 5", Red

Do you want a perfect to handle and easy to use slicer? Then Kuhn Rikon 26335 Melon Slicer, 5", Red. The slicer has no sharp edges that make it easy to handle. Your safety is always key importance whenever you are using any tool. That is why the manufacturers of this slicer have ensured that. The slicer keeps your fingers safe due to the non-sharp edges. The slicer cuts uniform slices every time due to guaranteed accuracy.

This slicing tool is safe to use with the well-designed blades. This is because the blades are well coated with non-sticking silicone. Furthermore, the coating is safe for food thus, no need for panic when using it. It is finely made to be easy to remove the melon slices after slicing them off. It has an excellent grip that is efficient for cutting even big fruits. The grip is also adjustable for cutting at different angles and positions.

With the slicer cutting fruits is like cutting butter. This is because of how simple it is to cut. Which you do not need to insert a lot of pressure. The little pressure you insert is enough to make well-sized slices. If you hate cutting watermelons as I do. Then this one is going to give you ample time. A sliding tool that has far much of uses beyond slicing melons to other variety of uses.

Highlighted Features

  • Sharp blades that cut and slice faster
  • Has a non-sharp blade coating that
  • It comes with a fold-able handle that makes it easy to store.
  • Comprises of curved blades that trace along inside of the melon.
  • An adjustable blade and handle to offer different cutting angles.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Free from risks of getting cut.
  • Comfortable and safe handling.
  • Accurate cutting and sliding of fruits.
  • It is durable due to the strong materials used.


  • Needs careful washing practices.
  • Should be carefully stored away from children to avoid accidents.
Watermelon Windmill Cutter

This is an automatic cutter blade made from competent durable materials. A slicer made from stainless steel. This makes to be a strong cutting tool that has long durability. The tool is completely safe for use. The rounded edges ensure the absence of exposed sharp blades. This meaning it is friendly for use. This, however, does not compromise on its cutting speed it is only meant for safety.

It slices watermelons and other fruits within a few minutes. This reduces the cutting time and thus, reducing the time used to prepare salads. It also slices the melon into small pieces. The small pieces make it convenient for small kids. You will surely be happy and amazed by how smooth it glides. It comes with a measuring ruler that helps in making accurate cutting measurements.

With this slicer, you have reduced the worry of getting cut in the cause of the cutting exercise. The slicer is one of its kind safe to use by anyone in the home. Both the experienced and non-experienced can use it. When it comes to washing the tool it is very easy. You can even wash it using the dishwasher. Maintaining, it becomes very easy; due to its cleaning experience that it gives to the user.

Highlighted Features

  • Creates well-sized cubes at all times.
  • Made from stainless materials that do not rust.
  • Present cutting ruler to help in measuring accurate cubes.
  • Well rounded edges to hide the sharp parts of the blade.
  • Updated design with a hanging hole for storage purposes.


  • Last for a long time.
  • The cutter does not rust.
  • Slices and cuts very fast.
  • It is easy to wash and clean.
  • Quick and easy to use at all times.


  • Not convenient for use by young children.
Watermelon Slicer Cutter Corer & Server

Thanks to the Chuzy Chef for they created this comfortable and easy to use item. This is because of its unique gripping handle. That ensures you cut into your fruit easily. The slicer has Multi purposes for cutting a variety of fruits. It is unlike other tools used for only cutting watermelons. The tool can also Calabasas, cantaloupes and also honeydews. With the steady grips, it guarantees quality cutting experience.

Watermelon Slicer Cutter Corer & Server is 100% made from stainless materials. These materials reduce the risk of rust and assure durability. Indeed a slicer with 3-in-1 uses. It acts as a carver, slicer and a server utensil. For the first now you can carve a watermelon. Then have it ready for saving.

The slicer also has some sharp edges on the lower side. These edges are usually used to pierce through into fruits. Thus, you can be able to extract the contents of the fruit below. This kitchenware is also easy to wash for it does not need special cleaning. The slicing tool is also safe for kids with only minimal supervision required. It has rounded edges to reduce the risk of getting cuts.

Highlighted Features

  • It is 100% safe to wash.
  • It is Well-built and strong handle grips.
  • Safe to use in the kitchen while cutting.
  • Made from stainless rustles and durable materials.
  • Comes with rounded edges to hide dangerous sharp blades


  • It safe for use
  • Easy to store.
  • It does not rust.
  • It is has a durable usage.
  • Assures cleanliness for it easy to wash.


  • Should be carefully stored.
All Prime Watermelon Slicer Large Green

Durable stainless-steel blades are the key characteristic that describes well this slicer. All Prime Watermelon Slicer Large Green is a user-friendly slicer. For those who hate to cut fruits. You will find it interesting to cut fruits with this tool. The slicer guarantees your durability. Hence, you will not need to replace it any soon. Its steel components make it much quicker to use than a knife.

This is a must tool for all lovers of different fruits. This is not only watermelons but also other fruit lovers. These packages also include an orange peeler tool. This is to be able to help you peel oranges within minutes. The slicer is also non-sticky to ensure easy cleaning. Even if it is a larger fruit it still works best. It is easy to follow the manual guide given to use it thus, no need for panic on how to use it.

Moreover, it's designed to assure zero wastage of the juicy part. That bad experience of sticky melon juice everywhere will now be long-gone. Even so, with this slicer, the juice will not stick anywhere for it will be manageable. The slicer also has a comfortable grip. That helps you to be able to handle it well. It is also easy to handle and store it.

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable & stainless-steel blades.
  • Absolute non-sticky design for the juice.
  • User-Friendly design to suit all fruit lovers.
  • A 3-in-1 accessory that slices, cores and also serves.
  • Two in one package (I orange peeler and a watermelon slicer).


  • It is easy to use.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • The slicer is easy to store.
  • Last for a longer time.
  • It is cost-effective.


  • It needs to be well stored to avoid damage

How To choose The Best Watermelon Slicer

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are several models that you need. You need to have the best french fry cutters to make cutting potatoes easier. You also need a quality watermelon sclicer to ease your work. The following are some tips that will assist you choose the right watermelon slicer.

The slicer’s design

Watermelon slicers are available in two major models. The first one resembles scythe that cuts only the flesh of the melon to make unique slices.  This model is excellent if you need a portable slicer that you can carry for outdoor activities. The second type looks like an apple slicer. This design seems to be significant than the other kind. It cuts both the outer layer and the fresh simultaneously.


It's always a good idea to determine the safety of the slicer. You need to choose a slicer that is safe for your kids, as well as yourself. It helps to ensure the kids are safe while using the slice to chop the watermelon. Consider getting slicers with round teeth on their blade as they are secure and safe for children.


When you are picking the best pineapple cutter, it is important to consider the material. The same case applies to watermelon slicers. The best material for a high-quality watermelon slicer should be stainless steel. But you need to keep in mind that stainless steel is available in different quality and type. Therefore we recommend going for the one with the "food grade" label. This means that the material is safe to come into contact with any food substance. Also, consider if the steel is of high quality to ensure that it can full resist rust.

Quality of the slicer

We have different types of watermelon slicers available in the current market. While going to the market, be assured that not every slicer is worth to be used for food substances. So be keen while choosing the type of slicer to ensure that you get the best slicer. The quality also promotes the durability of the slicer, thus reducing the cost of replacing.


This is another crucial factor you should put into consideration if you need to enjoy chopping fruits. While purchasing slicers, make sure you get the one that is simple and easy to sue. The reason has been that we have several slicers that are complicated, thus difficult to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you clean a watermelon slicer?

A: They are several ways in which you can use to clean your slicer. However, most of the slicers can be cleaned using dishwasher or tap water. But before choosing the method of cleaning, confirm from the instruction booklet. Make sure you are keen while cleaning the slicer to avoid injuries.

Q: How can you determine the best types of watermelon slicer?

A: If you need a quality and durable slicer, then they are several factors that you should put into consideration. First, the design, material, shape, how complicated the slicer makes sure you get a food-grade slicer to ensure that you are safe and secure.

Q: How do you use a windmill slicer?

A: It will be determined on the type of windmill slicer you have. We have those that need to be placed on the top of the melon to press downward. Also, we have the one that you have to peel the outer layer first. After that, you are supposed to push the slicer across the fresh.

Q: Which is the best watermelon slicer?

A: It's not easy to provide a straight forward answer to such a question. The reason is that different people have different opinions. But we have several good watermelon slicers you can get in the market. We have discussed some of the best watermelon slicers in 2024 that suits you.

Final Notes

Once you try to use one of these fantastic slicers, you will never get back to the regular slicers. Knives and other ordinary slicers make your watermelon messy and put you in a high risk of injury.

 These slicers suit any kitchen décor perfectly; thus, no reason you can miss them. Besides that, they are affordable and lightweight, therefore portable and highly versatile. If you need to determine a quality slicer, then it should be made of the right materials. It should be made of BPA- free plastic, stainless steel, and non-slip handle.

Moreover, it should offer around edge blade that is easy to use as well as kid-friendly. In this article, we have the best watermelon slicer that you can get. We suggest that you get one of the above slicers, and you will never regret such a wise decision.

All of them offer what is essential in a modern watermelon slicer.  They are of high quality and durable, thus 100%guranteed of getting a slicer worth your money. The slicers feature soft silicone handles that provide comfort while chopping your watermelon.

In the review, we have explained the different types of designs and models that will suit you. Therefore you can make your own choice and get the best watermelon slicer that you wish.

Lastly, if you get excellent slicer, slicing and peeling watermelon will be easy and faster. Make your choice and get one of the above watermelon slicers, and you will have a testimony.

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