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How to Clean a Kitchen Fast – Unique Tips For 2024

Do you struggle to get your kitchen sparkling clean after a night of eating and making merry? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll not only learn how to clean up your kitchen but also how to do it fast and with ease. That is why we are presenting unique tips regarding how to clean a kitchen fast.

It can be a little hectic to clean up a messy kitchen but not when you know where to start and how to simplify it. More than half of the households in the USA will call the house cleaning services after a busy night because they feel it’s too much work to do the cleaning themselves. You do not have to spend that extra dollar for something you can do.

Fast Cleaning Process

Gather Supplies

The first step towards a successful cleaning process is to prepare yourself in advance. This will save you time as well as keep the process organized and easy. Make sure you have everything you need before you can start the actual cleaning. Some of these supplies are:

  • Broom
  • Scrubber
  • Trash container
  • Dishcloth or sponge
  • Cleansers
  • Dish soap
  • Mop or vacuum
  • Basket to put non-kitchen items

Depending on how you like cleaning your kitchen, you could add more supplies to that list. Just make sure that everything you will require is readily available in the kitchen. You don’t have to keep running out to get it in the middle of cleaning. Disorganization will have you cleaning a simple mess the whole day.

Turn on The Music

You want to do the cleaning faster and without noticing how much cleaning you have to do. Therefore, you’ll need something to distract you especially when you’re doing it on your own. Select a playlist of your favorite music and let it play.


It will give you the energy to do the job and keep your mind occupied that you won’t pay attention to the hefty work. I’m saying music because as much ad it will get you involved mentally, it won’t distract you from the actual task. You can listen to music and still concentrate on the kitchen cleaning.

Share Tasks

Many hands make work easier. That is very true. When you have more than one person on a job, things tend to flow more smoothly than if it was just a single person. It is also much more fun as you can engage in conversations that spark laughter and create a positive energy on the job.


It is better to have help when cleaning a kitchen for it to be easier and faster. If you have family around you can share the tasks and do the job in much less time. Play their favorite music and have them dance as they work to make it fun and easy.

Collect Garbage

In most cases, garbage is what will have your kitchen looking way too messy. Whether it’s leftovers all over the plates or empty packets thrown around, the garbage will make your kitchen look cluttered and dirty. You should clear that out so that you can create space for you to do the cleaning.

Empty all the plates by scrapping off the leftover food into the trash can. If you have any food you’d like to eat later, package it properly and keep it in the fridge. Collect any garbage that id lying around and dump it into the trash can. All the plates and cooking pans should be swept clean of any pieces of food.

Soak The Pots

For this step to be effective, it should be done while still preparing your food. If you fail to do so, this is also a good time to do it. It works better if you have a double sink where you run the other side with hot soapy water and soak pots, knives and cooking spoons to prevent food from sticking onto them.

Some utility sinks are designed in a way that has a garbage disposal on one side and a washing sink on the other. Use the one with no disposal to soak the utensils before you can start washing them. Arrange them in the order of most soiled at the bottom. This process will make washing the pots very easy.

Put Misplaced Items Back To Their Rightful Place

It is likely that when the kitchen is buzzing with activities, things that do not belong in the kitchen will find themselves there. Most of the time you won’t also get time to put everything back to where it should be and so, later on, you’ll have everything everywhere.


The basket we listed on the supplies list should be used for this purpose. Get everything that does not belong in the kitchen and stash it in the basket. Later take everything where it should be. To create order in the kitchen, put the spices back on the spices rack. For the contact grills and the snow cone makers that found themselves on the counter top, fix them back into that corner you store them.

Load The Dishwasher

This is where you wash the utensils now. It does not have to be in the dishwasher. You can do it by hand too. Whichever process you’re using, make sure it is fast and efficient. You had soaked the pots and the knives earlier and so this process should not be hard or slow because no food is stuck onto the utensils.

Wash every utensil that is not clean including the onion choppers that you used earlier. If you’re using the dishwasher, make sure that every item you load into it is dishwasher safe. If not, wash it by hand and place it on the dish-rack to dry up. Once you’ve cleaned up all the utensils you can now leave them to dry.

Clean The Sink and The Surfaces

The utensils are clean now and the garbage is off the surfaces into the dustbin. Once the surfaces are clear, it is time to clean them. Get the necessary items and start working on the countertops in your kitchen. You can scrub them with soap and water or wipe them clean especially if the finish is a sensitive one.

Clean The Sink and The Surfaces

Remove any dirt or food that could be stuck on the surfaces and rinse them clean. The sinks should also be free by now and they should be cleaned as well. Hot soapy water and the washing sponge could be used to clean the stainless steel sinks. Just make sure you do not use products that are too abrasive for the type of surfaces in your kitchen. Wipe them dry and buff them to give them a shine.

Sweep and Mop or Vacuum Floors

The last step is usually mopping the floor of the kitchen. Having cleaned everything off the counters and surfaces, the dirt dropped onto the floor. By this time it is probably wet and covered in all kinds of dirt. For it to be easier when mopping, first sweep off the loose dirt.


Having done that, you can now make a soapy solution and use it to mop the kitchen. If you decide to vacuum the floor, do it well and ensure the kitchen has been cleaned in all its corners. You have to rinse the floor with clean water after mopping it. You should leave the place spotlessly clean. Dry off any water to make it safe to step on.

Take Out Trash

The utensils are clean, the surfaces are glowing and the floor is sparkling. The very last thing to do to make your kitchen look and smell fresh is take out the trash. You already emptied all the garbage you collected from the kitchen into the garbage can. You cannot leave it lying in your clean kitchen.


Take the dustbin out and empty it. Clean it well with soapy water to remove the smell and any garbage that could be stuck on the sides and then overturn it to dry. Keep it out in the open to dry and get rid of any bad smells that came from the garbage that was inside. After that, it will be ready to go back to its position in the kitchen.

Conclusion of how to clean a kitchen fast!

A dirty kitchen means a dirty home and that is very disturbing for anyone living there. Cleaning your kitchen after every meal should be done to ensure your home stays fresh and clean. Ensure you follow the procedure I gave you above to make your kitchen cleaning effortless.

Otherwise, try to do a thorough cleaning of your kitchen now and then to make the daily cleaning much easier. A clean environment gives you a clear mind.

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