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How to Use Hydraulic Bottle Jack – A to Z Solution in 2024

If you have a car, you know the importance of maintaining it. Maintenance activity of vehicles cannot be successful without certain equipment. Jacks are among the most important car maintenance equipment.

There are different types of jacks. However, today we will focus on hydraulic bottle jacks. The popularity of this jack model is rising, making it the second-best jack model that people prefer to use.

Therefore, the topic of how to use hydraulic bottle jack has been overwhelming most individuals. If you just bought a hydraulic bottle jack, we are here to show you how to use it.

Although some people prefer to use the electric car lift, hydraulic bottle jack works just perfectly. Electric car jacks are easy to use and portable, which is very incredible. However, you have to invest a quite amount of money.

The best thing about hydraulic bottle jack is they are affordable and at the same time easy to use and transport. Well, isn't that an equipment worth having? If you don't have a hydraulic bottle jack yet, it is good if you know what it is. This will help you understand how it works easily. Well, a hydraulic bottle jack seems interesting to learn about, and sure, it is.

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What is a hydraulic bottle jack?

What is a hydraulic bottle jack

Just as the name indicates, this jack model comes in the form of a hydraulic piston. The piston is in the shape of a tiny bottle. Though the piston has a small structure, it has great strength to lift heavy items.

Therefore, you should never underestimate the power of a hydraulic bottle jack. Well, if you are looking for equipment to lift your car when changing tires, a hydraulic bottle jack can be the best option.

As long as it is a high lift hydraulic bottle jack, then you are good to go. Although the hydraulic bottle jack is not free to use on most cars like the scissor jack, you can trust it to do a great job to a considerable number of car types.

A hydraulic bottle jack has just a simple structure. Trust me, most individuals have seen it with car mechanics, it's just that you don't know want term to refer it to.

What you need to do before using a hydraulic bottle jack

What you need to do before using a hydraulic bottle jack

If you have the hydraulic bottle jack, you can be sure it's usage will not be complex. The best one should be very easy to use so that any user can operate it without any problems.

A good hydraulic jack will come with features that ensure stability and good performance. Therefore, if you find it hard to use a hydraulic bottle jack, there must be an issue with the jack.

That's why you need to check on a few aspects before using the hydraulic bottle jack, whether it is new or old. Here are a few aspects to look into to make operation straightforward.

  • Read the manufacturer's manual to make sure that you are using the hydraulic bottle jack in the right way
  • Check for any breakage on the jack
  • Inspect all parts of the hydraulic bottle jack to make sure that each is functional and not bent
  • If you are using an ok hydraulic bottle jack, make sure that it has not been subjected to shock load before
  • Once you confirm that the quick jack is perfect, with no damages, then you can head on and start using it. Well, how then do you go about using this equipment

Usage instructions

Usage instructions

The best electric car jack may look like the best option to use when lifting cars. Electic car jacks come with all features that make lifting a heavy object easier. They can also be used for other purposes apart from lifting cars.

To your surprise, you will find that hydraulic bottle jacks perform just as well as the electric models. If you are looking for the best floor jack, a hydraulic bottle jack can also be a great option. Lifting objects like cars takes a lot of power for any equipment to be successful.

For a hydraulic bottle jack, you can be sure that it has all the power needed. This process can be dangerous, therefore, put all safety measures into consideration. Here is the right way to use a hydraulic bottle jack.

Vehicle parking

The place you park your vehicle, have a lot to add on the success of using a hydraulic bottle jack. Ensure that you park it at a leveled spot. If you have a garage, it can be the best spot. However, as long as the place is leveled, then you are good to go. Ensure that you set the car at the parking mode.

Chocking the wheels

Well, if you are a frequent car user, you know the importance of a chock. It simply prevents the wheels from moving forward. Even, in parking mode, the wheels of a car can still move forward. If you are working on the back wheels, simply chock the front ones. If you are working on the front ones, chock the rare ones.

Set your jack

You should set your jack depending on how long you will be using it. For an individual who is working with the jack for a few minutes, just use it as it is.

 However, if there is a need to get underneath the car or work for a long period, using a jack stand for your high lift bottle jack is the best idea. 

Most might ask, where do I get a jack stand? The secret is getting the hydraulic bottle jack. If you get the best, you might be lucky of getting a stand inclusive when purchasing the jack. Well, that means that getting the best will also save you a lot of money and hassle to get a stand.

Jack inspection

Jack inspection

You might have checked for damages before, but it's always good to counter check. Tighten the plug and close the release valve if it is not closed. 

Once all that is done you can head to the actual usage of the quick jack.
  • Put the handle parts together an insert it to the receptacle in a way that it will not slip
  • Test the jack by pumping several times in the absence of a load. If the jack seems not to work, tighten the release valve.
  • Look for the car's lift points. Most cars manual indicate where the lift point of that specific car is situated
  • Put the jack in position ready to lift the car. It should be right under the car's lift point
  • With the jack's handle inserted, you can now start pumping.
  • Once the jack is almost touching the car, make any saddle adjustment if there is a need for any
  • Pump until the car is high enough for you to do the necessary maintenance activities
  • You need to remove the handle form the jack for it to be safe to use the hydraulic bottle jack
  • Turn the release valve in an anticlockwise direction to drain fluid from the cylinder
  • Remove the stand slowly
  • With that, you can start working on your car without worrying about any danger

Final Words

The same concept of lifting cars with hydraulic bottle jack is the same with all application. Therefore it can be the best floor jack or car jack.

Safety should not be an issue if you follow our instructions when using a hydraulic bottle jack. Trust me, you don't have to be an expert or hire a professional to do simple tasks like using a hydraulic bottle jack.

Well, we hope you found that information useful. Nothing is too hard with the right information, right? 

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